We Tried the Perfect Derma Chemical Peel! | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad


  1. Jayla Williams

    Jayla WilliamsHari Yang lalu

    nobody: chemical peel thumbnail : 😗

  2. Brianna Pinkney

    Brianna Pinkney3 hari yang lalu

    Is anyone else disturbed about the "skin lightening" and inhibiting "melanin"? Ummmmm.... So we are stepping back in time for not white people to lighten/"brighten" their face to look "better"? No. So uncomfortable.

  3. Capricorn Of January 4th Bakugou vs Deku

    Capricorn Of January 4th Bakugou vs Deku3 hari yang lalu

    What did they mean by "frosting", like busted acne?

  4. Christian Tyler

    Christian Tyler3 hari yang lalu

    Longest video for nothing ever!!!!

  5. Heinz Hermel

    Heinz Hermel9 hari yang lalu

    How do you not peel and pick that tf

  6. M Smith

    M Smith13 hari yang lalu

    where did you have it done

  7. Rizza Aganap

    Rizza Aganap13 hari yang lalu

    Oh my god the aesthetician did not offer a fan to the face to the client. Thats horrible

  8. irene sugoisita

    irene sugoisita14 hari yang lalu

    13:45 the fcking same

  9. Sascha Cajandig

    Sascha Cajandig14 hari yang lalu

    LMAO why is no one mentioning how this lady looks JAUNDICE?

  10. Barbara Von Traumer

    Barbara Von Traumer15 hari yang lalu

    She said my personality type can’t handle this peel. I can understand.

  11. HobbyPops

    HobbyPops16 hari yang lalu

    Hai Yoo can pill your skin?

  12. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump17 hari yang lalu

    Y’all look better with make up

  13. Julia Díez Chaverri

    Julia Díez Chaverri18 hari yang lalu

    i think that this kind of “process” is better for people that has suffered acne and have marks or something like that, because they hadn’t any pimple, i mean i think that they didn’t need that

  14. Juwita Ita

    Juwita Ita20 hari yang lalu

    It same when i used vitaquen, the product contains 5% hidroquinon and i was free died skin but not recommended

  15. Aseel Adil

    Aseel Adil20 hari yang lalu

    you're not supposed to touch it BITCH

  16. jods

    jods20 hari yang lalu

    Would have been nice to get a straight up YES or NO. Don’t make people read between your lines. True reviews give absolute answers. And I agree that skin looked better before. Damaging NON truly damaged epidermis causes injury. Bad idea outside severe skin injury from cystic acne, trauma or some other true skin issue. Thanks for being crash test dummies though.

  17. Destrada1225

    Destrada122524 hari yang lalu

    I couldn't do this treatment haha. I'm just going to go with my gut and skip this one.

  18. Stephanie Banda

    Stephanie Banda25 hari yang lalu

    I never understand people casually getting this. It seems better for acne scaring or deeper damage

  19. Desert Rose

    Desert Rose28 hari yang lalu

    Aaaaw poor Sharzad, you can just see how uncomfortable she was during the procedure! I could not even handle this. Acetone on your skin?! Wtf?

  20. Jasmine M

    Jasmine MBulan Yang lalu

    i could never do this, the temptation to peel would be irresistible to me lmao

  21. B

    BBulan Yang lalu

    susan is gorgeous, don't get me wrong! but you can definitely see how her skin changed since this video compared to her latest one!

  22. Rinne Michelle

    Rinne MichelleBulan Yang lalu

    They both look better before than after🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. ArloOlra O

    ArloOlra OBulan Yang lalu

    Ummm, you both looked better BEFORE the peel 😬

  24. Jaselle Romero

    Jaselle RomeroBulan Yang lalu

    She looked better before

  25. redhatgnome

    redhatgnomeBulan Yang lalu

    I'm sorry, I HATE saying this but I think they both looked better before. I was so hoping this would make a difference for the better (not that you can get much better than the way Susan and Sharzad looked before).

  26. Russell Clement

    Russell ClementBulan Yang lalu

    hahaha,, she felt 10.56 Michael Jackson,,

  27. Russell Clement

    Russell ClementBulan Yang lalu

    Phenol is a poison that we put in the old outside shithouse 60 years ago ,,

  28. Diana Cooper

    Diana CooperBulan Yang lalu

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  29. Diana Cooper

    Diana CooperBulan Yang lalu

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  30. Meghan Jackson

    Meghan JacksonBulan Yang lalu

    The video really starts at 5:15 . Your welcome 😉

  31. Selice

    SeliceBulan Yang lalu

    No difference

  32. Hannah Schlosser-Hall

    Hannah Schlosser-HallBulan Yang lalu

    this looks like it sucks why would anyone do this

  33. Claire

    ClaireBulan Yang lalu

    feels like she didn't talk them through it in advance enough, susan was surprised it contained a retinol- shouldn't she have mentioned that before?!? And you're not supposed to go all in with the strongest strenght first time you do a peel on someone, you need to know how their skin reacts first

  34. trilette Chandler

    trilette ChandlerBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve actually had this chemical peel before and it did wonders for my skin! I initially had 3 peels 6 weeks apart and it evened out my skin tone plus cleared up my acne! That was about 4years ago!

