Trap Nation Offers Me 10,000$ Bribe to Delete Video Exposing him.


  1. Tapmig

    Tapmig18 hari yang lalu

    So did anyone find any follow up to these allegations? Looks like nothing happened btw

  2. Firere

    FirereBulan Yang lalu


  3. buddypat // zBudpat

    buddypat // zBudpatBulan Yang lalu

    That anonymouse voice sounds like defib

  4. buddypat // zBudpat

    buddypat // zBudpatBulan Yang lalu

    Sadly this man is not uploading anymore

  5. buddypat // zBudpat

    buddypat // zBudpat5 hari yang lalu

    CipherSpace look at his channel last upload was 2018

  6. CipherSpace

    CipherSpace5 hari yang lalu

    Vexxed still uploads

  7. Jason

    JasonBulan Yang lalu

    Does he use linux ?

  8. klebdotio

    klebdotioBulan Yang lalu

    9:06 look at the VPN in the taskbar

  9. Abinash Sharma

    Abinash SharmaBulan Yang lalu

    I mean Andre is just doing some business

  10. Sterry

    Sterry2 bulan yang lalu


  11. Dillon M

    Dillon M2 bulan yang lalu

    I don't know if andre or Kareem are Mr.Robot but that guy is extremely smart

  12. Techno Nation

    Techno Nation4 bulan yang lalu

    I dont even care for Trap nation now they upload mostly future bass I dont hate the genre but if you are called "TRAP" Nation I expect Trap and EDM Trap just a nitpick with trap nation I Hate that it went mainstream and to pop shit Classic trap for life I Miss Caked Up Dotcom Slander Nghtmare Yellow Claw K Theory etc..... Trap isn't as good as use to be its all Future Bass now :(

  13. Nbau X

    Nbau X4 bulan yang lalu

    If his really a hacker he'll already hack your p.c

  14. Mr. Spooks

    Mr. Spooks2 bulan yang lalu

    Nbau X this was 2 years ago.

  15. Onuzzers

    Onuzzers7 bulan yang lalu

    Wtf Turkish ?

  16. Dankrupt

    Dankrupt7 bulan yang lalu

    omg the white kid dancing to "rap" was so cringe. why is all of trap nation a bunch of twinks

  17. Hollow

    Hollow8 bulan yang lalu

    I still don't know people say that NCS copies songs from another artists. I mean, they've turn into a record label in 2013...

  18. Hollow

    Hollow8 bulan yang lalu

    I still do listen to NCS, Monstercat, and Ninety9lives. Those are the only music companies I trust. TrapNation is just a label full of Trap Music, and I don't like it. Trap music is actually not my type.

  19. Primus

    Primus8 bulan yang lalu

    Compare this video with 2.25 million views and approximately 87k votes (21k downvotes) to Trapnation's video of with 2.12mil views and approximately 45k votes... So basically same amount of views but with an xtra 40k votes... And half of those xtra votes are downvotes. Suspect. Looks like he spent that 10k elsewhere, trying to discredit you. Trapnation's Andre is such a little fucking baby, I can't even believe he replied to this at all knowing his guilt.

  20. Ashley Pearson

    Ashley Pearson8 bulan yang lalu

    I am sad to be a red head

  21. Mick

    Mick8 bulan yang lalu

    That Halo music makes this easier to watch

  22. Jim Millar

    Jim Millar8 bulan yang lalu

    Is that Phineas @9:00

  23. Cringe Lord

    Cringe Lord8 bulan yang lalu

    That's leafy

  24. Reggie Gimmix

    Reggie Gimmix9 bulan yang lalu

    It's a trap

  25. mariomario64

    mariomario649 bulan yang lalu

    Welp that's how the mafia works

  26. Scottie Manners

    Scottie Manners9 bulan yang lalu

    Y'all just dont click the links in the description to try and download free music and you will be fine. Dont follow stupid links thats how they get you, if you just stay within youtube you are good

  27. A Flick

    A Flick9 bulan yang lalu

    Bunch of smug little douche bags.

  28. DankTheGank

    DankTheGank9 bulan yang lalu

    One question, why isn't Loribeth Denberg giving me this "Vital Information"!

