Unboxing & Let's Play - CUE - The Cleverbot Smart Robot - By: Wonder Workshop FULL REVIEW!


  1. Lithium023

    Lithium0233 hari yang lalu

    What's better cue or dash?

  2. LoLjax

    LoLjax3 hari yang lalu

    Kann die Wonder Workshop Wonder Set Special Edition amzn.to/35TeA2w für Rund 258 Euro sehr empfehlen.

  3. devin hopkins

    devin hopkins21 hari yang lalu


  4. William Moore

    William Moore23 hari yang lalu

    I Watch one of your videos I seen you unboxing video youTuber

  5. Redstone Commander triligy

    Redstone Commander triligy27 hari yang lalu

    The voice of this robot sounds just like the narrator for the Stanley parable

  6. BenalRida

    BenalRida2 bulan yang lalu

    How do you program it? You didn't show. What can you do with it when programming?

  7. sewa tour

    sewa tour3 bulan yang lalu

    Is cue can talk?

  8. Nana Hi

    Nana Hi4 bulan yang lalu

    Cue vs dash ok


    ACEOFSPADES11796 bulan yang lalu

    if he spies on me he's grounded

  10. hennie van rensburg

    hennie van rensburg6 bulan yang lalu

    free little manual discover projectcasidi.wpcomstaging.com/cue-curriculum-wonder-workshop/

  11. Sai daki Mano

    Sai daki Mano9 bulan yang lalu

    Portal core's real

  12. Dany

    Dany9 bulan yang lalu


  13. Alexis Hudon

    Alexis Hudon10 bulan yang lalu

    Cool ton robot Et jen est un chez moi

  14. Thekahnfam ily

    Thekahnfam ily11 bulan yang lalu

    I got dash today!

  15. Bayteck Toons

    Bayteck Toons11 bulan yang lalu

    0:20 RISE? WTF

  16. Matshapiri Males forever

    Matshapiri Males forever11 bulan yang lalu

    ok so I got a robot that looks the exact same off ebay and It came with nothing but the robot and all it does is blink at me.. I dont know what to do with this cute thing..

  17. Neutral God

    Neutral GodTahun Yang lalu

    for $200! it's crap! thank you very much to show me,you save me $! have a good holiday!

  18. Miraculus lady Bug Español latino

    Miraculus lady Bug Español latinoTahun Yang lalu

    Im favorite the avatars is peep

  19. Prathibha G R

    Prathibha G RTahun Yang lalu

    I picked Smirk for my special white cue

  20. LEMONjelly 24

    LEMONjelly 24Tahun Yang lalu

    luv the last part

  21. LV Taylor

    LV TaylorTahun Yang lalu

    Great unboxing and review as usual. Thanks. Keep up the great work. I like Cue and other talking robots.

  22. Эльмира Ярметова

    Эльмира ЯрметоваTahun Yang lalu

    Cue and Dash. Robot death batlle?

  23. xfire11

    xfire11Tahun Yang lalu


  24. Savannah Mobley

    Savannah MobleyTahun Yang lalu

    i got a dash for my birthday today and im 12. cue seems like a better version but im still happy.

  25. Damond Pleasant

    Damond PleasantTahun Yang lalu

    I would have chosen Zest. LOL

  26. aravind aravind

    aravind aravindTahun Yang lalu

    Cue super robot

  27. aravind aravind

    aravind aravindTahun Yang lalu

    Super khan

  28. X-er

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  29. X-er

    X-erTahun Yang lalu


  30. No name K

    No name KTahun Yang lalu


  31. Noice Memes

    Noice MemesTahun Yang lalu

    What is the PrIcE

  32. ItsMeFeatDa! Z

    ItsMeFeatDa! ZTahun Yang lalu

    NOT Rize this Cue

  33. Bayteck Toons

    Bayteck ToonsTahun Yang lalu

    what rize mtr desings

  34. Drew Achong

    Drew AchongTahun Yang lalu

    6:16, my thoughts exactly. LOL

  35. Roasted Skull

    Roasted SkullTahun Yang lalu

    Can you stick with the classy voice? Or do you have to pick one of the those four?

  36. No name K

    No name KTahun Yang lalu

    I have Cue and you have to pick 1 of the 4. The classy voice is still active when the robot is not connected to the app though.

  37. Kelli Takach

    Kelli TakachTahun Yang lalu

    Does it work on carpet at all? I couldn’t find this answer on google or Apple forum. Also, will it follow you to take a walk? Is this a WiFi only bot?

  38. Alif live with Alit the dove

    Alif live with Alit the doveTahun Yang lalu

    Kelli Takach yes cue can follow you i watch the trailer

  39. mikel carrow

    mikel carrowTahun Yang lalu

    Put a cam on him..make him accessible via Wi-Fi and you have the perfect security bot...have it where you can talk through him via Wi-Fi with his current functions like his cool personality that can be toggled in case you want him to patrol at night when the fam is sleeping and toggled on so if burgs are at your door they can here him talking...or you again talk through him..perfect security robot like riley.....perfect fast and cool....you're welcome. Don't buy several micro transaction each personality is 5 bucks..and just to start. This guys is not telling you everything..sellout.

  40. Mario Hemsley

    Mario HemsleyTahun Yang lalu

    Excellent job once again!

  41. Isaac Fan - Numberblock Fan

    Isaac Fan - Numberblock FanTahun Yang lalu

    Cueis for 11+

  42. spectrall

    spectrallTahun Yang lalu

    Intro song

  43. No name K

    No name KTahun Yang lalu


  44. Nptankist Gaming

    Nptankist GamingTahun Yang lalu

    i like your videos a lot