Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - Don McLean - Lyrics


  1. jenc *143*

    jenc *143*6 hari yang lalu

    This song reminded me of you....Adonis SanGabriel yr.'82 (Angeles City, Phils.) (Jlfox)

  2. Pete Keys

    Pete Keys28 hari yang lalu

    John Witherspoon brought me here. #rippops

  3. Esin Forster

    Esin ForsterBulan Yang lalu

    This is also my daughter's singing with her friends

  4. Esin Forster

    Esin ForsterBulan Yang lalu

    This is also my daughter's singing with her friends @

  5. Esin Forster

    Esin ForsterBulan Yang lalu

    This is also my daughter's singing with her friends @


    BOBBY VICTORINO2 bulan yang lalu

    Track 40

  7. Madslan Amando

    Madslan Amando2 bulan yang lalu

    My father very loved this song😢 Really2 miss my father😢 Tq so much for uploading this song

  8. Heavenkept

    Heavenkept3 bulan yang lalu

    "Portraits hung in empty halls Frame-less heads on nameless walls With eyes that watch The World and can't forget." ~ Amnesia

  9. Eddie Greenheart

    Eddie Greenheart4 bulan yang lalu

    Got to see the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in Aug 2019. I could never have appreciated art so much before I saw everything there. The lyrics speak for themselves, really.

  10. Pascaline Djeangoury

    Pascaline Djeangoury5 bulan yang lalu

    Parfait lyric pour nous les francophones ; lisible

  11. Kayla Yarzo

    Kayla Yarzo7 bulan yang lalu

    Loving Vincent 💓

  12. Amy Lord

    Amy Lord9 bulan yang lalu

    My Grandad died today and he always use to play this when I was little, I’ve never remembered what it was called, when I asked him to send a sign I opened IDreporter and here was this song thank you papí x

  13. Robson Gabriel

    Robson Gabriel10 bulan yang lalu

    Nossa! Que lindo! Gostei!


    BOBBY VICTORINOTahun Yang lalu

    Starry starry night

  15. Filmon Tesfay

    Filmon TesfayTahun Yang lalu


  16. Aira Solano

    Aira SolanoTahun Yang lalu

    This song is the song that every painter is inspirations

  17. Rena Febrielle Sumatra

    Rena Febrielle SumatraTahun Yang lalu

    More songs like this please.

  18. StJimmy765

    StJimmy765Tahun Yang lalu

    Just watched the movie Loving Vincent, it was fantastic. I was hoping this song would be featured. I’m happy it was. One of my favorite songs

  19. Anonymous Anime-fan

    Anonymous Anime-fanTahun Yang lalu

    Am I the only one here from the Simpsons? It took way too long to find this...

  20. ImNotMad ButUR

    ImNotMad ButUR10 bulan yang lalu

    Anonymous Anime-fan Not from Simpsons. Straight from Don McLean.

  21. lizzylif3

    lizzylif3Tahun Yang lalu

    Ya know I only get to listen to these kind of classics during Sundays when I was a kid. I am born in the millennial but I appreciate the songs made way back in the old old days when I wasn't even an embryo. They just got more substance than the music that I hear nowadays.

  22. Francine Ysabel

    Francine YsabelTahun Yang lalu

    I discovered this song because my Book in arts Told me to listen to this song to try to understand the painting Starry nigth

  23. JOEY 1882

    JOEY 1882Tahun Yang lalu

    That, for me, is the most beautiful poetic song ever written.

  24. 호랭이

    호랭이Tahun Yang lalu

    이 노래 너무 좋다.. 빠져든다 ㅜㅜ

  25. Chelsi Johnson

    Chelsi JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    heard this song at the end of an episode of the simpsons . it was beautiful then and is now.

  26. Charles Xavier

    Charles Xavier3 bulan yang lalu

    which ep?

  27. Anonymous Anime-fan

    Anonymous Anime-fanTahun Yang lalu

    Chelsi Johnson YES! Finally, found another one.

  28. Kjelly Lund

    Kjelly LundTahun Yang lalu

    This is how music should be like, pure guitar music with a tormented voice and lyrics that make you get the goosebumps.

  29. L i l y B l u e

    L i l y B l u eTahun Yang lalu

    I have so much respect for Vincent van Gogh, i'm also from The Netherlands by the Way...

  30. Anthony Falk

    Anthony FalkTahun Yang lalu

    TuPac liked this song...his wife played this song next to his bed when he was in an medically induced coma and woke from it upon hearing this song...TuPac tragically passed away a few days later

  31. christopher subano

    christopher subano28 hari yang lalu

    @ImNotMad ButUR i came to listen to this music because of Tupac

  32. ImNotMad ButUR

    ImNotMad ButUR10 bulan yang lalu

    Sentry-19lll Four less than a sixpac. Tragically, it too passed away a few days later.

  33. Anthony Falk

    Anthony FalkTahun Yang lalu

    Sentry-19lll lol sayyyy whaaaatt?!?!?

  34. Sentry-19lll

    Sentry-19lllTahun Yang lalu

    Who is Tupac?

