VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi


  1. Alexa Zienka

    Alexa ZienkaHari Yang lalu

    Your next episode should talk about the filming of 1917. Such a good movie

  2. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaHari Yang lalu

    they fixed sonic

  3. Matt Bishop

    Matt Bishop4 hari yang lalu

    Staying with the dragon theme, I wouldn't mind hearing all your opinions on Reign Of Fire with Christian Bale in

  4. Beeg Yoshi

    Beeg Yoshi4 hari yang lalu

    Activate windows Go to settings to activate windows

  5. LoKo76

    LoKo765 hari yang lalu

    Arms, not tentacles

  6. Caleb lofton

    Caleb lofton5 hari yang lalu

    Can you guy's do fantastic beasts? There is a scene where newt rides a creature through the water and it is quite impressive.

  7. Saurutobi

    Saurutobi5 hari yang lalu

    Do Gemini Man. It’s got some really really bad CG. Especially in the fight scenes. Physics broke and weird acceleration of footage. Also there’s a scene where the deaging looks wrong, but only 1

  8. Júlio Carlo

    Júlio Carlo6 hari yang lalu

    please activate your windows hueheu

  9. artisdying

    artisdying6 hari yang lalu

    Hands down guys, that dragon look SHIT!!! At least in the wide shot. EDIT: The GoT Dragon of course, Dragonheart looks as great as ever.

  10. Perfectionado

    Perfectionado6 hari yang lalu

    Davy Jones will always be my favourite villian. Goddamn.

  11. andy

    andy7 hari yang lalu

    no one: ... Niko: THE PORES DON'T STRETCH

  12. wertelsoriginal

    wertelsoriginal7 hari yang lalu

    activate windows guys ;)


    KRESHMUSIQ7 hari yang lalu

    Guys! activate your windows!

  14. AD Joshi

    AD Joshi7 hari yang lalu

    Hey guys, love the videos, could you please analyse the Harry Potter films, and how they did the hippogriff and the quiditch shots, and Voldemort and Dumbledore's duel in the 5th movie

  15. Wayne McCourt

    Wayne McCourt8 hari yang lalu

    Kung Fury...have they done Kung Fury?

  16. British Nerd

    British Nerd9 hari yang lalu

    To be fair, dragon heart looks dry, but is a crusty, ancient, scaly dragon. Also, on hand animating mouths, let's not forget half life 2

  17. bigfriki

    bigfriki10 hari yang lalu

    I could listen to Niko explain for hours.

  18. Vega Puffin

    Vega Puffin10 hari yang lalu

    I hate that guy who fakes he doesn't know films and actors. Just screw you.

  19. Vincent Marcellino

    Vincent Marcellino10 hari yang lalu

    Seeing how awesome Davy Jones was and still is really makes me miss when Disney put effort into their work.

  20. Sylvester Ashcroft

    Sylvester Ashcroft11 hari yang lalu

    The effects in dead man's chest, are some of the best effects still, to this day in any film from than generation.

  21. MMAREELS714

    MMAREELS71411 hari yang lalu

    This new comment update is bullshit, like if you agree

  22. Vipraajesh N G

    Vipraajesh N G12 hari yang lalu

    Can you watch the Tamil movie 24? It has got the sweetest VFX in the South Indian film industry. It's a time travel concept movie and stars Suriya as both the protagonist and the antagonist.

  23. LS 23

    LS 2313 hari yang lalu

    can you do ghost rider

  24. Real Name

    Real Name14 hari yang lalu

    Activate windows

  25. CiaranGAC

    CiaranGAC14 hari yang lalu

    Just watched a bunch of your videos. Love your stuff. Could you possibly have a look at the scene in 'Moon' (2009) where Sam Rockwell plays ping pong with his clone? idreporter.net/v/video-99pz429OgIc.html

  26. Amirus

    Amirus15 hari yang lalu

    The only realistically animated Dragon I've ever seen was Smaug. Also: I've never seen a lion realistic like this 6:50 in any movie.

  27. Dustin Neely

    Dustin Neely12 hari yang lalu

    @Amirus have you seen it? Trailer: idreporter.net/v/video-dVlza5ndrZc.html

  28. Amirus

    Amirus12 hari yang lalu

    @Dustin Neely I doubt

  29. Dustin Neely

    Dustin Neely12 hari yang lalu

    "Reign of Fire" from 2002 dragons look better.

  30. Shannon T

    Shannon T15 hari yang lalu

    More Game of Thrones! I have never heard him say he has no idea how they did it!

  31. Shannon T

    Shannon T15 hari yang lalu

    Wait their clothes were flapping with the dragon flapping. Exactly! Fail on the bushes lol

  32. Cello Van der vegte

    Cello Van der vegte16 hari yang lalu

    I don’t understand anything of WHAT they are saying... and i love it

  33. fufufuaru

    fufufuaru16 hari yang lalu

    oi activate your windows lmao

  34. Bac Burrito

    Bac Burrito16 hari yang lalu

    If Pirates of the Caribbean can get it so right, why is Mazz Conada so bad in the Force Awakens?

