We Are Not The Same Person


  1. Alieses Art

    Alieses Art4 jam yang lalu

    I just wanna know why this was so put together

  2. Keith McCarthy

    Keith McCarthy4 jam yang lalu

    You also both have the initals D.G. lol

  3. Chara Frisk

    Chara Frisk7 jam yang lalu

    Wow I love Drew's music videos, and I have never heard Danny sing before! Awesome video

  4. Optigoul87563 Real YT

    Optigoul87563 Real YT7 jam yang lalu

    I am drew

  5. Optigoul87563 Real YT

    Optigoul87563 Real YT7 jam yang lalu

    Let’s make a line of the song

  6. Winsorvy

    Winsorvy8 jam yang lalu

    You wanna move this light?

  7. Nyankawaii _SL

    Nyankawaii _SL11 jam yang lalu

    Good video Drew!

  8. Ena Hankušić

    Ena Hankušić12 jam yang lalu

    all jokes aside,they sing really good expecially drew no offense to danny

  9. mary the plant

    mary the plant12 jam yang lalu

    that's enough kurtis

  10. Miguel Tendero

    Miguel Tendero20 jam yang lalu

    i believe you DANNY its funny cos hes drew

  11. Miguel Tendero

    Miguel Tendero20 jam yang lalu

    y u lie

  12. Lizzy Zamora

    Lizzy Zamora23 jam yang lalu

    i've watched this video so many times now that i know it by heart where am i why am i here

  13. Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar CheeseHari Yang lalu

    "look at our nassals" makes me laugh uncontrollably every single time.

  14. Llama Trash

    Llama TrashHari Yang lalu

    Lets go shoot this bitch

  15. SamTheMan

    SamTheManHari Yang lalu

    Drewny Goodzalez? Dandrew Gonzooden?

  16. Dazraf

    DazrafHari Yang lalu

    Toronto's not in BC...

  17. Isabella Hernandez

    Isabella HernandezHari Yang lalu

    At 4:56 you can clearly see that Danny is standing in shadow while drew is standing in the light whICH CAN ONLY MEAN THAT DANNY IS DREWS EVIL TWIN

  18. ItsHunter .-.

    ItsHunter .-.Hari Yang lalu

    G- Karen R- Please E- Come G- Home

  19. Allison Pie

    Allison Pie2 hari yang lalu

    Man I have watched this so many times and I cant believe how far technology has come for Danny to make a whole character based off himself.


    I AINT CALLIN YOU A TRUTHER !2 hari yang lalu


  21. Emily M

    Emily M2 hari yang lalu

    Love this video drew

  22. Proto Mask

    Proto Mask2 hari yang lalu

    They don’t even look that similar though although there wives actually look exactly the same

  23. Alex Dun-way

    Alex Dun-way2 hari yang lalu

    Come on Danny, step up the editing, I can tell it’s just you

  24. Ion Popa

    Ion Popa2 hari yang lalu

    You don't fucking look alike

  25. ARagersThoughts 1

    ARagersThoughts 12 hari yang lalu

    *D* anny *G* onzalez *D* rew *G* ooden

  26. Spencer W.

    Spencer W.2 hari yang lalu

    Shoutout to Drew’s BB Tamagotchi shirt!

  27. fish man

    fish man3 hari yang lalu

    Danny has a bigger chin, bigger nose, and eyes closer together. Drew looks more like a bin weevil than danny. That’s how to tell the difference

  28. Indy Irwin

    Indy Irwin3 hari yang lalu

    Hey what's in the merch package bro

  29. Vera theBanana

    Vera theBanana3 hari yang lalu

    GUYS I found the difference between them! Drew has a wider face and his eyes are farther apart than Danny's. That's it that's the only difference.

  30. Abby Wheeler

    Abby Wheeler3 hari yang lalu

    wow this must have took a lot of editing for danny just to be hopping back and forth like the parent trap

  31. Mimi A

    Mimi A3 hari yang lalu

    Let me pop the vid in the posting machine an post it. But first, can you move the light?

  32. VerbalDiarrhea

    VerbalDiarrhea3 hari yang lalu

    honestly the best CGI i’ve ever seen

  33. Alvar Fernández

    Alvar Fernández3 hari yang lalu

    I do hope Drew is paying enough to his editor, I almost believe there were two people on the shots! I need to learn how to do it on after effects!

  34. Mrspuff hashadenough

    Mrspuff hashadenough3 hari yang lalu

    But your subscribers are the same people.

  35. Top Everything

    Top Everything3 hari yang lalu

    Great vid, Logan and jake!

  36. Selphis

    Selphis3 hari yang lalu

    Really nice photoshop guys.


    XTHELORDOFTHECHICKENSX 171113193 hari yang lalu

    Dissa _Bop_

  38. ally lauren

    ally lauren4 hari yang lalu

    this song is a tiktok meme now so congrats

  39. Macar0neee

    Macar0neee4 hari yang lalu

    2:29 - 2:42 🤣🤣🤣

  40. HotelRuby

    HotelRuby4 hari yang lalu

    I didn't know drew existed

  41. Sydney Stevens

    Sydney Stevens4 hari yang lalu

    I can't believe you guys didn't mention you have the same initials

  42. Lily Crudden

    Lily Crudden4 hari yang lalu

    Woah autotune who??

