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    Don’t support elephant riding that is not cool, we are in Sumatra at the moment and will go check out elephant conservation tomorrow! Hope to see some happy elephants there 😃

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    Beautiful vlog ❤️

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    Beautiful vlog ❤️

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    Awesome video. Amazing features of the place. Wonderful travel. Great stuff.

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    8:04 what is it called?

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    Wow😍that is one in my bucket list😉 hopefully🤞

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    What is the name of the room that you take in viceory ? I want to book it for my honeymoon ..

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    Love the vid! Mind sharing the vid editor u used? 🥰

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    What editor you use...?.

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    I have been in other beach, but a have never been in one like this. That beach is amazigly. l like the part of food, because it seems very delicious. The hotels are very beautiful and it has exellent landscapes. I would like to be in that place.

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    NIce video, nice place to visit someday, hope you can visit me too.


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    Hi there. Can i know that what editing that u use? Super nice filming tho. Btw hi from Malaysia

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