Trump campaign legal adviser gives take on Nadler's impeachment comments


  1. Colleen Jennings

    Colleen Jennings28 hari yang lalu

    Is Schiff still talking

  2. Van Thai

    Van ThaiBulan Yang lalu

    Shitty Schiff must be high on meth to say that fair election is not fair. Moron.

  3. Christien du Preez

    Christien du PreezBulan Yang lalu

    The Democratic leaders, alias the globalist socialist party is nothing but a bunch of hate filled, sour, sore losers. Why not fight fair and fight Trump at the election trail? They are cowards, knowing that they can never beat him. I hope Bernie does better than all of that suckers, and maybe start a solid new opposition party. Anyway, i have never felt like punching any of my foes, but by all the wee gods, that thin neck and turtle beak of Schiff makes my hands itch.

  4. Bamboozled Great Crowd!

    Bamboozled Great Crowd!Bulan Yang lalu

    Time to organize a group that arrests these treasonous traders and remove them from the United States of America.

  5. Dcraig1718

    Dcraig1718Bulan Yang lalu

    Schiff: prick with ears and a liar.

  6. Alma Lawrence-Fraser

    Alma Lawrence-FraserBulan Yang lalu

    The Democrats do not want an election, but they want to impose themselves on the American people by force, good try Shif, we already have the president we want for 2020, we do not hear your plea

  7. Alma Lawrence-Fraser

    Alma Lawrence-FraserBulan Yang lalu

    ‘We the people’ will duly elect our president again in 2020

  8. What Now

    What NowBulan Yang lalu

    Shifty Sift CAN be defeated at the ballot box.

  9. Farm Dog

    Farm DogBulan Yang lalu



    DERP DERP DERPPY DERPBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't catch this lady's name. But the voice of reason SPEAKS! I didn't know that AOC said that, then tried to clean up her slip of the tongue. Hmmm. We ARE under attack. They want to remove Our wonderful duly elected and beloved POTUS because they want to remove OUR Voice. OUR Authority. Our Natural God Given rights.

  11. Andrew Macaulay

    Andrew MacaulayBulan Yang lalu

    If dems win then joe has been saved

  12. yvon duval

    yvon duvalBulan Yang lalu

    I am tired of the RATS ( democRATS )

  13. Spaid Garette

    Spaid GaretteBulan Yang lalu

    The Democrats think we are stupid. Like we do not know how to create a story, or what satire is and how to interpret words said or written. They are sailing on a ship of fools!!!!

  14. concerned US citizen

    concerned US citizenBulan Yang lalu

    What nimrod is actually listening to the Bergermeister Meisterberger?

  15. Richard Restivo

    Richard RestivoBulan Yang lalu

    Vote Schiff out and see what he says about those voters(no chance his district includes Hollywood) and we all know that they know what is best for all of us. More free ahit and steal the taxpayers money.

  16. ron lloyd

    ron lloydBulan Yang lalu

    Bring on the witnesses and documents so that the president can be found innocent

  17. Andrew Flora

    Andrew FloraBulan Yang lalu

    They already have them , and he will be acquitted

  18. Game Troller

    Game TrollerBulan Yang lalu

    A civil war that destroys the gays and antifa would make a great movie

  19. Betty McNally

    Betty McNallyBulan Yang lalu

    God said in the end days all would be exposed. It is nothing can stop what God proposes. It will be done

  20. Bionic man

    Bionic manBulan Yang lalu

    TRAITOR TRUMP.......the Russian connection, mob boss

  21. Barry Burgert Potgieter

    Barry Burgert PotgieterBulan Yang lalu

    First Law to be appointed.! No One is allowed to vote with any Document unless it is a ID Document, that is Proof of a USA CITIZEN.! Drivers Licence is not an ID Document.!

  22. allan fike

    allan fikeBulan Yang lalu

    If you start changing the voting system to your advantage , why vote at all? Why don't you just appoint you favourite commie to screw things up?

  23. Suzanne Nichols

    Suzanne NicholsBulan Yang lalu

    Well actually Shifty is right about not having a fair election because they're allowing illegals in California and New York, from 16 on up to get licenses so they'll be trying to vote. And people from California are moving to Texas trying to turn it blue. AND there's another horde at the border currently waiting to cross. That's the way the Dems are going to try to win the next election: FRAUD, because that's ALL they've got.

  24. Ken Fiel

    Ken FielBulan Yang lalu

    Schiff did not say we were not capable . He said they were not capable of protecting us from enemy attempts to affect our elections even though we are aware and watching in this moment. Trump 2020

  25. David Stiles

    David StilesBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone knows that if you're a Democrat and that you announce you're running for president, it could even be a non-election year, that you can't be investigated or prosecuted for any real crimes you did. Come ON, man! You're a real beauty! I'm telling Corn Pop about this!

  26. RCS MotoTab9

    RCS MotoTab9Bulan Yang lalu

    Every time Democrats lose an election they cry foul, they are poor losers on steroids! They are desperate to overthrow our country!