  43. Staka Duggan

    Staka Duggan4 hari yang lalu

    "we copy kody ko" lmaooo

  44. Game Shark

    Game Shark5 hari yang lalu

    I want to see a version of this were their wives sing their own version of this song

  45. Alexia Salcido

    Alexia Salcido5 hari yang lalu

    Cool shirt dude

  46. AdeleyDunda

    AdeleyDunda5 hari yang lalu

    Thumbnail says “we are two different people” but the title says “we are not the same person” so which one is it 😤

  47. Boon Ballooon

    Boon Ballooon5 hari yang lalu

    Why does Kurtis get no love 😢

  48. Atlantic EU

    Atlantic EU5 hari yang lalu

    is it just me or is Drew and Danny the same person?

  49. Ellis Dee

    Ellis Dee5 hari yang lalu

    0:55 woah wtf my grandparents have had that same Christmas decoration since the 80s where did you get it and why is it a sun-baked monstrosity

  50. Duchess Of Earl

    Duchess Of Earl5 hari yang lalu

    *video starts* drew plays the piano Danny is holding the piano Drew tries to kiss Danny Kurtis feverishly flosses 😂😅

  51. Cadence Bron

    Cadence Bron6 hari yang lalu

    I love the cody ko part

  52. Dan_the_man753

    Dan_the_man7536 hari yang lalu

    Wait there is only one person. I don't understand

  53. The Fire Turkeys

    The Fire Turkeys6 hari yang lalu

    And their initials are DG. Wtf

  54. Hrefna Run Sigurdardottir

    Hrefna Run Sigurdardottir6 hari yang lalu

    Wait i thought this was danny channel...

  55. - s a r a h b -

    - s a r a h b -6 hari yang lalu

    drew got married just so they could rhyme lives with wives

  56. Meh -.-

    Meh -.-6 hari yang lalu

    Well that’s because I deleted it, because I hate it, and I hate YOU!

  57. Drifty Vlogz

    Drifty Vlogz6 hari yang lalu

    Still waiting on that sex tape 🐈

  58. Look out i Think moto moto likes u

    Look out i Think moto moto likes u6 hari yang lalu

    Drew: I am drew Danny: and I am Danny Drew: and I am Danny Danny: and I am Danny? 5 Years Later Drew: .... and I am Danny Danny: ... and I am Danny Drew: ... and I am Danny Danny: ... and I am da- ok dude this needs to stop

  59. Look out i Think moto moto likes u

    Look out i Think moto moto likes u6 hari yang lalu

    What if all of Danny’s little nutcracker thingys are just all of the little people he has inslaved 🤔

  60. Yasmin

    Yasmin7 hari yang lalu

    “My eyes are a different shade of baby blue.”

  61. Amina A

    Amina A7 hari yang lalu

    How did danny manage to transport his alternate universe self here? Plz answer m e I’m sh a k ing-

  62. I'll Kick Your Ass

    I'll Kick Your Ass7 hari yang lalu

    Keep up the good work Drew

  63. Bianca Gala

    Bianca Gala7 hari yang lalu

    Can Kurtis drew danny and Cody do a collab

  64. clueless guy

    clueless guy7 hari yang lalu

    i love when twins makes a music video together! I love bot of them dgs

  65. CHESS Fan

    CHESS Fan8 hari yang lalu

    Sees title: Me: NO.

  66. Yass Queen 752

    Yass Queen 7528 hari yang lalu

    Dude we know your the same great editing though

  67. Blue :-\

    Blue :-\8 hari yang lalu

    I'm mad neither of them mentioned that their initials are the same

  68. Oluchi Ihenatu

    Oluchi Ihenatu8 hari yang lalu

    why is it lowkey fire tho

  69. TheEdgySunflower

    TheEdgySunflower8 hari yang lalu

    When I first saw this video in my recommended I didn't know who Danny or Drew was. (I'm Greg now) I remember thinking this was some twin video where they were trying to explain that they had different personalities. (That's what I thought from the thumbnail) (I'm just watching now) Point is, I thought they were fucking twins.... Even their wives look the same..... Their names even start with same letter... Holy fuck I'm scared.

  70. Lady KayB

    Lady KayB8 hari yang lalu

    Aww Houston is sold out 😫

  71. a l m

    a l m8 hari yang lalu

    Drew looks like Danny but Danny doesn't look like Drew

  72. Minnie Msp

    Minnie Msp8 hari yang lalu

    Wait so you are not drew Gooden because when I last checked on my 3 brain cells you were I am truly disappointed that I have subscribed to this monstrosity I am truly the truest greeeeg none the less. Goodbye drew- I mean danny

  73. April Flint

    April Flint9 hari yang lalu

    Why did that song slap dude

  74. LexX TV

    LexX TV9 hari yang lalu

    You better watch out, Danny. You’re going to too many places! You might be coming around ‘these parts’

  75. Nighttowl glitter

    Nighttowl glitter9 hari yang lalu

    "Why does, nobody talk about how hard it is to be a, skinny white guy on the internet?" "Why are there, so many white guys on the internet?" "Can someone, get all these white guys off the internet?" *Except for me* *And me* Ion know why that's my favorite part lmao

  76. Pusheen P.

    Pusheen P.9 hari yang lalu

    You can tell which one is drew because he always wears button up shirts. Took me years to figure it out.

  77. Hayden Meyer

    Hayden Meyer9 hari yang lalu

    Why does it say Toronto B.C

  78. Samir Hannoush

    Samir Hannoush10 hari yang lalu

    you guys also have the same initial

  79. ollie

    ollie10 hari yang lalu

    yall have the same hairline too

  80. Ashveen Singh

    Ashveen Singh10 hari yang lalu

    I think they made a mistake on this I’m tryna figure out if they’re coming to Vancouver, BC or Toronto, ON