  35. Diana Cooper

    Diana CooperBulan Yang lalu

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  36. Vanessa Vlad

    Vanessa VladBulan Yang lalu

    i would never !! i'll just stick to my tretinoin, glicolic and vitamin c for life

  37. alyce

    alyceBulan Yang lalu

    acetone? on your face? idk about that girl

  38. Taryn Young

    Taryn YoungBulan Yang lalu

    “ I think the the we are scared of is not the treatment but the aftermath” WHAT? You are scared because of how you look but not scared of what they put on your skin????

  39. J H

    J HBulan Yang lalu


  40. Horsedogz

    HorsedogzBulan Yang lalu

    ACETONE on your FACE!?? It strips industrial grade epoxies! (Glues essentially). When it gets on your skin its absorbed and easily does damage in your liver. No way i'd ever put it on my face!

  41. maria G

    maria GBulan Yang lalu

    I think you’ve lost me as a subscriber after this one. You can’t know much about skincare if you did this. Omg your poor skin.

  42. maria G

    maria GBulan Yang lalu

    All she tells you is that it’s glutathione?? What are the full ingredients of the peel? It’s “honestly perfect”? What does that mean?? I would NEVER put acetone on my skin. The girl who went first has baby skin to begin with. Why is she peeling her skin??

  43. Peace Be With You

    Peace Be With YouBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't see a difference.

  44. Kimberly Martinez

    Kimberly MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    Her stretching her face the whole time made me mad and gave me anxiety

  45. maraphernalia

    maraphernaliaBulan Yang lalu

    "Your skin looks great" She had on 3 inches of foundation.

  46. Adriane

    AdrianeBulan Yang lalu

    Never just stick to a Retin A ladies!

  47. Isabella Petrillose

    Isabella PetrilloseBulan Yang lalu


  48. Call me Val

    Call me ValBulan Yang lalu

    Both of their dark spots got worse... noticeably so, I would be sooo mad. That being said, their skin overall looks brighter.

  49. raiba

    raibaBulan Yang lalu

    susan looks so much younger here

  50. Nicole

    NicoleBulan Yang lalu

    this really doesn’t look right...😬

  51. 畈當畈當涼

    畈當畈當涼Bulan Yang lalu

    The esthetician only mentioned Glutathione but the peel contains both TCA and Phenol, which are super hardcore acids. I found her very misleading. It’s also not ethical to not disclose the percentage of the acid used.

  52. sordo muda

    sordo mudaBulan Yang lalu

    That’s how my face looked last summer when I got the worst sunburn of my life 😂

  53. mshpsprdnrswr isaid_

    mshpsprdnrswr isaid_Bulan Yang lalu

    bothf you is just preeeetty before after~ #nevermind 😁😄😄

  54. monifea W

    monifea WBulan Yang lalu

    I see a difference you both look really fresh and clear

  55. Inkmagination

    InkmaginationBulan Yang lalu

    doing a chemical peel on someone who clearly doesn't need it won't show any educational result, also the process she made (bearing in mind she said the ideal is to get it every 4 weeks) is not even safe. It's so frustrating that someone who claims to be a skincare expert is promoting this...

  56. Bruna

    BrunaBulan Yang lalu

    somehow this lady does not inspire trust in me at all and i would not do a peel w/ her even if it was for free lol

  57. Roxie Does

    Roxie DoesBulan Yang lalu

    The aesthetician needs to be fired and not only for the acetone, unrealistic expectations and suggesting having it done every four weeks, but for that horrible mismatched foundation

  58. K P

    K P2 bulan yang lalu

    Freckles are beautiful

  59. Maria G

    Maria G2 bulan yang lalu

    Acetone on skin?

  60. Erika Soto

    Erika Soto2 bulan yang lalu

    ACETONE!!!??? gosh Im so confused Susan is all about mild exfoliators and this seems so harsh and every 4 weeks?

  61. Kelly Speyer

    Kelly SpeyerBulan Yang lalu

    I'm shocked it wasn't even diluted a little...