  27. Keith Soderbeck

    Keith SoderbeckBulan Yang lalu

    Democrats want a Parliament, not a American Constitution.

  28. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    Schiff has stepped over the line of his authority. He was never given this kind of power period. Folks congress is a part time temporary job. These people have given themselves all power and authority over us. They don't have that right period, never did. it is time to shut this mess down and start over and never let Washington DC ever grow to what it has become today. It is nothing but one big mess of corruption and pure evil against our founding principles and we the people. The founding fathers were adamant about their limited powers and limited growth. IT is time to abolish and start over.

  29. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    The only ones abusing their powers are the democratic party and it is time to abolish their party and arrest their leaders in congress for high crimes against our nation and humanity. They put a bounty on our president via Iran and this has to stop people. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE MASTERS, not the democratic party.

  30. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    We need to demand the abolishment of the democratic party and take them off all the ballots in this nation. The founding fathers would have already arrested these traitors to liberty and our constitution.

  31. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    Schiff is freaking corrupt. They are the ones who corrupted the 2016 election, not Trump and he still won with all their schemes and corruption, voter fraud, paying foreign spies to take him down and our nation down. Schiff belongs in handcuffs now folks.

  32. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    We never agreed to any of this and congress does not have the authority to continue embezzling our tax dollars. Where is the money folks? Now Iran has put a bounty on our president using the money Obama illegally gave them. Obama belongs in handcuffs for treason and funding a terrorist nation! Enough. Where the hell is Barr and Durham? Where is law enforcement? These people belong at gitmo and on trial now!

  33. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    The dems have done enough damage to this country. They've been funding terrorist nations at our expense and supporting them against their oath of office. Why are the dems so concerned about the Ukraine money? Hello? Are their kickback checks late? Something smells bad with all this foreign aid, there is no proof where it goes and nothing changes in these countries, nothing. It is time to stop all foreign aid and end this gravy train of a pyramid scheme and high corruption and kickbacks. We the people have had enough. We never agreed to any of this and country does not have the authority to continue embezzling our tax dollars.

  34. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    There should be a voters ID for legal american citizens only. We the people need to take our country back. Paper ballots and no machines, because it is all corrupted folks.

  35. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    Trump is president period. Schiff does not decide who is president, WE THE PEOPLE are the masters and it is time for us to abolish this party and start over. We don't need this corrupt mess. Most of DC is illegal folks per the founding fathers. All these agencies, laws, taxes are unconstitutional folks. They have been illegally using our treasury and forcing us to fund their corruption and pyramid schemes all over the world. Enough it is time to end this farce once and for all. Shut it down, send everybody home. All we need is military to secure our borders and protect our sovereignty. The founding fathers were adamant about a limited federal govt for a reason. They never intended for DC to control us or be involved in our lives or our bank accounts or anything else. Time to restore the constitution and limited powers and put these guys in the unemployment lines. They are servants, not the masters. Time to shut it all down, no pensions, nothing and end this farce. Adam Schiff belongs in handcuffs for treason and seditious conspiracy today along with the rest of his party in congress. We the people own this nation and we've had enough of these corrupt antiamerican clowns.

  36. Love Cat

    Love CatBulan Yang lalu

    The world is n danger is Adam Schiff is in power

  37. lina rott

    lina rottBulan Yang lalu

    Schiff and the dems want to take away WE THE PEOPLE's voting rights and take control of our country folks. There is one solution and one solution only. This communist socialist antiamerican foreign democratic nwo terrorist party must be abolished now per the founding fathers and never allowed to hold any public office in this nation again and we need to arrest these traitors in congress now for high crimes, treason, seditious conspiracy and many more crimes. When is enough, enough folks? The dems are attempting a coup to overthrow our nation and take total control. They don't have that right, these few people don't rule over we the people and freedoms theme. They are outright traitors to everything this nation was founded upon. Absolutely nobody gave Adam Schiff this power to control our nation and our votes and who is elected president. This guy belongs in handcuffs now. He is a threat to the survival of our nation and the restoration of our republic. The dems do not represent this nation. The founding fathers would have removed them a long time ago. Adam Schiff doesn't decide who is president. This proves they are up to no good and are committing treason against our nation folks. Schiff thinks he is above we the people. He is a part time employee and a bad one at that. He has done nothing for this nation in years. It is time to demand his removal from the people's house in congress.

  38. mike weeks

    mike weeksBulan Yang lalu

    Canadians and world laugh at you Russian Republican party and fox state news

  39. 11C

    11CBulan Yang lalu

    Well put Lady...the democrats are trying to erase our Vote...its sic that they are openly admitting to setting up more drama at our expense ahead of an election that ain't even here yet...sic

  40. John Bear

    John BearBulan Yang lalu

    The Democrats will lie about anything there is no lie big enough for them at this point they are desperately trying to regain power and they will do anything to the extent they'll even ruin the country just so they can get back into power this is how delusional they've become skip speech yesterday was filled with lies and innuendos and false accusations this shows you the morality of these people they don't have any true morality they're willing to ruin the country for political reasons just so they can regain power they don't care they're not capable they're not able like most Americans to hold honest conversations this speech yesterday was just filled with lies think about that..

