"We know it'll be hard in Valencia!" - Alex Lacazette reacts to win over Valencia


  1. ReeceJP

    ReeceJPBulan Yang lalu

    Here after 2-4 😂😂

  2. ANi

    ANiBulan Yang lalu


  3. Ksksk Jsjsk

    Ksksk JsjskBulan Yang lalu

    Most complete striker.

  4. Hussain Iqbal

    Hussain IqbalBulan Yang lalu


  5. ANi

    ANiBulan Yang lalu

    The way he looks at 😅😂😅😂😅😂

  6. Chewy Suarez

    Chewy SuarezBulan Yang lalu

    Just park the bus like we did at naples and we are through.

  7. Joshua Hurst

    Joshua HurstBulan Yang lalu

    No lie He speaks better English than Harry Kane

  8. omar yahya

    omar yahyaBulan Yang lalu

    Laca's English has improved tremendously

  9. omar yahya

    omar yahyaBulan Yang lalu

    Laca was magnificent and was my MOTM. He worked his socks off like he has all season. He is our player of the season imo

  10. Rocky Goode

    Rocky GoodeBulan Yang lalu


  11. Jon Reed

    Jon ReedBulan Yang lalu

    She roasted him at the end 😭

  12. Gamze Y. 95 M

    Gamze Y. 95 MBulan Yang lalu

    LACA KING !!!!

  13. Matt Haworth

    Matt HaworthBulan Yang lalu

    He’s a class player is Laca, probably the best signing Arsenal have made in years.

  14. R14 Lahat

    R14 LahatBulan Yang lalu

    Goals Lionel Messi 1th, 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th ➡️ idreporter.net/v/video-ckpnW6QWKQI.html


    STEVE SHEENBulan Yang lalu

    A dead cat shows more emotions.

  16. MamaRaisedNo Fool Tv

    MamaRaisedNo Fool TvBulan Yang lalu

    Lacazette big game player

  17. Captain Snuggles

    Captain SnugglesBulan Yang lalu

    So laca. Is 3 better than 2?

  18. Sam Abniki

    Sam AbnikiBulan Yang lalu

    1:25 I wish, but don't mock it... But trust me if we play like this next season we *WILL* finish very good in the Champions League. #COYG #Top4 #ArsenalToWinEuropa

  19. rémy

    rémyBulan Yang lalu

    Bien joué, Commandant.

  20. PRÉÐÅTÖR 94

    PRÉÐÅTÖR 94Bulan Yang lalu

    She just said "u could be in the UCL final" I was like WTF

  21. Puneet

    PuneetBulan Yang lalu

    I was like damn I wish LOL

  22. iTzAceZ

    iTzAceZBulan Yang lalu

    Beside Laca amazing plays, his English has improved

  23. Footballisfun

    FootballisfunBulan Yang lalu

    Valencia is definitely not an easy place to visit

  24. Dennis Nyaega

    Dennis NyaegaBulan Yang lalu

    So was Naples

  25. R N

    R NBulan Yang lalu

    Some of the interview questions are terrible 'how much better does 2-1 sound to 3-1' 😴

  26. Odessa

    OdessaBulan Yang lalu

    R N about 1 goal

  27. Mr Arsenal

    Mr ArsenalBulan Yang lalu

    Our best player by far. Big game player.

  28. Camber Wickgreen

    Camber WickgreenBulan Yang lalu

    He could have had 4. Sorry..meant should.

  29. HSN Vlogs

    HSN VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is our best player - top class 👏

  30. jakiiboi8

    jakiiboi8Bulan Yang lalu

    His underated so much, if only he was played more and actually got good service.

  31. adam sefton

    adam seftonBulan Yang lalu

    jakiiboi8 he’s played one less game than auba this season...

  32. Arsenal Vlogs

    Arsenal VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea will beat arsenal

  33. lifetime gunner

    lifetime gunnerBulan Yang lalu


  34. YT

    YTBulan Yang lalu

    Cmon Valencia 💪

  35. George Walsom

    George WalsomBulan Yang lalu

    I’d keep quite 😂 United are a mess

  36. Will Gooderham

    Will GooderhamBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahahah United literally have nothing to play for 😂😂😂😂

  37. Fred

    FredBulan Yang lalu

    Cmon Huddersfield 💪

  38. The Golden Era

    The Golden EraBulan Yang lalu

    A few months ago he was deemed a joke of a striker. Now he's banging them in in the europa semis.

