What’s The Ideal Beauty Standard In Indonesia? | ASIAN BOSS


  1. Ronald Ch

    Ronald Ch4 jam yang lalu

    When you read comment in celebrity instagram post about their photo showing their outfits or their hair... Most of conservative people on the internet always asking them to cover their hair using hijab, and she would be considered as beautiful... If she usually using hijab and want to take it away, to free herself from those hijab, people then to ridicule her, bully her, and prosecuted her... So why you are butt hurt when we talking about religion?

  2. Kayra Anggreani

    Kayra Anggreani16 jam yang lalu

    Capek ya baca subtitle Eh bentar, gua kan rang Indonesia!?

  3. M I R A

    M I R A19 jam yang lalu

    I think asian boss should hire a new interviewer for indonesia’s content, i think some of the question are not relatable with the topic at all and that is not only in this interview, the other interview’s from indonesia also has the some issue. And for this topic i think they should interview different ethnics in indonesia not only javanese since indonesia is very diverse so the answer might be different. And i think that is not impossible bc they did the interview in jakarta, which im sure there are many indonesian outside java island and javanese people live there.

  4. justme mine

    justme mine19 jam yang lalu

    the questions are badly structured. asian boss cant you hire someone better?

  5. Sandra Carli

    Sandra CarliHari Yang lalu

    I see many Muslim women who wear hijabs looking a bit pale and sick in northern Europe. The sunny days are not many and the sun is not very strong. I don't think it's good for their health because they have less vitamin D. I'm European, not wearing the hijab and I ride by bicycle to work every day for a total of 1 hour or longer but when I had my blood test done, my doctor showed me that I had a vitamin D deficiency!

  6. Malvenita Carmach

    Malvenita CarmachHari Yang lalu

    Come to Timor-Leste

  7. Jauharul Fath

    Jauharul FathHari Yang lalu

    the funny thing is, hijab's purpose is to protect the beauty itself. Stranger dudes have no right to see muslimah's beauty

  8. Sheby Sabrina

    Sheby Sabrina2 hari yang lalu

    Asian Boss really wanna searching for fight with Indonesian... Why always bringing religion? 😒😒😒😒😒

  9. Rachmad Riyadi

    Rachmad Riyadi2 hari yang lalu

    Please hire capable interviewer.... Standart beauty to hijab.... Ngga nyambung

  10. Aiynun zariah

    Aiynun zariah3 hari yang lalu

    Apa cuma gw yg fokus ke mas yg ngomong zaskia sungkar tapi yang nonggol shiren sungkar.tapi gakpapa lah ya kan kakak adek 😂

  11. Rosmawati Sianipar

    Rosmawati Sianipar3 hari yang lalu

    For me beauty is not always having bright skin. The most important we look after our skin and body and also our heart. ♥️

  12. Synapse

    Synapse4 hari yang lalu

    Indonoobs lol. 🧕🏾

  13. Kwan Kao

    Kwan Kao4 hari yang lalu

    In Thailand we don’t like small/slant eyes, dark skin, flat nose.

  14. sunraiiin

    sunraiiin5 hari yang lalu

    "kayanya cowo......" GEEZ GUA GA IDUP BUAT COWO JUGA,STANDAR HARUS GEGARA COWO YA?!JIR EMOSI,bacot ajg mending ganikah dibanding idup gua harus menurut standart cowo

  15. 겨울이

    겨울이6 hari yang lalu

    인도네시아 한번 가봐야 겠다....

  16. Dimetrius Utomo

    Dimetrius Utomo8 hari yang lalu

    Ini yng dibahas standar kecantikan apa hijab? Melenceng kali

  17. MultiChantal22

    MultiChantal229 hari yang lalu

    7:47 lagi ngomong dipotong WKWK

  18. Givson Kamson

    Givson Kamson10 hari yang lalu

    In my observation Indonesian would suit to be Buddhist like all those of south east asian countries..😬😊

  19. mo mo

    mo mo10 hari yang lalu

    I love a traditional looking asian woman when I see their beautiful faces I always look. But now everyone wants a slim face and white skin.

  20. mo mo

    mo mo10 hari yang lalu

    I see a trend in all the videos so far. Everyone wants to be white.

  21. Aqulila DarkSoul

    Aqulila DarkSoul11 hari yang lalu

    Fisik tuh gak penting2 amat... Klo loe cantik kelakuan suka ngutang gak bayar2, suka jadi pelakor krn nyari bos kaya... Yang bikin manusia good looking selain makeup adalah Aura positif.

