TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Magic Island' Official MV


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    7:07 연주나ㅠㅠ 흐잉 손 다쳐써

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    Hi, I am one of the patient souls who are streaming this MV 😊

  4. Alicia Abdullah

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    if there's one thing i love, it's analyzing things. so from this mv or rather film, the whole thing kinda looks like something that gives off a drug type effect (maybe not quite DRUGS drugs but like an addiction to a certain person or feeling). in the beginning, the boys are all in a packed train car when yeonjun decides to dip and they are transported to another dimension. note that the fast pace speed of the rails shows many shots in a quick second, giving the first explosive effect of...idk freedom? so when they reach the forest, it looks like they've never been there yet beomgyu has all this marshmallow equipment and before in the train car, they all knew the drill (maybe they were planning a quick escape of rebellion). in this section, soobin has multiple ringings in his ears and yeonjun accidentally burns himself and it seems like he knows something not good is nearby. i think the ringing for soobin was his instinct telling him something was wrong and yet he still ignored it. yeonjun probably had the same effect with different circumstances. later on, they have a fire party and when beomgyu's fire whip turns the forest into a fire, they realize how much they've destroyed the forest. this is i guess the part where when you have too much independence or freedom, you start getting reckless. the train that allowed them to transport i guess is an entity of its own, sending the music waves to their ears (maybe parallel universe or mirror dimension type stuff) and the train is angry at the boys for destroying the forest. it rams into them, with an explosive effect like before, but this time a not so pleasant one. waves of anger and flashes of black white and red swirl around them. by then, they already knew their mistake, their fault, but it was too late. i don't get the part with kai and the insect (perhaps showing how he caught his own freedom, but in the end, their fault ruined it) or the dragon that came at the end. sorry for the long comment but i thought it'd be cool to spice up the section. this is only my opinion and truth be told, i originally watched it just to take a buncha screenshots.

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    9:08 i think the girl is yuju (gfriend member) you can check it on photo concept "crossroads" (when he stand between rail crossroads). Looks similar Edit : notice at skirt and her wrist (white part)

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    Algum brasileiro procurando outro nos comentarios?? "-"

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    Why are their MVs like movies. Srsly I could watch this for hours

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    Very high quality

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    This mv : the cause of global warming


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    Normal :MV=Music Video Big Hit :MV=MoVie

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    I wonder who's the girl in 9:08 and why she's looking at TXT

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    This is an art , why does it only gets 3m views ienaidkwks I'm pissed off

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    Its too long to stream 😂😂😂

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    Kai hrand huenig nao deixa o cabelo crese se nao vc me mata

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    My ad was litterly bts try not to laugh omg love it!

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    Bts msg to army love youself Txt msg to MOA accept yourself ....army MOA

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    uhm anyone noticed the reflection of a girl in the lake at around 9:08 and 9:15 ????

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    They died at the end??? Also, this is so amazing and sad at the same time. I got emotional.. Why does this not have that many views???

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    Txt kings we been knew 01

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    anyone else notice how yeonjuns backpack said *thisisneverthat* just like how jungkook was wearing a *thisisneverthat* shirt in save me mv....hmmm

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    Oh no my baby's

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    11:00 😨The muffled female voice

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    왤케 한국인 없냐 난 존나 소름인데 ㅠㅠ

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    Wait I meant movie or mv sorry

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    Is this a story or mv

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    Gracias por esforzarce tanto TXT, BIGHIT, Y STAFF 💙

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    I see SAZHAAAAM vibe on first scene

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    TOMTAEM WORA - JANTA4 hari yang lalu


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    TXT는 후륭한 배우입니다! 그들이 한국 드라마에 있다면, 나는 그것을 볼 것이다 ㅋㅋ

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    I didnt know this mv exist... ALL I KNOW IS JUST RUN AWAY CAT DOG AND CROWN UNTIL I FOUND THIS JUST NOW. The views is so low tho

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    Its too long to stream 😂 😂 but we still try tho

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    it’s a 13:34 l long video ..

  39. PoppinStarjunie

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    n. ajlaaa there is also blue orangeade lyric ( it’s literally a mv ) , angel & devil mv , crown choreography version mv , crown Japanese mv , our summer selfie mv ( on txt channel ) , nap of the star mv , cat & dog English version mv ..

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    oh please their such good actors they should be in some kind of drama !

  41. ggukgi

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    ahh this mv is so pretty

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    Bighit can even produce a movie!

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    Iam new MOA, New MOA here

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    Welcome to fandom 😊😊💙💙💙

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    we stan a 13 minute video 💛💛

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    4:30 gave V/"Butterfly" Vibes. ✨💛✨

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    I was like, "wHy iS tHiS 13 mInUtEs lOnG...?!?! HOLD UP NOW!!!" 😂😂😭

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    A youtuber said that the girl on the lake is Eunha, Eunha needs TXT's ability to turn back time (which shows in their video) for Eunha to meet the other GFriend members on a crossroad.

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    I saw that video too.

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    This more like a movie than mv. Just make this a movie already. 10/10 would watch.

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    This need more view :(

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    i like bighits strategy of promoting b sides... no company does that well

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    3:59 단체로 눈 꼭 감고 환해지는 거 존나 짜릿...

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    This is the best think what i see and listen in mi life men 😔✊this video is art :0

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    can we think about the fact that this is an apple,beats and jansport commercial lowkey

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    okay not to be creepy lol but i think i know who the "ghost girl" represents as,,, hint: they're a group as well or could be BigHit's girlgroup from the future and the girl, she might trying to warn the boys or soobin, beomgyu and yeonjun to leave or else they'll be trap in Magic Island as she did and Jimin almost did too, idk maybe something else than that. But i think you know who these girls are. I just started watching their mvs and realizing they have their own theories as well so i decided why not to connect something at least even tho something in me do not believe they may have a connection and might collide but still... Also might each group only represents as one person to others story, a Shadow.

  60. Miss Galaxy

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    idreporter.net/v/video--FP5mSu_NMo.html there's a theory here that the girl was gfriend eunha. She seeks help to turn back the time which is txt capable of but she walk away after seeing what the boys are doing

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    Yasss ✨

  62. StrawberRy LuV

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    yeah, it's been there since the beginning. Can't wait to unlock their stories and reveal their connection. A lot of theories here and in twitter that make sense. You should also stan that girl group. Big hit never disappoints.

  63. vantae kim

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    can one of yall give me link of channel who re upload this vid but with REAL SUBTITLE. cause i want to know about this short film, but the sub isn't change :(

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    TXT fighting!!!

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    Illumination 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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    OMG 😱😰

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    Ok but did no one notice the serendipity written on Yeonjun's back at 10:58??

  70. rooh verma

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    @scrroochie well seems like I need to get my eyes checked

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    It’s special city

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    it says “special city”