Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE)


  1. Črėåm Pop

    Črėåm Pop6 menit yang lalu

    4:56 she said wow

  2. Alanna cool YouTube

    Alanna cool YouTube34 menit yang lalu

    I lost none of my ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Maya Watrud

    Maya Watrud54 menit yang lalu

    she also said it for the suculant twice

  4. Maya Watrud

    Maya Watrud55 menit yang lalu

    she said wow for the kid on the line doing flips but didn't notice

  5. Willettez Watson

    Willettez WatsonJam Yang lalu

    She literally said no with one more life and she didnt even notice it

  6. E Morton

    E Morton2 jam yang lalu

    I didn't say the (w word) once

  7. Javier Guevara

    Javier Guevara2 jam yang lalu

    i said wow 1 time and my cosen lost like you

  8. Unicorn Legend

    Unicorn Legend2 jam yang lalu


  9. Puru Puru

    Puru Puru3 jam yang lalu

    I live in India and the traffic is like that everywhere except banglore, Chennai, Kolkata

  10. Karma Roleplay

    Karma Roleplay6 jam yang lalu

    4:53 wait a bit she said wow

  11. mia mia

    mia mia7 jam yang lalu

    She just said wow when a green icing thingy was icing on a cupcake

  12. Bellathecatplayz YT

    Bellathecatplayz YT7 jam yang lalu

    You said wow in that the girl was jumping on the rope...

  13. Bella Hancock

    Bella Hancock8 jam yang lalu

    So umm you know cats land on there feet my cat diss not land on its feet :(

  14. Mariam Al Hamly

    Mariam Al Hamly11 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t say wow

  15. Webster Fangloy

    Webster Fangloy12 jam yang lalu

    HYPER the same way to go back in a way 1st and to make sure that you are a few years ago in the first warplace in the world

  16. Pjulie Tabio

    Pjulie Tabio13 jam yang lalu

    I didn't lost any heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Amiska Elloran

    Amiska Elloran14 jam yang lalu

    Amazing jazzy

  18. leigh1ful

    leigh1ful14 jam yang lalu

    I haven't said wow yet

  19. Yumi Chin

    Yumi Chin15 jam yang lalu

    2 wos

  20. Nicholas Buchanan

    Nicholas Buchanan15 jam yang lalu

    I said the w word 0 time

  21. A Clark

    A Clark16 jam yang lalu

    Her score: -6

  22. Kapri Calaman

    Kapri Calaman16 jam yang lalu

    You sead wawow and did not count it

  23. one flew over

    one flew over16 jam yang lalu

    Azzy just said wow 3 times

  24. one flew over

    one flew over16 jam yang lalu

    And didnt notice

  25. osk films

    osk films17 jam yang lalu

    on your last heart, you said wow twice.


    CHEE YONG ER17 jam yang lalu

    Azzy say wow when the girl jump and the line

  27. aman aman

    aman aman18 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t say wow a singl bit

  28. James McDonald

    James McDonald18 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t say wow anytime except now

  29. aman aman

    aman aman18 jam yang lalu

    You’re losing because I still haven’t said the w Word

  30. gacha kitty 329!

    gacha kitty 329!18 jam yang lalu

    For the traffic it was in China

  31. Chayse's World

    Chayse's World19 jam yang lalu

    jazzy call me 9032448669

  32. Rahat Grewal

    Rahat Grewal20 jam yang lalu

    It’s not in India

  33. Johnnie Jimenez arreazola

    Johnnie Jimenez arreazola20 jam yang lalu

    U said wow that looks like a plant

  34. Dabi -_-

    Dabi -_-22 jam yang lalu


  35. Olivia Stergonza

    Olivia Stergonza22 jam yang lalu

    How do you say Well when he was at the pickle thing you lost all your life

  36. Raina Antimirova

    Raina Antimirova23 jam yang lalu

    Did someone heard azzy saying wow at 4:55??

  37. Ben Moyer

    Ben Moyer23 jam yang lalu

    im wowed

  38. Reyce Everett

    Reyce Everett23 jam yang lalu

    no wow

  39. panda corn

    panda corn23 jam yang lalu

    She say wow and she did not take one

  40. Josie-Beth Hoerner vlogs

    Josie-Beth Hoerner vlogsHari Yang lalu

    It is a acrocat

  41. Gage Weger

    Gage WegerHari Yang lalu


  42. Nadg JnB

    Nadg JnBHari Yang lalu

    You said wow and you said it again so now you lost all your life,,🤣🤣 and again even when you lost both of you can you can really see say the wow wordso you really got to practice nothing the Wildwood cuz if you do or try not to say wow challenge cuz you're going to lose all your heart all your life and maybe of your followersand are you surprised so you kind of practice how not to say the wow word so you can win every try not to say wow challenge on IDreporter and as they say practice makes perfectso you really got to practice not to say the Wildwood because you're going to make you going to be making try not to make say wow challenges and you can lose alland so you really got to practice so you could get better okay girl so you got to be practicing sur IDreporter you got any practicing how to make try not to say wow challenges ok so practice so u can be better ok so byeeeeeee and you said it again 🤣 🤣🤣

  43. Adrianna Mannie

    Adrianna MannieHari Yang lalu

    I said wow 0 times

  44. RueGaming

    RueGamingHari Yang lalu

    you lost

  45. The Real Dancing Banana

    The Real Dancing BananaHari Yang lalu

    2:59 she said wow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  46. Skye Thompson

    Skye ThompsonHari Yang lalu

    4:54 she said WOW

  47. mun yeow

    mun yeowHari Yang lalu

    4:55 she said wow

  48. Ssss Sss

    Ssss SssHari Yang lalu

    I lost zero hearts🤣

  49. Brianna Coulter

    Brianna CoulterHari Yang lalu

    4:54 she says wow

  50. Emma Hughes

    Emma HughesHari Yang lalu

    6:21 you said “wow”

  51. Andrew Lyle

    Andrew LyleHari Yang lalu

    Satisfying stuff in this video

  52. Night_Wolfie

    Night_WolfieHari Yang lalu

    Azzy:I just say million times wow Me:😐 If this LITTLE thing blue,it’s means...ITS BLUE and if this thing grey,it’s mean I’m sad ☹️ 👇🏻

  53. Jade O'Hea

    Jade O'HeaHari Yang lalu

    0 times

  54. I need A name

    I need A nameHari Yang lalu

    4:55 she said wow 😳

  55. Claire Octaviano

    Claire OctavianoHari Yang lalu

    Azzy try not to say what challenge wahahahahahah

  56. Claire Octaviano

    Claire OctavianoHari Yang lalu

    :) 😂

  57. Ash_the Cute Gamer H

    Ash_the Cute Gamer HHari Yang lalu


  58. annette mathis

    annette mathisHari Yang lalu

    she said wow a 5:57

  59. Y A

    Y AHari Yang lalu

    L❤VE you

  60. Gage Davis

    Gage DavisHari Yang lalu

    4:54 u said wow

  61. Caden Shields

    Caden ShieldsHari Yang lalu

    Said wow at 2:59

  62. Asa Novitski

    Asa NovitskiHari Yang lalu

    You said WOW but you didn’t know it!!😂