Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. Walrus

    WalrusJam Yang lalu

    I don’t think people will like this movie bc of what happens at the end.... 😬😬

  2. Fallen Angel

    Fallen AngelJam Yang lalu

    This would’ve been a perfect date night. Too bad im an introvert.

  3. Shirley Vega

    Shirley VegaJam Yang lalu

    And I oops..

  4. Alonso V.

    Alonso V.Jam Yang lalu

    So bored... zzzZzzZz

  5. breakerofnames 123

    breakerofnames 123Jam Yang lalu

    everyone freaking out of the spork but don't mind talking toys


    KINGBPLAYS1Jam Yang lalu

    If This Is Blue You’re An OG Pixar $ubsriber🤪 👇🏼You can Be A OG Of Mine Today💝

  7. CJ Pockets

    CJ PocketsJam Yang lalu

    A spork? Did it escape prison by chance?

  8. Shanell Southerland

    Shanell SoutherlandJam Yang lalu

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  9. Thomas Boyle

    Thomas BoyleJam Yang lalu

    Hey guys I just started a new channel and if anyone could take a few seconds and go check out the covers I made I'd appreciate it so much!!🙏🏼

  10. Thomas Boyle

    Thomas BoyleJam Yang lalu

    and I’ll take new song suggestions!

  11. Green Goblin

    Green GoblinJam Yang lalu

    Thank you Pixar

  12. Zales, homeowner

    Zales, homeownerJam Yang lalu

    I'm not really feeling it, but hey, it's not every day that you see a movie with a suicidal spork for a protagonist.

  13. Coolsavageboy101

    Coolsavageboy101Jam Yang lalu

    1:07 Freddie Mercury

  14. Grady Battista

    Grady BattistaJam Yang lalu

    Bonnie: *loses one of her toys* Woody: Lets help her by having everyone else leave too!

  15. Awesome Spencer Boom!

    Awesome Spencer Boom!Jam Yang lalu

    “Why am I alive?” *I ask myself that question every day*

  16. Far sider

    Far siderJam Yang lalu

    Me: 0:01

  17. Sweet Badger

    Sweet BadgerJam Yang lalu

    I don't like this installment but kids will dig it.

  18. matiasXD FORTNITE

    matiasXD FORTNITEJam Yang lalu

    Algun español ahre que yo era el unico que sigue viendo Toy Stori

  19. Adolf_Hitler

    Adolf_HitlerJam Yang lalu

    Not even joking I'm actually pumped for this movie. I'm watching it in the movie theaters like if you are to

  20. Vënüš

    VënüšJam Yang lalu

    2:05 *my plushies at 3am*

  21. Gustavo Antunez

    Gustavo AntunezJam Yang lalu


  22. Iris Velardez

    Iris VelardezJam Yang lalu

    Pongalen en españooool

  23. Sophia Beizaee

    Sophia BeizaeeJam Yang lalu

    Who else heard Livin' Thing by Electric Light Orchestra in the background? Such a great song

  24. Sara Bauza

    Sara BauzaJam Yang lalu

    1 on trending 😮

  25. AthyXray GD

    AthyXray GDJam Yang lalu


  26. Soybetacuck

    SoybetacuckJam Yang lalu

    Yes 25 year old me will be shoving 4 and 5 year olds out of the theater line to watch this.

  27. abelekid900

    abelekid900Jam Yang lalu

    That blue and gray Dino sounds like Louise from bobs burgers

  28. Tiny Patato:3

    Tiny Patato:3Jam Yang lalu

    No one: Literally no one: *Toy story 4 trailer comes out* Me:DJAKKSKFKKFKQJIWI JRNCIJQBQNEJFKFKRyws

  29. Unknown One

    Unknown OneJam Yang lalu

    I recognize that voice from anywear 0:10

  30. SpadeLord

    SpadeLordJam Yang lalu

    Is it this year June? Or next year June?

