Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. ijaz khan

    ijaz khanJam Yang lalu

    Wait is that Jimmy carr

  2. OneManShow

    OneManShowJam Yang lalu

    Where’s the “Netflix Original Content” logo?

  3. Wolfgod 64

    Wolfgod 64Jam Yang lalu

    I feel like this trailer is hiding some things from us...I like it.

  4. oscar rocks 2

    oscar rocks 2Jam Yang lalu


  5. Francisco Martinez Alfaro

    Francisco Martinez AlfaroJam Yang lalu


  6. HuhJuhWuh

    HuhJuhWuhJam Yang lalu

    im not ready to cry yet

  7. Henry Chionuma

    Henry ChionumaJam Yang lalu

    "Big Love" Opening Theme Song...That is All

  8. FredTheOrangeCoalTruck 2004

    FredTheOrangeCoalTruck 2004Jam Yang lalu

    This is how many nostalgic adults will be in the theater! ⬇️

  9. Sakura Destiny

    Sakura DestinyJam Yang lalu

    Toy Story 5 will be when Disney decides parents should die!

  10. Gotnewbeatz

    GotnewbeatzJam Yang lalu

    No Mr. potato head😭

  11. Oriond34 Mega

    Oriond34 MegaJam Yang lalu

    I wanna die too plastic spoon but this is the reality we live in

  12. Jolly Jack'r

    Jolly Jack'rJam Yang lalu

    1:11 Awe, Sheriff Woody.. Ya always comin' to the *_rESCuuuueeee_*

  13. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha MadaraJam Yang lalu

    It’s not the same anymore 😖

  14. Otonielcruz Ceuz

    Otonielcruz CeuzJam Yang lalu

    Quien por aca en español deje su like

  15. Headmistress Black Rose

    Headmistress Black RoseJam Yang lalu

    I'm not excited.....sorry Disney....😕

  16. White Tiger

    White TigerJam Yang lalu

    Andy looks not good...😐

  17. Eduardo Díaz Valencia

    Eduardo Díaz ValenciaJam Yang lalu

    ¿Que le paso a Andy? Esta muy diferente a lo que fue en las tres entregas anteriores.

  18. Bea Badjar

    Bea BadjarJam Yang lalu

    Still gonna watch it the day it comes out.

  19. ReZisT Lust

    ReZisT LustJam Yang lalu

    They totally gave Bo Peep the finger and she's now in an adventure that got kicked off due to trash suicide lol...

  20. Arey Gang 🔥😜🤟

    Arey Gang 🔥😜🤟Jam Yang lalu

    What?!? I cannot wait!! Born in 1998 and almost 21 years old, but I can’t resist a good toy story movie 😊

  21. YEEZY G

    YEEZY GJam Yang lalu

    Well don’t need to watch the movie cause I just did

  22. Sir.Crow

    Sir.CrowJam Yang lalu

    La musique me fais penser à Bioshock Infinite

  23. Read S.

    Read S.Jam Yang lalu

    Very poorly edited

  24. MrGustavito Jr

    MrGustavito JrJam Yang lalu

    1:37 tin toy?!?!!

  25. Barak Cabaza

    Barak CabazaJam Yang lalu

    Is Bonnie supposed to look like Elsa from Frozen? O_o

  26. UniLolo

    UniLoloJam Yang lalu

    Yessss Disney

  27. Andrew A

    Andrew AJam Yang lalu

    Wow.....for once I don’t see a Disney movie doing well. This doesn’t feel like the others. It feels too mechanical, too money hungry. I’m sorry but I have to say that this won’t do toy story 3 money and I hope they learn not to push a good thing. The Toy Story trilogy is one of the best animated trilogies ever made. It’s a sad day for a fan of the originals. This gives me the same feeling as the Star Wars prequels when episode 1 was announced.

  28. Classic WWE 2k Matches

    Classic WWE 2k MatchesJam Yang lalu


  29. Leonidas_24u

    Leonidas_24uJam Yang lalu

    Who's ready to cry bois?

  30. Pass the Salt

    Pass the SaltJam Yang lalu

    Quit acting like y’all didn’t want another movie. You already know it’s gonna be good. Has any toy story movie been bad? No. Bunch of angry 30 year olds on here I swear.

  31. Marisa FIiji

    Marisa FIijiJam Yang lalu

    lmao seriously... *forky* ? lol creative

  32. Pedro Cruz-Vargas

    Pedro Cruz-VargasJam Yang lalu

    I don't think Bo is a villain. I think there is going to be a sort of conscience plot point where Bo is one side and Forky is the the other. Gabby Gabby seems more like the antagonist honestly. But I don't know.

