UFC 246: Weigh-in Recap


  1. _ gacha Raman _

    _ gacha Raman _16 hari yang lalu

    Cowboy now holds the record for the most awarded for a dive!

  2. Valijon Juraev

    Valijon Juraev23 hari yang lalu


  3. Groo Wanderer

    Groo Wanderer26 hari yang lalu

    Weigh in re cap, offered to me four days after the actual fights. I'm pretty close to unsubscribing, this is a bit much.

  4. Jordan Tyson

    Jordan Tyson28 hari yang lalu

    Conor McGregor is going to get another UFC belt he’s going to all the naysayers that said that he couldn’t do it he’s going to prove them wrong time and time again

  5. BestGlaive in the world

    BestGlaive in the world28 hari yang lalu

    Conor hit em with the 3 piece and a shoulda

  6. TerraLPU

    TerraLPU29 hari yang lalu

    Look My canal McGregor taka steroids? News idreporter.net/v/video-cnlVdt1T-7c.html ZAPRASZAM NA FEEDING +UCIECZKE PAJAKA :) POZDRAWIAM! JEST NAS CORAZ WIECEJ ! PONAD 1K WYSWIETLEN DZIEKUJE!

  7. keshav kashyap

    keshav kashyap29 hari yang lalu

    Trump 2020

  8. Amr Belch

    Amr Belch29 hari yang lalu

    Conor la petite salope

  9. King Gorrilla

    King GorrillaBulan Yang lalu

    Okay Im no fan boy but at 01:12 when Mcgregor is flexing at slow motion but his scream is in real time is cool af

  10. Fidan Bars

    Fidan BarsBulan Yang lalu





  12. xShiroNekox

    xShiroNekoxBulan Yang lalu

    40 second KO and in Start with Donald

  13. Blaximus The Black Knight

    Blaximus The Black KnightBulan Yang lalu

    Cerrone is a dead man walking

  14. UnNuevo Mundo

    UnNuevo MundoBulan Yang lalu


  15. Julius Grandia Maraguinot

    Julius Grandia MaraguinotBulan Yang lalu

    im not excited at all. conor changed. and im good with it. Khabib helped him change.

  16. willp2003

    willp2003Bulan Yang lalu

    Conor has up’d his lat and back game. Fair play.

  17. Kizz Jus

    Kizz JusBulan Yang lalu

    How much money cowboy get for this fight?4M?

  18. Joe

    JoeBulan Yang lalu

    1:26 Dana White taps Connor on his back, making him kiss noses with Cerone

  19. waheedD12

    waheedD12Bulan Yang lalu

    imagine arianne, britney and red all at the same time

  20. Adam Szecówka

    Adam SzecówkaBulan Yang lalu

    Conor looks so old...

  21. Cem Dönmez

    Cem DönmezBulan Yang lalu

    I dont see focus in cowboy. I dont see that he wants to win. I see it in conors eyes this time. The light that was not on his eyes in khabib match.

  22. _ gacha Raman _

    _ gacha Raman _Bulan Yang lalu



    CLAN [APES] OFFICIALBulan Yang lalu

    Conor Looks Huge Wtf

  24. Город Грехов

    Город ГреховBulan Yang lalu


  25. Город Грехов

    Город ГреховBulan Yang lalu


  26. Jason Cromey

    Jason CromeyBulan Yang lalu

    The Best Buy girl wants that Irish D she didn’t look at Donald once during the Stare down

  27. roll tide

    roll tideBulan Yang lalu

    Wow Conor shook hands with Cowboy

  28. Joseph

    JosephBulan Yang lalu

    Cowboy gets his red panty night lmao

  29. lewis clout

    lewis cloutBulan Yang lalu

    Conor looks like he does in the fake picture that was going about Huge

  30. Thomas Majors

    Thomas MajorsBulan Yang lalu

    Conor McGregor actually weighed 170

  31. Cris 55

    Cris 55Bulan Yang lalu

    Nice girls too 👏👏👏👏👏😁

  32. words wpns

    words wpnsBulan Yang lalu

    No Drake , wheres Drake

  33. words wpns

    words wpnsBulan Yang lalu

    khabib Mcgregor weigh in going 20 million views

  34. WarDisciple1

    WarDisciple1Bulan Yang lalu

    I can't wait to see this fight

  35. Бил Кил

    Бил КилBulan Yang lalu

    Конор Конор Конор лучший!!!!!