  31. Official603Cly

    Official603ClyJam Yang lalu

    I've been waiting finally 😂

  32. Moises E

    Moises EJam Yang lalu

    1:21 sooo we going to ignore Woody's evil brother oooorrr naww

  33. Masked Feelings

    Masked FeelingsJam Yang lalu

    Is this really going to have the saddest ending for disney or was that just a meme

  34. Maliphresh

    MaliphreshJam Yang lalu

    That plush rush 😂😂😂

  35. melisa aime

    melisa aimeJam Yang lalu

    Like si ya quieres que salga la pelicula (La exijo)

  36. Jaydon K.

    Jaydon K.Jam Yang lalu

    2:09 what you came for

  37. Maliphresh

    MaliphreshJam Yang lalu

    The panic is attacking me😂😂😂

  38. Alex Hernandez

    Alex HernandezJam Yang lalu

    A Z A S

  39. Ryan Jack

    Ryan JackJam Yang lalu

    Nobody: Toy Story 4 Toy story, 1 2 & 3. Am I a joke to you?

  40. Thirty-Sixth Jouster

    Thirty-Sixth JousterJam Yang lalu


  41. Carlos Alexis Zuniga Mariaca

    Carlos Alexis Zuniga MariacaJam Yang lalu


  42. Icyslide

    IcyslideJam Yang lalu

    finding nemo reboot?

  43. Aj H.

    Aj H.Jam Yang lalu

    Toy company: we need something different Plastic: hold my prongs

  44. NoLeasMiFoto

    NoLeasMiFotoJam Yang lalu

    no leas mi nombre

  45. Guadaa Caitru

    Guadaa CaitruJam Yang lalu

    Alguien q no entienda inglés jajaja like si ya quieres ver la pelii🙈

  46. 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

    4Horsemen of The ApocalypseJam Yang lalu

    I thought Andy sold Bo Peep

  47. Vincent T.

    Vincent T.Jam Yang lalu

    Kids: I don’t wanna watch this, I wanna watch IT 2! Adults: This is my child hood! Where can I get tickets?

  48. DammitJanet

    DammitJanetJam Yang lalu


  49. K'2 FF

    K'2 FFJam Yang lalu


  50. Christian S

    Christian SJam Yang lalu

    Waiting for the Mojo 100 things missed while watching Toy Story 4 trailer

  51. 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

    4Horsemen of The ApocalypseJam Yang lalu

    Louise Belcher

  52. DaRoyalBurger Memes and More

    DaRoyalBurger Memes and MoreJam Yang lalu

    Are the Disney princesses going to be feminists again?

  53. JulianIsH00T

    JulianIsH00TJam Yang lalu

    0:11 Mabel is that you?

  54. ZDemon9089 Dgaming

    ZDemon9089 DgamingJam Yang lalu

    No way toy story 3 all toy burn to hell too true end movie

  55. Hue Hue Hue Hue

    Hue Hue Hue HueJam Yang lalu

    So they now will literally sell a fork as a toy store toy

  56. natanks

    natanksJam Yang lalu


  57. Guess Time

    Guess TimeJam Yang lalu

    Is that an actual toy. The Canadian biker

  58. Just Me

    Just MeJam Yang lalu

    Bonnie has a father now?

  59. lautaro

    lautaroJam Yang lalu


  60. ChillAddiction AKA HungLikeAHorse AKA GOD

    ChillAddiction AKA HungLikeAHorse AKA GODJam Yang lalu

    Cool, just watched the movie now I don't need to see it in theatres.

  61. eliott A

    eliott AJam Yang lalu

    Same story, different versions

  62. Bonny Kadimo

    Bonny KadimoJam Yang lalu

    Ray tracing is doing the most❤️

  63. Q8revenge l

    Q8revenge lJam Yang lalu

    This is exciting ❤️😭🔥

  64. ToxicMLG Vlog

    ToxicMLG VlogJam Yang lalu

    I wonder how many 20 something year olds are gonna be at the theater watching this. I’m just a 13 year old kid who’s the into metal music and cars, but I LOVE Toy Story

  65. NoTiC_MiNiON 510

    NoTiC_MiNiON 510Jam Yang lalu

    Sora where are you?

  66. Irvin Marroquin

    Irvin MarroquinJam Yang lalu

    Is it not wierd how there is hardly any negative comments. Is Pixar filtering those out.

  67. Mohammed Alyaqoub

    Mohammed AlyaqoubJam Yang lalu

    Seems like an unpopular opinion but Toy Story should've ended at 3

  68. ToxicMLG Vlog

    ToxicMLG VlogJam Yang lalu

    Comparing the animation in the first movie and the animation of this one and you can see that we have come a long way since 1995. Though Toy Story was pretty detailed for 1995.

