Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber's Dream


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    Das be some nice garbage your trying to sell =b hopefully people don't fall for it.

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    Hi Yes Theory! i'm From philippines,

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    Go to the Philippines guyss❤️❤️❤️🤣

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    the dream was to make u broke

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    I love how they created eachother in arabic just have so much respect on how loving the middle eastern culture can be

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    this was SUCH a beautiful video. Will never know how y’all do it! Thank you for these videos!!

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    Let me put a quick light into the situation at the airport. The woman that checked his passport has specific instructions on some nationalities. In our society we only see what we are supposed to see and do what we are "supposed to do". There is a big network behind every airport administration that prevents the biggest dangers that would have happened on or at the airport if not for security measures. One of the airports staff duties is to follow instructions from their managers in regards to syrian + other nationals, especially in this difficult politic debacle around Germany. So please do not overjudge the woman working to make a living for herself (she is paying 50% taxes in germany ffs). Judge the system behind it, not the marionettes :) Give a like for the woman, she had 100% no intention to make him feel bad.

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    I wish Amar could guide me to Egypt

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    Why didn’t they just go to Canada, I’m pretty sure there are aurora light in Canada and it’s much closer.

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    Blessed.. ❤️

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    just found your channel and subscribed this channel is amazing so much hope in life i love it

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    I dare you or pretty please ask you to go to Tonga to swim with blue whales (and take me with you ofc) :D

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    You can fulfill mine my likeing

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    This is a long shot but here’s my boyfriend (of 7+ years) 27th birthday on New Years Eve and I always struggle with what to get him as it’s so close to Christmas and everyone has plans/everything is booked a year in advance and I’m not a big planner! Any ideas how to surprise him? 🥳


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    the lady at the airport didnt want to hurt or insult you,she just follow the rules :)

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    how lucky, I wish I could also travel with Jon Snow... 😒

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    I wish I was in his place 😍

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    I live in Norway! So glad to see you had a good time here😍 I live even more north tho🙈 Northern lights are a part of my everyday life almost. This made me apricciate it more.

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    Thats rediculous to harm a life..

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    lol the entitlement from this syrian guy, germany gave you everything

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    Can you imagine how many stamps they have on their passport?

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    The Egyptian ice-man strikes again 🤣👏🏻

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    Poor dog, pooping and running at the same time 😂

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    8.29 triggered tf outta me💀

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    10:55 is that simply made by an effect or does one need certain equipment and film it specifically for this result?

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    Such an inspirational video..

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    The BGM is really loud bruh.. But love the video 🖤🧡

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    the airport staff seems xenophobic

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    This episode is so Inspiring.

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    such a beautiful video, you guys are amazing. this is what more creators should do with their platforms, inspire, give people confidence they never knew they had. Keep up the amazing work and just know how proud the yes theory family is of you!

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    There’s a lot of Syrians in Germany

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    Not like this has anything to do with this video, but I'm 2% Scandinavian XD

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    8:28 you’re welcome

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    Honestly wish there was seperate comments about this challenge because so many more things to say about this video it was great so much respect for this dude and hope he achieves his project.

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    5:04 whats on the prjector

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    That was such a beautiful episode!! Why was the quality really pixelated at 16:30+ though? ;O

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    Amazing dudes. Want to start living like they ASAP. I wish I had the opportunity they had years ago when you could capitalize on IDreporter. Now everyone tries. Keep going guys!