Trump Hints At Military Action Over Saudi Arabia Oil Attack | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Aella Lee

    Aella Lee26 hari yang lalu

    Bit so hard he almost collapsed? Wtf

  2. Hala Hajla

    Hala Hajla26 hari yang lalu

    What about Israel!! It is the only mafia which benefits from attacking KSA!!! So USA must attack Israel!!!

  3. Andrew Dias

    Andrew Dias26 hari yang lalu

    Good horse

  4. James Cooper

    James Cooper26 hari yang lalu

    @2:25 squirrel in the background so cute

  5. Kings Man

    Kings Man26 hari yang lalu

    Iran had nothing to do with it... Y'all just want probable cause

  6. Sam Hopper

    Sam Hopper26 hari yang lalu

    Don't forget the Saudis funded and committed 9/11

  7. Trond Bøe

    Trond Bøe26 hari yang lalu

    14 Days ???

  8. Blackball

    Blackball26 hari yang lalu

    3:20..." fight for themselves? "

  9. OldSkool

    OldSkool26 hari yang lalu

    FACT..... only TWO countries remain who’s banking systems are not controlled by America.... IRAN & NORTH KOREA. Before these two.... LIBYA was also one of them. Ring any bells???

  10. OldSkool

    OldSkool26 hari yang lalu

    Wow.... They really want control over Iran’s banks don’t they!

  11. Adam Dennis

    Adam Dennis26 hari yang lalu

    Animals know assholes, horrible people that harm animals. Simple shit. Like, don't trust a guy in your house that your dog growls at.

  12. Denyze

    Denyze26 hari yang lalu

    Huffman going to prison for 14 days. Our Department of Injustice sure works for white rich people.

  13. lamont major

    lamont major26 hari yang lalu

    Animals know evils

  14. lamont major

    lamont major26 hari yang lalu

    14days wow white card

  15. Jim's videos

    Jim's videos27 hari yang lalu

    1:47 loooooooooooooool

  16. Sean Patrick

    Sean Patrick27 hari yang lalu

    It's never too late for a dozen new 9/11. Clearly these imbeciles haven't learned a thing.

  17. millyh smith brawm

    millyh smith brawm27 hari yang lalu

    USA apoya a terroristas paramilitares como su guaido , noticias uno tiene un buen reportaje sobre los nexos del sutoproclamado de Venezuela con grupos asesinos de Colombia

  18. My notifications are off

    My notifications are off27 hari yang lalu

    The Saudi's "special' weapon is the "special" POTUS. Yes Donald, you're so special, no one comes close to your "specialness"".

  19. Abdulrahman Mansour

    Abdulrahman Mansour27 hari yang lalu

    A kid would know that the 25 drones and the missiles that hit Saudi was from Iran !!

  20. Bille Osman

    Bille Osman27 hari yang lalu

    #Saudis want #US to fight for them!

  21. Carl Bailey

    Carl Bailey27 hari yang lalu

    Fucking horse is way smarter than millions of Americans are.

  22. Adriana Leal

    Adriana Leal27 hari yang lalu

    I like your show. Brasil seams tô be into houseclening right now. Internet down and up depends , weird youtube mecanism. What is new? I read the victims of Epstein were denied justice. Make sense. It Isn't his Money. I guess the game is who we save. Let s get proves and ideas from our brain slaves worldwide. Maybe, there is a group of logic and free strategist besides DOS, Nexium and whatever.

  23. toonchi28

    toonchi2827 hari yang lalu


  24. Danial Rajabpour

    Danial Rajabpour27 hari yang lalu

    There are no solid proof that Iran was responsible for any attacks. If the U.S have the capability to detect an "unsuccessful" launch by Iran to send a satellite into space, then U.S are more capable enough to detect where the so-called projectile/drone started from and the direction it took.

  25. Smidday

    Smidday27 hari yang lalu

    2:57 sounds just like the war in Iraq - Saudis blew up the World Trade Centres so made sense to go after Sadam.

  26. Arslan Jawad

    Arslan Jawad27 hari yang lalu

    Saudi in recent years has spent billions of dollars buying up six battalions of U.S.-made Patriot surface-to-air missiles and associated radars. The Patriots didn’t stop the recent attack.

