Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!


  1. Emily Mitchell

    Emily Mitchell6 menit yang lalu

    OK that’s not her twins are born or made the overly releases two eggs and that makes twins it’s not one person gets chopped in half mixture

  2. Lauren Deprow

    Lauren Deprow7 menit yang lalu

    The dude is so weirded out

  3. Dad and Sarah Reviews plus

    Dad and Sarah Reviews plus9 menit yang lalu

    I love when Ethan says “tummy” honestly t makes him seem so pure (although he’s not lol)

  4. Cheyenne Ewing

    Cheyenne Ewing12 menit yang lalu

    Why did he look like he wanted to kill himself the entire day💀💀-the doctor

  5. Kent Cernal

    Kent Cernal12 menit yang lalu

    stop smacking mom!

  6. Harshini Vamaraju

    Harshini Vamaraju16 menit yang lalu

    So, is Emma pregnant with twins??? Tbh I don't understand

  7. Gavin F

    Gavin F18 menit yang lalu

    I just realized that gethan was a girl in the whom. (If you didn’t know until 6 weeks before birth everyone is a girl and then they develop their Y chromosomes or X chromosomes).

  8. 100 subs with no videos lets try

    100 subs with no videos lets try24 menit yang lalu

    Me an my twin was highted the same and weighed the same thats crazy and we were 15 min apart we also had the same pack

  9. Peppermint

    Peppermint32 menit yang lalu

    So much for blowing up the womb" "😂

  10. Poopyy Dooo

    Poopyy Dooo34 menit yang lalu

    “It’s a PEcan” “It’s a peCAN” 😂

  11. Ellie Zimmatore

    Ellie Zimmatore35 menit yang lalu

    Ethan looks a fricking meme in trimester one with those weird glasses on lolololol

  12. Hilary Tran

    Hilary Tran41 menit yang lalu

    😂😂 the moments when they hugged or held hands was like i was watching a k drama😂😂

  13. McA Abi

    McA Abi45 menit yang lalu

    On this 8s from dance mom's girl in the plastic bubble . Remember ????

  14. Makaylie B

    Makaylie B47 menit yang lalu

    Not to be rude but think about it one of you was a mistake 😂

  15. Sadie Fletcher

    Sadie Fletcher58 menit yang lalu


  16. Amber Muhammad

    Amber MuhammadJam Yang lalu

    This is how many time dr. Said uh

  17. rylee_dance_1 oehlert

    rylee_dance_1 oehlertJam Yang lalu

    But like when do you realize that one of you guys is an accident

  18. muah mia

    muah miaJam Yang lalu

    “YOURE GETTING FOOD ALL OVER THE WOMB” I don’t even know how to respond to that

  19. Mybabiesfinnandbil

    MybabiesfinnandbilJam Yang lalu

    I hate the word belly.

  20. Luna Nunez

    Luna NunezJam Yang lalu

    They should let emma Chamberlain edit their videos😂

  21. muah mia

    muah miaJam Yang lalu

    The gynecologist looks so uncomfortable

  22. Ginga Ninja0308

    Ginga Ninja0308Jam Yang lalu

    STAWP HITTING MUM oh sorry mum

  23. Gachagigi Gigi

    Gachagigi GigiJam Yang lalu

    Woaaah that’s odd but interesting

  24. Ginga Ninja0308

    Ginga Ninja0308Jam Yang lalu

    “the fluid in there is about half of a 2 litre bottle” thats 1 litre why couldn’t u say 1 litre instead of saying 2 LITRES

  25. austin pokhrel

    austin pokhrelJam Yang lalu

    This guys says sure to much

  26. Picks Hockey

    Picks HockeyJam Yang lalu

    Imagine if we remembered being in our moms actual stomach

  27. XxPastel DuckyxX

    XxPastel DuckyxXJam Yang lalu

    I was 7 pounds

  28. Looped Lobster

    Looped LobsterJam Yang lalu

    did i really just watch this

  29. Joy Tabbu

    Joy TabbuJam Yang lalu


  30. Laney Brooke

    Laney BrookeJam Yang lalu

    Are these the gay incest twins💀

  31. Joy Tabbu

    Joy TabbuJam Yang lalu


  32. monse’s page.

    monse’s page.Jam Yang lalu

    they’re mad stupid bro. “were we even alive yet?” yes you dumbass 😭.

  33. P J

    P J2 jam yang lalu

    The doctor seemed so uncomfortable😂 and this video made my day💖😂

  34. The Jakes

    The Jakes2 jam yang lalu

    Yes you are alive in the womb... come on boys lol

  35. Rachel Martin

    Rachel Martin2 jam yang lalu

    Next video: lookalike becomes grethan ft Jeffrey star

  36. SpecialEd Kiddo

    SpecialEd Kiddo2 jam yang lalu


  37. Allisondoes tuff

    Allisondoes tuff2 jam yang lalu

    *wombmates* killed me 🤣

  38. Serena A

    Serena A2 jam yang lalu

    Do twins ever think or realise that one of them was a mistake

  39. Grace LaChapelle

    Grace LaChapelle2 jam yang lalu

    I am a triplet and I was born at 2 pounds how did you get so big?

  40. Addison Lombardo

    Addison Lombardo2 jam yang lalu

    Are Ethan and Emma dating or something???

  41. Im prettymuch bored with life

    Im prettymuch bored with life3 jam yang lalu

    This video radiates dumbass energy

  42. Shooketh MOtO mOtO

    Shooketh MOtO mOtO3 jam yang lalu

    Grayson:“And Ethan was like 7.5 pounds” Ethan: we were thick Aren’t we all xD

  43. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipse3 jam yang lalu

    I started wheezing when I read the title

  44. Johanna Purdom

    Johanna Purdom3 jam yang lalu

    why is the doctor so fucking creepy

  45. Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes3 jam yang lalu

    this doctor dude is sooooo regretting coming to this

  46. Gmmv Mmv

    Gmmv Mmv3 jam yang lalu

    Broo, that doctor looks so fucking confused, he like wtf r this kids asking Legit all his answers r”yes” absolutely, sure.

  47. Shreya Kusumanchi

    Shreya Kusumanchi3 jam yang lalu

    i learned more about pregnancy in this video than college

  48. Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes3 jam yang lalu

    AAHAHA why was ethan that huge bruuuuhhh

  49. Cordy Gamblin

    Cordy Gamblin3 jam yang lalu

    “ it’s about one half of a two litre bottle” One litre has left the chat

  50. Logan Bloomer

    Logan Bloomer4 jam yang lalu

    Your whommates