Trippie Redd - Death (Visualizer) ft. DaBaby


  1. toooop9

    toooop97 jam yang lalu

    Baby ruin the song. Wish there was a just trip version

  2. Jashely Ivette Hernandez

    Jashely Ivette Hernandez7 jam yang lalu

    oooooffhh she hottt! ;)

  3. Titus Hogan

    Titus Hogan8 jam yang lalu

    So this was the hit song out of the album and no video?

  4. john fasano II

    john fasano II8 jam yang lalu

    preskool shit dude raps elementary

  5. Yunus Patel

    Yunus Patel8 jam yang lalu

    peanut butter?

  6. Gabriele Marucci

    Gabriele Marucci8 jam yang lalu

    bro this is a mf music video wtff

  7. teetee Hall

    teetee Hall8 jam yang lalu

    Trippie Red soundin like Uzi and DaBaby soundin like juicy J

  8. IbWarrior

    IbWarrior8 jam yang lalu

    This song makes me want to kill all my cows in minecraft

  9. Miguel Cervantes

    Miguel Cervantes8 jam yang lalu

    This song is going towards “6ix9ine”

  10. Pol Saturne

    Pol Saturne8 jam yang lalu

    🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞vidéo clip

  11. Anthony Alvarado

    Anthony Alvarado8 jam yang lalu

    Imagine the face of 6ix9ine listening to the this song, feel like he wrote this song for him jajaja

  12. Joshua Schatzman

    Joshua Schatzman9 jam yang lalu

    Tic toc gang wya>

  13. lil different

    lil different9 jam yang lalu

    I gon die

  14. Cole Miller

    Cole Miller9 jam yang lalu

    This is aimed RIGHT at 6ix9ine

  15. Dix98XeE

    Dix98XeE9 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like playboi carti song

  16. Aidan Diamond

    Aidan Diamond7 jam yang lalu


  17. Christina Hovmand

    Christina Hovmand9 jam yang lalu

    This video is trippy...👾

  18. Yungdaggerdick

    Yungdaggerdick10 jam yang lalu

    Antivaxkid: sniffles* Karen: “you gon die”

  19. Noah Lopez

    Noah Lopez10 jam yang lalu

    Wait this is trippies song??? Cuz dababy killed it!!!!

  20. J Martinez

    J Martinez11 jam yang lalu

    Master P makem sayyy uhhhhhhhhhhh this shit 🔥

  21. based_money510

    based_money51011 jam yang lalu

    Trippy's cat always be into some shit.

  22. Poor George

    Poor George11 jam yang lalu

    Song 🔥 but the video is wack😒.

  23. LEiRBAG Beats

    LEiRBAG Beats12 jam yang lalu

    im the single one that really wants to die when listening?

  24. Niko X

    Niko X12 jam yang lalu

    I like music about death?! Weird flex but okay.

  25. Gabor Kocsis

    Gabor Kocsis12 jam yang lalu

    Just i realized after 100x watching the video this is the same clip???

  26. Walton Rogers

    Walton Rogers12 jam yang lalu

    YNW Melly in court: "I didn't kill them" Police: " U gon die"

  27. MALIK

    MALIK13 jam yang lalu

    What it mean. ?

  28. miikkaflips

    miikkaflips13 jam yang lalu

    Peanut butter faka

  29. Yung Dagger

    Yung Dagger13 jam yang lalu

    Thought it was uzi on dem dumazz tik tok vids

  30. prod. Hama

    prod. Hama13 jam yang lalu

    "thows paperplane" "points towards silent kid" him:


    PROPHET GOT WORK13 jam yang lalu

    Trippies trash

  32. Dino Duck

    Dino Duck13 jam yang lalu

    watching this in school bro idk what to do right now im acting crazy

  33. bugi λιχουδης

    bugi λιχουδης13 jam yang lalu

    This music video is trippy asf I guess it makes sense because it's in trippys red name trippy

  34. 9Th Legion

    9Th Legion14 jam yang lalu

    Idk why the girl rubbing them 1$ notes on her body

  35. Ray Delagdo

    Ray Delagdo14 jam yang lalu

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hot balls ... We got a banger here...

  36. Reju zaman

    Reju zaman15 jam yang lalu

    No nut november

  37. Yhures

    Yhures15 jam yang lalu

    only trippie song i like

  38. YaBoy MIRAGE

    YaBoy MIRAGE15 jam yang lalu

    I was playing this at my funeral.

  39. domink wiejak

    domink wiejak16 jam yang lalu

    only 6ix9ine

  40. Jaylen James

    Jaylen James16 jam yang lalu

    Quiet kid humming this song Me: I'm out 🙄

  41. Suavomir Killer Krawcz

    Suavomir Killer Krawcz17 jam yang lalu

    At least you can play pro g high stat without, unlike tenecator.