Weird Ice Cube Taste Test


  1. IEradicate

    IEradicateHari Yang lalu

    That was actually an incredible display lol

  2. Mattynator 911

    Mattynator 9114 hari yang lalu

    2:10 just two grown men feeding each other some ice cream

  3. Llama Sugar

    Llama Sugar23 hari yang lalu

    Pistachio Halo Top!! But yeah, chocolate is good.

  4. vanilla/6\ god

    vanilla/6\ god24 hari yang lalu

    Lol god josh is the king of useless information but i love it. Plus hes just a mad smart chef.

  5. chunk jones

    chunk jones24 hari yang lalu


  6. Lex Sprout

    Lex SproutBulan Yang lalu

    Wait is smosh and gmm in the same building

  7. Lex Sprout

    Lex SproutBulan Yang lalu

    I would marry shayne

  8. JJ Brothers and Co.

    JJ Brothers and Co.Bulan Yang lalu

    Thought is was smosh lol 😂

  9. The Llamalsy

    The LlamalsyBulan Yang lalu

    soo is a Popsicle ice. MOMMMMMMM!!!!!

  10. Brian Stryker

    Brian StrykerBulan Yang lalu

    SHayne still dying over the hot sauce

  11. PsychoKitty사랑

    PsychoKitty사랑Bulan Yang lalu

    Wait so SMOSH is in the same building as GMM?

  12. Sami Owens

    Sami OwensBulan Yang lalu

    Shayne is the best!

  13. Sasha TMP

    Sasha TMPBulan Yang lalu

    9:22 that’s literally Connor from Detroit: Become Human

  14. Lindsay Gillard

    Lindsay Gillard2 bulan yang lalu

    When Rhett and Link are on vacation...ALL EPISODES BE JOSH AND SHAYNE!!! Best episode not Rhett and Link!! They have great “Rhett and Link style” chemistry. The store brand ice cream banter, the shoe story, the FBI thing, these two are great!! Rhett and Link should make these the backup anchors!

  15. CaptivatingChaos

    CaptivatingChaos2 bulan yang lalu

    I have never seen so much beef in one episode.

  16. Real Seals

    Real Seals2 bulan yang lalu

    Please do Shayne on food fears!!

  17. Charlotte Byrnes

    Charlotte Byrnes2 bulan yang lalu

    Did Shane run a marathon before recording this?

  18. marian just marian

    marian just marian2 bulan yang lalu


  19. Kylie Rose

    Kylie Rose2 bulan yang lalu

    MORE SHAYNE!!!!!

  20. HavocRanch Vlogs78

    HavocRanch Vlogs782 bulan yang lalu

    Glacier freeze is the best flavor

  21. crow

    crow2 bulan yang lalu

    Josh and Shayne are so good and wholesome. I love them together! My fav non Rhett and link episode :)

  22. amber rocheleau

    amber rocheleau2 bulan yang lalu

    Shayne just described what Connar from Detroit become human does to every blood sample

  23. Charxoc

    Charxoc2 bulan yang lalu

    didn’t realise this was posted in my bday with 2 of ma fav people

  24. Serenity Argudin

    Serenity Argudin2 bulan yang lalu

    Shayne’s breathing made me laugh so hard. He is struggling ☠️

  25. XTerra KnightX

    XTerra KnightX3 bulan yang lalu

    Good Smoshical Morning With Josh & Shayne

  26. matherly007

    matherly0073 bulan yang lalu

    These two are the best

  27. Jacob Shook

    Jacob Shook3 bulan yang lalu

    R u all gay

  28. MiniStarNY

    MiniStarNY3 bulan yang lalu


  29. jOefLy

    jOefLy3 bulan yang lalu

    You have a point with the price point, but I usually prefer Kroger. Now shut up and feed your guy his ice cream. Thanks, love the show.

  30. Angie Oesterreicher

    Angie Oesterreicher3 bulan yang lalu

    More! These two are amazing!

  31. JETS bcuzYOLO

    JETS bcuzYOLO3 bulan yang lalu

    When did Shayne join Good Mythical Morning?? thought he was always with Smosh?

  32. Lee Good

    Lee Good3 bulan yang lalu

    Josh is a foody beast! Damn! These two need there own show. MORE PLEASE.

  33. Sarah سارة

    Sarah سارة3 bulan yang lalu

    Well, the Frost Gatorade series has the best gatorades

  34. Annie Rae

    Annie Rae3 bulan yang lalu

    Tuna water is just perfect

  35. Keaton Hunter

    Keaton Hunter3 bulan yang lalu

    9:39 underappreciated joke alert

  36. Jaspirita

    Jaspirita3 bulan yang lalu

    Pistachio Ice Cream is a delicious flavor :P

  37. KianyuNitro Teh

    KianyuNitro Teh3 bulan yang lalu


  38. Weedle Enthusiast

    Weedle Enthusiast3 bulan yang lalu

    I freaking love the episodes where Josh is featured more prominently. The semi-deadpan delivery of all his jokes, and the large list of things he just knows for some reason are just topnotch

  39. Razor Burton

    Razor Burton3 bulan yang lalu


  40. Angela B

    Angela B4 bulan yang lalu

    They need their own show!