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  1. Ladylike

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    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

  2. Heyiamhuman Heyiamhuman

    Heyiamhuman Heyiamhuman25 hari yang lalu

    Do norway its really easy

  3. Emma Wilson

    Emma Wilson26 hari yang lalu

    I think that y'all should do the state of Tennessee

  4. J.A. M.F

    J.A. M.F2 bulan yang lalu

    You'll both be dead by 50 go to gym, learn real self respect

  5. Esme Nouvelle

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    Is there any actual shame in the walk? Having a friend singing while walking with you isn't like being nude with a demented nun following you with a bell. Or like having to cross campus Sunday morning wearing the now wrinkled Saturday night outfit. Have I missed a crucial shame element? They just seem like they're having too much fun for work. I wanna be there!

  6. Jewellyana Gomez

    Jewellyana Gomez2 bulan yang lalu

    These women look discusting

  7. Andrea Hitt

    Andrea Hitt21 jam yang lalu

    If you went to school in the South (or even midwest) you know why they had to mention fish hooks. "Country" boys wear fish hooks on their hats. Lol

  8. Madison Perry

    Madison Perry21 jam yang lalu

    I go through this I live in SC

  9. Abby RandomWorld

    Abby RandomWorld21 jam yang lalu

    Hehe i live in sc I think it’s cool they did something from here because no one talks about sc and it’s kinda sad 😢😂

  10. Ahagse

    Ahagse22 jam yang lalu

    One time my friend wore short shorts and got sent home. The dress code only really applies to middle school.

  11. Lucy Grainger

    Lucy GraingerHari Yang lalu

    Honestly don’t get dress code and they are mostly targeted at girls if the school is that bothered about noncey teachers and weird kids getting distracted make a uniform

  12. Emma 295

    Emma 295Hari Yang lalu

    I live in Sweden and we don't have the dress codes. This make me realize how lucky I am.

  13. Shelly Potatos

    Shelly PotatosHari Yang lalu

    On pajama day, guys literally showed up in boxers and a tshirt and nothing happened. One of my friends had 1 inch of midrift showing and had to change.

  14. abby farr

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  15. Banana Candy

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    You should do North Carolina!

  16. Bryan Turcios

    Bryan TurciosHari Yang lalu

    They are such a good and perfect duo! They are HILARIOUS together 😂

  17. Thehealing Crusader

    Thehealing CrusaderHari Yang lalu

    Lots of people wear fish hooks on there hats

  18. ratchet Rachel

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    Do Sumner county in Tennessee!

  19. tilda rice

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  20. allicuddles

    allicuddles2 hari yang lalu

    My school had a rule that bottoms had to no more than 4 inches above the knee. BECAUSE THEY HATE TALL PEOPLE THERE APPARENTLY

  21. That Awkward Noodle

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    I want one of these with Jazzmyne that’d be a good one!

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  23. Teagan Pandel

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    I love Joyce’s songs 😂

  24. HORSE master

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    U should do one of these with s boy

  25. Ally Bryant

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    You should do Indiana

  26. Emma Robson

    Emma Robson4 hari yang lalu

    No body wears tops that reach their neck all year round

  27. Emma Robson

    Emma Robson4 hari yang lalu

    Clothes don't migrate they're not birds😂🐦🐨

  28. Zoe Jezick

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    Do Pennsylvania plz

  29. Emma Stietz

    Emma Stietz4 hari yang lalu

    this reminds me of the time that I got yelled at for wearing a thick strap halter dress in first grade. This teacher literally dress coded me when I was like 6......wtf

  30. Anime Kitten

    Anime Kitten4 hari yang lalu

    Dress codes in a nutshell Dress code: HOW DARE YOU WEAR A PICTURE OF A FROG ON YOUR SHIRT Student: WHAT THE HECK

  31. Emily hayes

    Emily hayes4 hari yang lalu

    And Madison middle, Rosa Scott, or Madison central

  32. Emily hayes

    Emily hayes4 hari yang lalu


  33. killian_ur_jones

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    You should do this with Jazz.

  34. Grace Smith

    Grace Smith5 hari yang lalu

    The dreaded No rack #Ditch the No rack

  35. Lizzie Bunting

    Lizzie Bunting5 hari yang lalu

    If you do a middle school you should do Arnold magnet academy in Columbus Georgia

  36. stoned Clouds

    stoned Clouds5 hari yang lalu

    I went to South Carolina schools. I got dress coded everyday as a plus sized girl. I wore a jacket and jeans. My whole high school career.

  37. Phoebe Timmins

    Phoebe Timmins5 hari yang lalu

    Please do Delaware

  38. McKenna Wright

    McKenna Wright5 hari yang lalu

    Could you do ohio please?

