1. AFos _

    AFos _5 jam yang lalu

    Can we ONCES hit 200 Million before Feel Special?

  2. 7armybts

    7armybts5 jam yang lalu

    Hater: TWICE only has FAN BOYS Prove that u TWICE also have Fangirls!! 👇🏻 👇🏻

  3. 7armybts

    7armybts5 jam yang lalu

    Me: I FANCY YOU, I WANNA WANNA TAKE U HOME (singing the wrong lyrics but idk) My sister: smack me so hard Saying: "U ARE SINGING WRONG LYRICS!!"

  4. Thir d

    Thir d5 jam yang lalu


  5. Christian White

    Christian White6 jam yang lalu

    I'm about to get no sleep when this comeback gets released

  6. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU6 jam yang lalu


  7. person people

    person people6 jam yang lalu

    We have 6 days to reach about 4,2m v13ws. If we all work hard, I still believe it. Go once.

  8. Heng Kim

    Heng Kim6 jam yang lalu

    Now It near 200M. Try more Onces fighting✊🏻✊🏻❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘😘 👇🏻👍🏻❤️Make it blue :)

  9. Thanos says hi

    Thanos says hi6 jam yang lalu

    200m before next comeback?! We can do it with the power of the onces

  10. Kanto_141

    Kanto_1416 jam yang lalu

    This song is on fire!! I'm proud to be a once!

  11. three teeth

    three teeth6 jam yang lalu

    this mv sucks they show way too much of chaeyoung

  12. yeji needs to stop being hot asf

    yeji needs to stop being hot asf6 jam yang lalu

    chae has been the one with the most least screentime and lines these past years with twice let her have her time to shine

  13. Dung Bui

    Dung Bui6 jam yang lalu

    195.820m 18:00 kst

  14. 007

    0076 jam yang lalu

    Best music

  15. Luyen Phan

    Luyen Phan6 jam yang lalu

    Tui la nguoi viet nam

  16. Nhật Anh Nguyễn

    Nhật Anh Nguyễn6 jam yang lalu

    Keep streaming to 200M before Feel Special ONCE fightinggggggg!!!

  17. Kharl Valdez

    Kharl Valdez6 jam yang lalu

    guys its actually 4k

  18. C video

    C video6 jam yang lalu

    5M to 200M :>

  19. Smol Sana is Pomu

    Smol Sana is Pomu6 jam yang lalu

    Less than 160K to 196M keep streaming before the next comeback🍭

  20. bunny nayeoniee

    bunny nayeoniee6 jam yang lalu

    Hey guyss pls dont forget to vote twice on Breaktudo award AAA And for dubai awards i thibk hehehe

  21. galaxy geriel

    galaxy geriel6 jam yang lalu



    ONCE LOVE TWICE6 jam yang lalu


  23. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU7 jam yang lalu


  24. roiz allen buenaflor

    roiz allen buenaflor7 jam yang lalu

    is it just me or chaeyoungs yellow bottom looks satisfying 1:09

  25. Wao wao

    Wao wao7 jam yang lalu

    09162019 195,212,200 09172019. 195,829,417 Gained 617,217

  26. Genius _hztt

    Genius _hztt7 jam yang lalu

    *Let's get all these records before our Queen's next comeback:* 200M views ( the most necessary now) 3M likey (necessary, too) 600K comments (maybe, but I think we can) *The records for next comeback"s first day:* 50-60M views 2M likey Perfect all kill *FIGHTING* *I

  27. Lim Diana

    Lim Diana7 jam yang lalu


  28. Wei Ze

    Wei Ze7 jam yang lalu

    Str3am more


    LIL MEOW MEOW7 jam yang lalu

    pls stream more fam

  30. jeons galaxy

    jeons galaxy7 jam yang lalu

    i don't stan them but i really liked this song 🥰 also i'm gay for jihyo


    CHOU TZUYU5 jam yang lalu

    @jeons galaxy watch unhelpful guide videos & more other stuff for personalities... Give time for side songs, members have written n choreographed some. I fancy you 💙

  32. jeons galaxy

    jeons galaxy6 jam yang lalu

    @Luqman Arif we'll see🤧

  33. Luqman Arif

    Luqman Arif6 jam yang lalu

    U better stan . :')

  34. Tzuyu Twice NN

    Tzuyu Twice NN7 jam yang lalu

    196m today

  35. No Name

    No Name7 jam yang lalu

    Only 608k today?? How are we gonna hit 200M before their next comeback if we don’t work harder? ):


