True Damage - GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends


  1. Linh Smile

    Linh SmileJam Yang lalu

    Im from vietnam

  2. Nathan Strimpel

    Nathan StrimpelJam Yang lalu

    If Riot made a song featuring NF, what champion do you think he’d be? 🤔

  3. nathanity yt

    nathanity yt2 jam yang lalu

    love it cool can you show in league of legends pls

  4. Bigdaddysenpai 69

    Bigdaddysenpai 692 jam yang lalu

    I find the rapping part cringe

  5. Adam He

    Adam He2 jam yang lalu

    medium slap tbh

  6. The steel Shadow

    The steel Shadow2 jam yang lalu

    KDA to True Damage : Hey kid , you will never be as good as I was.

  7. biscuit

    biscuit4 jam yang lalu

    Director: How much Auto Tune do you want Thutmose? Thutmose: *Yes*

  8. biscuit

    biscuit4 jam yang lalu

    The auto tune at the start, is more then travis scot. ngl.

  9. otaku_trist

    otaku_trist4 jam yang lalu

    soyeon is a queen though

  10. EJ Gaming Foodtrip Vlogs

    EJ Gaming Foodtrip Vlogs4 jam yang lalu

    Yasuo mains be like: Dislikes the video.

  11. DanielProjects

    DanielProjects4 jam yang lalu

    A mina voltou agora da lanterna do thresh e já entra numa banda, que hype.

  12. Crispy Gaming

    Crispy Gaming4 jam yang lalu


  13. Ice Mari

    Ice Mari4 jam yang lalu


  14. Wilton Santos

    Wilton Santos5 jam yang lalu

    é bom

  15. isimsiz

    isimsiz5 jam yang lalu

    KDA da sohreti kazanan akali True Damage ye transfer oldu ..

  16. Willy Abraham

    Willy Abraham5 jam yang lalu

    you guys are really amazing but all of this is different but i still love you guys.

  17. Romeo Arias

    Romeo Arias6 jam yang lalu

    Ekko:sings in english qiyana:sings in english with spanish akali:rap in korea senna:sings with vocal voice yasuo:T-POSE

  18. Bảp Nguyễn

    Bảp Nguyễn6 jam yang lalu

    Thật sự đoạn điệp khúc rất dở Drumb và rap thì không ăn khớp với nhạc Dở hơn cả phoenix nữa Ngày càng dở This is trashhhhh

  19. WOLF BAD

    WOLF BAD6 jam yang lalu

    Ekko se parece a Xtentacion

  20. Ludo B

    Ludo B6 jam yang lalu

    Living for Soyeon 😍

  21. cookigangster da cookie

    cookigangster da cookie7 jam yang lalu

    Qiyana is my favorite she just a boss a queen she perfect for Becky g 😅😘💖😊

  22. annoying dino

    annoying dino7 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else notice that the dj has a necklace under his bandana i saw a chain

  23. annoying dino

    annoying dino7 jam yang lalu

    When he rapping im a master for 11 i dressed up as him one day

  24. Tristan Carter

    Tristan Carter8 jam yang lalu

    at start was that senna prestige look at start mid right


    MADISON WITTE8 jam yang lalu

    Is no one gunna talk about how that one dude looks like miles morales?

  26. A kékesi Yeti

    A kékesi Yeti8 jam yang lalu

    There is K/DA and True Damage There should be a band named Mute with these champions: Sona Aphelios Bard Yasuo

  27. mehdi mahdid

    mehdi mahdid8 jam yang lalu

    yasuo the best

  28. Amerino321

    Amerino3219 jam yang lalu


  29. PizzaPete

    PizzaPete9 jam yang lalu

    Qiyana: "You thought that we were weak but we comin' right back!" Rito: "Did you just say Nerf?"

  30. XxDarxHunterxX

    XxDarxHunterxX9 jam yang lalu

    Akali's part is so useless to me. Can't understand that little part of the song is such a turn off.

  31. Drake Deschain

    Drake Deschain10 jam yang lalu

    Yasuo was completely unnecessary.

  32. andres arenas

    andres arenas10 jam yang lalu

    gg ez yasuo

  33. The Shadow

    The Shadow10 jam yang lalu

    Everybody just talking about damage and kills, but nobody be mentioning Vision Score!

  34. Not Te Moai XdXd

    Not Te Moai XdXd11 jam yang lalu

    So as music bands go: True Damage KD/A Pentakill What's next? KS?

  35. ヴァスコンセロスラリッサ

    ヴァスコンセロスラリッサ11 jam yang lalu

    Manoo sério melhor criação para anúncio de league of legends

  36. hectrom

    hectrom12 jam yang lalu


  37. Halt Deinmaul

    Halt Deinmaul12 jam yang lalu

    Ayo panini Dont you be a meanie

  38. Tracy TV

    Tracy TV12 jam yang lalu

    I’m in love with this song.😍

  39. Ahmed Haiqal

    Ahmed Haiqal13 jam yang lalu

    Can someone cover this video acoustic and metal?

  40. Shaw-Baa Ash

    Shaw-Baa Ash13 jam yang lalu

    1:08 Qiyana: Spinnin' this thing Me: Yeah you are spinning that ring thing of yours