what a weird day in minecraft...


  1. Jan Pütz

    Jan Pütz19 jam yang lalu

    Wanna hear a joke? Here it goes: So my ex wife still misses me. But her aim is getting better.

  2. T0ny M

    T0ny M21 jam yang lalu

    Play Chicken Invaders!

  3. Koyuki Suzuki

    Koyuki SuzukiHari Yang lalu

    0:13 now w h y is monokuma here?

  4. Minutes

    MinutesHari Yang lalu

    Aye my mom made pizza rolls. Who wants some?

  5. Eri Acire

    Eri AcireHari Yang lalu

    Headmaster Carson

  6. 4ndy

    4ndyHari Yang lalu

    Does anyone have a download they can give me of the sound of v o i d at 5:29

  7. HatefulMiscreant

    HatefulMiscreantHari Yang lalu

    Carson likes cops?? Get him in the cave with Kenny Beats

  8. Gavin Burkhardt

    Gavin BurkhardtHari Yang lalu

    0:20 oblivion angery face

  9. Destiny Nieto

    Destiny NietoHari Yang lalu

    Not gonna lie Travis has a cute laugh

  10. TheOGEscargoon

    TheOGEscargoonHari Yang lalu

    my soul left my body after hearing the fucking intro and i hate it..

  11. chika chika chika chika

    chika chika chika chika2 hari yang lalu

    you cant use a danganronpa audio without being attacked

  12. Emily Pentecost

    Emily Pentecost2 hari yang lalu

    traves asking when pride month ends is still so fucking funny (please dont come after me im a lesbean)

  13. DrizzlyGecko!

    DrizzlyGecko!3 hari yang lalu

    you really do need pewds though

  14. Wike Mazowski

    Wike Mazowski3 hari yang lalu

    13:54 In all my years of watching this degenerate, I’ve never seen him in so much fear. Jesus Christ.

  15. CH3RRY RR3D

    CH3RRY RR3D3 hari yang lalu

    I choked on my candy when I heard Danganronpa

  16. lt.SpookyCarrot 1

    lt.SpookyCarrot 14 hari yang lalu

    I love a good bucket’s worth of L I P S

  17. Ethan

    Ethan4 hari yang lalu

    This video has been claimed by ted nivision enterprises.

  18. Working Out With Wenger

    Working Out With Wenger4 hari yang lalu

    Where tf did Connor McGregor come from

  19. spamjam

    spamjam4 hari yang lalu

    okay danganronpa monokuma body announcement sound effect

  20. Hillary Boucher

    Hillary Boucher5 hari yang lalu

    go ted

  21. Aphyer

    Aphyer5 hari yang lalu

    When they listen to lavander town while talking about party in the usa

  22. Pie Person

    Pie Person5 hari yang lalu

    Nobody gonna timestamp 5:29???

  23. FlipFlop TV

    FlipFlop TV5 hari yang lalu

    10:15 Det här gillar jag. Denna typ av content är vad jag behöver. Jës aj laik vëry müch.

  24. deathstriker851

    deathstriker8516 hari yang lalu

    You said slap and i thought you meant slap a baby

  25. Skippy Dinglechalk

    Skippy Dinglechalk6 hari yang lalu

    Taco Bell created a chunk error in my ass

  26. Rose East

    Rose East6 hari yang lalu

    Ive grown a fuking 12 pack from laughing so much at this shit😂 My braincells tho😂

  27. Mordecai Orrowind

    Mordecai Orrowind6 hari yang lalu

    Why the hell does Carson play the lavender town theme knowing it caused JAPANESE CHILDREN TO COMMIT SUICIDE?!?!

  28. Francisco Silva

    Francisco Silva6 hari yang lalu

    The intro was the apandah shoutout

  29. Aloha -Kun

    Aloha -Kun7 hari yang lalu

    God damnit Monokuma-

  30. Bad Word

    Bad Word7 hari yang lalu

    Big shrimpin’s mother breast fed him rockstar. Rockin tiddy

  31. Rhys Miguel -the 3rd-

    Rhys Miguel -the 3rd-7 hari yang lalu

    was he actually on the plane lmao

  32. Sebas the One

    Sebas the One7 hari yang lalu

    What are those lights at 1:00

  33. SloppyPancake66

    SloppyPancake668 hari yang lalu

    I appreciate the animal crossing music

  34. wizard101god Leche

    wizard101god Leche8 hari yang lalu

    0:30 Carsons a bootlicker confirmed

  35. Mista Dolla

    Mista Dolla8 hari yang lalu

    dookie head

  36. ExtremelyDifficult Words

    ExtremelyDifficult Words8 hari yang lalu

    10:14 I know swedish and I still have no idea what he said

  37. FamuosYutubar Mayn

    FamuosYutubar Mayn9 hari yang lalu


  38. PapaSteven

    PapaSteven9 hari yang lalu

    9:05 mmmmmm yes mhm mmmmm yes pizza rick mmmmm the 9th old god of the eternal council of the 12 realms mmmmmm the bringer of destruction and madness incarnation mhm yes mmmmmm yeah the duality between him and pickle rick are never ending yes mhm whilst pickle rick is the bringer of life mhm mmmmm yes pizza rick is the ended of life mhmm mmmmmm

  39. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT9 hari yang lalu

    dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head dookie head boi

  40. Retractable_ Sadness

    Retractable_ Sadness10 hari yang lalu

    Me: tells a joke to my friends *nobody laughs* My last braincell: *5:10*

  41. Dull Fiction

    Dull Fiction10 hari yang lalu

    wait, the intro is danganronpa? I thought it was the p4 comic dub of Teddie

  42. Splat's and Sharps

    Splat's and Sharps10 hari yang lalu

    I love Carsons face of fear

  43. Tater Tot

    Tater Tot10 hari yang lalu

    Ccan finals music......