  29. DankTheGank

    DankTheGank9 bulan yang lalu

    Take it and put up a different one...

  30. Netty Voyager

    Netty Voyager9 bulan yang lalu

    they tried it with me once it stopped 10 min later i was back online 20 min later stupid kids whose do you think taught them :P !

  31. Netty Voyager

    Netty Voyager9 bulan yang lalu

    i know the CEO of the lizard squad and they will not hack you if they do let me know :)

  32. RickTGB

    RickTGB9 bulan yang lalu

    Gee thanks IDreporter for recommending this to me 10 months later..

  33. The Don

    The Don9 bulan yang lalu

    Permanently boycotting trapnation as of this moment

  34. Ian Grody

    Ian Grody9 bulan yang lalu

    FAF! Heads up, UK skiddies like that wannabe who abuses the Copyright claims on YT, is actually committing Fraud, Fraud Act 2005 (Lying for personal gain). You can report it to the police, but because it's an indictable offence, you can initiate a private prosecution under S6 Prosecution of Offences Act. Pass the word to their victims. #IAmNotALawyer

  35. wowwowweebs

    wowwowweebs9 bulan yang lalu


  36. Zero11

    Zero119 bulan yang lalu

    Bro you should have taken the money and THEN uploaded this, hold that 10k as "evidence" ;)

  37. lowfive_house beats

    lowfive_house beats9 bulan yang lalu

    at least chill nation is A O K

  38. lowfive_house beats

    lowfive_house beats9 bulan yang lalu

    A GoogleUser /w privacy trap nation guy

  39. GgleUsr /w privy

    GgleUsr /w privy9 bulan yang lalu

    @lowfive_house beats who?

  40. lowfive_house beats

    lowfive_house beats9 bulan yang lalu

    A GoogleUser /w privacy and how old is he

  41. lowfive_house beats

    lowfive_house beats9 bulan yang lalu

    A GoogleUser /w privacy I just done watching it and I feel betrayed feelsbadman

  42. GgleUsr /w privy

    GgleUsr /w privy9 bulan yang lalu

    He explains the connection with Chill Nation

  43. Jesse Curle

    Jesse Curle9 bulan yang lalu

    InspectorDubplate > All

  44. Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    Ghost Unlimited Gaming9 bulan yang lalu

    Someone needs to tell this stupid fuck that waking up before school and stealing music and just uploading it to your channel, isn't work and he actually did nothing. He deserves nothing, so fuck that silly little bitch.

  45. Mohim Forever

    Mohim Forever9 bulan yang lalu

    Cause Trap Nation will never fuck you

  46. Snapples

    Snapples9 bulan yang lalu

    Why does it has NCS?

  47. Apeiron

    Apeiron9 bulan yang lalu

    Unsubscribed from Trap Nation

  48. White Chocolate Player

    White Chocolate Player9 bulan yang lalu

    I dont trust music channels these days. Lowly Palace was another one I lost hope for. They used to offer NCS music to YT creators and then a year later they signed all their artists onto contracts. Good for them, except they refused to whitelist the content creators who used their content at the time when it was royalty free. Now two of my music videos that I spent blood,sweat, and tears over have had royalties seized because of the copywrite claim. On my previous channel we actually had a ton of views and were going to receive a check from IDreporter where we were going to donate that money to a local DV shelter. We wrote Lowly and told them this. And we were right in our limitations because Lowly promised anyways to whitelist channels under 100,000 subscribers. Lowly Palace took the check for their own use. Wrote them 3 messages. They ignored every one of them.

  49. South African Kiwi

    South African Kiwi9 bulan yang lalu

    This is why I listen to DSG

  50. Juan.

    Juan.9 bulan yang lalu

    Been a year since last video, where he at?

  51. GgleUsr /w privy

    GgleUsr /w privy9 bulan yang lalu

    Wondering the same thing

  52. falc0n

    falc0n9 bulan yang lalu

    But Alan Walker is also a NCS DJ?

  53. Hollow

    Hollow8 bulan yang lalu

    He left NCS a long time ago. Btw, he is the worst artist on NCS! Glad he left.