  36. 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Content

    1,000,000 Subscribers With No ContentBulan Yang lalu

    Who’s the big black chick behind them in the weigh ins?

  37. Jimmy Durmody

    Jimmy DurmodyBulan Yang lalu

    Connor remins me of when Ronda came back with perfect physic and went down in first round..

  38. KiLLa 96

    KiLLa 96Bulan Yang lalu

    Jimmy Durmody you sound dumb

  39. adil Shaikh

    adil ShaikhBulan Yang lalu

    🤠 gonna win

  40. Brandon Yadon

    Brandon YadonBulan Yang lalu

    Kabib called McGregor out for being the rapist that he is. I guess UFC doesn't support ME TOO movement?

  41. Brandon Yadon

    Brandon YadonBulan Yang lalu

    Conner is guilty of multiple violent rapes. Dana white and Cowboy are eager and happy to cover for him. These cunts have no souls.

  42. Zayn Thawadi

    Zayn ThawadiBulan Yang lalu

    I can't wait .. Red Night 💥🔥

  43. msp tcb

    msp tcbBulan Yang lalu

    You better cowboy up

  44. Wesley so to speak

    Wesley so to speakBulan Yang lalu

    look at that woman staring at conor like a piece of fried chicken

  45. Just Back From Hell Now To Jupiter

    Just Back From Hell Now To JupiterBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like USADA help Conor to inject some steroids so he can fight 3 time in year .

  46. monib maichat

    monib maichatBulan Yang lalu

    When is the fight and what time??????

  47. monib maichat

    monib maichatBulan Yang lalu

    When is the fight and at what time plase

  48. dalman amnah

    dalman amnahBulan Yang lalu

    Conor learnt how to respect opponents .....khabib taught him a big lesson of his life , after all he just has a record which isn't very impressive 22-4 ........ Great work khabib nurmagomedov

  49. owa howa

    owa howaBulan Yang lalu

    First round ko for mcgregor. Mac my words

  50. TK Maytus

    TK MaytusBulan Yang lalu

    It is weird to c Conor this way, is it a bad sign? I don’t know.

  51. Samuel Davis

    Samuel DavisBulan Yang lalu

    Will cowboy get Conor in deep water and catch him slipping 🤔😂😂😂

  52. Paul Carr

    Paul CarrBulan Yang lalu

    Isnt it amazing how Rogans crazy , hyperbole, actually makes this sound competitive . I'm no Connor fan but a Cerrone fan and last 2 times he was on the cusp of a title shot he collapsed like a cheap suitcase . Both Dos Anjos and Till took him out after a body shot hurt him both times . Also Cerrones a slow starter that isnt going to change after 50 fights and McGregor is not only explosive out of the corner but has something to prove . All things considered , McGregor is winning first round , if not first minute . Bet the house on it . Come back here tomorrow and see if I'm right . No idea where the so called experts see anything different to see a competitive fight . If you used Cerrone 4-5 years ago he would have a better chance but styles are everything and this is going to be a fast finish .

  53. kim jong

    kim jongBulan Yang lalu

    Cerrone will broke ur wing mc gregor chiken wings!!!

  54. Super Duper

    Super DuperBulan Yang lalu

    Come on Cowboy knock him out immediately. All his bullshit about all Irishmen being as one and fighting together, shame he didn't think that when he hit one of his fellow countrymen for not wanting to have a drink with him. Hypocrite!

  55. Mhd max

    Mhd maxBulan Yang lalu

    Proper weight jump lean hard this time conors body looks like he gained 2 frames size and he seems even more explosive and fast and hard thts crazy. When he cuts to 155 for the khabib fight he will beat him this time.

  56. 60ndown

    60ndownBulan Yang lalu

    cant get excited about an old man sucker puncher ....

  57. david r80

    david r80Bulan Yang lalu

    WEAK CARD !!! Fortunately there's CONOR n' Cowboy.

  58. Anthony Hood

    Anthony HoodBulan Yang lalu

    Dedicated this fight to his mom? This mfer not gonna lose.

  59. BetterYouBetterWorld V

    BetterYouBetterWorld VBulan Yang lalu

    we need a new announcer that guy sounds constipated man, super annoying voice

  60. A e

    A eBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck of you connor

  61. Stelios Mihailidis

    Stelios MihailidisBulan Yang lalu

    Conor xaxaxaxaxa capip