  22. Aurora

    Aurora11 hari yang lalu

    i prefer mira filzah the *baby sayang* thing any malaysian or indonesian?

  23. J Lim

    J Lim13 hari yang lalu

    They say beauty standard of Indonesia but we only got women's beauty standard of Indonesia

  24. Richo-senpai

    Richo-senpai13 hari yang lalu

    beauty standart can be various depends on each person. for me examplle, i think that the things which makes women attractive for me were those who looks like east-asian faces such as Chinese or Japanese, and their hair was long and black (even though a bit brown or reddish are still tolerable). But hey, not only every woman wanted to be looked beauty, but they also wanted to feel comfortable. We can't force our standard to everyone so they would change to be as what we want them be so better we found whoever that already existed with all our standard assessment.

  25. 1,001 Subs With No Vids Challenge

    1,001 Subs With No Vids Challenge14 hari yang lalu


  26. Jeje Satria

    Jeje Satria14 hari yang lalu

    Zaskia Sungkar yang istri Teuku Wisnu itu , Oh Dude -_-

  27. Amit Soni

    Amit Soni16 hari yang lalu

    Title beauty standard but video on type ofwomen jail cloths(hijab)

  28. adi nur dwi purwanto

    adi nur dwi purwanto12 hari yang lalu

    You ugly indian shut up ok

  29. Ekrem Taşçı

    Ekrem Taşçı16 hari yang lalu


  30. rina susanti

    rina susanti20 hari yang lalu

    light-skinned? fairer skin is

  31. Bang Soit

    Bang Soit21 hari yang lalu

    Japan: Porn, Anime Korea: Drama, K-pop Indonesia: All about hijab

  32. fulhit badr

    fulhit badr21 hari yang lalu

    it was interesting, but i thought the interviewer could do better than that

  33. Uciha Itachi

    Uciha Itachi22 hari yang lalu

    muhrim its mean not other people.. but other gender like male..especialy male..but if the women wearing hijab had married.. her husband can see it..because the women and the male its called already muhrim if get married or "ijab kobul" .translator is wrong.. and make people who not understand muslim misunderstanding you know !!

  34. Ridho Wijaya

    Ridho Wijaya22 hari yang lalu

    You forgot to ask black ppl in papua and other region. This nation is multi race and language

  35. 222Julchen222

    222Julchen22223 hari yang lalu

    this was so wholesome ^^

  36. Fid bb

    Fid bb23 hari yang lalu

    6:30 red pinkish hijab girl is the one that suite this videos title,she so cute and very normal 😍

  37. garpu

    garpu26 hari yang lalu

    The interviewer needs to practice public speaking

  38. Daru Syawal

    Daru Syawal26 hari yang lalu

    Why im read the subtitle, While i do understand what their talk about

  39. Atreilight MV

    Atreilight MV26 hari yang lalu

    The question in 4.37 is just a no no dude.

  40. Law Fn

    Law Fn28 hari yang lalu

    The Q n A just too random. Indonesia is just too random (Sorry no offense...)

  41. Jeanne R

    Jeanne RBulan Yang lalu

    Fire this interviewer. He is so lost. Geeeezzzz

  42. Pipit Ayu

    Pipit AyuBulan Yang lalu

    Indonesian only friendly with foreigner or if they want to know or get something out of you. We don't do buddy buddy if we don't know each other.

  43. Zulkifli Abdul Latif

    Zulkifli Abdul LatifBulan Yang lalu

    Mbak jilbab merah manis ya

  44. Chafidh Sabilurr

    Chafidh SabilurrBulan Yang lalu

    Wow I think it is very nice to be part of this team. I want to blend my English more by doing interview section to everyone

  45. Tsa M

    Tsa MBulan Yang lalu


  46. Tsa M

    Tsa M28 hari yang lalu

    kenapa? wkwkw

  47. Zein Hermanto

    Zein Hermanto29 hari yang lalu

    Gw malah g suka yg mata nya besar

  48. Rini Patandasari

    Rini PatandasariBulan Yang lalu

    Could you please find any qualified interviewer?

  49. Indra Mulyono

    Indra MulyonoBulan Yang lalu

    Hey. Kebanyakan berpikir budaya barat loo Kebebasan ya kebebasan. Tapi kebebasan selalu ada batasnya. Batasan" di negara" lain pun juga berbeda, termasuk Indonesia. Sok"an bilang open mind. Lo yang harus open mind. Belajar Pancasila, yang bener biar tau kebebasan yang telah diberikan dan di atur Pancasila itu seperti bagaimana.

