What Does It Take To Be A Duchess? Inside A Royal Etiquette Class


  1. Anthie Koukiou

    Anthie Koukiou16 hari yang lalu

    what a waste of 5 minutes. She's so hillbilly like most americans I see every summer in Europe.

  2. Sofia Pérez

    Sofia Pérez27 hari yang lalu

    She should write a book

  3. Yuka

    YukaBulan Yang lalu

    To everyone complaining that she’s too loud and loose to be a royal etiquette teacher- she has to make it fun and comfortable for you so you don’t get too intimidated, and it’s dinner etiquette not social etiquette

  4. Christie A

    Christie A3 bulan yang lalu

    She goes to an etiquette class in vans, wild hair and a baggy unlady like sweatshirt that says "princess" and thinks it's funny to drink wine like at a sorority pijama party at 3am. We certainly know "you are no duchess".

  5. THOT Patrol

    THOT Patrol10 hari yang lalu

    Boston Black Cat this person came to this video to learn etiquette. lol...

  6. Boston Black Cat

    Boston Black CatBulan Yang lalu

    You must be a lot of fun at parties. Pull the stick out and lighten up.



    Fuck the damn etiquette



    If I was a woman I wouldn’t put up with all that shit. Fuck it.

  9. quagmire bosserie

    quagmire bosserie3 bulan yang lalu

    I was watching this while eating and I tried holding my mug just like you did with the teapot I literally started imagining it was an actual teapot, I accidentally poured water all over my plate🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  10. Ada Weems

    Ada Weems4 bulan yang lalu

    Hohliieheah 😎

  11. Amy Howard

    Amy Howard5 bulan yang lalu

    who else kind of lives for this...I like it alot

  12. Joy'sCurls

    Joy'sCurls6 bulan yang lalu

    @05:29 " *And it tastes just as great.* " lol

  13. The M Network

    The M Network6 bulan yang lalu

    I just got the title Lady from the uk. Now there is a lot to this. I see people called themselves this and that but what are you doing to be a world changer. I love learning. And we all can learn one from another

  14. Ella Bernice

    Ella Bernice8 bulan yang lalu

    I’ve realised the change in meaghans voice she seems more elegant than quirky & energetic like in her previous interviews before becoming a duchess

  15. Sophia Milanos

    Sophia Milanos8 bulan yang lalu

    I just couldn’t take her seriously with those earrings. She should’ve went with pearls or diamonds. By the way I had those EXACT earrings.... They are from Zara. Tisk* Tisk* Tacky

  16. Danimals channel

    Danimals channel10 bulan yang lalu

    What does it take? She opened her legs. Job done.

  17. Tammy Wines

    Tammy Wines10 bulan yang lalu

    Lmfao old yacht Queen markle is perfect lol what a silly lie !!

  18. sara Siddiqua

    sara Siddiqua11 bulan yang lalu

    i just like kate middleton ❤

  19. Adriana Foster

    Adriana Foster11 bulan yang lalu

    This video about how to become Meghan Markel is not adequate....she has a ghetto vibe about her.

  20. Athena The Great and Powerful

    Athena The Great and Powerful11 bulan yang lalu

    I like the idea of etiquette classes but this woman is SERIOUSLY obsessed with Mehgan Markle and I'm not really into a social climbing, self involved bit of trailer trash wanna be. Blarch.

  21. Charlie Brand

    Charlie Brand11 bulan yang lalu

    More non news

  22. HLB512

    HLB512Tahun Yang lalu

    how about elocution lessons

  23. Helen Boula

    Helen BoulaTahun Yang lalu

    It's common sense.

  24. Ester Dreyer

    Ester DreyerTahun Yang lalu

    your cameraman is not showing how you do what you are saying he is only focussing on both youe faces !!

  25. Desiree

    Desiree6 bulan yang lalu

    The angles were so annoying!

  26. vincent Lawrence

    vincent LawrenceTahun Yang lalu

    The Royals fleece the Tax payer out of millions of pounds and give nothing back or contribute in society.Who cares Just a dwindling number of flag wavers whilst the poor and disabled and hard working families have to suffer real hardship at the hands of a few germans and a mentally unstable government.Get a real life!

  27. smile with yuju

    smile with yujuTahun Yang lalu

    Lady Antoniette Josephine Sierre Sont-Etrehoue

  28. Glynis Beaumont-Terry

    Glynis Beaumont-TerryTahun Yang lalu

    Whatever it takes to be a Duchess, markle ain’t got it

  29. legolasdbk

    legolasdbkTahun Yang lalu

    All other things aside, an etiquette teacher calling herself an expert ought, for a start, to sit more still, not to wave her arms around quite as much and ought also to control the volume of her voice. Just saying....

