1. Barça Forlife

    Barça Forlife20 jam yang lalu


  2. Kane

    Kane3 hari yang lalu

    how do you hotbox a room that big?

  3. Vationeta

    Vationeta3 hari yang lalu

    3 years later I realize u guys were high as fuck😂

  4. Hawk mousie

    Hawk mousie4 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know where I can find this song

  5. jaystewart

    jaystewart6 hari yang lalu

    Can this faze rain come back pls

  6. Dr. Cornbread

    Dr. Cornbread7 hari yang lalu

    That's right

  7. hehnny

    hehnny7 hari yang lalu

    who tf is here in 2020 this shit is legendary

  8. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez7 hari yang lalu

    Only fat FaZe Rain fans can like this

  9. BULLSFAN25106

    BULLSFAN251068 hari yang lalu

    and this is how kids found out about vaping

  10. CHASE ace

    CHASE ace9 hari yang lalu

    2020 lol?

  11. Hawk mousie

    Hawk mousie9 hari yang lalu

    What the song called anyone know please and thank u?

  12. testiclegrabber1

    testiclegrabber112 hari yang lalu

    whats the song called?

  13. Julian STV

    Julian STV13 hari yang lalu

    Yo crazy watchin this in 2020

  14. Camron125 Gaming

    Camron125 Gaming14 hari yang lalu

    Porn hub hat?

  15. LinuxEssentials

    LinuxEssentials15 hari yang lalu

    Good old days

  16. TSM_ Ghost

    TSM_ Ghost15 hari yang lalu

    No wonder u turned out gay

  17. o5 Crime

    o5 Crime16 hari yang lalu

    Damn this hits hard in 2020! So OG

  18. Daily Modded

    Daily Modded17 hari yang lalu

    Bruh I am watching this video again in 2020😂 Loved nord back then

  19. I-lean

    I-lean18 hari yang lalu

    Here i am... in 2020 @ 4 am watching this

  20. Chayn

    Chayn18 hari yang lalu

    Who’s here after he’s now a detective? 👇🏻

  21. Avi

    Avi18 hari yang lalu

    2017: one year I’ll be the best in the United States 2018: I’ll be the best in the world 2020: I smoke mad weed

  22. Kryses Spike

    Kryses Spike18 hari yang lalu

    nearly 4 years damn the time is fast af

  23. Zombie Ghost

    Zombie Ghost19 hari yang lalu

    Recommend after 3 years

  24. GTA 5 FX

    GTA 5 FX21 hari yang lalu

    who watching this in 2020?

  25. King Irrelevance

    King Irrelevance22 hari yang lalu

    I miss the old squad.

  26. CODE Blayze

    CODE Blayze24 hari yang lalu

    I miss this

  27. Siah 777

    Siah 77724 hari yang lalu

    The people from Juul should use you as the Juul Icon

  28. Siah 777

    Siah 77724 hari yang lalu

    A legend in the flesh, no I didn’t watch the whole video on this account. I get new phones and don’t remember passwords.

  29. NotQndrew

    NotQndrew25 hari yang lalu

    imagine if someone started smoking

  30. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes25 hari yang lalu

    2020 gang wya

  31. Flexa Emporer

    Flexa Emporer25 hari yang lalu

    How tf was vape lord nord that long ago 🤧🤧

  32. Faded Elevaded

    Faded Elevaded25 hari yang lalu


  33. Aaron Gennard

    Aaron Gennard25 hari yang lalu


  34. Ktown

    Ktown26 hari yang lalu

    2020 where u at

  35. Lowkey JC

    Lowkey JC26 hari yang lalu

    This beat still fire asf in 2020

  36. Floatfn

    Floatfn27 hari yang lalu

    💨 🖊

  37. Paulo

    Paulo27 hari yang lalu

    2020 😰

  38. NerdNazareth *

    NerdNazareth *27 hari yang lalu

    SO Y'ALL SUPPORTED HIM VAPING AND NOT HIM SMOKING WEED?!?!?! Do some research before you reply on some dumb shit because I can guarantee Vaping is almost always worse than smoking weed

  39. random ass beaner

    random ass beaner26 hari yang lalu

    NerdNazareth *bro why the fuck are u telling us this now after he stopped😂😂😂

  40. dylan ramos

    dylan ramos27 hari yang lalu

    2020 vibes

  41. iwitight17

    iwitight1729 hari yang lalu

    2020 anyone??

  42. Isaiah Whiteway

    Isaiah WhitewayBulan Yang lalu

    FaZe Rain should’ve got a huge Vape Sponsorship because he made atleast 30k-60k teens vape😂

  43. Sammy Curtis

    Sammy CurtisBulan Yang lalu

    This is the video that ruined nordans life. He got addicted to weed, drugs and what not.. Now he doesn't even upload and keeps lying to his fans. Sorry I had to say this. I used to watch this guy doing bo2 videos.

  44. *#Thanos#* IпfiпiтУ Clan

    *#Thanos#* IпfiпiтУ Clan11 hari yang lalu

    Sammy Curtis he did weed before he vaped

  45. Lukepanman _

    Lukepanman _Bulan Yang lalu

    2020 gang wya

  46. NotCristian23

    NotCristian23Bulan Yang lalu

    hes the reason most of us starting vaping lets be honest

  47. CucumberMan5269 420

    CucumberMan5269 420Bulan Yang lalu

    Why am i watching this in 2020

  48. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad AliBulan Yang lalu

    2020 recommendations hwfg‼️‼️

  49. Muhammad Adeel

    Muhammad AdeelBulan Yang lalu

    I need this music. I need the link

  50. Supreme Kid

    Supreme KidBulan Yang lalu

    Why did the guys ask what’s under faze rains robe

  51. Demetri Vasiliou

    Demetri VasiliouBulan Yang lalu


  52. Klikzy

    KlikzyBulan Yang lalu

    2020 gang

  53. Bipolar-Jaguar

    Bipolar-JaguarBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t juul not cuul

  54. Mathias Norgaard

    Mathias NorgaardBulan Yang lalu

    2020 GANG PULLUP

  55. Hashim Abbas

    Hashim AbbasBulan Yang lalu

    Fucking virgins

  56. Felta YT

    Felta YTBulan Yang lalu

    Love when this pops up in my recommended in 2020, god the fucking nostalgia

  57. MLGLethal

    MLGLethalBulan Yang lalu

    2020 ?

  58. Joselito

    JoselitoBulan Yang lalu


  59. DomD

    DomDBulan Yang lalu

    Who made it back here in 2020

  60. RHS Entertainment

    RHS EntertainmentBulan Yang lalu

    Me walking into the bathroom at my school

  61. Floss Freestyle

    Floss FreestyleBulan Yang lalu

    4:36 nice one dude in the back HAHAHHA

  62. Mohammed Ayoop

    Mohammed AyoopBulan Yang lalu

    I’m from the future 2020