  35. Bac Burrito

    Bac Burrito15 hari yang lalu

    Blyzer the cgi is awful and plasticky

  36. Blyzer

    Blyzer15 hari yang lalu

    Because she isn't bad at all

  37. EightNineOne

    EightNineOne18 hari yang lalu

    One little flub in here I noticed. On dragonheart you're explaining the fresnel effect, not IOR. Certain you guys know the difference, just pointing out the error. Love your stuff! : D For those who don't know, the fresnel effect is the amount of reflectance of an object based on viewing angle, index of refraction is a measurement of the bending of light as it passes through different mediums.

  38. Monnette Mullenix

    Monnette Mullenix18 hari yang lalu

    Dragon Heart is perfect!

  39. Oskar

    Oskar19 hari yang lalu

    Could you react to Cinderella (2015); especially the transformation scene looks wanky for a big title ^^

  40. sravan ivn

    sravan ivn19 hari yang lalu

    Corridor crew... Please watch the Tollywood movie SAAHO and react to it's CGI......

  41. DonCaraDura

    DonCaraDura21 hari yang lalu


  42. vroom vroom

    vroom vroom22 hari yang lalu

    Not sure as to why, but something in Niko reminds me of the beloved Robin Williams

  43. Lil Chris

    Lil Chris23 hari yang lalu

    React to Jason X

  44. art_man2019

    art_man201923 hari yang lalu

    You guys should do a reaction to the Witcher on Netflix!

  45. Steve Mendizabal

    Steve Mendizabal24 hari yang lalu

    You should follow this up with Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and focus on Javier Bardem's flowy, floating in water simulations

  46. CBright7831

    CBright783124 hari yang lalu

    I remember when I first saw Davy Jones, I actually thought it was an animatronic mask. Nope. All CGI.

  47. ECL28E

    ECL28E24 hari yang lalu

    A CG replacement for Jim Carrey would be impossible. His face is mugging is his most defining ability

  48. Subash Khatiwada

    Subash Khatiwada24 hari yang lalu

    lord of the rings

  49. Ernezto E.S

    Ernezto E.S24 hari yang lalu

    I really enjoy everytime Clint is doing the vomiting sound , omg is hilarious I laugh all the time

  50. Musso Games

    Musso Games28 hari yang lalu

    Should do the Elves from Fred Claus! Some of the worst motion tracking I’ve ever seen!

  51. Brandon Moreto

    Brandon MoretoBulan Yang lalu

    Star Wars: The Last Stand

  52. Alexis Jaeger Ranolds

    Alexis Jaeger RanoldsBulan Yang lalu

    You should react to not on davy jones entrance scene but the davy jones playing piano lol

  53. Shehzad Azeem

    Shehzad AzeemBulan Yang lalu

    Do reaction on Movie Sherdil's CG Dog fight. Thank you

  54. BigN8 Burrell

    BigN8 BurrellBulan Yang lalu

    Please do a react to 6 underground

  55. E

    EBulan Yang lalu

    Comment on a more recent episode of this. They have a better chance of seeing it then

  56. Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!Bulan Yang lalu

    Dragons are real

  57. Char Aznable

    Char AznableBulan Yang lalu

    Later, the new trailer gives us what we desired, but the studio went through crunch time and then laid off its workforce, even when the internet hoped and wished for the artists to be treated properly.

  58. Ösmösmanös Studios

    Ösmösmanös StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    Can you do the opening of Revenge Of The Sith (Star Wars)

  59. DanTLS

    DanTLSBulan Yang lalu

    2:29 Clint got me dying


    CHEF SHIRLEYBulan Yang lalu

    Y’all should do the Revenant

  61. Kajan Thanabalasingam

    Kajan ThanabalasingamBulan Yang lalu

    Do this video idreporter.net/v/video-vpNUzNBw6FI.html

  62. Bretonc7

    Bretonc7Bulan Yang lalu

    Every movie, every VFX artist goes under rated and people have no idea..... Sad....... Why do we not see best VFX artists at the awards??

  63. Finn Westenhaver

    Finn WestenhaverBulan Yang lalu

    React to the IDreporter series where the KUKA Robot arms challenge humans.

  64. Chayse Fuller

    Chayse FullerBulan Yang lalu

    Love the video but the dude in the middle must be insufferable.

  65. Acquib Y K

    Acquib Y KBulan Yang lalu

    Came here to start the list of VFX Artists React videos all over again 😊

  66. Jake Verde

    Jake VerdeBulan Yang lalu

    "There's something called Index of Refraction, basically the more a surface gets parallel to the camera, the more reflective it gets." Uhm... that's called Fresnel, not Index of Refraction. None of the top comments seems to mention it, so I think you miseducated us all.

  67. 1zloty movie

    1zloty movieBulan Yang lalu

    React: The Birth of Sandman Scene - Spider-Man 3 I will write this comment under each movie, up to my dead or to the reaction.