Verstappen Runs Into Vettel | 2018 Chinese Grand Prix


  1. Firemarioflower

    FiremarioflowerBulan Yang lalu

    China 2019 qualifiying : REVENGE China 2019 race: PROPER REVENGE England 2019: NOW WE'RE EVEN

  2. Mark Golding

    Mark Golding2 bulan yang lalu

    Verstappen is dangerous. He's faking unawareness. He knows what he is doing. And he is deliberately risking the lives of fellow drivers. In 2020 he will cause a fatality

  3. Gregs Tagebuch 2.0

    Gregs Tagebuch 2.02 bulan yang lalu

    Verstappen is stupid

  4. Foot2 Sa7ria

    Foot2 Sa7ria5 bulan yang lalu

    Sebs hits the brake but then he let go to hit max.... sebs definitely has grudge to vettel..."see pasts history"

  5. Firemarioflower

    FiremarioflowerBulan Yang lalu

    Can you blame him though?

  6. TJ Kim

    TJ Kim6 bulan yang lalu

    Who is here after British GP

  7. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower6 bulan yang lalu

    0:32 All that idiot had to do was get on the kerb, turn in LATER because now he ran wide for no reason

  8. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower6 bulan yang lalu

    Vettel paid him back last weekend.

  9. Azer Garajayev

    Azer Garajayev6 bulan yang lalu

    Who is there after Silverstone 2019? 😂

  10. Firemarioflower

    FiremarioflowerBulan Yang lalu

    @Guilherme Tieppo I liked the China 2019 race more to be honest..... Vettel came out worse in England. But in China he shut the door on that crashkid beautifully and also that neat lil trick he did to frustrate Maximum Damage during quallie. 😊

  11. Guilherme Tieppo

    Guilherme Tieppo6 bulan yang lalu

    Me hahahahaha

  12. Greiguci Wootchie

    Greiguci Wootchie9 bulan yang lalu

    You expect it from him. If it was anyone else, they'd get punished.

  13. Craig Tucker

    Craig TuckerTahun Yang lalu

    What is the crashman really up to?

  14. jasper sesay

    jasper sesayTahun Yang lalu

    Who Came here after the ocon incident

  15. tibic

    tibicTahun Yang lalu

    So, Ocon also has no worries. He just needs to oversee the situation. Crashtappen is just a sad prick!

  16. wayne shaw

    wayne shawTahun Yang lalu

    Max got the taste of his own medicine by ocon in brazil.

  17. Firemarioflower

    FiremarioflowerBulan Yang lalu

    That was also Max's fault

  18. SHiUX82

    SHiUX82Tahun Yang lalu

    Vettel is a fool, burn the wheels and waste time instead of make a half turn and go like Verstappen. Even after Alonso overtakes him with a shitcar.

  19. autechre113

    autechre113Tahun Yang lalu

    Looks a lot less opportunistic compared with Vetels attempt in Japan.A lot more space here than in Japan.

  20. Fiascotje

    FiascotjeTahun Yang lalu

    Ah today it was Vettel running into Verstappen but ofc no penalty!

  21. Marcel De Vries

    Marcel De VriesTahun Yang lalu

    And Verstappen walked to Vettel directly after the race in China to appologize , Vettel yesterday not offcourse

  22. Masterdoctorgenius14

    Masterdoctorgenius14Tahun Yang lalu

    That will cost Vettek the champ. Hamilton can thank Max for that.

  23. Jaketsu

    JaketsuTahun Yang lalu

    Max revenge singapore hahaha

  24. Lukas Halamíček

    Lukas HalamíčekTahun Yang lalu

    Asshole Max,not able to claim championship so he will do everything to ruin it to others

  25. M535

    M535Tahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen you are an idiot, and a dirty driver not aggressive.

  26. Tychus

    TychusTahun Yang lalu

    why is that scum verstappen not punished for the shit he keeps pulling out

  27. Lubor Pešek

    Lubor PešekTahun Yang lalu

    kick out old daddy Räikkönen from Ferrari and they can win ! It's impossible to win championship with this old guy!!!

  28. TheWalkthroughOfLife

    TheWalkthroughOfLifeTahun Yang lalu

    "HULKENBERG WAS RIGHT!" -Alonso 2k17 "HAMILTON WAS RIGHT!" - Alonso 2k18

  29. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

    0123456789abc decghijklmnTahun Yang lalu

    Maximum DILDO!

  30. Stas Sokol

    Stas SokolTahun Yang lalu

    What happened in this race, I was not very pleased.As a fan of Sebastian.But if there were no such incidents and intrigues, I think it's better to watch Golf.

  31. Stas Sokol

    Stas SokolTahun Yang lalu

    Stas Vostrikov freshly It is very interesting to read reviews and reviews on this racer.First, ambiguous - this TIME! Secondly,annoying all the brethren of the fans-TWO! And third, please think of the fans of the sport(and I including)(for rooting from 2005 year) Let's get guys like Verstappen,Grosjean,don't even want to list more,because I will be a bit headless from the fans.Yes,I will not lie, I support Sebastian is not the first season,but I think the race is more interesting because some forces interfere in the course of events,it is a pity(sports)why not in Mercedes.But nevertheless, Max as a person I do not like, but as a rider I have no questions.Talent.

