Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World


  1. Yes Theory

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    NEXT WEEK. BIGGEST SEEK DISCOMFORT DROP EVER. GET HYPED. Now to add a note on climate change, what's happening to Tuvalu is heartbreaking... We're trying really hard to work on our emissions. We're the first to admit that we're far from perfect and have a long way to go. We're educating ourselves on how we can be better and we carbon offset all our flights, which is a start but obviously not a final solution. We're actively experimenting with ways to improve and we'll be talking more about it in future videos! I'm feeling super grateful after this trip and I'm so excited I got to share this incredible experience with you all. Love -Thomas

  2. LisIsForever

    LisIsForever5 jam yang lalu

    Great video!!! Are you vegan or considered going vegan? The best way to personally offset your carbon footprint.

  3. Cookie Monster

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    Asking Americans if they know x country... Most of them still think Europe is a country.

  4. zezizarjaars

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    Those are the kind of countries that need solar power and electric cars/bikes. At this moment there needs to go a ship to those countries purely to drop petrol/diesel. Imagine how much that diesel/petrol costs! A ship that needs to move 1000ths of miles purely to leave petrol/diesel behind. I bet most of the electricity over there is created by generators. Which costs a fortune while nobody got any money.

  5. t Spear

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    @K J firsts coach.

  6. 549weraracer

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    Cool vid. Nice place with nice people. Man made climate change is a hoax. It is the only "science" in which its "scientists" are always wrong. Yet, rubes keep listening to their b.s. As recently in the 70's, many of the same people were predicting doom concerning the oncoming ice age. If you want to help the earth, don't breed. Meanwhile, enjoy your flight.

  7. uni production

    uni production13 menit yang lalu Travaling srilanka Beach night camping Elphant area

  8. Roy

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    And because of this video, it is know the 2nd least visited country in the world!

  9. Bertl Barm

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    you can find tuvalu on the most saling channels

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    Here you have the tourist site :D

  11. T1 Smk

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    It’s not soccer it’s football and the American football is called rugby

  12. Irony Man

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    Tuvalu has a huge business opportunities :3 just make a tourism plan based on Maldives.

  13. shquan kinket

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    Is English the native language

  14. shquan kinket

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    I wanna go there now

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    Anyone else guess what country it was gonna be?

  16. harsh pal

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    Imagine what’s living there feel like Going school everyday with your gf on beach shore

  17. Salampeep TM

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    Why did he said an animal??? WHYYYYY

  18. Josh Harper

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    I love Tuvalu!!! Omg . That fan and his mom were amazing.

  19. A Jo

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    Even though the island has been swallowed up by water, at least it makes a great snorkeling spot

  20. Uncle Dice

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    if i ever esscape from my hellish work life ..there i will go for sure...quiet and simple...but if a hurricane hits..damn....

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    His buddy is for sure banging his girlfriend

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    Fun fact Tuvalu has one Olympian

  23. Robert valdez

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    Damn This is the typa Life we had before Social Media Fucked Up our social skills & Confidence

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    I bet you they got pakalolo. Every island get pakalolo. 😂

  25. B W

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    It is so sad that paradises like Tuvalu will soon disappear due to idiots declining climate change and its outcome. Just due to greedy, egoistic politics and economics leaders!!!

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    Why I feel like this is Far Cry 3 in real life

  27. moron. .jaxob

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    Going to google how to get to this country when I get into work tomorrow

  28. Liaccemis World

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    My best friend comes from Tuvalu also it’s said To-va-lu she’s really kind

  29. Zared Franklin

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    Me being from The Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 & seeing this bro really brought tears to my eyes as I watched the loved being spread throughout the island. & the guy who u met that gave u the necklace my heart goes out to him . My brother from another mother . Love y’all !

  30. Mark Appleyard

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    Awesome ! I want to go there and feel the good vibe of that place . Great vid

  31. Retro Moto

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    Try explaining the climate change they're going through to the GOP in the U.S. Easier talking to wall!

  32. kandykaym

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    @michaelholder via twitter: Incredible scenes at #COP25 as Tuvalu calls out a certain country intending to leave the Paris Agreement - *cough* USA - for obstructing efforts on funding for loss and damage from climate impacts: "This could be interpreted by some as a crime against humanity."

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    The most enjoyable video that I have experienced in a LONG time!!!

  34. tihzho

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    It took me all of 5 seconds to find this...the Tuvalu Tourism website. Sorry to wreck your narrative but Tuvalu does have tourism. Don't you know how to use the Google? lol

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    Such a great IDreporter channel

  36. Murathan Gecgin

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    I'm so disappointed that a swede like Thomas calls it soccer and not football 🙄

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    You lost me at climate change.

  38. Richard Einsberg

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    They look like filipino but they are not filipino or they are filipino from hawaiii and migrate to tuvalo...

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    I've never wanted a passport and a ticket to fly to any country more than i do now.

  40. John-Sebastian Barrera

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    I think it's best this country be left alone, I can see so many things going array with an excess of tourists

  41. wii1mii

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    So I did not fully get it. Do they have Internet? I saw they had electricity where do they get it from?

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    I only know it from the .tv domain ending

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  44. Pyrothief

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    There could be a country on a random rock in the middle of the ocean and nobody would know

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    in 88 i left usa ,guatemala is great .much land ,children, grandchildren. fuck the zionist usa,its drug war the genocide that is abortion and the abomination that is sodomy .

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    Looks very nice and homey

  47. Jacqueline Filion

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    Again, an incredible video. You are so fortunate to be able to have these experiences. Cherish every moment! 🙏😘

  48. Keith McCool

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    I lived on a small island like this for 4 years. It’s name is Kwajalein. It’s apart of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. This video reminded me so much of the Marshall Islands. I miss the island life and the crystal clear waters.

  49. Warren Hall

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    I did a project on Tuvalu when I was in grade 5 Edit: I also when I did it I didn’t know it was the least travelled to country

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    This is going to be my next honeymoon place

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    16:14 he still has lipstick on his face.

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    this place is beautiful😫

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    Amazing video

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    This guy looks like Jared Goff...straight up

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    13:49 best shot right here

  56. Single · Since · Forever

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    I would've guessed Nauru, Country in Oceania

  57. Santiago Perez Aranda

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    How much did it cost you to go and stay there as a tourist?

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    really dude? climate change?

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    alright new tourist spot aha

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    Är du svensk?

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    i want to go there right now it looks like such a nice positive place to be

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    is it pronounced two-vaaaah-loo or two-va-lu

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    Is it strange that I've known about it since I was 3 even though i'm from the ignorant lands of the US?

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    Dammmm man I love this island

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    what the fuck does carbon offset mean?