  27. Mohammed Alghamdi

    Mohammed Alghamdi27 hari yang lalu


  28. Casanova Casanova

    Casanova Casanova27 hari yang lalu

    Mike pence the Real mother fucker

  29. Ali Alidrissi

    Ali Alidrissi27 hari yang lalu

    you need to know more about the situation, yeman rebals are Iran puppet they just do what ever Iran want. the war in yeman is proxy war between Iran an saudi Arabia. the media should stop taking iran side in every thing just because us government want war with them

  30. Ali Alidrissi

    Ali Alidrissi27 hari yang lalu

    sorry for my English

  31. Ramakrishnan Meenakshi

    Ramakrishnan Meenakshi27 hari yang lalu

    Not funny,

  32. Pan!c on

    Pan!c on27 hari yang lalu

    Iran Wakanda

  33. Pitaresco Bigotes

    Pitaresco Bigotes27 hari yang lalu

    America's trying way toooooo hard to go into war with Iran... but they never try that kind of pressure against China or Russia 🤔

  34. Ichsuka

    Ichsuka27 hari yang lalu

    Dont tell mother 😂😂😂

  35. NeeroShean Beatz

    NeeroShean Beatz27 hari yang lalu

    I quess it's because Iraq and Iran wants to use gold as a payment for trading oil instead of the dollar. That's why the US is bringing their so called "freedom" since Bush to those countries. I mean, Sadam and ghadafi had gold for days, if I remember right......... And it Went missing *cough*

  36. Mature

    Mature27 hari yang lalu

    Saudi Oil Field Attack Originated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the help of USA its same story / propaganda revised by two nions as against Iraq World need to understand. Before going to any conclusion need to investigate and find solid proves world not need to believe politicians word of lie. Us intelligence has no physical evidence to prove their accusations against Iran they just want another war to sell their amortization. USA Policy scare the world and make money. from 200 years USA always in war somewhere somehow in the world their economy run on war. attaacked by some one else and blameing to someone else. Arabics are always easy to becom fools Seems like someone is pushing an agenda.

  37. shawn bla

    shawn bla27 hari yang lalu

    Maybe USA did that to create war

  38. MFHraa H.

    MFHraa H.27 hari yang lalu

    Trump: Saudis just rent my hotel rooms and you will get free war.


    PRIDE OF LONDON27 hari yang lalu

    Saudi Arabia spend billions on defensive weapons, Saudi Arabia knows they don’t need to buy attacking weapons because the world will fight for them because of the oil


    ACK_MINDSEYE27 hari yang lalu

    WAR! What is it good for? Making lots of money! Say it again!

  41. Oopss7

    Oopss727 hari yang lalu

    Mark Wahlberg bashed somebody's head in until he lost his vision - an innocent stranger walking down the street - because he called him a slant-eyed kook, then gave a supposedly convincing speech to the judge while crying in a way his own lawyer called Oscar-worthy before he turned around and winked at him... But you a-holes in your s-hole country have made him into some sort of idol who wants to have his record wiped clean now, while even Trevor Noah seems to have become racist enough to mock Saudi accents as well as people because Murica. You are disgusting - and you're also a joke, so you need to learn how to start laughing at yourselves. The rest of us have been doing it for years. You suck, Murica

  42. Aegle

    Aegle27 hari yang lalu

    America sucks the Saudi D***

  43. G C

    G C27 hari yang lalu

    3:32 Trevor: 'Why don't they just use those weapons they bought to fight for themselves?' Easy to answer: the Saudis are incapbable of doing the fighting all on their own. Even for their dirty war in Yemen they constantly need being propped up by the US and British. Without western maintenance crews their fighter aircraft fleet would be out of service within 2 weeks. They had ample warning (since May at least) that something might strike their crucial oil facilities yet they were unable to protect it properly. With all their superior firepower over the Yeminite rebels they couldn't bring that war to a decisive conclusion mainly because they lack ground troops capable of doing the dirty work. The Saudis would stand no chance against the battle hardened military of Iran without back up by western powers yet they incite disturbances, uprisings and even war in many places.

