Watch Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool live on BT Sport's YouTube channel


  1. affectionatepunch

    affectionatepunchBulan Yang lalu

    Picture quality was shocking filmed in 25fps and streamed in 30fps sending every 5th frame twice last year was picture perfect very amateurish BT get your act together!

  2. Your Dad

    Your DadBulan Yang lalu

    Not available for Ireland tho :(

  3. Scott O'Neill

    Scott O'NeillBulan Yang lalu

    please help me to watch the final

  4. AlternativeFacts

    AlternativeFactsBulan Yang lalu

    lifes a vpn i just tunnel bear

  5. MasterSadok iOS

    MasterSadok iOSBulan Yang lalu

    Not availabe for Sweden....

  6. zaim sulthan

    zaim sulthanBulan Yang lalu


  7. Young Money Official

    Young Money OfficialBulan Yang lalu

    Someone have a Link?

  8. NGU 067

    NGU 067Bulan Yang lalu

    So can i watch it on youtube right?

  9. Neal Oade

    Neal OadeBulan Yang lalu

    Futbol Futbol Futbol Futboooollllllll

  10. Dominic Laldawngliana

    Dominic LaldawnglianaBulan Yang lalu

    is this fo real?

  11. Northern Ninja Runner

    Northern Ninja RunnerBulan Yang lalu


  12. Danarkeineahnung

    DanarkeineahnungBulan Yang lalu

    When is it?

  13. Paul Westcott

    Paul WestcottBulan Yang lalu

    Sky is all like... show me dolla bishes... BT sport.... hold my fkn beer, i'm goin in.

  14. Mr Zeus

    Mr ZeusBulan Yang lalu

    Should always be free to watch.

  15. Paul Westcott

    Paul WestcottBulan Yang lalu

    Cheers BT sport. This is more dope than a loft grow.

  16. Dim Beam

    Dim BeamBulan Yang lalu

    Watch it on BT channel of the IDreporter app on your Sky Box for free!! What a crazy world we live in.

  17. Big Bike Trip

    Big Bike TripBulan Yang lalu

    Nice one BT Sport, what a great thing to do!

  18. srdmagic

    srdmagicBulan Yang lalu

    We used to get all sports for free before subscription it's the politicians who allowed foreign owned companies to charge us for something we invented. Both Sky and BT shouldn't exist other than to give us something we didn't have before not something that was ours in the first place.

  19. Max Hughes

    Max HughesBulan Yang lalu

    what time does coverage start?

  20. TPE 15

    TPE 15Bulan Yang lalu

    well done BT, classy touch (vis-a-vis what Sky would have done!)

  21. kevin clsyton

    kevin clsytonBulan Yang lalu

    Is it live on this channel?

  22. boohooyah미친 영국

    boohooyah미친 영국Bulan Yang lalu

    Can we actually watch it when stream begins for free with no issues , or will we be disappointed when it asks us for a login or subscription fee?

  23. alejandro B

    alejandro BBulan Yang lalu

    ok people praising Bt sports for showing the game free as if the champion league wasn't live on itv years ago, before bt and sky privatised watching the game.

  24. Lee

    LeeBulan Yang lalu

    That was down to the clubs and UEFA demanding more money. Meaning whichever TV company won the bid/contract would have to guarantee minimum revenue. Forcing them to charge. Not saying sky and BT aren’t greedy. But it was UEFA that control this situation

  25. morbid angel

    morbid angelBulan Yang lalu

    287 arsenal fans

  26. The Guitar Manifesto

    The Guitar ManifestoBulan Yang lalu

    Good work BT Sports 👌⚽ Sky take note

  27. football rugby

    football rugbyBulan Yang lalu

    19 muinets to go

  28. ssnd dafqqq

    ssnd dafqqqBulan Yang lalu

    Starts at 20:00, or ?

  29. Damien Harkin

    Damien HarkinBulan Yang lalu

    Is this free

  30. jmmypaddy

    jmmypaddyBulan Yang lalu

    900m well spent, to be told to give it away for free because BT can't get the viewer figures in to satisfy advertisements and sponsors. ;)

  31. S75

    S75Bulan Yang lalu

    Thanks to B T Sports

  32. Duncan Sands

    Duncan SandsBulan Yang lalu

    BBC licence fee £150 a year for women's football today?? And it was so bad i fell asleep. Bye Bye BBC!!

  33. Duncan Sands

    Duncan SandsBulan Yang lalu

    There no such thing as a free lunch!

  34. Daniel Williams

    Daniel WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    When does it start

  35. ssnd dafqqq

    ssnd dafqqqBulan Yang lalu

    @Duncan Sands It was 20:00 European time ? or

  36. Duncan Sands

    Duncan SandsBulan Yang lalu

    8pm! GMT

  37. Dev 456

    Dev 456Bulan Yang lalu

    So it will be live on IDreporter?

  38. tracey bailey

    tracey baileyBulan Yang lalu

    living in hull and not being a bt customer we have to pay to have bt sports, which I think stinks considering no other telephone company can come to hull because they hold the monopoly. well done bt, I can now watch tonight …. big thumbs up for this

  39. Rhys' Basketball

    Rhys' BasketballBulan Yang lalu

    thanks bt couldn't think id be able to watch it today...… keep up the good work :)

  40. Erik Zoha

    Erik ZohaBulan Yang lalu

    Coverage starts at 6pm? - Just checking...

  41. nightwolf

    nightwolfBulan Yang lalu

    it hasnt even started

  42. Carlos Vivani

    Carlos VivaniBulan Yang lalu

    So much respect to BT for doing this allowing people to watch the final. Well done.

  43. Dan2222

    Dan2222Bulan Yang lalu

    Can I watch on PS4 by just going onto IDreporter bt sports?

  44. Kunle Sotunde

    Kunle SotundeBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks BT sports. Arsenal fans will be supporting us today. YNWA

  45. Ceteris paribus

    Ceteris paribusBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks BT much appreciated 🙏👌👍

  46. Dom Chinaski

    Dom ChinaskiBulan Yang lalu

    Well done BT Sport👏👏👏

  47. don oyster

    don oysterBulan Yang lalu

    Sky +itv was better, but we have settled to the point we celebrate IDreporter streaming

  48. Arthur Bird

    Arthur BirdBulan Yang lalu

    Made up my mind now will never entertain Sky !

  49. big nibba

    big nibbaBulan Yang lalu

    Gillian's don't all wear corporations

  50. Raymond Blanchard

    Raymond BlanchardBulan Yang lalu

    So is this free to watch ?

  51. wakenbaker-uk

    wakenbaker-ukBulan Yang lalu

    BT dares to be different.....kudos

  52. Diane Dukes

    Diane DukesBulan Yang lalu


  53. ydkSinisteR

    ydkSinisteRBulan Yang lalu

    C’mon Spurs

  54. Paul Gibbons

    Paul GibbonsBulan Yang lalu

    Super. Well done BT sports.