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    I love your channel and i love terry crews i all ways watch brocklyn 99

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    I wont sofies number that way she can make me a continuous

  3. Hadley Won

    Hadley Won14 jam yang lalu

    Hi Sofie I have a question for you You know the contortion thing that you go on your stomach then get your legs over? Can you do a video of the tutorial of how to do it?

  4. mundo da tata alves

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    Hello sofie dosii

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    😂😂😂😂😂 I love you Sophie!!😂😂

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    💓love 💘Krugman photo 📷📷city and the other one that is what 6789000@@@yahoo 🔚6and is one ☝of the time being in your life and your hair 💇💇

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    I loved it

  8. andrew de gannea

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    I am just wondering about my new car today

  9. Rosilynd Mason

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    Terry you play as big black Jack

  10. Toys Forever

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    Wow great video keep it up

  11. Noah Arroyo

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    Sofie she doesnt have a spine

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    😂 soo funny!

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    Did anyone else check terry crews age

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    One word........... BLACKED😄

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    Is Terry from Brooklyn nine nine

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    Hi Sofie love you from us 😄❤️😱😘

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    You are not safe. You are a target of the gmi and the hollowen haker

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    Egv ta kano olla kai eimai 9

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    Me:*sees thumbnail* WOW TREEY CREWS CAN DO THAT AND I CANT!!!!

  20. Egg

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    I got a ad of ur video doing friends lol

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    I mean pls can u teach my daughter contortion

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    Hi i am your big fan and l love you so much i really need a gave away a iPhone 11 please 😍🤩

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    Thumbnail:terry crews doing a pose Me:wow Also me:wait thats Zach’s legs not terry crews legs😂😂😂

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    Thumbnail seemed pretty off two me

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    do not teach her how to run she crawls to much and she crawl fast o hell na

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    I'm contortionist

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    I got the same pants as Sofie lmao.

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    Sou coreana

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    No tu a v mm k Pol lol k

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    Sofie OMG 😲

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    brooklyn 99 fans watching this | | | v

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    Terry is amazing as always. Such an awesome duo.

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    I bet 💯$ terry was so hard the holl time I mean you will be too right 👍or👎 🤤🤪. 👯

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    Todo mundo iria perceber a cor do cara

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    Hi I am going to be at the office in a few minutes I just got off you’re going to be a good first time and you have the time of your day

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    Ian trying to take this too far , but i always think the worse when i see this 💯🥵🥵

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    Or help my baby is on the way my water broke

  39. Christa Vail

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    If you do a you won’t challenge I have a dad (make Zak go in public and yell I have to pee help me my water is gonna break!!!!) XD maybe it is to much

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    I also have been a fan for years you inspire me everyday

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    Sofia could you please do another You Won’t challenge?!

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    he is not acttraly doing it

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    "SHE MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!" ok we're calling Zak the devil now ok

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    You are werD

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    3:48 OMG yay!!!! I did it!

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    I'm not a perv but in the thumbnail I seen a bit of ur boo**

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    I love how the legs in the thumbnail is white

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    Do you have a spine?

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    Eres genial saludos desde Colombia

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    I know terry from Brooklyn nine nine

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    I copied all of the moves (almost a contortionist) edit: not that close but pretty close

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    My god 🤭😯

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    i wish you could teach me into a contortionist . love you sofie i subscribed and liked your video

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    That man is fronny

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    That’s not terry’s legs he was not wearing jeans It’s ok terry I can’t do it either

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    I love how you bend

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    Sophie is hot af

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    Keep it up

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    So cool! I'd like to do that someday.

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    Lol so funny omg/omrl😹😆😂😝🤪😊😜🤟🏻