    ONCE LOVE TWICE7 jam yang lalu

    I know right.. TT

  37. Genius _hztt

    Genius _hztt7 jam yang lalu

    3M likey too

  38. Pretty Tzuyu

    Pretty Tzuyu7 jam yang lalu

    *FANCY DAILY VIEWS* 6PM KST 09/14 - 193,820,000M 09/15 - 194,556,134M 09/16 - 195,212,200M 09/17 - 195,820,420M *GAINED: 608K*

  39. Wei Ze

    Wei Ze7 jam yang lalu


  40. Genius _hztt

    Genius _hztt7 jam yang lalu

    195.820.403 +608k today, should to be improved 5ting


    BTSARMY ARMY ONCE7 jam yang lalu

    Armyonce here🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    TWICE HAPPY PILLS7 jam yang lalu

    HI~ new friend~ If you want to know about TWICE, *Search for this video on IDreporter--> ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Twice! Who is who?’ ‘SIXTEEN [FULL] [ENG SUB]’ ‘Let's Dance: TWICE(트와이스) _ Like OOH-AHH(OOH-AHH하게)[ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]’ ‘Twice EPL full eng sub’ ‘Let's Dance: 트와이스 _ CHEER UP’ ‘대기실 옆 오락실: 트와이스(TWICE) _ CHEER UP’ ‘(Full) SNL Korea TWICE Cut Eng Sub’ ‘IDOL ARCADE(대기실 옆 오락실): TWICE(트와이스)_The Cutie TWICE's grand plan to save the dolls!_TT(티티)’ ‘Let's Dance: TWICE(트와이스)Challenge themselves to become the 1st Know-All-the-Beat idol_TT(티티)’ ‘IDOL ARCADE(대기실 옆 오락실): TWICE(트와이스) 벌칙영상!_ 'TT(티티)' Crazy Ver.’ ‘트와이스 완전체 예능? [TWICE] JTBC 02회 [ENG_SUB]’ ‘[ENG] TWICE Amigo TV Full Episode’ ‘IDOL ARCADE(대기실 옆 오락실): TWICE(트와이스)_Here Comes The Magic Power of TWICE!_SIGNAL’ ‘TWICE is back with 'Signal'! [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH / 2017.05.26]’ ‘IDOL ARCADE(대기실 옆 오락실): TWICE(트와이스) 비하인드 영상!_SIGNAL(SIGNAL 코믹ver.)’ ‘TWICE TV 5’ ‘Today’s GUEST : TWICE, UP10TION [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH2 2017.11.17]’ ‘Let's Dance(렛츠댄스): TWICE(트와이스) _ Heart Shaker(하트쉐이커)’ ‘TWICE TV 6’ ‘ASK IN A BOX(에스크 인 어 박스): TWICE(트와이스) _ What is Love?’ ‘Idol Master - TWICE [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.04.27]’ ‘Idol Master - TWICE Part2 [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.05.04]’ ‘ASK IN A BOX(에스크 인 어 박스): TWICE(트와이스) _ Dance The Night Away’ 'ENGSUB idol room EP26 TWICE'


