Unus Annus


  1. Maggie Norris

    Maggie NorrisHari Yang lalu

    For those who don't know, "unus annus" is "one year" in Latin. The more you know! ❤️

  2. Victor00123HD

    Victor00123HDHari Yang lalu

    I guessed as much, in Romanian, its 'un an' close enough XD

  3. Mike Flores

    Mike FloresHari Yang lalu

    Maggie Norris wow thanks

  4. Mari 215

    Mari 215Hari Yang lalu

    Big brain

  5. B K TV

    B K TVHari Yang lalu

    Like I thought it was a butthole joke.

  6. HotDog Cat

    HotDog CatHari Yang lalu

    haha funny unnus "anaus" hahaha funny le epic xd

  7. ACE the killer

    ACE the killer3 jam yang lalu


  8. Nicholas Coovert

    Nicholas Coovert3 jam yang lalu

    argh! mark and ethan missed the perfect opprotunity! They should have switched ties!

  9. Psycho Pearl

    Psycho Pearl3 jam yang lalu

    I'm sure fans are just going to download all the videos before they're deleted and put them on an Unus Annus archive channel or something.

  10. Sam Schafer

    Sam Schafer4 jam yang lalu

    checkmate i'll just download all your videos

  11. Zelph

    Zelph4 jam yang lalu

    Today I learned that there is a limit of replies on a IDreporter comment and that it's at five hundred

  12. Mr. Fancy Raccoon

    Mr. Fancy Raccoon4 jam yang lalu

    I can already smell the reupload channels a year from now...

  13. Enoch\Jack Rugusha

    Enoch\Jack Rugusha4 jam yang lalu


  14. Joel Oguachuba

    Joel Oguachuba4 jam yang lalu

    nigga please

  15. Wretched Era

    Wretched Era4 jam yang lalu

    garbage feminists.

  16. nivati commentary

    nivati commentary4 jam yang lalu


  17. Comment Police

    Comment Police4 jam yang lalu


  18. Toast_Hwuggless

    Toast_Hwuggless4 jam yang lalu

    Sorry, but I'm already in the Cult of Flying Pancakes

  19. MrSQUIDDYBeans

    MrSQUIDDYBeans4 jam yang lalu

    Well guess what i found a loop hole in your Unnus Annus crap i can just download the videos

  20. DBV

    DBV4 jam yang lalu

    Damn dis some crazy shit your doin mark

  21. Andre

    Andre4 jam yang lalu

    i´d read anus

  22. Wretched Era

    Wretched Era4 jam yang lalu


  23. Cube perm

    Cube perm4 jam yang lalu

    Nobody Mark and Ethan: Y'all have one year chose wisely

  24. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones4 jam yang lalu

    Them telling us ahead of time about the deletion will only cause the re-uploads to begin

  25. SarasGAMES

    SarasGAMES4 jam yang lalu

    So who's downoalding the videos?

  26. JJ24_Ballistic

    JJ24_Ballistic4 jam yang lalu

    Im just thinking of those who download all the videos than reupload later

  27. Xavien_N

    Xavien_N4 jam yang lalu

    Mark: You'll never be able to see these videos again ReUploaders:Are you sure about that

  28. Zach Amos

    Zach Amos4 jam yang lalu

    Everyone just downvoted the video's

  29. Did I ask for your opinion

    Did I ask for your opinion4 jam yang lalu

    I read anus :)

  30. kosigisa

    kosigisa4 jam yang lalu

    wait this is just telling people to re upload all this channels vids

  31. Kayla Desormeaux

    Kayla Desormeaux4 jam yang lalu


  32. 57th American

    57th American4 jam yang lalu

    Yo did we just join an online cult? If so I need also need a robe.

  33. Spoon in a Socket

    Spoon in a Socket4 jam yang lalu

    I know this one. It’s a suicide pact

  34. xXprogamer_619Xx

    xXprogamer_619Xx4 jam yang lalu

    Bye bye

  35. Ben Bowman

    Ben Bowman4 jam yang lalu

    This is some spy kids type beat

  36. Dave Ruggiero

    Dave Ruggiero4 jam yang lalu

    i sould not have pressed the vid im scard

  37. Isabelle Modeste

    Isabelle Modeste4 jam yang lalu

    I feel like I just joined a cult. 😂😂

  38. Angel L

    Angel L4 jam yang lalu

    Screenrecord than upload

  39. Kevin Luo

    Kevin Luo4 jam yang lalu

    Is this the cult in a heist with mark?

  40. DinoMaster Fire

    DinoMaster Fire4 jam yang lalu

    Unus Annus, one year wow im smart with my language skills

  41. Roland Th3great

    Roland Th3great4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is this?

  42. eric capper

    eric capper4 jam yang lalu


  43. LaV C

    LaV C4 jam yang lalu

    The guy with the deep voice wants to destroy my anus? What ?

  44. Pikasol

    Pikasol4 jam yang lalu

    but you guys surly know how the internet works, right? .... right?!

  45. Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof4 jam yang lalu

    Unus annus: Imma end my whole career Fans and screen recording: wait that’s illegal

  46. TheGoodNewsom

    TheGoodNewsom4 jam yang lalu

    Unus Annus: We’ll delete every video when the time is up. Me with screen record: I don’t think so, pal

  47. Retard Alert

    Retard Alert4 jam yang lalu

    *When the clock strikes zero the channel will be deleted and everything with it will be gone* IDreporter to MP3 websites: laughing

  48. Diego Stovall

    Diego Stovall4 jam yang lalu

    Finna jus screen record all the vids to last for evrr

  49. Joe Kunsch

    Joe Kunsch4 jam yang lalu

    Clip converter. Lol

  50. Jaime Spencer

    Jaime Spencer4 jam yang lalu

    Momento Mori' translates into the inevitability of death. The channels inevitable future.

  51. Scott Lyons

    Scott Lyons4 jam yang lalu

    **Unus Annus Cult has joined the server**

  52. Heath

    Heath4 jam yang lalu

    Time to crack out the good old IDreporter to mp4 🙃🤫

  53. Phantom Spirit

    Phantom Spirit4 jam yang lalu

    Gonna make it my goal to comment on every video on this channel

  54. Emz Gregory

    Emz Gregory4 jam yang lalu

    Or u could download the videos before the account is deleted...

  55. triston Johnson

    triston Johnson4 jam yang lalu

    someone, somewhere, somehow is going to record every one of his vids and post them on another channel.

  56. lisa hennig

    lisa hennig4 jam yang lalu

    Ok I did *not* need this-

  57. TheWorstOutlaw

    TheWorstOutlaw4 jam yang lalu

    What can be made, can be destroyed. And what is destroyed is history.

  58. Matts Bongo

    Matts Bongo4 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else thought of Metallica when mark said for whom the bell tolls?

  59. Mulignan Night

    Mulignan Night4 jam yang lalu

    When you need more money so you make a bs project

  60. Waffle Cake

    Waffle Cake4 jam yang lalu

    Wow, people are already archiving this. Douchebags.

  61. BuckBanana

    BuckBanana4 jam yang lalu

    Yo I turned the screen because I thought I was going to be hypnotized

  62. KevDawg

    KevDawg4 jam yang lalu

    i was here - KevDawg

  63. eastinanddopey

    eastinanddopey4 jam yang lalu

    How is this 1 trending

  64. Kalyx triaD

    Kalyx triaD4 jam yang lalu

    How does this have millions of views?

  65. t r i n

    t r i n4 jam yang lalu

    Im so scared