  30. Anna Wasserman

    Anna WassermanTahun Yang lalu

    Learned all this in charm school.

  31. My Springrolls

    My Springrolls5 bulan yang lalu

    Thought "Barbie" for a moment...

  32. whataboutredlorry

    whataboutredlorryTahun Yang lalu

    This awkward horse-mouthed presenter is really annoying, and the constant close-ups on her face instead of the person who is actually talking and delivering information/instructions is silly. I really don't want to see her face that close-up.

  33. Ina Leyen

    Ina LeyenTahun Yang lalu

    Vapid and utterly stupid! Horrible nasal voices.

  34. SafetySpooon

    SafetySpooonTahun Yang lalu

    (You guys don't think this is for real what Meghan did, right...?)

  35. Crystal Smith

    Crystal SmithTahun Yang lalu

    A bit worried for you in the beginning of training but then you made me chuckle in the end. All's well that ends well. I'm sure Ms. Meier works with a number of anxious people but I don't think this busy and popular woman will ever forget you.

  36. Jemima Shahzad

    Jemima ShahzadTahun Yang lalu

    Knew them already

  37. J D

    J DTahun Yang lalu

    Ugh, that gift was pathetic. And she used it in front of her. This is why americans arent royat at all.

  38. humpty dumpty

    humpty dumptyTahun Yang lalu

    Paulina Anna Neither is 99.99999% of the British population royals.

  39. Felicia Sheppard

    Felicia SheppardTahun Yang lalu

    I know all of this already. My mom taught me this as a child.

  40. Miss B.

    Miss B.7 bulan yang lalu

    Felicia Sheppard good for you.

  41. Zena Fanom

    Zena FanomTahun Yang lalu

    Much fucked Me-gain FAILED. BIG TIME. Can't polish a Turd, wot? and Black Turd at that.

  42. WateverWatever04

    WateverWatever04Tahun Yang lalu

    Everyone complaining about this and that, but I'm thinking about how damn big these wine glasses are

  43. Pennilyn Lotts

    Pennilyn LottsTahun Yang lalu

    Megan Markle perfect? Uh no, not even close, Kate is the perfect one, Megan has a lot to do to catch up to Kate

  44. Jaci Summer

    Jaci SummerTahun Yang lalu

    Wait a minute... people need lesseons for that? :D I've been doing that since I was a Kid ...

  45. Natalya Schluechter

    Natalya SchluechterTahun Yang lalu

    She uses wayyy too much hand gestures to speak, which is the opposite of proper lady etiquette.

  46. OfficialJenae

    OfficialJenaeTahun Yang lalu


  47. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentTahun Yang lalu

    Megan's nose hangs over her lips

  48. Alexi Brown

    Alexi Brown11 bulan yang lalu

    Stupid doll!

  49. humpty dumpty

    humpty dumptyTahun Yang lalu

    doll maleficent It'a a biological fact that ALL human noses extend farther than the lips. Was your comment supposed to be an insult or expose your lack of intelligence

  50. Simone Selting

    Simone SeltingTahun Yang lalu

    I admire Meghan she is classy nice smart and friendly hrh duchess of sussex

  51. Sam Wood

    Sam WoodTahun Yang lalu

    I was watching the French open. How tf did I end up here? You Americans are just too much.

  52. Britton Moore Harrison

    Britton Moore HarrisonTahun Yang lalu

    I don’t like her there’s a lot of real blood princess

  53. Alexi Brown

    Alexi Brown11 bulan yang lalu

    Britton any females can be princess !

  54. Eva Watts-Pine

    Eva Watts-PineTahun Yang lalu

    this bitch is annoying

  55. dixie montgomery

    dixie montgomeryTahun Yang lalu

    We had no title or money but were taught to sit,be polite ,and "act like a lady"!Raised in Texas..

  56. sweet peaches

    sweet peaches8 bulan yang lalu

    Texas girls we're taught this as very young girls. We learned how to eat bbq right out of the flame and how to wear a dress while not posting advertisements lol

  57. Summerafternoon

    SummerafternoonTahun Yang lalu

    Exactly. This has nothing to do with trying to look or be rich. This is common courtesy and class. Something we all could use more of these days.

  58. Taylor Cook Jr

    Taylor Cook JrTahun Yang lalu

    You are so pretty, miss Madison.

  59. mr. dad

    mr. dad8 bulan yang lalu

    She's beautiful

  60. Joe Fernandez

    Joe FernandezTahun Yang lalu

    Was there a live puma behind the etiquette teacher? Why was the interviewer so unusually nervous? Toughen up a bit. My goodness.

  61. v

    vTahun Yang lalu

    Joe Fernandez is the girl not allowed to be nervous ??? Got dam. Not everyone is going to comfortable in every situation.

