UFC 246: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights


  1. _ gacha Raman _

    _ gacha Raman _28 hari yang lalu



    HISRHEINGAU 228 hari yang lalu

    Khabib 🦅✔️ Conor 🐥😂

  3. Lord Anton Hvornum

    Lord Anton HvornumBulan Yang lalu

    Hello shaky camera, I've missed you my old friend.

  4. KiNG 801

    KiNG 801Bulan Yang lalu

    McGregor needs to stay at Welterweight or drop back to Featherweight. Khabib will drop him again then butt rape him again also. Tony Ferguson will KO him for the Old Man at the Pub 😂 A fight for the BMF Belt would break this "4th Highest Gate" and be entertaining as well considering both fighting styles. McGregor loses that fight also tho. So he should fight Porior or Holloway at lightweight to keep his win streak going or drop to featherweight to clear the division again. Anybody that had Cowboy winning this fight, is a Goat. Dana cherry picked Cowboy cuz he's at the end of his career and been in too many dog fights. I mean Cowboy loves fighting so he might just die in the cage cuz he won't hang it up.

  5. Adrian Brown

    Adrian BrownBulan Yang lalu

    Legacy Belt - COWBOY

  6. Dave B

    Dave BBulan Yang lalu

    Why is there no talk of McGregor fighting GSP? That will be the biggest UFC PPV of all time. We all know GSP is training and preparing for something. McGregor is the talk of the world. It makes sense for them to fight.

  7. I am Alpharius

    I am AlphariusBulan Yang lalu

    Holly Holm needs to get another brain scan.

  8. Maahes

    MaahesBulan Yang lalu

    Masvidal vs McGregor is the biggest fight to make since there’s not gonna be a Khabib Conor rematch. Masvidal by soul snatching

  9. Minnesota_girl NobodySpecial

    Minnesota_girl NobodySpecialBulan Yang lalu

    Both fighters amazing but let's go Conor well deserved win.

  10. The World

    The WorldBulan Yang lalu

    New video on my channel Mcgregor.......

  11. Teresa Church

    Teresa ChurchBulan Yang lalu

    UFC what's up with Maccee Barber ? You gave a loser a trophy , the commentators glorified the loser and denied ROXXANNE her glory by hiding her knock down jabs to Maccee . I want to see her get her ass kicked and falling down like so many others have in The UFC . I have been watching since the Graces started and Maccee is not your meal ticket.People love to hate her so keep throwing her adult ass in with the wolves because we want to see her bloody face ,limping ,hitting the floor and losing with out a trophy . Dana snap the hell back into reality ! DAMN !

  12. Laurent Cazabon

    Laurent CazabonBulan Yang lalu

    Conor: is he a genius or just a f*$ lucky lucky guy?🤔 Aldo out with one left punch, cowboy out with 2 shoulder strikes...

  13. King kev

    King kevBulan Yang lalu

    Never expected that from him

  14. Foxy Lady13

    Foxy Lady13Bulan Yang lalu


  15. Ar Maan

    Ar MaanBulan Yang lalu

    He will smashhh your boi again 😂😂

  16. NYMZA Flugzeug

    NYMZA FlugzeugBulan Yang lalu

    I'm really liking the character redemption arc in this season of Conor McGregor.

  17. Chandan Kumar

    Chandan KumarBulan Yang lalu

    Cerrone: Clear my due payment for acting so nicely as scripted

  18. No no Ahhh

    No no AhhhBulan Yang lalu

    Respect to Cowboy for getting in the cage. He really shouldnt have. Secured that bag though for vacation. Welcome back Conor.

  19. Filip Jusufi

    Filip JusufiBulan Yang lalu

    UFC i beg you to do Conor vs Nate and Masvidal vs Usman and then the Winners fight for the Belt (Conor vs Masvidal) pleeeease

  20. Jay C

    Jay CBulan Yang lalu

    If you expect people to pay for these fights need to deliver better cards than this. What makes the UFC think anyone cares about Pennington vs Holm?

  21. Ryan Gennaro

    Ryan GennaroBulan Yang lalu

    That’s a happy egg head

  22. Leo

    LeoBulan Yang lalu

    RIP to the people that bought ppv just to see it end in 40 secs while the die hard fans watched it on live streams 👀

  23. coecovideo

    coecovideoBulan Yang lalu

    I love Cerrone but it does not look like he was there to win ....

  24. Zain hussain

    Zain hussainBulan Yang lalu

    Conor will win khabib now

  25. Unknown

    UnknownBulan Yang lalu

    Who else skipped Holly?

  26. Bass Sass

    Bass SassBulan Yang lalu


  27. john smith

    john smithBulan Yang lalu

    Holly has a touch of that CTE

  28. balloon foot

    balloon footBulan Yang lalu

    Honestly Mc EL Tapo fans are so stupid to believe what comes out of his mouth ! Cowboy has a great record !😂😂 When he won his last fight??

  29. balloon foot

    balloon footBulan Yang lalu

    Cowboy = soldboy $

  30. Jordi Smith

    Jordi SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Khabib vs Tony with Justin as a stand by, conor vs Nate 3 at 170, usman vs Jorge for the welterweight championship, then you can do conor vs winner of 155 or 170 if conor vs 170 winner then you can do Justin vs winner of 155 or the fighter who pulled out vs the winner of Justin vs the fighter who didn’t pull out for the 155 belt and then finally, 155 champion vs conor boom what a year for ufc also got Leon Edwards vs Jorge if he wins that could be a big big fight

  31. Cover Wich

    Cover WichBulan Yang lalu

    welcome back KING

  32. Mohammed Abdul Ghafoor

    Mohammed Abdul GhafoorBulan Yang lalu

    Set up bitch to get u for a belt fight

  33. Rumon Hussain

    Rumon HussainBulan Yang lalu

    Why did you have to set us up dana?

