twenty one pilots: Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


  1. Julz_Plays

    Julz_Plays34 menit yang lalu

    This music sounds like depression.

  2. LuRo 609

    LuRo 60952 menit yang lalu

    am I the only one who always thinks it says *heathers* instead of *heathens* or is it just me?

  3. Osus Gamer

    Osus GamerJam Yang lalu

    2017 : good 2018 : very good 2019 : OMG This song so f*cking good!!! 2020 : ..... 3019 : Legendary!!!

  4. The_Gamer19

    The_Gamer192 jam yang lalu

    Yo ser de Peru :v yo sershion de perueishon :v

  5. Xeno101

    Xeno1013 jam yang lalu

    Remember when people would also blast this song on radios in Roblox (murder mystery mainly) it was annoying but I miss it now

  6. Christopher Wisniewski

    Christopher Wisniewski3 jam yang lalu

    Both my dogs are heathens and I'd suggest you take it slow.

  7. david clark

    david clark4 jam yang lalu

    This is the best shit for campfires

  8. Pley Estaus

    Pley Estaus4 jam yang lalu

    I love music

  9. swooping is bad

    swooping is bad5 jam yang lalu

    fits well with htgawm

  10. Victoria Reyes Resendiz

    Victoria Reyes Resendiz5 jam yang lalu

    Tan chingonas estás música

  11. neko gacha luna

    neko gacha luna5 jam yang lalu

    O coow a song

  12. Tony Parks

    Tony Parks6 jam yang lalu

    Nice domestic violence song men are abused too. Michael Jenkins raping men in Oregon State Penitentiary Lincoln prison for raping correctional officer sabatini 1979. Yes yes men are abused to supporting survivors of domestic violence

  13. king starrboi

    king starrboi6 jam yang lalu

    Just playing old fire muisic

  14. joao carlos da silva

    joao carlos da silva6 jam yang lalu

    Amei essa musica é muito boa ❤❤❤

  15. Karina Delgado

    Karina Delgado6 jam yang lalu

    me watching since 2016 me 4

  16. Karina Delgado

    Karina Delgado6 jam yang lalu

    me old

  17. RikeoVega Murphy

    RikeoVega Murphy4 jam yang lalu

    You are Not Alone , Ms Delgado !!!

  18. Karina Delgado

    Karina Delgado6 jam yang lalu

    me know since me I was 4

  19. White Spawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz

    White Spawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz7 jam yang lalu youll love this 🔥

  20. Jair Emiliano

    Jair Emiliano8 jam yang lalu


  21. Tailsfan YT

    Tailsfan YT8 jam yang lalu

    Probably the best song in the OST..

  22. Magdalena Hernandez

    Magdalena Hernandez8 jam yang lalu

    #nic beats i like your songs

  23. Stickman Fan cam

    Stickman Fan cam9 jam yang lalu

    Don’t make any sudden move *me:slips on a banana* *also me:crap am ded*

  24. Julia Juzwa

    Julia Juzwa9 jam yang lalu

    I to się kiedyś słuchało dziecka

  25. Angelina Noguera Jara

    Angelina Noguera Jara9 jam yang lalu

    Alguien español xd amo esta musica :3

  26. LGD_GamingRz

    LGD_GamingRz8 jam yang lalu

    Lo mejor

  27. Cheyenne Haga

    Cheyenne Haga10 jam yang lalu


  28. emily edmunds

    emily edmunds10 jam yang lalu

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  29. Nivine Baccar

    Nivine Baccar11 jam yang lalu


  30. SticerS _

    SticerS _11 jam yang lalu

    türk varmı la

  31. bagabundo 12345

    bagabundo 1234511 jam yang lalu

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  32. Duox X by Nesta 7174

    Duox X by Nesta 717412 jam yang lalu

    Trop bien

  33. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman12 jam yang lalu

    Hmmmm Sure looks like josh isnt real in this video

  34. Mihir Subnauth

    Mihir Subnauth13 jam yang lalu

    The best song I ever listening

  35. Lucas Veiga

    Lucas Veiga14 jam yang lalu

    No se que comentar 😅

  36. trap House

    trap House14 jam yang lalu

    Aw,this shit is good

  37. Nestor Avila

    Nestor Avila14 jam yang lalu

    Todos los youtubers usan este temazo

  38. Abhinav Salim

    Abhinav Salim14 jam yang lalu

    Just so this on TV for the very first time. Searched it up on youtube and now ive been here for sometime.

  39. Yusuf Atasoy

    Yusuf Atasoy15 jam yang lalu

    Pekala Türksüz yorum olmaz. kesinlike bu müzik filmden daha güzel

  40. Cid Weasley

    Cid Weasley15 jam yang lalu

    too good for the movie.

  41. Hac YT

    Hac YT15 jam yang lalu


  42. Вероника Котик

    Вероника Котик15 jam yang lalu

    Есть РУССКИЕ??

  43. Explou

    Explou5 jam yang lalu

    JA, Я ЕСТЬ.