  69. ____________________________________

    ____________________________________Jam Yang lalu

    Who else is here to do a trailer breakdown?

  70. TheComposerNamedStephen

    TheComposerNamedStephenJam Yang lalu

    Where’s Sora?

  71. Nightbot

    NightbotJam Yang lalu

    1:21 I thought that was woody

  72. Eddy P

    Eddy PJam Yang lalu

    My whole childhood right here

  73. and i oo -

    and i oo -Jam Yang lalu

    wait wait... why does bo peep look like that

  74. zeitGGeist

    zeitGGeistJam Yang lalu

    Ughh what is the point of screwing up the perfection that was toy story 3?

  75. Victoria Curran

    Victoria CurranJam Yang lalu

    Wow they kept that quiet 🤫 that’s my childhood, don’t let me down

  76. Sebastian Acosta Sanchez

    Sebastian Acosta SanchezJam Yang lalu

    1:26 rated R

  77. Ayako

    AyakoJam Yang lalu

    This Movie Is A Side Story 😊 At Least I Consider It One!

  78. _Monarch

    _MonarchJam Yang lalu

    Can my waifu figure come alive if I call it my toy?

  79. Jason’s Beats

    Jason’s BeatsJam Yang lalu

    They should’ve used woody’s pull string to make a jump

  80. Johnny Michaelson

    Johnny MichaelsonJam Yang lalu

    1:13 when its nice and big

  81. N33D 4 5LEEP

    N33D 4 5LEEPJam Yang lalu

    Im kinda excited but, the third movies' ending was perfect. It didn't have to continue to be honest.

  82. Jay Edwards

    Jay EdwardsJam Yang lalu

    I know what me and my girl gonna go see

  83. Sofia Banuelos

    Sofia BanuelosJam Yang lalu

    0:35 me when I'm in a crowded area when sound, sights, and smells start to overwhelm my senses and I'm trying to tell my friend to take me somewhere calm before I have a meltdown

  84. JaLe Productions

    JaLe ProductionsJam Yang lalu

    My life is a meme

  85. Jhonni Boii

    Jhonni BoiiJam Yang lalu

    From the very beginning already know adults are going to fill up those seats 😂

  86. Mini Plunger

    Mini PlungerJam Yang lalu

    0:55 the port o potty says it is unlocked yet someone comes out of it Mistakes like this will make this move fail, Disney

  87. 2TheMoon _

    2TheMoon _Jam Yang lalu

    They should of gave a little girl a iPad and she gave up the toys at a young age. It would be cool story idea. Technology vs toys.

  88. JTgaming95

    JTgaming95Jam Yang lalu

    What’s happened to buzz’s voice

  89. BritishYankee

    BritishYankeeJam Yang lalu

    They are totally cross promoting this movie with Child’s Play.

  90. slimy milk

    slimy milkJam Yang lalu

    I feel bad for that old lady rip

  91. Crazi

    CraziJam Yang lalu

    1:01 Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone?

  92. KaBunZi /

    KaBunZi /Jam Yang lalu

    1:08 why does the stunt dude gave me Will Ferral vibes?

  93. Whisper MobileOG

    Whisper MobileOGJam Yang lalu

    Is the triceratops Mabel from gravity falls?

  94. Anna Loveberry Babycakes

    Anna Loveberry BabycakesJam Yang lalu

    *Toy Story 5* - Woody, Buzz, and Jessie try to rescue Forkie after he's been thrown away by mistake.

  95. Miscellaneous Stuff

    Miscellaneous StuffJam Yang lalu

    is that how we look on the inside? the anatomy is not for sissies

  96. King_German_II :

    King_German_II :Jam Yang lalu

    Cash grab.

  97. Jayfilmsvideography

    JayfilmsvideographyJam Yang lalu

    That rain animation tho....

  98. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxJam Yang lalu

    Toy story 1:woody trying to get rid of Andy’s new favorite toy bcuz he is jealous Toy Story 4:Woody trying to save Bonnie’s favorite toy so she’s happy Now that’s what I call character development

  99. George Webster

    George WebsterJam Yang lalu

    Well Gonzo, it took 6 years but your prediction finally came true.

  100. Zach Amos

    Zach AmosJam Yang lalu