We Dress Like VSCO Girls For A Day • Ladylike


  1. Ladylike

    LadylikeBulan Yang lalu

    NOT GONNA LIE It turns out this is a cute look --Kristin

  2. Yexalen Cortés

    Yexalen Cortés2 hari yang lalu

    Dress like E-girla next!🖤

  3. Solo

    Solo12 hari yang lalu

    Yea, I thought so when I dressed like this in the 90s 😂

  4. Snow Taylor

    Snow Taylor20 hari yang lalu

    Ladylike you should try e girls

  5. S F

    S F18 jam yang lalu

    Why are they calling the kanken a fial raven

  6. Michele Nigro

    Michele Nigro18 jam yang lalu

    why am i scared lol omg

  7. Ellie Fern

    Ellie Fern19 jam yang lalu

    the fact they are all wearing jean shorts ruin it

  8. Allison Smith

    Allison Smith21 jam yang lalu

    This is just how I dressed as a child in the 90s. That means we were cool first, right?

  9. Chimo Chim

    Chimo Chim22 jam yang lalu


  10. sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ

    sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ22 jam yang lalu

    YOUR NOT A SPRAY BOTTLE, STOP SAYING SKSKSK. God I remember when I said sksksksk because I was laughing but when VSCO girls became popular I had to stop because I started cringing THANK YOU VSCO GIRLS FOR TAKING MY LAUGH AWAY ,_, the knuckles meme was better ,3,

  11. sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ

    sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ22 jam yang lalu

    VSCO girls have more diseases than cancer itself. -_-

  12. Ava Lin

    Ava Lin23 jam yang lalu

    Lol I've been dressing like a VSCO girl for years it's just comfy. Also random note, it's sad when people drag "VSCO girls" for being "basic" because they are just being themselves and it sucks to put a label on everyone (not saying Ladylike did this, just a comment)

  13. boopNoodle 0-0

    boopNoodle 0-0Hari Yang lalu

    There was no "sksksksksksks" "save the. Turtles" "and I oop-" or metal straws

  14. Milika Filmer

    Milika FilmerHari Yang lalu

    "sksksskssk" - the mating call for idiots

  15. London BitLife

    London BitLifeHari Yang lalu

    It just hit me, there like actual adults. When they just didn't get what VSCO was I kinda just got it

  16. Aestheticly ρlєαѕιηg

    Aestheticly ρlєαѕιηgHari Yang lalu

    Scariest video ever

  17. Olivia Karluk

    Olivia Karluk2 hari yang lalu

    I lost brain cells

  18. Alvin Lewis

    Alvin Lewis2 hari yang lalu

    And I pop and I oop! SKSKSKSSKSKSKSK

  19. Sally O'Sullivan

    Sally O'Sullivan2 hari yang lalu

    i love how jen just suddenly had a knife

  20. Izzy Balcom

    Izzy Balcom2 hari yang lalu

    Sksksksksk and I oop

  21. IceHockeyGirl126

    IceHockeyGirl1262 hari yang lalu

    Do soft girl

  22. ahoward

    ahoward2 hari yang lalu

    I dress like this all the time, but it is because I have no where to go that requires me to dress nice..... and I don't have anyone to impress when I'm going grocery shopping!! and I like my old t-shirts. So hate me

  23. A person

    A person2 hari yang lalu

    omg I swear Jens scrunchie were the bi flag love her so muchh

  24. Penguanio Tomatio

    Penguanio Tomatio2 hari yang lalu

    “wHaTiStHeVsCo?” my dad

  25. Sophia Grace

    Sophia Grace2 hari yang lalu

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Kristian is actually wearing shorts

  26. Kat Nicole

    Kat Nicole2 hari yang lalu

    we should make devyn, freddie, and chantel be e girls and then kristen, jen, and mike be soft girls/boys

  27. Sophie Cartervlogs

    Sophie Cartervlogs2 hari yang lalu

    Kristin didn’t have her hair in a messy bun

  28. Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott3 hari yang lalu

    When they laughed they should’ve said sksksksk

  29. Meagan Ruehle

    Meagan Ruehle3 hari yang lalu

    Crocs are not vsco

  30. emway 1611

    emway 16113 hari yang lalu

    "I've had Burks my whole life... *I'm A lesbian* "

  31. Shoe Rue

    Shoe Rue3 hari yang lalu

    People called a male teacher at my school a VSCO girl because he had a hydroflask lmao

  32. Kiana benefiel

    Kiana benefiel3 hari yang lalu

    History class is going to be so fun in 3020

  33. Flip Booker

    Flip Booker3 hari yang lalu

    Yeah I’m not sure I’m a Vsco girl....