  39. The Eevee Cauldron

    The Eevee Cauldron5 hari yang lalu

    I’m waiting for the one with devin

  40. Kyle's Trials

    Kyle's Trials6 hari yang lalu


  41. Morgan Raine

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  42. Brooke_Babby_Girl_555 Come for me

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    i live in south carolina

  43. Jean Adams

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    You should do georgia

  44. Sneha Munigati

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  45. Kashish Malik

    Kashish Malik7 hari yang lalu

    Anyone notice Joyce NOT wearing a bra??!?!?!?!?

  46. Cindy Campos

    Cindy Campos7 hari yang lalu

    i love the principal lmao hes funny

  47. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat7 hari yang lalu

    My middle name is Carolina

  48. Grace Spoto

    Grace Spoto7 hari yang lalu

    Bruh imma go to one of those schools in a year and like try to not get dress coded bc I've only done it once in my life so fingers crossed but also p.s. I have sorta long arms and im 5'3 so this s*** isn't fair for anyone and p.p.s. everyone has different fingers like mine are small like my hand is so freaking small and so (not that I would wear them) but I can get away with a lot of tank tops that others can't and it shouldn't depend on what the principles fingers are but it should be yours (ok bye im done ranting lol)

  49. Natalie’s fun Channel

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    Do Wisconsin

  50. okay izy

    okay izy8 hari yang lalu

    my schools havent ever had the school leggings/jeggings rule 🤷‍♀️

  51. Skull StopMotions

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  52. sediamond

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  53. Rhiannon craver

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    New York dress code!! My dress code is ridiculous

  54. Ot4

    Ot49 hari yang lalu

    Please do WA dresscodes! Especially Lakeridge Middle School, in Bonney Lake );

  55. Tea Time

    Tea Time9 hari yang lalu

    In my school we have rules, but it’s easy to break them without being caught. Crop tops are easier to get away with when you have a zip up on over it, and leggings/jeggings/yoga pants are actually not against the rules in my school though.

  56. Charlotte_mchd

    Charlotte_mchd9 hari yang lalu

    Kristin is just a T-rex 😂

  57. Sneha Munigati

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  58. Isabella Hernandez

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  59. Aryana Sowell

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    do ohio

  60. Shipley Show

    Shipley Show10 hari yang lalu

    you should do Dress codes from a colder climate and allow mike to be a part of the dress codes student portion and not just your principal.

  61. Rhia Myers

    Rhia Myers11 hari yang lalu

    Can you do Conway high school

  62. Rhia Myers

    Rhia Myers11 hari yang lalu

    ''This is were I live

  63. Piper Curnow

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    Please do Sutton middle school in Georgia

  64. Hera Lewis

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    Do Mas.

  65. Maddy Woods

    Maddy Woods12 hari yang lalu

    You should do Michigan! It’s either extremely cold where the rules don’t apply because pants and long sleeve shirts. But it’s so hot in the summer and I know it is in other states too but because most of the year it’s cold we have no AC so when it’s hot you’re screwed.

  66. Isabel & Random Things

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    Do Illinois plum grove junior high please see or Fremd high school

  67. kitty gamerxxx

    kitty gamerxxx13 hari yang lalu

    I hate the fingertip rule because I have long arms and I can't wear my cute shorts in summer at school

  68. Rebeca : D

    Rebeca : D13 hari yang lalu

    Can we talk about how cute Kirsten’s stripy dress is?

  69. Gacha Roro

    Gacha Roro13 hari yang lalu

    I’m in FL and my school has no dress code... this looks so hard!

  70. Styled Art

    Styled Art13 hari yang lalu

    you should do minnesota

  71. Anna Nurmeota

    Anna Nurmeota14 hari yang lalu

    In my school there is no dress code!! I love my country❤️🇪🇪

  72. Rebecca Fish titties

    Rebecca Fish titties14 hari yang lalu

    You should do Virginia

  73. Sidney Blade

    Sidney Blade14 hari yang lalu

    I find it funny that for Aiken High School's the "shame shirt" doesn't even really meet the dress code because it doesn't quite come up to the neck either. Like, come on, we all have collar bones, lighten up Aiken

  74. Anaston Willis

    Anaston Willis15 hari yang lalu

    super villain name: The Hooker

  75. Nataly Timmer

    Nataly Timmer15 hari yang lalu

    I COULD SEE JOYCES NIPPLES DETION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Ava Safko

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  77. itz_ kenzie

    itz_ kenzie17 hari yang lalu

    Do the high school dress code for North Carolina

  78. Jennifer Gray

    Jennifer Gray17 hari yang lalu

    You guys should do Kansas at my school we can basically wear whatever as long as its not a bra and underwear or as long as we aren't naked.