  35. Jay D.

    Jay D.Tahun Yang lalu

    Tupac listened to this song on repeat in his final hours of life..... I now fully understand RIP Tupac

  36. Apoorv Ambardar

    Apoorv Ambardar10 bulan yang lalu


  37. MEMORIA1316

    MEMORIA1316Tahun Yang lalu

    And when no hope was left in sight on that starry, starry night

  38. Sunghee - SingingPianoLessonsVictoria

    Sunghee - SingingPianoLessonsVictoriaTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you so much for this video… 👍 So Beautiful! 💙 Feel free to check out this ‘Vincent by Don McLean, Karaoke in Female Key(& also baritone, male) B HQ’ as well~ 🎨 Cheers to You! 🌾

  39. Kat MacAuley

    Kat MacAuleyTahun Yang lalu

    Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - Don McLean - Lyrics @ In the Lyrics of 1st sentence, Under the Twinkle Twinkle Starry night, Vincent's daily busy working routine which is always at night time Starts . He worked on the Electronics Printing place board. The common color of Australian electronics place board both in CAD computer screen and real loaded with all electronics components are in "Blue Base color and different Greyish components color". The Song Writer converted Vincent's Computer/Electronics Engineering WORK into "Paint your palette blue and gray". Thus the very Senior Song Writer write this song to Vincent only and Vincent kind. There used to be a few of them in Sydney since 1996 who are as busy as Vincent. They also have some followers/helpers familiar to Vincent's working style but are nearly all Computer Science Youngsters. Until year 2007, they all left Sydney, Australia back to USA or so because the murders show themselves off underneath the watching of so many stars above the space via flying to Earth personally to finish the plan to terminate them around that year. The looking are all in black business suits or silk shirts to optimize their looking. But not every one from the Flying disc is the one who set out murdering plan. They are representing the Confusion of Shandong province of China. Those faces and body figures are carefully chosen resulted that nobody would be alert about their hidden murdering purpose. Until year 2004, the Vincent kind group are already mixed with those murderers from Eastern European and Brothel & Murderers South European. Vincent in this Song is very talent boy and grow up to be a Computer Hacker and Artist in Painting and Music. The particular Young Vincent is sometimes the Song Writer's favorite boy. K.Mac

  40. Shalini Luckett

    Shalini LuckettTahun Yang lalu

    trees on daffodils

  41. ImNotMad ButUR

    ImNotMad ButUR10 bulan yang lalu

    Shalini Luckett Daffodils 🌼 on trees. Swirling. In a night sky, of course - in the morning.

  42. Abigail Cantu

    Abigail CantuTahun Yang lalu


  43. Ceanna Gutierrez

    Ceanna Gutierrez2 tahun yang lalu

    That is the beautiful song i ever listen too I love that song conuted below look up Ceanna Gutierrez please ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  44. Lauren Stamps

    Lauren Stamps2 tahun yang lalu

    If you listen to this after watching a certain Doctor Who episode, it's even more emotional.

  45. Luisa Frugoli

    Luisa FrugoliTahun Yang lalu

    *i cried so much*

  46. Arik Sheinin

    Arik SheininTahun Yang lalu

    you are so right, I almost cried while i was thinking about it

  47. moran bar

    moran barTahun Yang lalu

    Lauren Stamps it was an incredibley moving moments, and amasing sense for wrong-righting, even if it was through the hands of the hands of the writers

  48. Erik Carmel

    Erik Carmel2 tahun yang lalu

    Although this is very beautiful, I have to ask something for I'm very curious : Is Don Mc Lean , gay ?

  49. ImNotMad ButUR

    ImNotMad ButUR10 bulan yang lalu

    KissMySuccotash Wow, you went all out to answer s question. That is super nice, and rarely seen in such detail. You’re voted “IDreporter’s Nice Person of the Year.” You should get a prize, like a new car, or a nice trip. Something. If I could afford it I’d do something.

  50. KissMySuccotash

    KissMySuccotash2 tahun yang lalu

    Although roxannedomizi is correct and THIS song is a very moving tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, I read your comment & thought "Hmmm... google is free. Why not look?" So I did and found the following on Wikipedia: "McLean's first marriage was to Carol Sauvion, which lasted from 1969 to 1972. He was married to Patrisha McLean (née Shnier) from 1987 until their divorce in June 2016. They lived in Camden, Maine, with their two children, Jackie and Wyatt. On January 18, 2016, McLean was arrested in Camden for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. On July 21, 2016, McLean plead guilty to charges of misdemeanor domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, criminal mischief and criminal restraint against Patrisha McLean. The domestic assault and terrorizing charges against McLean were dismissed on July 21, 2017 after he met the terms of a plea agreement." I must admit the last paragraph came as a bit of a shock to me! But as for your question, no, Don McLean does not appear to be gay.

  51. roxannedomizi

    roxannedomizi2 tahun yang lalu

    This song is about the life/suicide of vincent van gogh. I don't know if he's gay or straight but vincent isn't a lover of his or anything like that

  52. subrotomusic

    subrotomusic2 tahun yang lalu

    Tremendous composition, most melodious voice ! That is why it is still sung.

  53. Einar Amund

    Einar Amund2 tahun yang lalu

    I discovered this song when I was reading through my Music Theory textbook and it had the first lines as an example... I listened through it and had a total double take when he got to, "see the darkness in my soul." My immediate thought was, "Well, that escalated quickly." I knew immediately I needed to look it up and I wasn't disappointed.

  54. Mike Stanforth

    Mike Stanforth2 tahun yang lalu

    Simply an awesome song.

  55. Moira Kizito

    Moira Kizito2 tahun yang lalu

    lovely song