Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports


  1. Milton Bates

    Milton Bates20 menit yang lalu

    That was just an Irish kiss.

  2. ƶεɳ

    ƶεɳ3 jam yang lalu

    That fcking old man has some rude attitude yea

  3. Max La Menace

    Max La Menace3 jam yang lalu

    La grande classe et cette sombre merde est encensé par la populace.

  4. Bûcheron Forestier Débardeur Grumier

    Bûcheron Forestier Débardeur Grumier3 jam yang lalu

    Yes c'est un bon 😘😘😘👍

  5. - ManillaZilla

    - ManillaZilla4 jam yang lalu

    Eh he lasted longer than cowboy

  6. Pisala Ahora

    Pisala Ahora4 jam yang lalu

    That old man has a better chin than cerrone

  7. Dbow H

    Dbow H4 jam yang lalu

    joe Rogan commentating would be perfect ! what a prick

  8. G-Kid

    G-Kid4 jam yang lalu

    This man handles more than cowboy did vs mcgregor

  9. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray5 jam yang lalu

    Old man can take a better Connor hit than Cowboy.

  10. doing it for views

    doing it for views6 jam yang lalu

    What a prick!

  11. L3wi5 MuFc

    L3wi5 MuFc6 jam yang lalu

    Old man : Hold my beer

  12. eBRA Studios

    eBRA Studios7 jam yang lalu


  13. Nick Tabone

    Nick Tabone7 jam yang lalu

    Guys lol, he didn't punch him, connor threw his drink in his face.

  14. RodgersXLVmvp

    RodgersXLVmvp8 jam yang lalu

    Thats how it be in Ireland

  15. Simon Roberts

    Simon Roberts9 jam yang lalu

    That old man has an iron jaw he took that tbf next fight or what my money is on the old man

  16. janus lie

    janus lie9 jam yang lalu

    that old was 1000x times stronger than cowboy cerrone for sure

  17. bj miz

    bj miz9 jam yang lalu

    Allo ,,,khabib !!!!!

  18. Parwiz Faqiri

    Parwiz Faqiri12 jam yang lalu

    See you in rematch with Habib Inshallah

  19. Vegas S/0

    Vegas S/012 jam yang lalu

    In ireland getting punched is so common it really wasn't a big deal like all you pussies seem to think it is. You can even tell it barely phased the guy because it is so commonplace. Get the fuck over it you fuckin pansies. I work Security on the Vegas strip and see 300 pound Pimps on the street knockout 90 pound hookers right and left and just leave em there bleeding but the minute a drunken Irishman hits another drunken Irishman you fuckin nonviolent anti-gun libtards go nuts.

  20. Andy Cornish

    Andy Cornish12 jam yang lalu

    old guy fights better than cowboy

  21. Milique Mason

    Milique Mason13 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for the money Connor

  22. CuR5E will be good

    CuR5E will be good13 jam yang lalu

    who here after conor vs cowboy

  23. Layde Vix

    Layde Vix13 jam yang lalu

    Idgaf he boss u drink that shiet LoL!!!! Jk

  24. John Sabolsice

    John Sabolsice14 jam yang lalu

    Oh he got paid paid

  25. Edward Wu

    Edward Wu14 jam yang lalu

    *This man has a better chin than most of the fighters in the UFC* Who's here after Conor v Cowboy?

  26. Terry Shameem

    Terry Shameem3 jam yang lalu

    Admittedly - he didn't hit him with his shoulder! 😂

  27. Eric F

    Eric F3 jam yang lalu

    Edward Wu That old timer did much better than Cowboy Cerrone my friend.

  28. John O'Neill

    John O'Neill16 jam yang lalu

    Rumour going around on the internet that Show Bizz The Adult is going Vegan! Rumour or Trumour?

  29. plamedie pambi

    plamedie pambi16 jam yang lalu

    Connors fight was definitely rigged

  30. Gustavo Martinez

    Gustavo Martinez16 jam yang lalu

    Comment section: 50% people who is joking about the video 50% people who takes seriously and blames McGregor

  31. Tyler Ireland

    Tyler Ireland16 jam yang lalu

    That old man lasted longer than Cowboy Cerrone.

  32. Hugh Janis

    Hugh JanisJam Yang lalu

    Glenn Korte yeah no shit it’s an easy comeback fight, cerronne is a washed up fighter, and he’s the king all right, you just don’t get it, he isn’t the reigning champ of a division. But he is THE FIGHTER that everyone wants to fight, just look at usman and masvidal drooling for a call out lmao. THATS A KING, not some boring ass no money making khabib

  33. Glenn Korte

    Glenn KorteJam Yang lalu

    Hugh Janis The “king” fought a washed up cerrone a year and a half after getting his ass handed to him by khabib. He just used cerrone as a stepping stool to get back to where he was before he left all his fans because he couldnt handle the loss like a man, like cerrone did last night

  34. Hugh Janis

    Hugh Janis7 jam yang lalu

    Jason Barnes mad that the king is back?