  79. Manuelis Villalobos

    Manuelis Villalobos17 hari yang lalu

    y’all should do Georgia!!

  80. Wolfpack054 AJ

    Wolfpack054 AJ17 hari yang lalu

    For some reason I cant reply to the suggestion comment so imma leave it here: Please do Michigan!

  81. Alex N.

    Alex N.18 hari yang lalu

    Teacher: Your shorts have to be fingertip length Me: (puts arms down to reveal fingertip length shorts) Teacher: They're still too short Me: 🤨

  82. Maya Hardyman

    Maya Hardyman18 hari yang lalu

    Do it with a boy and compare the amount that's left

  83. Georgeanna Mcpherson

    Georgeanna Mcpherson18 hari yang lalu

    Finally did South Carolina #843

  84. Kenzie Farkes

    Kenzie Farkes18 hari yang lalu

    Kansas, Shawnee Mission School District!!

  85. Jojo Losew

    Jojo Losew18 hari yang lalu

    Do a Kansas private schools dress code video that would be really funny

  86. Anderson Crossing

    Anderson Crossing18 hari yang lalu

    Try Minnesota dress code or do this with a boy


    GIORGIAN ABBY GARCIA19 hari yang lalu

    Joyce's bra song 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. Michelle H.

    Michelle H.19 hari yang lalu

    You should do Colorado. I live in Colorado Springs and we are quite accepting of everything, and dress codes don't seem to be as enforced. But I really want to see what rules there are that I am not aware of. The girls and guys in my school wear the most revealing and extra clothes and while I love how accepting and diverse my school is and other schools in Colorado are, I want to see how many rules I and other students have broken without realizing.

  89. Ava Barrett

    Ava Barrett19 hari yang lalu

    I live in South Carolina ❤️

  90. Esme A

    Esme A19 hari yang lalu

    My fingertips are past my knees lol

  91. The Gershon Family

    The Gershon Family20 hari yang lalu

    You should do Clarke central high school for Georgia

  92. Alè G

    Alè G20 hari yang lalu

    You should do Illinois dress code

  93. Ivan Ayala

    Ivan Ayala20 hari yang lalu

    Do nevada

  94. upchurch&katie noel fan

    upchurch&katie noel fan20 hari yang lalu

    my school rule is that no girl should ware anything that shows your shoulders or no read black or blue shirts

  95. Tayyibah Jaffer

    Tayyibah Jaffer20 hari yang lalu

    my school has no dresscode u can come in a bikini

  96. Molly Sandiford

    Molly Sandiford21 hari yang lalu

    Ladylike, will you please do Milton High School in the Alpharetta/Milton, Georgia area.

  97. Molly Sandiford

    Molly Sandiford21 hari yang lalu

    Will you do Georgia?

  98. Aria Rose

    Aria Rose21 hari yang lalu

    I just got dress coded for wearing a shirt that said, “The world has bigger problems than boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls” apparently, it was a strong opinion.

  99. Erin’s World

    Erin’s World22 hari yang lalu

    Reply if you are from South Carolina

  100. Tracy Black

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  101. maria Afenduli

    maria Afenduli22 hari yang lalu

    Can you do it with Jazmyne?? That would be interesting

  102. Gianna Grace

    Gianna Grace22 hari yang lalu

    Please do New York State cuz I feel that will be interesting

  103. Rosie

    Rosie22 hari yang lalu

    Why does Joyce have different hair when she picks out her outfit to when she has to wear it?

  104. Jenna Trowbridge

    Jenna Trowbridge22 hari yang lalu

    5:05 "Can I see your bra through this...?" **Checks for bra straps** He knows damn well she isnt wearing one😂😂😂😂

  105. Jenna Trowbridge

    Jenna Trowbridge22 hari yang lalu

    Also why is her dress soaking wet 💦😂😂

  106. DM Warrington

    DM Warrington22 hari yang lalu

    You should get one of the boldly girls to do a dress code video

  107. Jwahir Hunter

    Jwahir Hunter22 hari yang lalu

    Plz do Tennessee

  108. Aidan Bell

    Aidan Bell23 hari yang lalu

    Do Oklahoma public school

  109. kalani lover

    kalani lover23 hari yang lalu

    wHeReS tHe dEvIn oNe

  110. Tansy Fryer

    Tansy Fryer23 hari yang lalu

    I think dress codes are a necessary thing but some are just plain unfair, especially to plus-sized girls, boys and sometimes just girls in general. At my school we aren’t allowed to have spaghetti straps and our shorts/skirts/dresses must be past the fingertips which makes sense because it is an elementary school and it isn’t good to wear clothing that exposes you butt or anything.