  39. The Golden Era

    The Golden EraBulan Yang lalu

    @YT imagine embarrasing all utd fans with ur bullshit comment Ps: from a utd fan

  40. Legend of Nibbaheem

    Legend of NibbaheemBulan Yang lalu

    He's better than Aumbamyang

  41. FootballEdits97

    FootballEdits97Bulan Yang lalu


  42. Jerry Finnègan

    Jerry FinnèganBulan Yang lalu

    @YT at least he don't have a touch like lushitku☺

  43. StefanTheFam

    StefanTheFamBulan Yang lalu

    YT still needs to finish them

  44. Itz GMed Mr9iceGuy

    Itz GMed Mr9iceGuyBulan Yang lalu


  45. Samsom Abeto Beyene

    Samsom Abeto BeyeneBulan Yang lalu

    Laca score 2 goal thanks i am win toto

  46. Dark Leader

    Dark LeaderBulan Yang lalu

    Its ok banter club fc will be back when they lose to Brighton 🤣

  47. omar yahya

    omar yahyaBulan Yang lalu

    @YT ole is at the wheel indeed 2 wins in 10 games

  48. omar yahya

    omar yahyaBulan Yang lalu

    We won't lose to Brighton

  49. Harps

    HarpsBulan Yang lalu

    @YT Solskjaer at the wheel is doing a lot better init 😂🤫

  50. Kurt's Angel

    Kurt's AngelBulan Yang lalu

    2 wins in 10 games, Ole's at the wheel.

  51. Mohibur Rahman

    Mohibur RahmanBulan Yang lalu

    2 more world class players around him and he will be the best striker in the world FACT

  52. Ag Thomas

    Ag ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    @Lacazettteee Alexxx yes

  53. Rmx

    RmxBulan Yang lalu


  54. t

    tBulan Yang lalu

    @Lacazettteee Alexxx umtiti

  55. Lacazettteee Alexxx

    Lacazettteee AlexxxBulan Yang lalu

    Pepe as a wing and umtiti as cb would make arsenal a top team

  56. hurdy gurdy

    hurdy gurdyBulan Yang lalu

    He's better than Auba!!! Fact!!

  57. Jerry Finnègan

    Jerry FinnèganBulan Yang lalu

    Different kind of striker, but in some ways I agree however it's a pleasure to have both !

  58. Tob 23i7

    Tob 23i7Bulan Yang lalu

    Now I don’t know about that. They’re two very different types of strikers. Laca has better balance, touches, dribbling and power in his strikes. And Auba’s got more pace, hence more potent movements and a lot more guile in his finishes. I’d say they’re about even, and merely complement each other brilliantly.

  59. Mohamed Al-Beity

    Mohamed Al-BeityBulan Yang lalu


  60. Lil Abdulnoodles

    Lil AbdulnoodlesBulan Yang lalu

    Should’ve had a hat trick

  61. Rabbi Ahmed

    Rabbi AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    This guy is sick we should be lucky to have him people say he’s dead but their just dumb

  62. chizzy Tv

    chizzy TvBulan Yang lalu

    Much love Laca and Auba

  63. Bender -nee

    Bender -neeBulan Yang lalu

    Laca always looks annoyed 😂

  64. Ariz Ibra

    Ariz IbraBulan Yang lalu

    I mean his interviewer asked how much better does 2-1 sound compared to 3-1 so I would be pissed as well

  65. Ddot Mens

    Ddot MensBulan Yang lalu

    He always gets annoying interviewers

  66. tboy jojo

    tboy jojoBulan Yang lalu

    @Anthony he looks like he'd rather be sleeping 🤣

  67. Anthony

    AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    He’s a lowkey guy lol likes his privacy, and I think they’re obligated to do these interviews contractually

  68. Shaunyboi 11

    Shaunyboi 11Bulan Yang lalu

    Just like psg! Bottle jobs Valencia will progress to the final to face Chelsea! Good performance lacca👏🏻👏🏻

  69. BestInTheWorld 24

    BestInTheWorld 24Bulan Yang lalu

    @ASAD YT utd fans

  70. ASAD YT

    ASAD YTBulan Yang lalu

    Remember when everyone said “Arsenal are gonna bottle it against Napoli”

  71. Jasper

    JasperBulan Yang lalu


  72. Jonas filberg

    Jonas filbergBulan Yang lalu


  73. jakiiboi8

    jakiiboi8Bulan Yang lalu

    @Arsenal Vlogs there not going to make it there

  74. Arsenal Vlogs

    Arsenal VlogsBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea will beat us in fina l

  75. Abdirahim Jama

    Abdirahim JamaBulan Yang lalu

    Lacazette's all round game is nothing short of magnificent. He tracks back, works hard, presses, scores, assists. My striker 😍

  76. Zib Ndix

    Zib NdixBulan Yang lalu

    Most of all he holds up the ball. A lost art these days.

  77. Anthony

    AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    Big game player

  78. A M

    A MBulan Yang lalu

    Kane's one season is way better than Alex Laca's career

  79. George Walsom

    George WalsomBulan Yang lalu

    Yaya sonogo has won more trophies in his career than Harry Kane .... so who’s career is better hmmmmmm

  80. baptiste darnand

    baptiste darnandBulan Yang lalu

    @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD Harry Kane to pounds of drool in his mouth his a fact

  81. Thomas Black

    Thomas BlackBulan Yang lalu

    Lacca was immense today great performance from him and the team COYG ❤️❤️❤️

  82. Adnan Gardezi

    Adnan GardeziBulan Yang lalu