  35. Jason Barnes

    Jason Barnes13 jam yang lalu

    Connor sucks old man dick for crack

  36. rebelfish

    rebelfish17 jam yang lalu

    That's happening with all the people who before even dont have nothing to eat,and now have millions, evolution money make us badly

  37. One Eyed Fatman

    One Eyed Fatman18 jam yang lalu

    I would wish for him to do that to me.... I would never have to worry about money again!!!

  38. Beau D

    Beau D18 jam yang lalu

    Wow! old man says " i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!" Connor quickly leaves cuz he knows hes a giant smelly Turd..

  39. Alex Fonseca

    Alex Fonseca18 jam yang lalu

    Came here for the comments and boy they never let me down

  40. d b

    d b21 jam yang lalu

    He did not punch him. He threw a drink at him, this seems to confirm this was just a publicity stunt. I only just realised now, I watched this video when it was released and always thought he punched him, it is clear he does not though and only throws a drink. The fact Connor never clarified this himself suggests it was just a PR stunt.

  41. Federico Dominguez

    Federico Dominguez22 jam yang lalu

    I know some guys who would destroy Mc clown in a bar fight.. His hands are too light.. Speedy yes.. but not heavy enough..

  42. ab c

    ab cHari Yang lalu

    Never lift to your hand to anyone in Ireland.. Cause you just never know who the fuck you hitting. I reckon Connor may have it coming! Quietly!

  43. supreme

    supremeHari Yang lalu

    When Conor calls khabib backwards for not drinking his piss alcohol. Conor, you're the definition of backwards.

  44. Maciek Leszczyński

    Maciek LeszczyńskiHari Yang lalu

    Heh for sure old man didn't say anything abusive. Fuck fake fans that Conor has. Fuck all of them

  45. Joel Goss

    Joel GossHari Yang lalu

    I always thought it was a punch he threw, but it looks like he threw his whisky in his face. Either which way, what a prick

  46. d b

    d b21 jam yang lalu

    I saw this when it first came out..... why am I only just hearing he threw a drink at him and not a punch.... why did Connor not say this as well.....? It is clearly a drink thrown not a punch,

  47. Richard Manganello

    Richard ManganelloHari Yang lalu

    The first time in history an Irishman turned down a drink

  48. Chona Mc.

    Chona Mc.Hari Yang lalu

    According to the people at the bar the old said something bad to McGregor, that’s why he reacted like that.

  49. Greg Authorizer

    Greg AuthorizerHari Yang lalu

    Conoer SORY

  50. PC tundra

    PC tundraHari Yang lalu

    Connor is another bad christian

  51. Revers Navvy

    Revers NavvyHari Yang lalu


  52. Nico Zaya

    Nico ZayaHari Yang lalu

    He was lucky old man didn't submit his ass lol Mr. Tapout

  53. Bashir abdi dahir

    Bashir abdi dahir2 hari yang lalu

    U punched an old man? Is OK I will 📞khabib ur real doctor 🥼

  54. Bingham Guevara

    Bingham Guevara2 hari yang lalu

    Connor is a bully. Always will be. Symbolizes all the worst stereotypes about the Irish and dringing.

  55. dan dougherty

    dan dougherty2 hari yang lalu

    The old boy made him look a right pussy. Barely even flinched.

  56. Idle Class Hero

    Idle Class Hero2 hari yang lalu

    I think 99 % people in the comment section would hit that old drunk disrespectful cunt too. Fucking hypocrites.

  57. Teréz Teszt

    Teréz Teszt2 hari yang lalu


  58. Root

    Root2 hari yang lalu

    no mmes jajaja wtf es lo mas asqueroso que conozco que haya hecho pero el anciano seguro es el tipico viejo cascarrabias, está tomando en un bar y llega el dueño de una marca de vinos y le invita un trago y el anciano de necio le dice que no xdxdxd c mamo

  59. Olaf The KO King

    Olaf The KO King2 hari yang lalu

    The old man was a cunt. Absolutely deserved it.

  60. Milena Vidmar

    Milena Vidmar2 hari yang lalu

    Come have a sip of it mate, it is THE FINEST

  61. Blackfoot Gaming RDR2

    Blackfoot Gaming RDR22 hari yang lalu

    He didn't hit him that hard u guys are over reacting like he was trying to knock him out

  62. Taylor Borth

    Taylor BorthHari Yang lalu

    Either way. Old man didn't want his drink and so he punches him? What a piece of shit.

  63. coolguy5 4life

    coolguy5 4life2 hari yang lalu

    What a bitch move

  64. Bad Boys Hub

    Bad Boys Hub2 hari yang lalu

    He ain’t even that old lol

  65. Gavin Griffis

    Gavin Griffis2 hari yang lalu

    Damn... didn't even knock him out, this isnt the conor I know 😂

  66. truth smackin activist on the corner

    truth smackin activist on the corner2 hari yang lalu

    So much for that stupid cont

  67. TW

    TW2 hari yang lalu

    And people actually think this guys funny and is the shit😂

  68. Chris M

    Chris M2 hari yang lalu

    Taught that old cuck a lesson... ;)