  41. Arithia

    ArithiaBulan Yang lalu

    Democrats=abuse of power.

  42. Dave Mi

    Dave MiBulan Yang lalu

    These idiots are fostering riots by the left in November

  43. Betsie Richter

    Betsie RichterBulan Yang lalu

    Your dems want to take over Senate and corruption. Biden is their choice because he is in all the scams.

  44. wally Adams

    wally AdamsBulan Yang lalu

    The misconduct is all on the Democrats , lie , cheat, rob tax payer dollars. Basically they are criminals

  45. tall sarah

    tall sarahBulan Yang lalu

    Paper ballots- show ID, ELECTION IS VALID.

  46. Andrew Flora

    Andrew FloraBulan Yang lalu

    Only if the counters were bipartisan

  47. Anita Sumpter

    Anita SumpterBulan Yang lalu


  48. american psycho

    american psychoBulan Yang lalu

    TRUMP did more for our country in three years than the last president did In eight years.

  49. Della Bryant

    Della BryantBulan Yang lalu

    Adam Schiff already saying that voters cannot change the impeacement process at the ballot box! What?!? He's wrong!! America Voter's Will choose their next President!! Adam Schiff is openly accusing Trump of interference of the 2016 Election and that Trump will do the same in the 2020 Election!! America it has already been proven that it wasn't Trump but rather HRC and all her cronies! Proven!

  50. K C

    K CBulan Yang lalu

    Republicans are setting a precedents that will essentially corrupt the standards of election rules!!! If Democrats are not able to bring themselves DOWN to the Republicans low ethical standard, they will perish!!! Democrats will now be able to pursue foreign help with no worries of breaking laws!!! It is open season on hiring political mercenaries!!! Trump has enough corruption in his past that this should be easy. On the other hand...Trump supporters could care less that their Party is CORRUPT!

  51. Chatla Suresh

    Chatla SureshBulan Yang lalu

    Adam Schiff sounds never faces election ballot box voting and never electoral college voting. Bunch hypocrites shame themselves before USA🇺🇸Senate Floor public hearings. These impeachment fools living in delusional-illusional telemedia FISA abuse world. Lucifeterians have violated export compliance of USA🇺🇸 and it's criminal to recreate-create another USA🇺🇸 using 🇺🇸flag by foreign nations and aliens. How enforcing will the USA🇺🇸Law-Justice be against violation of export compliance? Han😡

  52. Gary Gagnon

    Gary GagnonBulan Yang lalu

    Well, we all know that America`s voting system needs a over haul......don`t believe me, look at Florida, ever time there is a election, they F....K up.

  53. DCSwamp Stench

    DCSwamp StenchBulan Yang lalu

    DEMOCRATs are fighting for their very lives!!! Nothing like this attack on this president has ever been done before. They have to remove TRUMP to save themselves!!! There is a reason there is 150,000 sealed indictments! 2+2 is 4 .they cant stop what is COMING!!

  54. SanAntonioSlim

    SanAntonioSlimBulan Yang lalu

    These are the same people that preached to us about accepting the results of the 2016 election if Clinton won.

  55. James Thompson

    James ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    They’re pushing for civil unrest. They want the US to burn, to hide their crimes.

  56. White Rabbit

    White RabbitBulan Yang lalu

    The world laughs at Trump and now at the GOP. The biggest cover-up in american history "thx" to GOP...and Putin celebrate his coup to install a puppet in the oval Office. Shame on you, GOP!

  57. joseph Traff

    joseph TraffBulan Yang lalu

    Adam the Glovs-are off- ky Schiff "progressive" please!

  58. E W

    E WBulan Yang lalu

    Many minority votes are stolen by states, look at us here in Georgia it's how our governor was elected. Your lying about his statement. We minority independent woman will see you at the polls with our children first time voters the polls got that right. The president is Impeached and if we can help it will not be back. Battle ground states are ready.

  59. MIchael C

    MIchael CBulan Yang lalu

    Shiff looking for job in N korea

  60. Queensue jesuseschild

    Queensue jesuseschildBulan Yang lalu

    Shifter just told American people we can't pick our president of this country how stupid is he that we can't pick our president. That isn't a stupid Democrat I wouldn't vote for a democrat if he or she was the last one on earth. They do nothing for me but cut my rights and tax me more they can get voted out and that's what we need to do with these people.

  61. pensive introvert

    pensive introvertBulan Yang lalu

    The only reason the DNC captured the House is because of the Russian collusion hoax with Mueller's complicity.

  62. ddesign63

    ddesign63Bulan Yang lalu

    Trump is the new O.J. Guilty as sin but going to get off free. Smh