VSCO Girl Tiktok Memes


  1. Quality

    Quality2 bulan yang lalu

    *Subscribe for more fine compilations*

  2. Fuze Charge

    Fuze Charge3 hari yang lalu

    Quality every time I see a visco girl I’m sitting there like 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. redstone incredible hulkone

    redstone incredible hulkone3 hari yang lalu

    YAS QUEEN! >:3

  4. Fortnite Default

    Fortnite Default4 hari yang lalu

    Quality how you bold it

  5. Soumya Soumya

    Soumya Soumya7 hari yang lalu

    @ICONIC same

  6. Omaigat

    Omaigat27 menit yang lalu

    Lmao vsco girls is so cringe

  7. Unicorn girl Prince

    Unicorn girl PrinceJam Yang lalu

    Sksksk and I oop and I oop what are you gonna do now so I can say whatever I want to so you get that straight

  8. Rogue prophei

    Rogue prophei2 jam yang lalu


  9. Rogue prophei

    Rogue prophei2 jam yang lalu

    Stop being a vsco girl wait I’m a vsco girl hehe...

  10. Desmond Sherman

    Desmond Sherman2 jam yang lalu

    Ening ass bitch

  11. Ådri Wolfiex

    Ådri Wolfiex3 jam yang lalu

    ._. Am I still the only one who understands why all the popular girls in my school are bacon girls?

  12. ComfyCuddlingKitten

    ComfyCuddlingKitten5 jam yang lalu

    I love dis part too XD 2:46

  13. ComfyCuddlingKitten

    ComfyCuddlingKitten5 jam yang lalu

    XD i love that part 2:16

  14. Raven Animations

    Raven Animations5 jam yang lalu

    I hate hate VSCO girls because I don't think they understand that there are many more endangered animals then turtles!!! Plus, why don't you were your hairbands instead of having about 10 round your wrist!!!

  15. Mayazee Wonder

    Mayazee Wonder5 jam yang lalu

    3:39 this is the most mentally cringing thing ever. Why was it so long first off? And it’s not even funny. It makes me wanna lob my phone into an Atomic Bomb. 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Mayazee Wonder

    Mayazee Wonder5 jam yang lalu

    Sammyreact anyone?

  17. nour_ jan

    nour_ jan5 jam yang lalu

    Kskskkskkskkkskskkskskskskksk and I hope so the turtles

  18. NekoWaifu OwO

    NekoWaifu OwO6 jam yang lalu


  19. The Fusion

    The Fusion8 jam yang lalu


  20. Sanszilla 2000cool

    Sanszilla 2000cool8 jam yang lalu

    Who needs a hydroflask I wanna murder the turtles I will kill any turtle I see I use plastic straws yes

  21. gacha cookie

    gacha cookie8 jam yang lalu

    I hate the 3rd one

  22. G a c h a C u p c a k e

    G a c h a C u p c a k e8 jam yang lalu

    I like the bsksls here’s my hydro flask

  23. FL4RVortex :/

    FL4RVortex :/9 jam yang lalu

    These r so cringe

  24. Shelseasmith Smith

    Shelseasmith Smith9 jam yang lalu

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh don't kill Me ima egirlllll

  25. Shelseasmith Smith

    Shelseasmith Smith9 jam yang lalu

    I'm a e-girl

  26. Daniela Lopez

    Daniela Lopez9 jam yang lalu

    Is so anno ying !!!!! Fuck


    ÛŃDĘRTAŁĒ _FÄÑTĪÇ10 jam yang lalu

    If you like this you will surely like my dog becoming VSCO

  28. itsans craftpe

    itsans craftpe11 jam yang lalu

    2:02 in i up🤣🤣🤣

  29. Killia _Chan!¡

    Killia _Chan!¡11 jam yang lalu

    It's so irritating to hear "sksksksk and I oop-" thingy

  30. Iliqna Angelova

    Iliqna Angelova11 jam yang lalu


  31. Dang_itz miah

    Dang_itz miah11 jam yang lalu

    1:46 LOL IM DEAD

  32. Sasageyo

    Sasageyo13 jam yang lalu

    I wore my scrunchie around my wrist since I was 10...Guess I gotta stop now. This dumb trend made it too embarrassing.

