Video of the Year: Best Mountain Bike Shot Ever


  1. Lukas Kahl

    Lukas Kahl7 jam yang lalu

    Krankes viedo besser als fabio

  2. Zach Trapper

    Zach Trapper21 jam yang lalu

    Why the bike switch?

  3. Barrett Ernst

    Barrett Ernst5 hari yang lalu

    trailshredder ernst

  4. Barrett Ernst

    Barrett Ernst5 hari yang lalu

    look at my channel

  5. Bill Fry

    Bill Fry7 hari yang lalu

    Bike worth more than the truck.

  6. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    I love this song

  7. Sodere Ethio

    Sodere Ethio8 hari yang lalu

    cool, perfect, amazing and boring

  8. DaFlashback

    DaFlashback9 hari yang lalu

    26 4 ever

  9. Anna Urbanová

    Anna Urbanová9 hari yang lalu

    Where is it?

  10. Archie Smith 12

    Archie Smith 1211 hari yang lalu

    Anyone still watching in 2020👍🏻

  11. Barrett Ernst

    Barrett Ernst5 hari yang lalu


  12. Pedal com a Manu Bike

    Pedal com a Manu Bike12 hari yang lalu

    Bike é vida😍 tenho 9 anos e estou com um canal pra incentivar a galerinha a largar do celular e curtir um pedal!! Dá um 👍 aí pessoal me ajude a divulgar, é meu primeiro vídeo

  13. •malu• btw

    •malu• btw12 hari yang lalu


  14. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    •malu• btw for what it’s worth by Buffalo Springfield

  15. Wana Watene

    Wana Watene13 hari yang lalu

    Fuck this riders good

  16. ray Nic

    ray Nic15 hari yang lalu

    This was awesome but it needed one really big air at the end.

  17. Squeezy Hugs

    Squeezy Hugs15 hari yang lalu

    i just lost 4 beatiful minutes of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

  18. John McIver

    John McIver15 hari yang lalu

    I like this song

  19. Oscar Jones

    Oscar Jones17 hari yang lalu

    IT isnt the best video of the year

  20. Alec Romine

    Alec Romine18 hari yang lalu

    does someone fly this drone or does it follow a transponder that the rider carries?

  21. burak ulaş

    burak ulaş22 hari yang lalu

    1:20 play

  22. Louis Freschi

    Louis Freschi23 hari yang lalu


  23. nunya biness

    nunya biness27 hari yang lalu

    I'am so glad they made this video, It's Fantastic!! I watch this for my own personal pep talk session's, to help me focus on my, own personal goals, Linda in Oklahoma ;O

  24. Daniel Medley

    Daniel Medley29 hari yang lalu

    Whatkind of bike

  25. M D

    M D29 hari yang lalu

    He just left wall Mart picked up that bike for 98$ on sale never rode a bike really.drove up a random grassy Hill and just said F it I'm going to jump this thing.

  26. Liberty Prime

    Liberty PrimeBulan Yang lalu

    Can anyone say if clipless pedals & cleats were used here? Because it seems like he was pulling the bike up some times with his feet, it just seems slow and risky to unclip in time to do some of these stunts where the foot leaves the pedal. It's really hard to imagine he's clipping in somehow at 2:30.

  27. who flungpoo

    who flungpooBulan Yang lalu

    One of the greatest video's on the tube of you ever

  28. Kaeson Baldridge

    Kaeson BaldridgeBulan Yang lalu

    This should be on redbull

  29. Shadow42011 YT

    Shadow42011 YTBulan Yang lalu

    The music choice makes this supreme.

  30. Tropzie

    TropzieBulan Yang lalu


  31. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    Tropzie Buffalo Springfield

  32. Eduardo Racoma

    Eduardo RacomaBulan Yang lalu

    Wow. When the music played, just wow

  33. AZZA TV

    AZZA TVBulan Yang lalu

    Why is this so satisfying

  34. ka0tek

    ka0tekBulan Yang lalu

    How smooth was that run?