  32. nadine nona

    nadine nonaTahun Yang lalu

    Who let this guy into racing he is a cancer to the Grand Prix

  33. Rishabh Sharma

    Rishabh SharmaTahun Yang lalu

    Maxtor Maldonappen

  34. Ozer928

    Ozer928Tahun Yang lalu

    This guy should quit racing cars right away. What a disgrace and inexcusableness for F1 to have. Hell, F1 is already in shambles.

  35. G 17

    G 17Tahun Yang lalu


  36. A.N.

    A.N.Tahun Yang lalu

    Since Max has a girlfriend he has been going downhill a bit..seems he is not 100% focussed on racing..I reckon he is pussy-whipped...just a thought..

  37. Abidin Karaman

    Abidin KaramanTahun Yang lalu

    verstappen ananı sikim

  38. Josef Santos

    Josef SantosTahun Yang lalu

    This is what happens when you suck too much of ferrari's cock

  39. Daniel Johnson

    Daniel JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    What an idiot! Hamilton was right.

  40. Diego MAZ

    Diego MAZTahun Yang lalu

    Vettel you are best driver

  41. Diego MAZ

    Diego MAZTahun Yang lalu

    Max you are idiot

  42. Фастовский Маппер

    Фастовский МапперTahun Yang lalu

    Death to all Verstappen haters!!!! Your favorite vettel is a shit of dickrarri!!

  43. Фастовский Маппер

    Фастовский МапперTahun Yang lalu

    Absolutely vETTEL fault, fuck dickrrari

  44. Erkin Abacioglu

    Erkin AbaciogluTahun Yang lalu

    Who is this rookie 😜 How racing this rookie?I wonder,this teen relative of Charlie Whiting?Because he protect him!!!!!👎👎👎

  45. rayhan znayka

    rayhan znaykaTahun Yang lalu

    Horner order isn't it? Haha

  46. Master_J

    Master_JTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you #max :D #finnish ;)

  47. Mike Miami

    Mike MiamiTahun Yang lalu

    Vettel talked to verstappen like senna did to young schumacher almost same incident

  48. George G

    George GTahun Yang lalu

    Bust him down to GP2 till he learns some humility. If he survives the humiliation he could come out a bigger better person and racing driver.

  49. Amir Duishvili

    Amir DuishviliTahun Yang lalu

    Just know that every 2nd driver in Red Bull is going to be a "Mad Bull"

  50. MD KW g

    MD KW gTahun Yang lalu

  51. C.G.C

    C.G.CTahun Yang lalu

    The usual idiot. When are they going to start supporting Ricciardo instead of that hooligan

  52. keflar5

    keflar5Tahun Yang lalu

    The lock up was MINOR compared to the ridiculous speed and angle of that maneuver.

  53. Alban Johan

    Alban JohanTahun Yang lalu

    It was Seton-Murphy contact reenactment in V8 Supercars on the same place 13 years ago.

  54. Alex P

    Alex PTahun Yang lalu

    Kvyat crashed into Vettel when he (Vettel) wasn't championship leader. Do you think Mad Max will be kicked out of RedBull? Nah

  55. Io1564

    Io1564Tahun Yang lalu

    Max is a fucking idiot that makes way to many rookie mistakes! Get your arse to driving school, Max!

  56. John White

    John WhiteTahun Yang lalu

    such a dickhead

  57. Ailios

    AiliosTahun Yang lalu

    Glad to see they both reacted maturely.

  58. Bao Quoc

    Bao QuocTahun Yang lalu

    Dog verstapen

  59. catur skak

    catur skakTahun Yang lalu

    now you can torpedo man behind the wheel

  60. Bruno Augusto

    Bruno AugustoTahun Yang lalu

    VERSTAPPEN é um otário e deveria ser banido da F1.

  61. Aquarius61

    Aquarius61Tahun Yang lalu

    Max need a crowbar upside the head to teach him a lesson... That lesson being the other drivers won't take his impetuous shit

  62. Jenny GW

    Jenny GWTahun Yang lalu

    Not a Verstappen fan, and it was his mistake of course. But it is refreshing to see F1 driver admit a mistake and apologise.

  63. Gickes

    GickesTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen ruins Vettel's race - Gets a 10 second penalty Kvyat ruins Vettel's race - Gets demoted to the Redbull B-Team, Toro Rosso, and then gets kicked out of F1 for good.

  64. Adrian Rückborn

    Adrian RückbornTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen ist halt n Idiot.Ist nicht das erste mal das er andere abräumt,der Dummbratz

  65. mark nvt

    mark nvtTahun Yang lalu

    I am a big fan of Verstappen, and i still am. Ofcourse i love when Verstappen makes an overtake, but i still can enjoy a failed attempt. Ofcourse i curse all the crap that i should not write here, but at least he tries. Let me remind you guys that Ricciardo had a same overtake where he was very, very lucky this race. I believe it was with Bottas, he let him go by to survive, And Vettel got lost in the fight. That is F1 at his best, its joy and its drama. But thats why i love Furmula 1 so much, i don't want to see a race without drama. That is a boring race to me. And you can say what you want about Verstappen, But that hero gives us that emotions and drama what F1 needs so bad.

  66. J C

    J CTahun Yang lalu

    Verstcrashen ruined the 2017 vetel s season and this year he will do the same.....Go home Verstcrashen !!!