  50. bella gf

    bella gfBulan Yang lalu

    So there is no beauty standards in indonesia 😅

  51. DunklerJägerZach

    DunklerJägerZachBulan Yang lalu

    Please hire a new reporter. He makes me confused. Unstructured as hell.

  52. Salman Mohamed

    Salman MohamedBulan Yang lalu

    I'm from Africa and i believe Indonesian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world 😍😍 Insha Allah In the future i want to get married Indonesian girl💑 😀😀😀 but first i need to know are they like Black boys ? 😅 The answer is important for men ...... will be back soon insha Allah. I hope you understand my broken English.

  53. Salman Mohamed

    Salman Mohamed6 hari yang lalu

    Thank you sister

  54. Liliana Tan08

    Liliana Tan087 hari yang lalu

    Character and personality are more important here.. as long you are kind and polite,, shouldnt hard to find wife or husband.. the most important thing is being a responsible person.. and no cheating

  55. gilang n

    gilang nBulan Yang lalu

    there are two types of girlfriend material standard. Brown beauty: Tara basro. White skin: Maudy ayunda.

  56. Reyhan Alexander

    Reyhan AlexanderBulan Yang lalu

    1:11 "extravagant eyelash and eyebrow, unlike me, bald" Please don't use Syahrini as beauty standard and underestimate yourself, miss. I think you are beautiful too

  57. xy ♡

    xy ♡Bulan Yang lalu

    Okay to anyone reading this, you're lucky bc i'm going to give you the definite answer (reporter was asking the wrong questions); as a 21 yr old girl who's active in the indo beauty community- i can tell you that there are 3 main beauty standards in indonesia. 1) the basic rich indo girls 2) the hijab barbies 3) the korean-influenced beauty 1). The basic rich indo girls. straight black hair, giant black contacts, tHICK eyelash extensions, fair skin, ton of blush, skinny, Nose/chin fillers and they basically live in beauty clinics. they go take facials every weekend and 99.999% of them always have eyelash extensions. most of the time, these girls are chinese-indo mixed race. Theyre either 17+ or housewives of rich men. they always have the latest iphone, an expensive purse in hand, sunglasses on top of their head. most basic rich girls i see in malls wear white tees/crop tops. 2).The average muslim girls of indonesia who live in less urban areas tend to idolize beautiful stars who wear hijab. their beauty standards are; beautifully ornamented matching hijab outfit, a 'barbie' big eye kind of makeup with huge contacts, and fair skin. if not barbie makeup they'd go for a look with lots of blush with matte lips and of course- the giant contacts. it's very popular. I often see the rich muslims with this look too, they'd always have on eyelash extensions. 3). Youth of average-rich indonesians are really into KPOP right now. girls look up to groups like blackpink, a lot of girls ages

  58. ill change this later

    ill change this laterBulan Yang lalu

    For me i have alot of problems in my face and body but i wont bother hearing people talk trash about it. One of the way to be pretty is follow your heart. Ecceptially for muslims we have to appreciate gods creation. And wearing hijab and having a good personality is really good

  59. Hanna Resky

    Hanna ReskyBulan Yang lalu

    Ada yang pernah mikir syahrini itu cantik? Serius nanya

  60. brio vanmerlin

    brio vanmerlinBulan Yang lalu

    i think it is depends on the environment and circumstances, if a rich young handsome single guy want a not so fair skin woman, maybe she will cover her fair skin. hehehehe

  61. sienna x

    sienna xBulan Yang lalu

    The questions that the interviewer asked in this video and all of the Indonesia related videos are so ridiculous. And the topics as well. Like in this video, from beauty standards to fantasizing what's underneath the hijab? Ridiculous. Rude. Ignorant.

  62. Larrypint

    LarrypintBulan Yang lalu

    Orthodox Sharia Islam= religious Fascism!

  63. Larrypint

    LarrypintBulan Yang lalu

    Orthodox Sharia Islam= religious Fascism!

  64. Kyrie Revival

    Kyrie RevivalBulan Yang lalu

    ok why some indonesian word have filipino word? particularly in bisaya.

  65. Valentina Pratikna

    Valentina PratiknaBulan Yang lalu

    To be honest I'm not satisfied with this episode. Btw i am indonesian. The interviewee backgrounds are not vary. They are all college students (correct me if I'm wrong but it feels they are all from the same university). They are not enough to become sampling. The way the interviewer question the interviewee is not efficient. Sorry if i am too straightforward. ✌