  62. Rhonna Marsden

    Rhonna MarsdenTahun Yang lalu

    Oh dear god, Nobody cares about this nonsense except other pretentious gas bags with illusions of grandeur.

  63. Boston Black Cat

    Boston Black CatBulan Yang lalu

    Exactly. Give me a pizza and a beer and keep this fancy stuff for the uptight snobs.

  64. Ciclalli Silva

    Ciclalli SilvaTahun Yang lalu

    If people knew real rich billionaires don't care to do this bs.

  65. humpty dumpty

    humpty dumptyTahun Yang lalu

    Jack Daniels Class as defined by whom? Burping is a natural human function that is sometimes beyond our control. Maybe you should have used the example of farting at the table then your comment would have been more spot on.

  66. Jack Daniels

    Jack DanielsTahun Yang lalu

    Just shows that you can have all the money in the world but no class if Billionaires CHOOSE to behave like animals rather than get an education in manners! I bet they burp at the table and everything JEEZ!

  67. Mônica

    MônicaTahun Yang lalu

    Ciclalli Silva. You're right, they certainly don't! This is more something for oficial/state occasions, where how much money you have is not the key thing.

  68. vesper vesper

    vesper vesperTahun Yang lalu


  69. Von Morris

    Von MorrisTahun Yang lalu

    Fuck that. Meghan needs to shake things up. She American and she’s black. Don’t follow that etiquette, girl.

  70. jcfrmcali

    jcfrmcali6 bulan yang lalu

    Maybe little Archie should start sagging?

  71. weehawk

    weehawkTahun Yang lalu

    eat the rich

  72. Leo Brown

    Leo BrownTahun Yang lalu

    Become Meghan Markle? Why not some real royalty

  73. Latifah Eden

    Latifah EdenTahun Yang lalu

    humpty dumpty I only care about Meghan and give zero shits about his monarchy. I actually knew about her before all this royal hype. Your choice of words was really unnecessary.

  74. humpty dumpty

    humpty dumptyTahun Yang lalu

    Latifah Eden My comment was meant to be sarcastic, dim wit. Neither Camilla nor Meghan are true royals. And it's only losers like yourself who are even obsessed with the monarchy in this way. I just like to poke fun at you fools. At the end of the day Meghan is receiving lots of hate because Harry could have chosen any British commoner to wed, but chose a biracial American actress instead. Loads of commoner British women have their panties all in a bunch and are finding the most trivial reasons to degrade Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle is very pro-women rights, so it's uncanny and weird to see other women trying to tear her down for sport. It is Little British girls who dream about being Cinderella. Not American girls.

  75. Latifah Eden

    Latifah EdenTahun Yang lalu

    Leo Brown neither did Diana and people still love her years after.

  76. Latifah Eden

    Latifah EdenTahun Yang lalu

    humpty dumpty yeah let’s become a home wrecker and learn how to have affairs. Btw your comment is stupid Camilla is as much of a Royal as Meghan. 🙄 She may never become queen but she is still in line. Queen, Queen consort still a Queen

  77. Leo Brown

    Leo BrownTahun Yang lalu

    Maren Gritzan The point of royal is to be perfect at the etiquette. She isnt more important. she is more popular

  78. Luna Serena

    Luna SerenaTahun Yang lalu

    I dont need a class, im already a queen

  79. Shina Omisanya

    Shina Omisanya2 bulan yang lalu

    Yas girl!

  80. Luna Serena

    Luna SerenaTahun Yang lalu

    Onthemarket Blog woah ok

  81. Onthemarket Blog

    Onthemarket BlogTahun Yang lalu

    Royal etiquette ,tradition , royal protocol ??? made up , claptrap that no one believes this mumbo jumbo anymore , everyone are experts everyone else, oh please .. *Millions wasted on the royal " wedding " security detail alone running at £30M+ *Homeless - they live in numerous palaces *Food banks - royal cooks maids chefs making their meals valeting clothes etc *Poverty all on the rise - siphoning off money from publicly owned Duchy of Cornwall, offshore accounts etc no freedom of information .,laws made and passed to prevent public seeing every cost itemised by the undemocratic royal family. *inequality - self entitlement with made up silly titles , ascending to high military ranks via appointer granny saxe coburg and gotha , embellished with chocolate coin medals and silly uniforms and hats, most cases no active service or mollycoddled by special forces , private health care private education most of electorate go to state schools and use NHS and pay income tax. *Pseudo Royals - all for a family who changed their name to Windsor in 1917 from Saxe Coburg and Gotha , we would all be speaking German , if the buried Royal Family Nazi Plot was not foiled. time to end this undemocratic and pointless charade