  33. Brookie

    BrookieJam Yang lalu

    welp crying

  34. Lost Crusader

    Lost CrusaderJam Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who thinks Bo Peep is rather different. Not by her appearance but her personality was different compared to the first 2 Toy Story movies. I never imagined her to be rather... hardcore or daring to say the least. I remember her being rather gentle and understanding with few humor.

  35. Dub Dub

    Dub DubJam Yang lalu

    Theres so much going on but it still seems boring to me.

  36. CryingWithRage

    CryingWithRageJam Yang lalu

    So Bo's the villain?

  37. Imagine Wagons

    Imagine WagonsJam Yang lalu

    0:47 I already like him 😂

  38. Kid's Dreams

    Kid's DreamsJam Yang lalu

    I'm so Exited!

  39. Blake

    BlakeJam Yang lalu

    I’m 14 but i can’t miss this movie

  40. sensai sushi cat

    sensai sushi catJam Yang lalu

    My childhood

  41. Cameron Mccready

    Cameron MccreadyJam Yang lalu

    My eyes are ready to pour

  42. Connor Skaggs

    Connor SkaggsJam Yang lalu

    why does this look depressing ?

  43. anthony cosmo

    anthony cosmoJam Yang lalu

    Omg I love toy story it’s my child hood I watch sends I was 3 and now I’m 10



    i used to wait up all night for my toys to come alive sometimes till the morning this moive destroyed my childhood

  45. Webb0 95

    Webb0 95Jam Yang lalu

    Still kinda feel it should’ve ended with Toy Story 3...

  46. Veridian

    VeridianJam Yang lalu

    I've never related more to a plastic fork in my life

  47. SlovesL

    SlovesLJam Yang lalu

    Well Toy Story has taken a slippery slope.

  48. Sacky Chin

    Sacky ChinJam Yang lalu

    RIP Andy

  49. Ssj27majinbuu

    Ssj27majinbuuJam Yang lalu

    Why did they change anddys look

  50. JACK36AFC

    JACK36AFCJam Yang lalu

    the ending to the 3rd was PERFECT I hope this does well but when a film is made purely for financial reasons rather than a great story that the makers are passionate about developing, it often flops

  51. Ian Worley

    Ian WorleyJam Yang lalu


  52. Uh

    UhJam Yang lalu

    I’ve been wanting this for so long

  53. Mike Dillon III

    Mike Dillon IIIJam Yang lalu

    I think you guys are getting hung up on the Spork, the spork is just a plot device to get Woody and Bo together, that’s the meat of the movie. It’s about Woody having an identity crisis over his place in the world now that Andy is gone and having to choose between Bo and the girl Andy gave him to, the resolution of which isn’t in the trailer. The spork is just a joke character and the Buzz stuff with Keegan Michael Key is probably just a B plot. I’m usually not one for unnecessary sequels but if done right (big if) this looks like it could be really good!

  54. SuperAlphaZX

    SuperAlphaZXJam Yang lalu

    Is this dlc confirmed for kingdom hearts 3?

  55. vipr

    viprJam Yang lalu


  56. Hopper Central

    Hopper CentralJam Yang lalu

    I can't even look at sporks now because of Phil

  57. one Ace productions the Ace

    one Ace productions the AceJam Yang lalu

    So it’s about a suicidal spork whaaaaaaa

  58. MrA16

    MrA16Jam Yang lalu

    You know what my mom tells me when I watch too many IDreporter videos? Read more

  59. Mammalian Mikey

    Mammalian MikeyJam Yang lalu

    The only reason I'm excited for this movie is because of the new memes. Subscribe to Pewdiepie 👌

  60. Thank u next bitch sister

    Thank u next bitch sisterJam Yang lalu

    I’m not crying , you are

  61. Scott Buckley

    Scott BuckleyJam Yang lalu

    when bo peep says there's no time to explain i feel they're saving something big for us.

  62. Draconistom87

    Draconistom87Jam Yang lalu

    Well it's official. Disney is out of gas and the check engine light is on. From live action remakes to getting deep with Toy Story. Kids today are going to grow up needing to see psychiatrists on a daily basis

  63. Genesis Garcia Cruz

    Genesis Garcia CruzJam Yang lalu

    Estoy super ansiosa por q ya salga

  64. Mr. Very Kool

    Mr. Very KoolJam Yang lalu

    oh god, the ventriloquist dolls are terrifying

  65. Firewaveflame

    FirewaveflameJam Yang lalu

    I’m probably going to shed a tear in the cinema because these movies have always been apart of my childhood

  66. Shum-shum

    Shum-shumJam Yang lalu

    never knew slappy was in toy story

  67. Obito Uchiha

    Obito UchihaJam Yang lalu

    How come Andy aged but not Bonnie?

