Volbeat - Cheapside Sloggers ft. Gary Holt


  1. Potui1

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  2. two cookie crumbs

    two cookie crumbs2 hari yang lalu

    Rock on👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘💖💕💗💟💞💝❤🖤💜💛💚

  3. Maria Sophie

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  4. two cookie crumbs

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  5. Olli Oikarinen

    Olli Oikarinen10 hari yang lalu

    Volbeat is really tickling my balls since nobody could bring you authority like neil and gary.

  6. Steven Wille

    Steven Wille13 hari yang lalu

    Viel zu Kommerziell seit Thomas Bredahl nicht mehr dabei ist. Was wohl auch der Grund für seinen Ausstieg gewesen ist. Von einer Hammer Metal-Band. Zu einer Rock-Band. Noch immer gut aber meiner Meinung nach keine Metal Band mehr😪

  7. mike gary

    mike gary14 hari yang lalu

    When kid Gary walks in and their throwing horns.. #killtheKardashians

  8. Rain Stickland

    Rain Stickland20 hari yang lalu

    The tab for this on UG says you're using a 7-string. If that's the case, I'm super excited. I love mine, and can't wait to see what other challenges you provide me with. I use your songs to help me improve enough to go live (I will never be a MP or RC, but I try). And thanks for the incredible music!


    CAPGAMER22 hari yang lalu

    Grandioso 💙

  10. Victor Botellero Solano

    Victor Botellero Solano25 hari yang lalu

    Temazo 🎸🎸🎸😈😈😈💖💖💖

  11. Chris Melendez

    Chris Melendez26 hari yang lalu

    My 7 year old and 4 year old rock out to VOLBEAT!!! Happy father! Keep making kick ass music guys.

  12. Guillermo Cornejo Ascuez

    Guillermo Cornejo Ascuez27 hari yang lalu

    amazing song!!

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    Tocan de poca ma...e...

  15. Rudy BoardingAgent

    Rudy BoardingAgentBulan Yang lalu

    No good

  16. Robert Cornelius

    Robert CorneliusBulan Yang lalu

    Kid must feel stupid lip syncing like this. Probably couldn't sing a lick

  17. Robert Cornelius

    Robert CorneliusBulan Yang lalu

    @phonix13141516 it would be incorrect to say I couldn't sing, but you're right I can't lip sync, nor would I act in a Fool's way

  18. phonix13141516

    phonix13141516Bulan Yang lalu

    lol, I'm sure you couldn't even lip sync right let alone sing.

  19. Detertronix GunFuphoniex

    Detertronix GunFuphoniexBulan Yang lalu

    Volbeat makes you wanna go to the Soc-Hop and then go kicks some Socs Ass! Stay Golden Pony Boy!

  20. Don Cathcart

    Don CathcartBulan Yang lalu

    I don't think those tattoos are real! 😀

  21. Withering_Soul

    Withering_SoulBulan Yang lalu

    I the only one who finds every bit of this video adorable?

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  23. johny ubankta

    johny ubanktaBulan Yang lalu

    Why do these guys not have millions of subscribers?!

  24. Richard Cannon

    Richard CannonBulan Yang lalu

    That's the first time I've seen this video but it is cool as heck I don't want to say the other one might have been somebody on here but it's a good video have a good day

  25. Cullen Smith

    Cullen SmithBulan Yang lalu

    I'm here because of Thomas Shelby.

  26. Flyspit H

    Flyspit HBulan Yang lalu

    Seeing a kid with hand tats kind of creepy but WHO cares hes in a badass band right ??

  27. Bcup Stu

    Bcup StuBulan Yang lalu

    What band is the kid in?

  28. JimBeamMeUp

    JimBeamMeUpBulan Yang lalu

    This is what I like to call „the cool kids“

  29. Sean Dresser

    Sean DresserBulan Yang lalu

    If you did not enjoy this,you should get your head examined. Volbeat is simply awesome👍, cool video!, the kids did awesome 👍👍

  30. Gia Ferrara DVM

    Gia Ferrara DVMBulan Yang lalu

    LOVE Volbeat to deathhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  31. Flooride1

    Flooride1Bulan Yang lalu

    FYI the Cheapside Sloggers were a genuine Birmingham, England, Victorian street gang of the 1890's. Same time as the real Peaky Blinders.

  32. Kata Paszinger

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  33. J. Schmitz

    J. SchmitzBulan Yang lalu

    I'm 71 years old and I love this song! There is no age for Rock'n Roll ........

  34. slogers 12

    slogers 12Bulan Yang lalu

    Scamed me slogers

  35. David Troute

    David TrouteBulan Yang lalu

    Love this band and they saved my life NO JOKING at all I ain't saying it to maybe get something from them just want the fellas to know that ied be dead today if it wasent for them ML&R TO YOU VOLBEAT

  36. Itz Luna

    Itz LunaBulan Yang lalu

    This gives me Pjo vibes :>

  37. KermitTheDab

    KermitTheDabBulan Yang lalu

    Why does it seem like that kid has no idea what the lyrics are?

  38. Kym Millbank

    Kym MillbankBulan Yang lalu

    WTF this is fantastic! I love this band!

  39. Nikki Noodle

    Nikki NoodleBulan Yang lalu

    Everytime i hear his voice,my panties drop.😜

  40. Main Yuu

    Main YuuBulan Yang lalu

    Orang indonesia mana nih ?

  41. Solaris Moon

    Solaris Moon2 bulan yang lalu

    KILL THE KARTRASHIANS!!!! ALL OF THEM!!! HAHAHA!! I love this video! Great tune too. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us. Very classy.

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    Now that's funny