TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Angel Or Devil' Official MV


  1. Jessica 12

    Jessica 1213 menit yang lalu


  2. Jerrel Rohan

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  3. 빨강연필

    빨강연필39 menit yang lalu


  4. yOu GoT nO jAmS

    yOu GoT nO jAmS47 menit yang lalu

    how many MOARMY'S are here?

  5. Shekaina

    ShekainaJam Yang lalu

    They always use edits🤦

  6. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

    모아미 _Kim Angie 27Jam Yang lalu


  7. Pingky Kusuma

    Pingky KusumaJam Yang lalu

    My fav song

  8. Bangtan My Life

    Bangtan My LifeJam Yang lalu

    Oficialmente Me Declaro Flechada Por Taehyun💚 Ese Baby Es Tan Asdfghjklñ

  9. Johan Beverley

    Johan BeverleyJam Yang lalu

    This mv looks so cool!

  10. *・Hawt JiN ツ・*

    *・Hawt JiN ツ・*2 jam yang lalu


  11. larry fagner bom

    larry fagner bom2 jam yang lalu

    TxT wau

  12. larry fagner bom

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  13. uh.aperson

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  14. بندر بن مهري

    بندر بن مهري2 jam yang lalu

    Must. To see cooperation between BTS and TXT in 2020 would be a bomb in the k-pop world. They would destroy everything I love.you bts and txt

  15. atreyeegupta21

    atreyeegupta213 jam yang lalu

    Wait, why is this so chill and fresh 💕 TXT is great ya'll, why the view so less

  16. Aisha Nara

    Aisha Nara3 jam yang lalu

    Ameiii,o soobin ta lindo na verdade todos eles

  17. N T

    N T3 jam yang lalu

    How many likes TXT ? ⬇️

  18. Kyla Meme

    Kyla Meme3 jam yang lalu

    Amazes me how people with ears and eyes have THE AUDACITY to say TXT didn’t deserve ROTY😂like get outta here with that bull crap. It’s okay to want your favs to win but never bring another talented group down. Especially when they work as hard as TXT does. We don’t Stan txt for their popularity, we stan them cuz their freaking talented. So that excuse of them only being successful because of BTS is so stupid and played out. If your favs didnt win just take your L and leave. Maybe actually vote for them next time😉

  19. A stan of B[ts]T[xt]S[traykids] That loves Pentagon

    A stan of B[ts]T[xt]S[traykids] That loves PentagonJam Yang lalu

    @Kyla Meme Don't worry, don't let those jobless haters take a toll on your health 💜. But do you know I have never seen a rookie group being hated just because they come from a big a company even those haters don't target Itzy whom they are also from big company . its Just Unfair

  20. Kyla Meme

    Kyla Meme2 jam yang lalu

    A stan of B[ts]T[xt]S[traykids] That loves Pentagon . Yessss it’s becoming so bad, these babies don’t deserve the hate their getting. Especially being that their still so young and we don’t know how mentally mature they are yet. I mean these boys are dripping talent and to say they don’t deserve an award is absolutely absurd. I had to take a break from the internet after The MAMA awards because of the hate I saw BTS and TXT getting from other fandoms, it’s started to make me sick

  21. A stan of B[ts]T[xt]S[traykids] That loves Pentagon

    A stan of B[ts]T[xt]S[traykids] That loves Pentagon2 jam yang lalu

    Couldn't say it better 👏!! They always use that popularity and privileged Card every time they want to diminish TXT talent and its really getting out of hand..

  22. N T

    N T3 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun is bae ❤️❤️❤️

  23. N T

    N T3 jam yang lalu

    Yeonjun is bae ❤️❤️❤️

  24. darkbangtan

    darkbangtan3 jam yang lalu

    Ahhhhh these hoes ain’t loyal

  25. N T

    N T3 jam yang lalu

    The mv is just amazing!!! 😲❤️❤️

  26. Héloïse Lebel

    Héloïse Lebel3 jam yang lalu

    First, they had crowns Then, the have cat ears And now, they don't know if they wanna have a halo or horns These boys... What will it be next? Branches!? MY LOST WIG?

  27. N T

    N T3 jam yang lalu

    I don't understand why they are rookies, they are so talented and charismatic I can't understand that they stay rookies but it's okay ! They are so handsome, so charismatic, so fun, so talented they are perfect and I love them like that👌🏼👌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. cloddiehoppers

    cloddiehoppers9 menit yang lalu

    They're rookies because they debuted 9 months ago. Not a year yet. But yeah, they're super talented and too good for rookies.

  29. jénifer ღ

    jénifer ღ3 jam yang lalu

    tudo pra mim 💘😭😭😎😭😎💘💘😭💓💖💕

  30. Noemi Simons

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  31. Emely_ Queen

    Emely_ Queen4 jam yang lalu

    Go TXT!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  32. Bitch Please

    Bitch Please4 jam yang lalu

    This sounds very autotuned

  33. TK. OF HEART

    TK. OF HEART3 jam yang lalu

    bitch please :V

  34. Francisco Villegas

    Francisco Villegas4 jam yang lalu

    Por que son tan beios

  35. Dudah Armyzeira

    Dudah Armyzeira5 jam yang lalu

    0:40 boy in luv?????

  36. Dayana VP

    Dayana VP5 jam yang lalu


  37. Betty Parra

    Betty Parra5 jam yang lalu

    *bLAck oR WhiTE, PIcK tHe cOlOR*

  38. mikchu

    mikchu5 jam yang lalu

    they deserve to be actors in harry potter ;)

  39. Noor Fatimah

    Noor Fatimah5 jam yang lalu

    Its my first mv experience of TXT and I am falling in love with them

  40. BoRa BgSt

    BoRa BgSt5 jam yang lalu

    This is really bad for my health....IDKK if I can take this anymoreeee 😖🥺💖

  41. Fran TXTღ

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  42. Emilia Torrez

    Emilia Torrez6 jam yang lalu

    Alguien que hable español???🤔🤔

  43. Haripriya Gupthan

    Haripriya Gupthan6 jam yang lalu

    It's a good good song

  44. 떡갈 나무Isabely

    떡갈 나무Isabely6 jam yang lalu

    난이 노래에 중독 됐어

  45. Sugawara Lee

    Sugawara Lee6 jam yang lalu

    i cant stop listening this song I need a dance practice where all of them are with angel custome uwu

  46. Tisma Reza

    Tisma Reza6 jam yang lalu