  33. AprilWolfNation Xx

    AprilWolfNation Xx17 jam yang lalu

    *everyday i agree with thanos more and more...*

  34. AzzyAlphieGaming GachaAndMore

    AzzyAlphieGaming GachaAndMore17 jam yang lalu

    2:46 one of the best tik toks😂

  35. Alice_the Gamer

    Alice_the Gamer18 jam yang lalu

    Da grandma xD

  36. GDLillie

    GDLillie19 jam yang lalu

    The end killed me

  37. Shadow_Plays

    Shadow_Plays20 jam yang lalu


  38. Anna Morantes

    Anna Morantes20 jam yang lalu

    The rap one so soooooooo annoying

  39. Unknown Malware

    Unknown Malware20 jam yang lalu

    When i hear i oop sksks at school it makes me realize why there are lots of school shootings

  40. DreamerCassie

    DreamerCassie22 jam yang lalu

    Save the straws

  41. Niah Lockley

    Niah Lockley22 jam yang lalu

    Vsco grandma

  42. Jayboy TheSamurai

    Jayboy TheSamurai22 jam yang lalu

    When ur a VSCO girl and u are taking a REALLY BIG SHIT 2:02

  43. Myzoh

    Myzoh23 jam yang lalu

    The third one tho like

  44. adha __

    adha __23 jam yang lalu

    5:14 you lit dude

  45. Ryan seas

    Ryan seasHari Yang lalu

    Skkkkkkssksksksksk my foot up you ass i need that blondie in my life

  46. Mikayla Morgan

    Mikayla MorganHari Yang lalu

    Vsco girls are so annoying but so kind 🥰

  47. Jeremiah YCG

    Jeremiah YCGHari Yang lalu


  48. Dominic sommeil

    Dominic sommeilHari Yang lalu

    I really dont' understand VSCO GIRLS -_-

  49. Piper McLean

    Piper McLeanHari Yang lalu

    1:46 you talk like Billie 😂❤️

  50. Impure Glitz

    Impure GlitzHari Yang lalu

    Amma sksksk my foot up that oesophagus

  51. Tyrone Bailey

    Tyrone BaileyHari Yang lalu

    and i top sksksksksksksksksksksk

  52. teresa bautista

    teresa bautistaHari Yang lalu

    sksksksksksksksk save the turtles sksksksksksksksksksksksksksksk eww is that a plastic straw skskskkskssksksksksksksks here have my hydro flask skskskskksksskskskksksksk out of scrunchies oh sksksksksksksksksksksksksks just borrow mine

  53. BassAwesome9211

    BassAwesome9211Hari Yang lalu

    At our school we rebelled against VSCO girls

  54. Hayden G

    Hayden GHari Yang lalu

    5:14 someone needs to sign him man!

  55. owo owo

    owo owoHari Yang lalu

    Who died at the third one 😂 One like=you died

  56. ツSofia

    ツSofiaHari Yang lalu

    2:22 the way she eats the cake pop xd

  57. Peppa friend ùwú

    Peppa friend ùwúHari Yang lalu

    2:00 Best grandma vsco girl ever Thats the best

  58. •Little Jungkookie•

    •Little Jungkookie•Hari Yang lalu

    I got an ad about J-hope before watching dis

  59. Paula Panganiban

    Paula PanganibanHari Yang lalu

    Why people are VSCO girls: Scrunchies are just comfy bobbles Hydro flask is a reusable bottle Oversized t shirts are loose and comfy Metal straws are also reusable Shell necklaces are umm .... idk tbh MY SKSKSKSKSKSKSCRUNCHIE IS ON MY HYDRO FLASKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK

  60. Paula Panganiban

    Paula PanganibanHari Yang lalu

    So um I’m wearing my dad’s t shirt while having a scrunchie on my wrist. My friend gave me her metal straw. ITS RAINBOW OK. I like rainbow! At least I don’t have a hydro flask 🤣

  61. Lil Chris Banford

    Lil Chris BanfordHari Yang lalu

    I think the 1st one and 2nd person were the ones dating

  62. Lil Chris Banford

    Lil Chris BanfordHari Yang lalu

    I think the 1st one and 2nd person were the ones dating

  63. Ruben Jansen

    Ruben JansenHari Yang lalu

    3:38 the fucking cringe

  64. Karasu Aizawa

    Karasu AizawaHari Yang lalu

    1:46 I seriously died