1. Cloud Gaming

    Cloud Gaming38 menit yang lalu

    Lol what happened 2 death group f slavia praha🤔

  2. Meadoh

    MeadohHari Yang lalu

    Whoever edited this is on crack

  3. matthew whiteley

    matthew whiteley2 hari yang lalu

    Atalanta are not the first team to progress after losing their first 3 games as Newcastle United did it in the 2002/03 season, still a fantastic result for them but the tweet is incorrect.

  4. Talal Othman

    Talal Othman7 hari yang lalu

    Where tf is Rodrigo hatrick?

  5. Ghost Riley

    Ghost Riley7 hari yang lalu

    Which team will win 🤔

  6. Ghost Riley

    Ghost Riley7 hari yang lalu

    Who will win

  7. Mr_BigForehead

    Mr_BigForehead8 hari yang lalu

    2:34 that’s when Klopp made his decision for a new signing

  8. Eyad Amr

    Eyad Amr9 hari yang lalu

    City deserve ban

  9. Angel of Death EZRAEL

    Angel of Death EZRAEL9 hari yang lalu

    Velencia is getting stronger team

  10. Jose Crespo

    Jose Crespo10 hari yang lalu

    You did not show group D. Why????????

  11. Diego Lyra

    Diego Lyra10 hari yang lalu

    Where is MSG trio scoring three against Dortmund? Where is Fati being the youngest player to score?🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. KevinDeTùngManCity17

    KevinDeTùngManCity1712 hari yang lalu

    Man City - two years no Champion League

  13. Nicki Antoro

    Nicki Antoro12 hari yang lalu

    Omg 12:57 :,,,,(

  14. EnderCosm

    EnderCosm13 hari yang lalu

    What about Lewa's 4 goals ? Fati's record of beeing the youngest ever player to score in the UCL and eliminating Inter ? Rodrygo hattrick ?(the youngest ever) Borussia Inter ? Chelsea Valencia ? Messi vs Dortmund ? Suarez beast mode vs Inter ?PSG Real ? And many more moments missed...

  15. ACA FACA

    ACA FACA16 hari yang lalu

    Crvena zvezda


    FƏRHAD HƏSƏNOV17 hari yang lalu

    Where are Dybala s free kick

  17. eve roarke

    eve roarke25 hari yang lalu

    I know, that it was eventful evening, but Matchday 5 LEWANDOWSKI 4 goals in 14 MINUTES !!⚽⚽⚽⚽

  18. Advait Page

    Advait Page26 hari yang lalu

    Respect to KAA Gent for their Atalanta tweet. Class!

  19. Klaus

    Klaus27 hari yang lalu

    Man VVD made quiet some errors early on & was punished as well but people just tried to bury those huh.

  20. Zender El tio Gato Loco

    Zender El tio Gato Loco28 hari yang lalu

    How I would love an inter game vs psg 😔

  21. Fish Ball

    Fish Ball28 hari yang lalu

    to be honest , 14:51 is the most idiot behaviour i have ever seen in football history

  22. Big Dan

    Big Dan28 hari yang lalu

    What about PSG 3-0 Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid 2-2 Juventus, Dortmund 3-2 Inter Milan, Red Star 0-6 Bayern Munich, or Real Madrid 2-2 PSG?

  23. يوسف الايس كريم

    يوسف الايس كريم28 hari yang lalu

    uhhhhhhj Rodrygo hat trick?

  24. X DART

    X DART29 hari yang lalu

    Un min 2:30 You can see the moment klopp thought, I'ma buy that mf

  25. Samuel Amekudzi

    Samuel Amekudzi29 hari yang lalu

    No Barcelona

  26. Indri Hadroj

    Indri HadrojBulan Yang lalu

    Lukaku 🤮 he play with hands

  27. TTS Greenist

    TTS GreenistBulan Yang lalu

    I hate this commentary

  28. LoLBeastBronzeSeries

    LoLBeastBronzeSeriesBulan Yang lalu

    no bvb vs inter comeback????????????

  29. Patrick Tracy

    Patrick TracyBulan Yang lalu

    Why everyone ignore dimarias assists

  30. xposition

    xpositionBulan Yang lalu

    ajax center-backs: *exists* gianluca rocchi: imma bouta end this man's career

  31. Ian Momanyi

    Ian MomanyiBulan Yang lalu

    Who knows the song at 12:03 please

  32. Muhammad Andi Binuko

    Muhammad Andi BinukoBulan Yang lalu

    Two players FC Bayern scores 4 goals🔥

  33. STeVe

    STeVeBulan Yang lalu

    inter prag but not dortmund inter ? kk

  34. GAM13LE55

    GAM13LE55Bulan Yang lalu

    Glad to see Jeremy Kyle got a job at Salzburg after his show was axed

  35. NMX 120

    NMX 120Bulan Yang lalu


  36. sana mir eva

    sana mir evaBulan Yang lalu

    where is the youngest scorer of the ucl history..??


