Welcome to the FaZe Toronto home.


  1. Ahmet Güneş

    Ahmet Güneş14 jam yang lalu

    I live in Toronto to :0 like if u do 👇

  2. SnipEz Sav Aleksa HD

    SnipEz Sav Aleksa HD15 jam yang lalu

    Weare is mongrall

  3. M LEGEND.N1

    M LEGEND.N1Hari Yang lalu

    How can i join faze

  4. qt jacob

    qt jacobHari Yang lalu

    agony setup was the besy

  5. S6NI

    S6NIHari Yang lalu

    the confusion between agony and his brother lol

  6. S6NI

    S6NIHari Yang lalu

    faze pamaj has grown lol

  7. Elio David

    Elio DavidHari Yang lalu

    Toronto blue jays ??

  8. Joseph Shortt

    Joseph ShorttHari Yang lalu

    I get 3 mb lol my wifi shit only good when nobody is on it

  9. Giorgio Papagno

    Giorgio Papagno2 hari yang lalu

    And moongrall?

  10. pozie

    pozie2 hari yang lalu

    Can get the address

  11. McLoudMouth

    McLoudMouth2 hari yang lalu

    Their internet is about 500 times mine

  12. LQ Grrr

    LQ Grrr3 hari yang lalu

    what modem are you using to get that ping JESUS!

  13. Game Tube

    Game Tube3 hari yang lalu

    Wow, so big house

  14. therealruski guy

    therealruski guy4 hari yang lalu

    who tf is faze toronto?? hello? secret faze member? and wheres his home

  15. bricxnn

    bricxnn5 hari yang lalu

    This was posted on my birthday which is also tomorrow 🤣🤣


    FABIAN CARRANZA5 hari yang lalu

    He coped

  17. Nasir Dawud-Soto

    Nasir Dawud-Soto6 hari yang lalu

    Whats the music at 5:29 ?

  18. XxNuBiE

    XxNuBiE6 hari yang lalu


  19. Amel Bjelosevic

    Amel Bjelosevic7 hari yang lalu

    Yess! Finally in my country! :D

  20. Really O`wow

    Really O`wow7 hari yang lalu

    where is olof

  21. Juan Tapia

    Juan Tapia8 hari yang lalu

    Spoiled rich kid when there parents didn’t buy them that pink lambo: can I live with u

  22. xNight Asains

    xNight Asains6 hari yang lalu

    Juan Tapia wrong *their*

  23. PR33ZEN

    PR33ZEN8 hari yang lalu

    Mi spiegate perché gli americani sono alti 3 metri?

  24. Cloudy

    Cloudy9 hari yang lalu

    everytime youtube recommends me this I loose one brain cell *soon I will be retarded*

  25. Plz plxel gun and roblox Ab

    Plz plxel gun and roblox Ab10 hari yang lalu

    Who else is a big fan of faze clan 2019?

  26. Edward Chaviano

    Edward Chaviano11 hari yang lalu


  27. TEK Dominator

    TEK Dominator12 hari yang lalu

    IDreporter:decides to put in my recommendations after almost a year of posting Me:

  28. BloodAxT OFC

    BloodAxT OFC13 hari yang lalu

    I will be Future Faze Member

  29. DBS serhat

    DBS serhat13 hari yang lalu

    Come clan ficht

  30. R6S Zerkez

    R6S Zerkez15 hari yang lalu

    whats that light called that replays has in his room? On the ceiling

  31. noel nebin

    noel nebin16 hari yang lalu

    It Nikon dumb me

  32. Rín desu

    Rín desu17 hari yang lalu

    Yes! dog first before yourself. 💜

  33. crowkillah

    crowkillah19 hari yang lalu

    2:12 I need that , that looks sick 💯💨⛽️

  34. GENZIZ

    GENZIZ19 hari yang lalu

    i hav a diferent love sac... if u know what i mean...

  35. hoax

    hoax19 hari yang lalu

    I wonder what the dog did that got him to join faze clan? 🤔

  36. LongWayFromSubtle

    LongWayFromSubtle20 hari yang lalu

    Do they still here I never see anything about it

  37. 35692Zz

    35692Zz20 hari yang lalu

    Whos the guy talking at 0:32?

  38. ArrestedMonkey

    ArrestedMonkey21 hari yang lalu

    Just got 1 monitor there’s the other monitor😂😂😂

  39. Tenno

    Tenno21 hari yang lalu

    Americans surprise me every day with a luxurious mansion, a luxury equipment and an internet superior to mine

  40. Hex

    Hex22 hari yang lalu

    This was posed on my birthday oct 17

  41. Bilal Grewal

    Bilal Grewal24 hari yang lalu

    Fuckin traitor.

  42. nightbreed141

    nightbreed14125 hari yang lalu

    Quick question whats a "PS4"?

  43. Noah Christensen

    Noah Christensen25 hari yang lalu

    Can i join

  44. afafa rafa

    afafa rafa26 hari yang lalu

    Gotta start grinding and dies

  45. Carnifex Man

    Carnifex Man29 hari yang lalu

    omg. gays in da houz.

  46. 千乂_丂ㄚㄖ爪

    千乂_丂ㄚㄖ爪29 hari yang lalu

    W H A T S U P N I K A N.

  47. YT_ Hyde

    YT_ HydeBulan Yang lalu

    I can smell the Axe body spray from here

  48. Myst_Nasty

    Myst_NastyBulan Yang lalu

    There should be a faze Australia one And also faze junior

  49. 2 3

    2 3Bulan Yang lalu

    the saddest part is when he says "...got the couch for when all the guys want to come down to watch a movie or something" :D

  50. YT_ Hyde

    YT_ HydeBulan Yang lalu

    Faze all look like such darshbags. This is what’s wrong with murica

  51. YT_ Hyde

    YT_ HydeBulan Yang lalu

    Wearing all black champion. I want to punch it

  52. Jeremy Herbuela

    Jeremy HerbuelaBulan Yang lalu

    Faze:Best internet in canada Linus:hold my beer

  53. Brent Brownbridge

    Brent BrownbridgeBulan Yang lalu

    ROFL!! That net speed aint even that great... had those speeds in NZ for a while now, of all places! DOPE setups though.

  54. Midnight Studios

    Midnight StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    i have the same lamp has faze replays

  55. samah alsaadi

    samah alsaadiBulan Yang lalu

    How I join faze

  56. Tandin

    TandinBulan Yang lalu

    Nice HOSE

  57. Seira Yuri

    Seira YuriBulan Yang lalu

    Can faze clan help me ?

  58. tav and christian

    tav and christianBulan Yang lalu

    where is csgo players

  59. ice

    iceBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine living with like 10 other homosexual 30 year old virgins playing fortnite 360 no scoping noobs

  60. electric xy

    electric xyBulan Yang lalu

    gaming brings in so much money holy crap

  61. Abraham Perez

    Abraham PerezBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck you this shit fire

  62. Gater

    GaterBulan Yang lalu

    coors light is shit get bud light