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  1. Clarkenzo kuizon

    Clarkenzo kuizon32 menit yang lalu

    I hope in the future episode, grizz meets his fire fighter hero, panda meets panda 2, ice bear see yuri about to die, the ice bear one would be very sad

  2. riva setiara

    riva setiara33 menit yang lalu


  3. Glitchy Loptak

    Glitchy Loptak41 menit yang lalu

    3:50 Yeah they're basically dead..

  4. Chuluunsukh Batzorig

    Chuluunsukh Batzorig44 menit yang lalu

    7:07 mongolian alphabet edit: oh yeah and the russian alphabet is the same as the mongolian

  5. Ted Neri

    Ted NeriJam Yang lalu

    Ice bear's origin was awesome and sad

  6. King Treedede

    King Treedede2 jam yang lalu

    Panda two has demons

  7. The Dressing DJ NOOB

    The Dressing DJ NOOB2 jam yang lalu

    I like this Vid : )

  8. Happy Puggy

    Happy Puggy3 jam yang lalu

    The origins are so sad!😢😢😢😢😢

  9. gacha kitty

    gacha kitty3 jam yang lalu

    Am i the only one who cried on ice bears?(ToT)

  10. Toxic Asian

    Toxic Asian3 jam yang lalu

    Ice bear is Soviet? Blyat!

  11. QIWER 03

    QIWER 036 jam yang lalu

    So sad

  12. Mamiiu

    Mamiiu7 jam yang lalu

    Who was really satisfied when the caretakers were speaking Chinese. Just me? Ok

  13. pokebreeder 25

    pokebreeder 257 jam yang lalu

    how is it that panda is the only one in the faclity that speaks english while the rest of the workers speak chinese?

  14. Annawesome the FlameingPikachu

    Annawesome the FlameingPikachu7 jam yang lalu

    Ok I know ice bear's is the most tragic but as someone with a condition that causes them to get over attached to in animate objects I almost cried at panda's

  15. 『キツネ』 ShiroSnow

    『キツネ』 ShiroSnow8 jam yang lalu

    *Ice Bear is Russian.*

  16. Daphadil Liutbrundt

    Daphadil Liutbrundt8 jam yang lalu

    Icebears Origin- sad just plain sad Pandas origin- Heart Warming Grizzlys-cutest

  17. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson9 jam yang lalu

    Guess I'm heartless as I didn't even shed a tear, or frown.

  18. Erin Pontiac

    Erin Pontiac9 jam yang lalu

    Me when I saw the video: I don't need sleep I need answers.

  19. katie bear 11

    katie bear 119 jam yang lalu

    Grizzlys story kind of reminds me of smokey the bear

  20. Navor Calderon

    Navor Calderon9 jam yang lalu

    i fell so bad 😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Mohammed Mansoor

    Mohammed Mansoor9 jam yang lalu


  22. Esen Lhagvasuren

    Esen Lhagvasuren9 jam yang lalu

    i loved this show

  23. Mohammed Mansoor

    Mohammed Mansoor10 jam yang lalu

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  24. Phoenix Shadow Flame

    Phoenix Shadow Flame12 jam yang lalu

    10:00 literally "Yuri on Ice" XD (It's an anime)

  25. Zor Ex

    Zor Ex12 jam yang lalu

    Ahg why do you need to make the panda plushie cute and grizzy I so cute and panda and ice bears as babys!

  26. Heil Satan

    Heil Satan15 jam yang lalu

    so ice bear is russian technically

  27. you're the yee to my haw

    you're the yee to my haw16 jam yang lalu

    *love it.*

  28. Jagung 28

    Jagung 2816 jam yang lalu

    Yuri teach ice bear to be a true man here, strong and independent while having a caring and kind heart...

  29. Asma` Fatima-Kat

    Asma` Fatima-Kat16 jam yang lalu

    Yuri on ice

  30. Scott Stamp

    Scott Stamp16 jam yang lalu

    Who thought that this was a teaser of that spinoff Val mentioned?

  31. Mykhailo Rusyn

    Mykhailo Rusyn16 jam yang lalu

    The language Yuri was teaching ice bear was Russian.

  32. Matthew's Gameplay

    Matthew's Gameplay18 jam yang lalu

    9:58 i cried

  33. Maqaroon

    Maqaroon18 jam yang lalu

    Naaaaw I love ice bear so much 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  34. ダベストジェイク

    ダベストジェイク20 jam yang lalu

    Ice Bear Lost Yuri(aka Russian dad)

  35. The alolan Ear

    The alolan Ear21 jam yang lalu

    Is the moral of all there stories just “every end is a new beginning”

  36. Clyde Marantan

    Clyde Marantan22 jam yang lalu

    Panda is actually is a American immigrant from China and Ice Bear is An American-raised and a Russian desent

  37. Guest World

    Guest World23 jam yang lalu

    He kept yuris axe and every time he cooks he uses that axe because the axe says yuri on it. It’s a cute little Easter egg.

  38. Nhật Tân Nguyễn

    Nhật Tân NguyễnHari Yang lalu

    Is there no weebs here to mention that Ice Bear's backstory is basically about him and Yuri on Ice?

  39. M. Mars

    M. MarsHari Yang lalu

    That's what grizzly cub cries sound like though!! 😢

  40. Chrissy Tinkles

    Chrissy TinklesHari Yang lalu

    I have poop in my butt hole?!

  41. Ida Habsa

    Ida HabsaHari Yang lalu

    Sad and cute

  42. Wolfie_ Playzyt

    Wolfie_ PlayzytHari Yang lalu

    9:48 I feel bad 1=Like 1 Prayed for him

  43. RANJAN G

    RANJAN GHari Yang lalu

    Ice is Russian ??

  44. Kayla Armijo

    Kayla ArmijoHari Yang lalu

    icebear reminds me of toderoki

  45. •Moøn_ Chïld•

    •Moøn_ Chïld•Hari Yang lalu

    3:13 oof!

  46. Mouseman Animations

    Mouseman AnimationsHari Yang lalu

    Did they stop making episodes or something...

  47. Foox’s Are cuties’

    Foox’s Are cuties’Hari Yang lalu

    Ice bear definitely had the best backstory

  48. Austin Ly

    Austin LyHari Yang lalu

    Grizz:Betrayal Panda:Losing Ice Bear:Sacerfice

  49. Jay Animates

    Jay AnimatesHari Yang lalu

    Oh, Yum! Bamboo The Only Food That Exists.

  50. jay rusel

    jay ruselHari Yang lalu

    This is very sad