Ultimate Skills & Tricks in Football 2019 ● 4K


  1. Lorenzo F7

    Lorenzo F7Tahun Yang lalu

    Another Friday, another Skills video for my Favorite people in this World! Hope you enjoy it boys, a Special video is coming out tomorrow :D

  2. Rony Elias

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  3. Arda Balıkesir10

    Arda Balıkesir10Tahun Yang lalu

    Yuto Nagatomo skill vs Schalke in add the anohter video Okey ? Beacuse This video is forget you Nagatomo Skill :)) Sorry my bad english

  4. Binsen Keller

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  5. Zoina Ratovoson

    Zoina RatovosonTahun Yang lalu

    Great job but wish to see more of liverpool player

  6. Supreme Emperor

    Supreme EmperorTahun Yang lalu

    Hey keep using music like these and good job this was excellent

  7. jeancito:3 :v

    jeancito:3 :v3 hari yang lalu

    6:00 quise poner un numero nmms , :v

  8. jeancito:3 :v

    jeancito:3 :v3 hari yang lalu

    EL guasonico xed : v

  9. LBxanawl khenglawt

    LBxanawl khenglawt11 bulan yang lalu

    Your work are amazing, KEEP IT UP!!

  10. Lorenzo F7

    Lorenzo F711 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks a lot brother! :D

  11. Yos479 C

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  12. Lorenzo F7

    Lorenzo F711 bulan yang lalu

    So sad that he is injured :(

  13. andré hagedorn zappellini extnc cb

    andré hagedorn zappellini extnc cbTahun Yang lalu

    First music pls?

  14. my boy

    my boyTahun Yang lalu

    Nice skill and song

  15. Bilal Şahin

    Bilal ŞahinTahun Yang lalu

    4.03 music name ? please

  16. WhyJowoBro?

    WhyJowoBro?Tahun Yang lalu

    In 10 Minuten 8 mal Werbung 😑

  17. RILLER

    RILLERTahun Yang lalu

    Wich season of football was your favourite ? Well mine was 2016/17 let me know

  18. 李函璋

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  19. Gonzalo Gallo

    Gonzalo GalloTahun Yang lalu

    Como se llama el tema con el que comienza el video?

  20. Alexis Sedano

    Alexis SedanoTahun Yang lalu

    Como se llama la cansino. Que utilizas en el video??

  21. Matheus Alves

    Matheus AlvesTahun Yang lalu

    Music intro ??

  22. Gueleco Zanchée

    Gueleco ZanchéeTahun Yang lalu

    VAYA SON TAN HERMOSOS LOS SKILL que los voy a poner enpractica

  23. Aymen Mca

    Aymen McaTahun Yang lalu

    Mahrez ❤❤❤

  24. StayinLine

    StayinLineTahun Yang lalu

    this skills are crazy wow.

  25. Lopeas Lipiso

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    ƦƛƝƁƖƦ ƧƠƦЄƝTahun Yang lalu

    where is wilfried zaha

  27. yordin eduardo berrios leguia

    yordin eduardo berrios leguiaTahun Yang lalu

    Como se llama la música del minuto 6:40

  28. yordin eduardo berrios leguia

    yordin eduardo berrios leguiaTahun Yang lalu

    Como se llama la música del minuto 6:40

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  30. Säls abïle

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    #RM26 💚


    AUGUSTO SILVATahun Yang lalu

    name of three song please !!

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    Ma sei italiano?

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    One song?

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    song name please?

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    Mahrez ❤👏

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    4:00 💯

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    Great stuff Bro!

  45. Hugo Oliveira

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    0 : 35 edde drible e muito foda

  46. Jimmy 11

    Jimmy 11Tahun Yang lalu

    Songs names?

  47. Mehdi Blk

    Mehdi BlkTahun Yang lalu

    Riad maherz 💙💙💙

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    Second song

  49. Aayam Bhandari

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    Top top quality bro

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    Hello, what is the name of the second song please?

  51. Yung_Bear_Lxrd

    Yung_Bear_LxrdTahun Yang lalu

    Why do i? - Unknown Artist Brain ft. Bri Tonali

  52. Nhân Nguyễn

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  53. Júlio Czar

    Júlio CzarTahun Yang lalu

    It's Just me repaired 98,9% of the players are using Nike in this compilation ?

  54. Mer Ouane

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  55. SilverXero 123

    SilverXero 123Tahun Yang lalu

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about how talented Martial is and He's an awesome underrated player?

  56. Brayan Mejia sanchez

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    Riyad Mahrez the best

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    Mahraz 🔥🔥🔥

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    Moses ObiTahun Yang lalu

    What's the name of the 2nd song??

  60. Moses Obi

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    Thanks bro God bless you

  61. SkillsMaster245

    SkillsMaster245Tahun Yang lalu

    Unknown Brain - Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani). Enjoy :)

  62. The jooker Harry

    The jooker HarryTahun Yang lalu

    neymar most skillful

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    Neymar jr 😍👍

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    Song please?

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    Excellent work bro

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    awesome vídeos bro whats the songs name??🙏🏻

  70. Alex Riddell

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    Like before watching because I know it's gonna be a banger

  71. PedrBeat

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    *Who is this, left-handed? **0:26*

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    Was hoping for mash up

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    Mehrez 💪

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    Great work bro!👌❤️