  34. Steve Wood

    Steve WoodBulan Yang lalu

    The fuck happened to holm she sounds like nate diaz

  35. kenpachi zaraki

    kenpachi zarakiBulan Yang lalu

    I actually wanted to see the fight play out longer to see more of the work he put in the gym.

  36. K. A

    K. ABulan Yang lalu

    Conor being respectful to Cowboy was part of the package deal. Now he goes back to his real self.

  37. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llBulan Yang lalu

    We dont need cris bennah ner mer 🇮🇪 🤐🤕🛌🕴

  38. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llBulan Yang lalu

    🇮🇪 yeh

  39. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llBulan Yang lalu

    Kane well bleuupload er erp

  40. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah no way in hell McGregor deserves another shot at Khabib. Cowboy is a damn tomato can at this point. Give him Masvidal

  41. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    @moto2016 yeah you're definitely a kid lol. 20-21 at the oldest. Okay kid you win you're right. Now fuck off 😂

  42. moto2016

    moto2016Bulan Yang lalu

    @Andy Bailey Google tune up fight and you will understand.

  43. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    @moto2016 dude just stop lol. He was washed up and hand picked to lose that fight. He's just average now

  44. moto2016

    moto2016Bulan Yang lalu

    @Andy Bailey people ha the same complaints about Tyson. But cowboy has been ranked and beating ranked fighters for years. I think tune up fights are good ideas.

  45. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyBulan Yang lalu

    @moto2016 yeah it seems like a good matchup to you bc Dana White kept him ranked top 10 basically as a stepping stone and he hyped up this fight and dumbasses paid for it lol. Paying $60 for a 40 second pre written beat down

  46. Serjohn

    SerjohnBulan Yang lalu

    conor after the return: i want one kid on one shoulder and the other kid on the other shoulder. The double dad does whatever is the most appropriate at that moment. I see sturdiness in the welterweight division, its like they struck gold at welterweight. Eddie is getting his comeback soon, best of luck at ONE FC.

  47. Biglift

    BigliftBulan Yang lalu

    Why the heck was holly HOLM the co main? She can care less about bieng in an entertaining fight. Other then Conor card was horrible

  48. Red Pill Pharmacy

    Red Pill PharmacyBulan Yang lalu

    Take female vote away

  49. Los Lakers

    Los LakersBulan Yang lalu

    This fight should’ve never happened. Cerrone is coming off of 2 losses. Second reason, Cerrone takes all fights without negotiating pay and could’ve very well sold himself out. Don’t be sheep people. Dana is like a car salesman. He will try to sell you anything he can. This was a pay day for Cerrone and an opportunity for Conor to look like a beast.

  50. Dexter Haven

    Dexter HavenBulan Yang lalu

    Does Cowboy have the record for most losses too?

  51. Haris Bosnjak

    Haris BosnjakBulan Yang lalu

    McGregor deservev Cowboy hat 😳

  52. xwhite2020

    xwhite2020Bulan Yang lalu

    No bonus for Holly? I'm outraged.

  53. Sixto Herrera

    Sixto HerreraBulan Yang lalu

    A lot of people wanted cowboy to win but we all knew Conor was going to win this. I hope khabib doesn’t fight Conor so we can see someone like masvidal massacre him

  54. Dark Star King

    Dark Star KingBulan Yang lalu

    I want to take a moment to thank all the casuals for skewing the Vegas odds making Roxy a (+590) underdog. I know you get alot of flak but please stick around. Keep betting on fights, ill be getting a lap dance in your honor tonight.

  55. moto2016

    moto2016Bulan Yang lalu

    Roxy has near 40 fights to barbers 8! When I saw that I thought why did they through their prospect to the wolves? Got to ease the young talent into the game.

  56. Telvin Kipapa

    Telvin KipapaBulan Yang lalu

    How didn't Roxy not get a bonus?

  57. Mohd Faiz

    Mohd FaizBulan Yang lalu

    who agree with me that the match cmg vs cowboy is set up by UFCs.. like connor said before.. it all about business.. believe it or not.. BELIEVE IT..

  58. Nada Importante

    Nada ImportanteBulan Yang lalu

    Cowboy took a fall. So disappointed in him.

  59. the real

    the realBulan Yang lalu

    Dana "make sense great again" White

  60. the real

    the realBulan Yang lalu

    Its only business - Conor's shoulder to Cerrone nose

  61. Aaron Coy

    Aaron CoyBulan Yang lalu

    Glad to see Connor be a gentleman and respectful.

  62. Jimbo Slice

    Jimbo SliceBulan Yang lalu

    a blind hair lipped tortoise could have whipped a washed up, brain inured alcoholic cowgirl, sad!

  63. Antonio Gonzales

    Antonio GonzalesBulan Yang lalu

    Congrats mcgregor

  64. Maximilian mus

    Maximilian musBulan Yang lalu

    Dana White stacking gold bricks right now.

  65. Tronic134

    Tronic134Bulan Yang lalu

    Aside from the main event, this card was pretty lackluster

  66. shadowdance4666

    shadowdance4666Bulan Yang lalu

    Tony Ferguson deserves a shot at Khabum first