  68. LV sA

    LV sAJam Yang lalu

    Great! Where am I going to find a kid so I can watch this in the cinemas? 😫

  69. Jradix Playz

    Jradix PlayzJam Yang lalu

    I love it how Buzz looks for Woody just like what Woody kinda did in Toy story 1!

  70. Alex antonio Sabido moo

    Alex antonio Sabido mooJam Yang lalu

    Tankh you

  71. Adam Butler

    Adam ButlerJam Yang lalu

    Q the dark side of the Internet makind adult film scenes with woody and bo and sporky 😂😂😂

  72. Shannon X Pennywise

    Shannon X PennywiseJam Yang lalu

    Those dummies remind me of Slappy from Goosebumps.

  73. OlhaBombaTV

    OlhaBombaTVJam Yang lalu

    Eu esperei pela minha vida toda❤️❤️❤️

  74. um_idiota_da_interweb

    um_idiota_da_interwebJam Yang lalu


  75. hilda. Alejan. y. johan peres. harold

    hilda. Alejan. y. johan peres. haroldJam Yang lalu

    Y ese tráiler qué rayos es ese tráiler oficial en serio nananananananana Pero qué es eso creo que no sé qué. Es

  76. Kylethechile _

    Kylethechile _Jam Yang lalu


  77. Swearwulf

    SwearwulfJam Yang lalu

    Wow, this looks terrible.

  78. Jared Herman

    Jared HermanJam Yang lalu

    I mean.. Toy story 3 was fantastic, and I assumed it would be the end of the series since they said it would be. I'm not saying this movie is gonna be bad, every toy story had been highly rated, and I heard Tom Hanks and Tim Allen had trouble reading their final lines because it was really emotional. So maybe it will be a good film, I just really hope. *Knocks on Wood*

  79. Maydidyoushart xD

    Maydidyoushart xDJam Yang lalu

    When I was young I was just staring at my toys to see if they would move lol

  80. Troy K

    Troy KJam Yang lalu

    Seems more of a spin-off than a sequential movie of the same canon on first glance. More Toy Story: Rebooted than Toy Story 4.

  81. Shiva

    ShivaJam Yang lalu

    Thank you this makes me happy

  82. YOUR GOD

    YOUR GODJam Yang lalu

    This movie doesn't need to come out at all but I'm still gonna be bawling in the theater.

  83. Karine Alexandre

    Karine AlexandreJam Yang lalu


  84. Oofy Oof

    Oofy OofJam Yang lalu


  85. PapaG

    PapaGJam Yang lalu

    This looks like it’s going to be really sad to watch.

  86. GH 12

    GH 12Jam Yang lalu

    ‘HEY BUZZ LOOK AN ALIEN’ ‘WHERE?’ ‘ *Hahahahahahahahahaha* ’

  87. Clare

    ClareJam Yang lalu

    There’s a snake in my boot

  88. Sakura Destiny

    Sakura DestinyJam Yang lalu

    Woody X Peep!

  89. Roy Diaz

    Roy DiazJam Yang lalu

    Como que hicieron demasiado realista los escenarios jajajajajaja hasta parece que es real jajajajajaja

  90. Matthew Van Ness

    Matthew Van NessJam Yang lalu

    1995: Toy story 2019: *_F I N D I N G F O R K Y_*

  91. Legacy Webster

    Legacy WebsterJam Yang lalu


  92. Isabel Fayer

    Isabel FayerJam Yang lalu

    Ok ok it’s annoying that they’re playing these movies out past the 3 one where we all bawled are eyes out, BUT idk if it just the characters I’m seeing and loving again but I’ll say it I got chills watching this.

  93. Jose Silva

    Jose SilvaJam Yang lalu


  94. potato Man

    potato ManJam Yang lalu

    I already know ima cry watching this movie

  95. Savage Sword 657

    Savage Sword 657Jam Yang lalu

    Who's ready to cry

  96. Eddie Torres

    Eddie TorresJam Yang lalu

    Well I would like a reference to KH3 somewhere lol Since they said that what took place there was cannon~

  97. ツXSiWiFi

    ツXSiWiFiJam Yang lalu

    This movie isn’t just for kids

  98. LosBackAirs

    LosBackAirsJam Yang lalu

    Thanks for spoiling half the movie that I already am questioning whether it's worth a watch at all or not

  99. Lanc Elot

    Lanc ElotJam Yang lalu

    who the hell is bonie?

  100. The Enclave

    The EnclaveJam Yang lalu

    The kid from toy story 3

  101. Niamh Carbin

    Niamh CarbinJam Yang lalu

    is no one going to mention the fact that Bo Peep looks COMPLETELY different

  102. The Enclave

    The EnclaveJam Yang lalu

    No u

  103. Fairooz Al-jaberi

    Fairooz Al-jaberiJam Yang lalu

    Watch me fight a kid for his ticket to see this movie 🗿