Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now - SNL


  1. Justin Lehman

    Justin Lehman13 jam yang lalu

    I like Adam Driver, bit not gonna lie. I can't be the only one that thinks he was cast for the Kylo Ren role because when he revealed his face he was a mediocre attractive guy with an a somewhat evil face. Good thing for his acting skills.

  2. Jack Rodarte

    Jack Rodarte13 jam yang lalu

    The real joke here is that they recycled their script just like star wars did for ep 7

  3. Jo Kah

    Jo Kah13 jam yang lalu

    Haha Adam is hilarious

  4. Rhode Island

    Rhode Island13 jam yang lalu


  5. Jack Southworth

    Jack Southworth13 jam yang lalu

    OT fans: “Kylo’s nowhere near as cool as Vader” Sequel fans: “Ok boomer”

  6. FishingWithPj

    FishingWithPj13 jam yang lalu

    And you’ll die like him to ok boomer got me 😂

  7. Internet Man

    Internet Man13 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who is bothered by the storm trooper costumes being wrong?

  8. Chance Simons

    Chance Simons13 jam yang lalu

    The entire sequel trilogy is worth it because it gave us this series.

  9. NovaDestry

    NovaDestry13 jam yang lalu

    the first order cant even afford blasters, they settled for MP40s

  10. Ladybug

    Ladybug13 jam yang lalu

    "He agressed me!!", lol. This was hilarious.

  11. UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE

    UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE13 jam yang lalu


  12. Tiana L.

    Tiana L.13 jam yang lalu

    Was it really five years ago?

  13. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett13 jam yang lalu

    I am Randy

  14. legitty

    legitty13 jam yang lalu

    Ok, but aren’t we gonna acknowledge the fact they used Imperial Troopers instead of First Order Troopers... 🤦‍♂️

  15. Tucker Prestridge

    Tucker Prestridge13 jam yang lalu

    I find comfort knowing this is the last we will ever see of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. What a beautiful end.

  16. Brandon Hallam

    Brandon Hallam13 jam yang lalu

    If they made the next star wars movie: Kylo Undercover boss, it would probably have a greater box office showing

  17. A. C.

    A. C.13 jam yang lalu

    "oh my god. are you okay."

  18. Sam Donovan

    Sam Donovan13 jam yang lalu

    “He aggressed me, he AGGRESSED me”

  19. eli64dd

    eli64dd13 jam yang lalu

    The first one was better

  20. Բιяєflу

    Բιяєflу13 jam yang lalu

    _Oh yeah, i think you're looking for-_ *_Deez Nuts!_*

  21. Ava Hood

    Ava Hood13 jam yang lalu


  22. Mike Deshiel

    Mike Deshiel13 jam yang lalu

    "Supreme commander, shall we deploy the Tie-Bombers on the resistance base?!" Kylo: "Ok Bomber"

  23. Snottydicknose 1

    Snottydicknose 113 jam yang lalu

    Garbage skit and movie

  24. Manny Garcia

    Manny Garcia13 jam yang lalu

    Funny how there using empire gear

  25. Daniel Townsend

    Daniel Townsend13 jam yang lalu

    “i’m so happy right now” *doesn’t look happy at all*

  26. Shloopa

    Shloopa13 jam yang lalu

    Snl is worse than the prequals

  27. Caleb Livingston

    Caleb Livingston13 jam yang lalu


  28. Nelson Hawkins

    Nelson Hawkins13 jam yang lalu

    "I made 4 new friends and only killed one of them." 🤣

  29. Kyle

    Kyle13 jam yang lalu

    Han Solo: You have the strength. Kylo Ren: Okay, boomer

  30. Hemogoblin

    Hemogoblin13 jam yang lalu

    I'm 100% here for bearded Kylo

  31. StevenGamesHD

    StevenGamesHD13 jam yang lalu

    *Shows imperial stormtroopers instead of first order stormtroopers* Star Wars Fans: *tHaT's WRoNg*

  32. Dpol85

    Dpol8513 jam yang lalu

    Killed the first woman tie fighter before her first mission. He should be impeached as supreme ruler call the senate together

  33. Mubashir Mahi

    Mubashir Mahi13 jam yang lalu

    Wow! This is not beating the half dead horse.

  34. Josh Alexander

    Josh Alexander13 jam yang lalu

    Old guy from tfa: “The first order rose from the dark side, you did not” Kylo: “Ok boomer”

  35. Valentine Moments

    Valentine Moments13 jam yang lalu

    This is better than the movie

  36. Tropic Sciurus

    Tropic Sciurus13 jam yang lalu

    The only good thing from the sequel trilogy.

  37. Lia Power

    Lia Power13 jam yang lalu

    He aggressed me!!!

  38. Benjamin Fink

    Benjamin Fink13 jam yang lalu

    I miss Matt :(

  39. Ethan Tremblay

    Ethan Tremblay13 jam yang lalu

    SNL sucks! And, it’s as relevant as a fart in a windstorm!

  40. ryan peace

    ryan peace13 jam yang lalu

    I thought that was parker from gold rush in the thumbnail

  41. Ganiscol

    Ganiscol13 jam yang lalu

    "An intern with anger management issues and Sith powers" - "Can it get any worse!?" He thought, just before his windpipe was crushed by an invisible force

  42. Anne Fizzell

    Anne Fizzell13 jam yang lalu

    palps: “As I once fell, so falls the last Skywalker!!” ben: ok, boomer

  43. Lost Chaos

    Lost Chaos13 jam yang lalu

    Who Cares.... I do I DO!

  44. dingusrevolver

    dingusrevolver13 jam yang lalu

    Did that stormtrooper have an MP40?

  45. PolarPhantom

    PolarPhantom13 jam yang lalu

    Gotta love how they didn't bother to cover up his scar. Cause we all love the scar.

  46. theDC4L

    theDC4L13 jam yang lalu

    Can we get less Asian guy. He must be the new Leslie Jones

  47. Onion Man

    Onion Man13 jam yang lalu

    Those arent even the right stormtroopers. Oops my white male rage is coming out oops.

  48. Uriel Torrez

    Uriel Torrez13 jam yang lalu

    "Kylo Ren is a Punk BITCH" -First Order Stormtrooper

  49. slickrick13130

    slickrick1313013 jam yang lalu

    More Alec Baldwin Trump impressions please SNL

  50. Mr BrownMann

    Mr BrownMann13 jam yang lalu


  51. L K

    L K13 jam yang lalu

    Should've given him facial hair in the movie, a Darth title, and no death....

  52. skinny jason

    skinny jason13 jam yang lalu

    hes still hot

  53. zCro lMagnoNl

    zCro lMagnoNl13 jam yang lalu

    Haven't watched star wars since ep3 and I think this is hilarious. Well put together skit

  54. Alpha0727

    Alpha072713 jam yang lalu

    Well, he also got a promotion to Supreme Leader in that time. So, there was that.

  55. Ev M

    Ev M13 jam yang lalu

    Never thought I'd hear kylo say ok boomer

  56. Drake H

    Drake H13 jam yang lalu

    The little try smile at the end killed me

  57. BattleRap V IndustryClowns 2020

    BattleRap V IndustryClowns 202013 jam yang lalu

    Never stop making these ahaha

  58. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia13 jam yang lalu

    ok boomer

  59. Clinto

    Clinto13 jam yang lalu

    this is immediately not funny because adam driver said ok boomer

  60. my name

    my name13 jam yang lalu

    No matter how many of those we get, we'll never reach the same level of character depth as with superior officer Zack.