Visiting TFUE In The New FORTNITE MANSION!!! (Ft. Steveo & FaZe Clan) | JoogSquad PPJT


  1. PkotsVlogs YT

    PkotsVlogs YTBulan Yang lalu

    Hey guys welcome to jack ass

  2. Zak Moon

    Zak Moon2 bulan yang lalu

    Steve-O is Awesome! And I just subscribed for that epic jump

  3. Liezel Pineda

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  4. starynight_gacha skys

    starynight_gacha skys3 bulan yang lalu

    Coming back to the older vids seeing how much u guys have developd

  5. BG Traps

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    34°06'56"N 118°19'45"W

  6. Jacob Xiong

    Jacob Xiong4 bulan yang lalu

    Who’s here after the tfue scandal

  7. OG LAPZ

    OG LAPZ4 bulan yang lalu

    So tfue was forced by faze to do these stunt? 🤔 cmon man...

  8. Pauliuzzz 420

    Pauliuzzz 4204 bulan yang lalu

    Not at all :DDDD

  9. sv100029 calais

    sv100029 calais5 bulan yang lalu

    do you have echolocation brah ?

  10. sxat_ 0

    sxat_ 05 bulan yang lalu

    It’s called the clout house..

  11. Georgie Belle

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  12. Rj the reptile Keeper

    Rj the reptile Keeper5 bulan yang lalu

    Faze banks sunglasses tho

  13. BNC Forney

    BNC Forney6 bulan yang lalu

    What’s with the bad audio till 2:58

  14. Malik Cha

    Malik Cha6 bulan yang lalu

    Didnt steveo like snorting hiv blood

  15. LokiMischief400

    LokiMischief4006 bulan yang lalu

    I was jumping in my head for him lol and being scared

  16. pletypus

    pletypus6 bulan yang lalu

    i like watching your episodes cause...its almost to a death...idk how to spell xddd.

  17. Austin Sanders

    Austin Sanders6 bulan yang lalu

    love stevo jackass is the best you can't beat what they did

  18. The Husky Family

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    i had to rewind that looooooool 1:27 tfue went innnn

  19. Eeveeヅ

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    2:58 Mic gets better

  20. K1kecg981

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    what is the name of the flip tfue made

  21. livethreefortyfive

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    Perfect booty just walking around the crib, and adapt is the biggest pussy

  22. Evs bby

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    The boat scared me wtf wild ass I love it I wanna Colab even tho am have never done IDreporter lol

  23. Alex

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    What's the outro song?

  24. GregyP

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  25. Newf Ie

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    nothing beats a healty steve-o, keep up the great content, tip of the hat to tyhe youg feller that got the coulions to get over that hurdle, i wont jump off sh&^ 8 feet or more without my paraglider or a parachute on frig that noise

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    PS my name is chance not Travis it's just on my dad's account

  27. Travis Slaven

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    I would do that and im only 11 years old I have already front flipped of something like that but it was a little smaller

  28. HUnter

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    Wow your so cool dude

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    A yung nmans phonnnneeee

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    Every time I watch JoogSquad i think about MrLee Noodle beacause every time eat noodles i sit in my chair behind my pc watching Joogsquad🍑

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    a young bastard phone

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    Sicko mode or Mobamba

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    *WhY NoT BoTh*

  34. Marvin

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    the last guy is a legend 😂

  35. Joe mama

    Joe mama8 bulan yang lalu

    That water is so gross it’s literally looks like a alligator tank tbh lol

  36. Coolioman 007

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    Tfue has an elevator in his house

  37. Mr Mushroom

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    steev-O. Awesome. Love to #joogsquad.

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    Tfue has baby nipples

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    Mo bama

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    Hey lm Jack, and welcome to jackass

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    Damn they got steve-o😂😂 Tfue is a jackass

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    You are the best youtuber EVER!!!!!

  44. Jaizy Keaneo

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    6:34 turner sounds like lil yatchy

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    Hey guys I started a youtube channel I have about 45 subscribers and it will be nice if you can subscribe if you dont want I totally Get It (: - Jay Sorrentino

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    Tfue doesn't have a house

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    If i were there I would T pose when i jumped

  48. mahmmad PUBG poqg

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    I know what the intro song is called.

  50. mahmmad PUBG poqg

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    Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that this was uploaded on sept 11th. And 2019 btw

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    Steveo is a g

  53. Aka Waves

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    Thats ricegums house

  54. Iyrie Krving

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    What happened to always have a spotter?


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    GTA v is real

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    How is the song?

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    owww the jack ass leader

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    9:51 did Turner just do i tinnie wank

  59. Cooper Gilbert

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    8:39 is that a censor box on tfue’s back?

  60. Simon Peschke

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    What is the intro song called?

  61. Bautista Acosta

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    Did you found it?

  62. Bautista Acosta

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    Í dont know i asked the same

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    Add the Ig x.travisss Like so he can see

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    well done, keep up the posting, seeya

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    What's the song at 0:00

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    mo bamba