  44. XDigsX 13

    XDigsX 1327 hari yang lalu

    Of course the judge was a chick....

  45. Stephen Cotton

    Stephen Cotton27 hari yang lalu

    If a horse bites someone... then it says that they felt threatened by that person... something wrong there?

  46. Sohail Tiwana

    Sohail Tiwana27 hari yang lalu

    Trevor! You are hilarious, In my opinion, you are a very gifted person, and the good thing Is, you are aware of your talent. You are intelligent, I have read your life story, Born in Crime, what you have been through, you never gave up and the struggle you have put In, where you are today, can be an inspiration for anyone to succeed in life. I am your avid listener, you cover almost all major global events, political/non-political, but, so far, you have not covered, a very important event. The atrocities being committed against the Kashmiri muslims by the current Modi regime in India. The Kashmiri's are in state of humiliation and are under curfew since 5th August'19, it's been exact 43 days. There is human crises and UN is being numb, you have personally experienced the apartheid regime of South Africa. The same situation is prevailing today in India especially, against Muslims minority, Please raise your voice against these brutalities. Thanks.

  47. DrK OnBass

    DrK OnBass27 hari yang lalu

    No proof it was done by the ones who said they did it? But they're absolutely _sure_ it was Iran? OMG. Do they have anyone read their statements before releasing them?!

  48. Saeed GZ91

    Saeed GZ9127 hari yang lalu

    Only 500 American soldiers are going stop faking

  49. Michele Kett

    Michele Kett27 hari yang lalu

    So Pompey tries to make Iran the attacker even when Yemen has told the world, ‘we did ir’. Drones, anyone could use them, America has lots of times. I smell a rat. It lives in the White House.

  50. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan27 hari yang lalu

    Trump is LOCKED AND LOADED to shit in his golden toilet.. 😆 😆 😆 😆 And zionist colonial israel (who stole and colonized Palestine) & Saudis (who create and fund terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra) will join Trump in their SHITTING expedition. 😆 😆 😆

  51. Marius Thefaker

    Marius Thefaker27 hari yang lalu

    Big fan of Moses is Mike... and Pharaoh never forgets...

  52. Steven Juuko

    Steven Juuko27 hari yang lalu

    Trevor In Uganda that Mike Pence joke would have got u in some deep shit 😂😂😭

  53. Steven Juuko

    Steven Juuko27 hari yang lalu

    I can't send Mandela back to jail 😂😭

  54. VandalAudi

    VandalAudi27 hari yang lalu

    Smells like a false flag operation.

  55. gam mal

    gam mal27 hari yang lalu

    That judge is also a cunt. So she is a sexist pig. Hence the lenient sentence. I love how no one say anything about what the husband get cause then they have to discuss about how the judge is a sexist cunt and she only got a lenient sentence because she is a whore. And we all know this is all her idea cause that husband couldnt care less about where the whore child study.

  56. Nagato Sarutobi

    Nagato Sarutobi27 hari yang lalu

    When did Trevor become a News host? I thought he was a late night show how that cracks jokes and doesn't focus on politics.. Trevor competing with Stephen and Jimmy?

  57. deewhyann muttley

    deewhyann muttley28 hari yang lalu

    The only thing she did wrong is make that emotional speech about her being wronreg and stupid and whatnot, because the rest - like taking care of her children in the best possible way to ensure their future is something that every parent is SUPPOSED to do. The only thing she should regret is caught and that's about it. And anyone wants to judge her and say she did wrong and they would never do as she did, then I call you either liers, or broke ass jealous hypocrites who simply can't afford to provide as much as she can for her kids. So fuck off losers

  58. TubeDisabuser

    TubeDisabuser28 hari yang lalu

    Do Houthi rebels have any reason to attack Saudi infrastructure?

  59. E MP

    E MP28 hari yang lalu

    Bullshit Trump needs a distraction so Pence and friends are making the rounds.

  60. mimo sandro

    mimo sandro28 hari yang lalu

    Trevor is the best host 💕🥰😊he is funny 😄

  61. Michael Loo

    Michael Loo28 hari yang lalu

    sure who attacked. And Yemen has claimed they were the ones. And US has to point the finger at Iran. Lies & more lies.