    TWICE HAPPY PILLS7 jam yang lalu

    Read this only ONCE who will stream MV hard on the 23rd these are the MOST CORRECT RULES of 5tr3aming the vid3os on Yutube: 1) Watch the vid3o FROM THE FIRST UNTIL THE LAST SECOND! NOT ONLY the first 10, 30 seconds or half of it, but THE WHOLE VID3O! It will prove that u are interested in the vid3o and not here just for increasing the vi3ws. IDreporter will paying ONLY for '' faithful '' vi3ws, keep it in mind!Also to those who said that watching the first 10 - 30 seconds of the vid3o will c0unted as vi3w - it's available for Spotify, but it doesn't work on IDreporter; 2) Watch the vid3o in HD (720p, at least )! IDreporter logic is that users will watch the vid3o in the most comfortable for their eyes quality. We all know how 360/240/144p are sucks, and if we can afford - we are always trying to put it in higher quality. If u can afford - 5tr3am in HD! if ur device hasn't HD or ur internet connection is low - then 480p is allowed; 3) DON'T skip, stop or rewind the vid3o; 4) The sound on ur phone should be more then 50%, u can use earphones on it, but the sound should stay more then 50%! U can mute the sound on ur laptop and PC, but be sure that the volume on IDreporter is more then 50%; 5) Before rewatching the same vid3o u should DELETE the watching and searching history ( the watching history is THE BROWSING HISTORY and the searching history is COOKIES ); 6) LOG OUT after the first watching of the vid3o bc from one acc u can watch the same vid3o ONLY ONCE in hour! But if u have a few acc0unts - then delete the whole history after watching the vid3o, log out from one acc and log in another one, close a tab and open a new one and then research this MV again for rewatching. Don't forget to leave comments and likes; 7) 5TR3AM MANUALLY! Don't use the playlists and loops when u have a free time for watching the vid3os on IDreporter. Playlists and loops are the main reason of freezing the vi3ws for a long time, also not all of vi3ws from them will be c0unted by Youtibe system, only 10 - 30%! By using playlists and loops u are just proving that u are LISTENING TO THE SOUND FROM THE VID3O, but NOT WATCHING IT AT ALL! And IDreporter is a VID3O portal where u should WWATCH THE VID3OS, not a music portal like Spotify. Remember that IDreporter like to delete '' unfaithful '' vi3ws. 8) DON'T USE multiple tabs or incognito mode - they are c0unted as SPAM and ur vi3ws will be deleted for sure! 9) Don't replay the vid3o or refresh the page for rewatching - ur vi3ws will be c0unted as SPAM and will be deleted for sure! 10) DON'T SKIP THE ADS! They are c0unted as part of the vid3o and if u will skip them - u actually will skip the vid3o and ur vi3ws will not c0unted by IDreporter; 10) Don't change the speed of the vid3o! 11) Use different browsers ( Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and etc ), acc0unts, internet connections ( Wi - Fi and mobile data ), devices ( PC, TV, phone, laptop ) for 5tr3aming of the vid3os - these things will helping to increase the vi3ws! 12) Comment, Like, Share by the vid3o on social media and with friends! 13) AND NOW THERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: you CAN'T REWATCH the same vid3o again and again without any gaps!!!!!!!! If u will rewatch Not Today on repeat again and again - ur vi3ws will be c0unted as SPAM and deleted for sure!!!! The gap among rewatching the same vid3o should be 10 minutes or 2 other TWICE' MVs

  44. enriquez twins

    enriquez twins7 jam yang lalu

    I don't know why? tzuyu's lines in 3:15 is stuck in my head like crazy👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍

  45. 나비Butterfly

    나비Butterfly7 jam yang lalu


  46. No Name

    No Name7 jam yang lalu


  47. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU7 jam yang lalu



    TWICE*ONCE7 jam yang lalu

    *UPDATE : 4,181,239 left til it reaches 200M! We have 6 days to do the goal!! Let's push it a little more Onces!!!*

  49. Thir d

    Thir d7 jam yang lalu


  50. Micky Gonzales

    Micky Gonzales7 jam yang lalu


  51. Hottest Ass

    Hottest Ass7 jam yang lalu

    Lets break the record this time ONCE!!!!!!

  52. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU7 jam yang lalu


  53. Thir d

    Thir d8 jam yang lalu


  54. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU8 jam yang lalu

    We just reached 600k+ let's stream harder and gain 650k+ pleaseeee

  55. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU7 jam yang lalu

    @Thir d yah same but we need to try our best

  56. Thir d

    Thir d7 jam yang lalu

    I think we will get 620k or 630k today.

  57. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU8 jam yang lalu


  58. TZUyu NAyeon MIna TWICEKO

    TZUyu NAyeon MIna TWICEKO8 jam yang lalu

    24hr #FeelSpecial Goals: • 50-80 million views • 1.5-3 million likes • 400k comments • Comment #MinaIsBack • Always be OT9 I LOVE YOU TWICE!

  59. No Name

    No Name8 jam yang lalu


  60. No Name

    No Name8 jam yang lalu


  61. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU8 jam yang lalu

    596k+ gained we're kinda slow we need more if we want to reach 200m in 6 days!!!

  62. Paul Ling

    Paul Ling8 jam yang lalu

    Please vote for Tzuyu (the most beautiful face in 2019). Blackpink Lisa has 37000 votes more than Tzuyu! Please spread this out and ask you friends to vote for Tzuyu! Thanks!

  63. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUU8 jam yang lalu


  64. Stan Twice

    Stan Twice8 jam yang lalu

    So lovely

  65. Stan Twice

    Stan Twice8 jam yang lalu


  66. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華8 jam yang lalu


  67. Thir d

    Thir d8 jam yang lalu


  68. Micky Gonzales

    Micky Gonzales8 jam yang lalu


  69. phim hay

    phim hay8 jam yang lalu

    da huynh oi them` buom dahuynh qa' di

  70. Stan Twice

    Stan Twice8 jam yang lalu

    Stan OT9 Stan Twice