  34. ItzYung Fefe

    ItzYung Fefe3 hari yang lalu

    They ruin everything 🤦🏼‍♀️

  35. Sara Mantilaro

    Sara Mantilaro3 hari yang lalu

    What in the fuck am I watching this part of our society is giving me existential dread

  36. Star- Light

    Star- Light3 hari yang lalu

    *and i oop*

  37. sunflower chan

    sunflower chan3 hari yang lalu

    My teachers being a vsco girl for Halloween she has no idea what a vsco girl is the class voted on it☹

  38. Tahira Ali

    Tahira Ali4 hari yang lalu

    I honestly love Kristin ❤️‼️

  39. tove Frentzell

    tove Frentzell4 hari yang lalu

    haha when you realise all of Sweden consists of vsco guys and girls

  40. Yvonne Engelage

    Yvonne Engelage4 hari yang lalu

    Anybody else notice that at 6:50 Devins necklace is suddenly off and seconds later it reappears

  41. Shaine Rose Bondad

    Shaine Rose Bondad4 hari yang lalu

    Kristens photoshoot annoys me cause she covers the hydro flask logo

  42. Cheese dragon

    Cheese dragon4 hari yang lalu

    Sksksksksk and i oop and i oop.

  43. Fliss Randall

    Fliss Randall4 hari yang lalu

    Just get a blydrovlask

  44. Sagittarius

    Sagittarius4 hari yang lalu


  45. raeanna boiles

    raeanna boiles4 hari yang lalu

    Is Kristin still married?

  46. Lillian W

    Lillian W4 hari yang lalu

    I can’t believe they say they are vsco girls and didn’t say “save the turtles”, “metal straws”, or “skkkkskskskskskskksksksssskkkkkksks”

  47. lily

    lily4 hari yang lalu

    oh no

  48. Victoria Nadine

    Victoria Nadine4 hari yang lalu

    I would be a vsco girl cause I love all of this stuff except for crocs cause just no.

  49. Jacqueline A.

    Jacqueline A.4 hari yang lalu

    The type of bracelets that VSCO girl defined as friendship bracelets or actually are made a lot in México, it’s become a part of our culture, the sell them everywhere!

  50. Emma Micklon

    Emma Micklon4 hari yang lalu

    bro if a teen got a off brand vsco thing then #getting made fun of

  51. isabella dunkley

    isabella dunkley4 hari yang lalu

    you spelt Visco wrong in the title

  52. Jillian Offutt

    Jillian Offutt4 hari yang lalu

    Omg when jen said Caties corner and bailey dedrick I flipped out

  53. Meekestthings

    Meekestthings4 hari yang lalu

    I actually don’t get why people are. So distressed about these animals like turtles going extinct because of corse it’s sad but come on did people just think they’d stay forever? Dinasours aren’t here, they didn’t stay.

  54. Alana Calig

    Alana Calig5 hari yang lalu

    You should go to brandy Melville and try all one size fits all

  55. Talia The Tall Giraffe

    Talia The Tall Giraffe5 hari yang lalu


  56. Olivia Aiello

    Olivia Aiello5 hari yang lalu

    My friend has a off brand hydro flask I forget what it’s called but I’ll edit it and say what it’s called soon.

  57. Makenzie Turner

    Makenzie Turner5 hari yang lalu

    Let's sacrifice them to the E-girls

  58. Pati Pat

    Pati Pat5 hari yang lalu

    They didnt say "And I oOp aNd I oOp sKsK"

  59. Kmac27

    Kmac275 hari yang lalu

    Hydro flask sksksk

  60. Itsjust Nemo

    Itsjust Nemo5 hari yang lalu

    Me: *Wears a scruncie* VSCO girl: Omg! Is that your only scruncie? uGh *Takes off scruncies in vsco* take more! Like, you can’t have just ONE scruncie! *Throws vsco at her* also, do you have a hydro? Me: uh n- VSCO girl: *gasps in VSCO* you don’t?! Omg! You HAVE to buy one! They are like *claps in VSCO* just so wow! Sksksksks save the turtles!! Oh no I dropped my scruncies!!! And I oop- and I oop- Sksksksks Me: *Backs away in horror*

  61. Tyanna Kilroy

    Tyanna Kilroy5 hari yang lalu

    Jen, VSCO is not an aesthetic

  62. Tyanna Kilroy

    Tyanna Kilroy5 hari yang lalu

    its an app ur welcome

  63. Faiiryliigxts

    Faiiryliigxts5 hari yang lalu

    When they mentioned mai I died lol

  64. Jacquelyn Arger

    Jacquelyn Arger5 hari yang lalu

    There are some people in the world that have a monochromatic aesthetic where they match everything to their favorite color. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤 You guys should dress up as monochromatic people for a day!!