    IKSAN NURMANSYAHBulan Yang lalu


  38. Sara Carlsson

    Sara CarlssonBulan Yang lalu


  39. Mark Litvar

    Mark LitvarBulan Yang lalu

    Seriously, is no one talking about Mislav Oršić and his hat trick against Atalanta?

  40. Majin Bou

    Majin BouBulan Yang lalu

    What about Dortmund Comeback over inter???

  41. Sybren Louwsma

    Sybren LouwsmaBulan Yang lalu

    4:33 that pass gets way too less appriciation

  42. Sybren Louwsma

    Sybren Louwsma26 hari yang lalu

    @JakobPineapple totaly agree with you, people underestimate him because off his age.

  43. JakobPineapple

    JakobPineapple26 hari yang lalu

    Sybren Louwsma Ikr Di Maria is so underrated

  44. RaZe_NoelPlayzZ

    RaZe_NoelPlayzZBulan Yang lalu

    Dortmund‘s comeback against Inter Mailand?

  45. Vicky

    VickyBulan Yang lalu

    chelsea vs ajax 4-4 was disgraceful, how can that be added here.

  46. Kalun He

    Kalun HeBulan Yang lalu

    Damn still salty after 2 months

  47. Fritz HD

    Fritz HDBulan Yang lalu


  48. TopMmaWear TMW

    TopMmaWear TMWBulan Yang lalu

    1:12 Reality? didnt Liverpool win the group? Useless victory by Napoli which rewarded them a knock out tie against Barcelona

  49. Aurora Dark Age

    Aurora Dark AgeBulan Yang lalu

    Ajax: We have crushed Valencia and we will go through Valencia: UNO reverse card

  50. etrestre

    etrestreBulan Yang lalu

    rodrygo hattrick????

  51. Terujil 99

    Terujil 99Bulan Yang lalu

    Barca fans be like.... mertens better then maradona 😂😂😂

  52. Rohan Kumar

    Rohan KumarBulan Yang lalu

    Manchester United: *CRIES IN EUROPA LEAGUE*

  53. futurist

    futuristBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone see LFC the champions this year again?

  54. chidubem

    chidubemBulan Yang lalu

    Best moment was when Hee-Chan sent Van Dijk for a hotdog.

  55. Syox

    SyoxBulan Yang lalu

    How you can not put in Dortmund vs Inter 3:2 is beyond me.

  56. Moin Servus

    Moin ServusBulan Yang lalu

    Haland is unbelivebal!! I hope he can show his quality in Dortmund

  57. FullHD 05

    FullHD 05Bulan Yang lalu

    yeah tap in goals are so hard right? :D Just joking but i am not really convinced of what if have seen from him till today. Potential is there but the hype is to much. The real stars from salzburg were minamino and hwang.

  58. Not Jeff

    Not JeffBulan Yang lalu

    How was zoumas run not here

  59. Dante Perez-Mendoza

    Dante Perez-MendozaBulan Yang lalu

    yall really didnt want ajax in the knockout rounds again huh

  60. 暗Goliath

    暗GoliathHari Yang lalu

    @Ago Hugo Altjoe feyenoord will be at the top again soon. Ajax can go to hell. No words, but deeds🔴⚪⚫ thats who we are. Walk on🇳🇬

  61. Ago Hugo Altjoe

    Ago Hugo AltjoeHari Yang lalu

    @暗Goliath Feyenoord 😂. Ur team won't succeed in a long time. I mean how can anyone not like Ajax.

  62. 暗Goliath

    暗GoliathHari Yang lalu

    I love valencia for eliminating ajax. Feyenoord 🔴⚪⚫

  63. kiekeku ikeke

    kiekeku ikeke4 hari yang lalu

    @daniel johnston think he is referring to the double red card

  64. Ago Hugo Altjoe

    Ago Hugo Altjoe15 hari yang lalu

    Yea man that is a disgrace, Ajax play the best football out there

  65. Creblin

    CreblinBulan Yang lalu

    These may be the most bored commentators I've ever heard. So devoid of any emotion it's so dull

  66. Just Kido

    Just KidoBulan Yang lalu

    Dortmund comeback against inter?

  67. d h

    d hBulan Yang lalu

    biggest robbery of the group stage. Ajax vs chelsea. still cant believe what happened that night.

  68. Alex Basha

    Alex BashaBulan Yang lalu

    d h Ah keep crying.

  69. Tom Cushnie

    Tom CushnieBulan Yang lalu

    Camera angles are so annoying. Just stick with the normal angle it's so much better !

  70. ThomasPlayZgameZ

    ThomasPlayZgameZBulan Yang lalu

    I've got to admit, Liverpool have had a bad champions league this season. Who agrees 🤔

  71. SilverHawk #

    SilverHawk #Bulan Yang lalu

    ThomasPlayZgameZ we’ve won 4, drawn 1, and lost 1. Shut up mate