  35. jonas s

    jonas sBulan Yang lalu

    Roger Deakin’s enters chat....

  36. maddtapes

    maddtapesBulan Yang lalu

    Shit. How’d he get back up the hill?

  37. arthur___mtb

    arthur___mtbBulan Yang lalu

    Wath the name of the song? Who now it?

  38. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    Buffalo Springfield

  39. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    arthur___mtb Buffalo spring

  40. Cameron is here

    Cameron is hereBulan Yang lalu


  41. ElJandrius XD

    ElJandrius XDBulan Yang lalu

    What type of drone did he use?

  42. supa dupa

    supa dupaBulan Yang lalu

    He rides such a technical trail with such finesse Truly amazing👏👏👏👏👏

  43. You're being played lemming

    You're being played lemmingBulan Yang lalu

    why change bikes?

  44. helmeteye

    helmeteyeBulan Yang lalu

    Been a long time since I watched this and it is probably still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The Camera work is almost up there with the ride.

  45. SuperNova

    SuperNovaBulan Yang lalu

    Dirt jump + mtb, nice

  46. Shawn Beaman

    Shawn BeamanBulan Yang lalu

    what is the link of that bike? can someone please send it to me?

  47. John Stevenson

    John StevensonBulan Yang lalu

    Does anyone know the name of the song Also great vid

  48. John Stevenson

    John StevensonBulan Yang lalu

    @Joshua Bolton thanks

  49. Joshua Bolton

    Joshua BoltonBulan Yang lalu

    Buffalo Springfield

  50. joelomatic2000

    joelomatic2000Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm not sure the drone skills were any less impressive than the bike skills! So good to watch

  51. Memes from Dema

    Memes from DemaBulan Yang lalu

    joelomatic2000 it was actually filmed with a camera on a truck

  52. GoldBlooded

    GoldBloodedBulan Yang lalu

    That was so fucking dope, change my mind

  53. Tobias Baker

    Tobias BakerBulan Yang lalu

    So clean

  54. Shivam bagade

    Shivam bagadeBulan Yang lalu

    Which is that song

  55. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    Shivam bagade buffalo springfield

  56. stovetop burner

    stovetop burnerBulan Yang lalu

    Wow . Where is that place the landscape is beautiful

  57. Goncho Goncho

    Goncho GonchoBulan Yang lalu

    Freakin beautiful

  58. NotRonniez YT

    NotRonniez YTBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone else notice this guy doesn't pedal 😂😂

  59. Liam W

    Liam WBulan Yang lalu

    This video is so sick music goes so well with the smooth landings from huge jumps

  60. Blaise Forster

    Blaise ForsterBulan Yang lalu

    So are we not gonna talk about how there are zero cuts

  61. Didi Graal

    Didi GraalBulan Yang lalu

    So,my dream is real.

  62. utubeadrianno

    utubeadriannoBulan Yang lalu

    No ego, no sponsors. No Bs. Simply pure joy and love coupled,worth the best video work beautiful

  63. Brital Bluestone

    Brital BluestoneBulan Yang lalu

    He looks so relaxed the whole time

  64. ihasagi2urheart

    ihasagi2urheartBulan Yang lalu

    kkona 7

  65. Game X Virus

    Game X VirusBulan Yang lalu

    Name song?

  66. Ty Aragon

    Ty Aragon8 hari yang lalu

    Game X Virus Buffalo Springfield

  67. bastien rigal

    bastien rigalBulan Yang lalu

    « Vidéo of all time »

  68. Творог И Йогурт

    Творог И ЙогуртBulan Yang lalu

    Откуда они эти дорожки берут

  69. Silas Fisher

    Silas FisherBulan Yang lalu


  70. Oscar Denessen

    Oscar DenessenBulan Yang lalu

    the riding is slowed down a little watch the real video and see