  44. Finluz

    Finluz11 hari yang lalu

    carson is the ultimate cougar

  45. Laura Kramer

    Laura Kramer12 hari yang lalu

    That shit's 156 db what the FUCK

  46. owo

    owo12 hari yang lalu

    car son

  47. Osama Bin Ladder

    Osama Bin Ladder12 hari yang lalu

    Whats that light he has called?

  48. * Muzifi *

    * Muzifi *13 hari yang lalu

    arlus is a addition i hope they keep in

  49. siouxsiebat

    siouxsiebat13 hari yang lalu

    im not tripping at the end it sounds like felix laughing

  50. JTREX421

    JTREX42114 hari yang lalu

    Where can I get a light like that one in the background

  51. cone

    cone14 hari yang lalu

    nobody cares about your fucking monokuna comment you unoriginal turd

  52. Iva Iva

    Iva Iva14 hari yang lalu

    carson remimds me of Oliver Tree ngl

  53. Boneless_ ColdCut

    Boneless_ ColdCut14 hari yang lalu

    Twig arms

  54. rasberri-py

    rasberri-py14 hari yang lalu

    why youre fays so difromed lol

  55. GreyRedd. Arts

    GreyRedd. Arts14 hari yang lalu

    I got fucking flashbacks when i heard monokuma

  56. Foodnedo XD kill me

    Foodnedo XD kill me14 hari yang lalu

    Ok so 10:15 in english it means Yo bro come to SMP i swear bro you can fuckin Fuck me bro yo

  57. okayvevo

    okayvevo16 hari yang lalu

    Ted Nividson Ent. Is only overpriced so they can make the Xbox 720

  58. brainlet2

    brainlet216 hari yang lalu

    My corpse on a boat They're playin my song And the arrows they fly away Nodding their heads like yeah

  59. thatfalloutkid

    thatfalloutkid16 hari yang lalu

    dumb stupid boomer back at it again

  60. Kuzv

    Kuzv17 hari yang lalu


  61. Andrew :0

    Andrew :017 hari yang lalu

    1:21 that’s a shame.. Carson; whats a shame? *ZOOM*

  62. 1-800- 666HELL

    1-800- 666HELL17 hari yang lalu

    I've been searching for 7 hours threw all of Carson's videos to find the part at 0:31 where he makes the cop joke someone please give me a like in pitty

  63. Woozoo

    Woozoo17 hari yang lalu

    was that danganronpa in your "intro"

  64. SEAN KAY

    SEAN KAY17 hari yang lalu

    oh man your icon

  65. BushdidHarambe69

    BushdidHarambe6918 hari yang lalu

    Big shrimpin got alpha energy

  66. Luke Wallace

    Luke Wallace18 hari yang lalu

    I like callmecarson but this just isn't funny

  67. Roby 7001

    Roby 700118 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for the edit Pokay

  68. burrydunes

    burrydunes19 hari yang lalu

    Carson : THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED Random : I’m on a plane stfu

  69. Jaminder B

    Jaminder B19 hari yang lalu

    Whats the song at 13:05

  70. Unholy anime Guru

    Unholy anime Guru19 hari yang lalu

    When you lip sync and get away with it

  71. Chef Cookie

    Chef Cookie20 hari yang lalu

    Get PewDiePie on this server

  72. Tielormus - Builder/Gamer

    Tielormus - Builder/Gamer20 hari yang lalu

    “I’m the most careful person on this planet” Proceeds to fall down into a deep hole

  73. triPPy

    triPPy20 hari yang lalu

    everyone gangsta till lips

  74. CinderlightTM

    CinderlightTM20 hari yang lalu

    android niggas watching carson be like: 1:04

  75. Slender Guy

    Slender Guy20 hari yang lalu


  76. Farty Person

    Farty Person20 hari yang lalu

    t h e l i p s

  77. SoyTuAra

    SoyTuAra20 hari yang lalu

    what's his shader???

  78. Slyme

    Slyme20 hari yang lalu

    Is this Cool World?

  79. Pigeon_man

    Pigeon_man20 hari yang lalu

    1:30 i am speed

  80. Time Lord Nivek

    Time Lord Nivek20 hari yang lalu

    7:51 what scream is that?

  81. Darren the man

    Darren the man21 hari yang lalu

    Wait this is the server rt played on cause of garfield in the nether :V

  82. waferr

    waferr16 hari yang lalu

    You are absolutely correct. He joined SMPLive.