  54. Trevor

    Trevor9 bulan yang lalu

    What do you mean when you keep saying "vexxed"? aren't you vexxed?

  55. JReneé TV

    JReneé TV9 bulan yang lalu

    In case the vid get's taken down for copyright or anything like that I have it saved on my device

  56. ParGellen

    ParGellen9 bulan yang lalu

    I have absolutely no idea wtf this was even about. Lots of info but no context or explanation as to what is going on.

  57. Cloud

    Cloud9 bulan yang lalu


  58. Subtle Truth

    Subtle Truth9 bulan yang lalu

    What ever happened to all of this? Did it just suddenly died down and everyone forgot about it?

  59. Yo Blasty!

    Yo Blasty!9 bulan yang lalu

    Leetake XD what

  60. Subtle Truth

    Subtle Truth9 bulan yang lalu

    @Yo Blasty! that's like watching a movie with no part 2 rip

  61. Yo Blasty!

    Yo Blasty!9 bulan yang lalu

    Leetake well that’s how dramas work It dies down and people move on

  62. badshiba

    badshiba9 bulan yang lalu

    y'all should release the full call

  63. GgleUsr /w privy

    GgleUsr /w privy9 bulan yang lalu

    Read the bio in the previous video. Links are there

  64. HumbleRat

    HumbleRat9 bulan yang lalu

    Andre doesn't reply to this, guilty. @trapnation

  65. stian w

    stian w9 bulan yang lalu

    Trash hacker

  66. Blake Baze

    Blake Baze9 bulan yang lalu

    u put the dollar sign on the wrong side

  67. s a d / 1 0

    s a d / 1 09 bulan yang lalu

    This is why I don’t listen to “trap”

  68. MVKUTA

    MVKUTA9 bulan yang lalu

    s a d / 1 0 it's really not... of course there are some garbage cash-grab producers but most of us (I don't primarily make trap but still) are just genuine people who want to put the genres they're good at out in the world

  69. s a d / 1 0

    s a d / 1 09 bulan yang lalu

    Producing is different. I don’t know they’re intentions behind producing the music. It does seem like a cash-grab genre. That’s just my opinion.

  70. MVKUTA

    MVKUTA9 bulan yang lalu

    s a d / 1 0 also, I'm not even talking about the people listening to the music, I'm talking about the genuinely nice hardworking talented people that make it

  71. MVKUTA

    MVKUTA9 bulan yang lalu

    s a d / 1 0 ok so you're saying that people who listen to trap are more likely to be assholes? I don't get it...

  72. s a d / 1 0

    s a d / 1 09 bulan yang lalu

    MΛKUTΛ I’m sure science would definitely tell us otherwise The music you listen to very much has an effect on your personality

  73. nub_user

    nub_user9 bulan yang lalu

    I work so hard. Men i dont give A fk pysicopath

  74. BRNRDO

    BRNRDO9 bulan yang lalu

    TSYN and Majestic Casual sintony >>>>>>>>> Music Channel Fights

  75. frank avila

    frank avila9 bulan yang lalu

    Wtf IDreporter this video is 2 years old

  76. Bitar's Youtube

    Bitar's Youtube9 bulan yang lalu

    Same here wtf

  77. Jacob McEntire

    Jacob McEntire9 bulan yang lalu

    So, haven't seen the video but for some reason IDreporter is saying I liked it.

  78. unititled

    unititled9 bulan yang lalu

    i wouldve took the money then reupload the video. lmfao

  79. iBitar

    iBitar9 bulan yang lalu

    Guys... Im really scared for NoCopyRightSounds channel... i mean, ive been using his music in my videos up until i quit IDreporter last year... This asswhole, Kerem, hes doing all this for money that he doesnt even need, fuck, whats the point of money if ur already eating and drinking and have a large ass home? whos next? NCS? Its one man benefitting from what millions of people love by taking it away....

  80. Ikiguy

    Ikiguy9 bulan yang lalu

    I did get copyright strikes for using the music lmao a long time ago. I was like "tf???"

  81. Alpha_Mach

    Alpha_Mach9 bulan yang lalu

    Guess the anime girl music channels really are the way to go.