Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. F.B.I.

    F.B.I.Jam Yang lalu


  2. Luana Boticelli

    Luana BoticelliJam Yang lalu


  3. Crepeer 10

    Crepeer 10Jam Yang lalu

    Deseo tener 20.000 pesos

  4. Cameron Harper

    Cameron HarperJam Yang lalu

    Me everyday 0:01

  5. HeyItsLucas

    HeyItsLucasJam Yang lalu

    Such a money grab

  6. eevee lover999

    eevee lover999Jam Yang lalu

    Child hood(toy story 3)is coming back

  7. Mazli

    MazliJam Yang lalu

    That poor lady

  8. Goober

    GooberJam Yang lalu

    Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending and now this is..... *just another cash grab*

  9. FairyTail Fan

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  10. mahoraner niall

    mahoraner niallJam Yang lalu

    New mr potato head actor is disappointing Rip don rickles

  11. S- L30n

    S- L30nJam Yang lalu

    Betty is the bad guy. Remember this

  12. The Adult Duck

    The Adult DuckJam Yang lalu

    Finally! An ELO song that's not Mr Blue Sky, a living thing is great!

  13. hamsterpaj111

    hamsterpaj111Jam Yang lalu

    I'm so glad the have never replaced Tom Hanks

  14. Dopenation 52

    Dopenation 52Jam Yang lalu

    Who wants to go on a date to go watch it I need me a boo 😘👀💯😂

  15. Yassin Hani

    Yassin HaniJam Yang lalu

    You’re never too old for a Toy Story

  16. CoolRobot

    CoolRobotJam Yang lalu

    I’m calling it right now that someone in the movie is going to die and if I’m wrong then I’m going to sound stupid

  17. Ayden Postigo

    Ayden PostigoJam Yang lalu

    It’s coming in one more month

  18. the fire honeybadger THE JM CRIB OF VIDEOS

    the fire honeybadger THE JM CRIB OF VIDEOSJam Yang lalu

    0:48-0:57 Ultimate hero move, flying, and landing for buzz.

  19. sgoslee 619

    sgoslee 619Jam Yang lalu

    Woodys got wood *;)*

  20. SuperRockyRyne

    SuperRockyRyneJam Yang lalu

    "Is that how we look on the inside?" XD

  21. Me Myself & Lilly

    Me Myself & LillyJam Yang lalu

    This is for the big kids mmkay😁

  22. Bi-Shrekual

    Bi-ShrekualJam Yang lalu

    "Why am I alive?" Me too buddy

  23. Sadboys Swin

    Sadboys SwinJam Yang lalu

    Ok I like toy story as much as the next guy but the third one was such a good ending and honestly they should have let it stop there

  24. Deztinee fernandes

    Deztinee fernandes2 jam yang lalu

    I’ve known him my whole life 2 days

  25. Andy Del Rosario

    Andy Del Rosario2 jam yang lalu

    So basically the movie is about a self conscious spork.

  26. Dean Arendon

    Dean Arendon2 jam yang lalu

    My heart is full

  27. Derrick Cathey

    Derrick Cathey2 jam yang lalu

    Who else already knows there going to be the oldest one in the movies? 😂😂

  28. Leia Brookes

    Leia Brookes2 jam yang lalu

    Good story plot? Whomst?

  29. the thing

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  30. Elise Erickson

    Elise Erickson2 jam yang lalu

    Toy Story 1: Finding Buzz Toy Story 2: Finding Wood Toy Story 3: Finding Home Toy Story 4: Finding Sporky

  31. James Balliew

    James Balliew2 jam yang lalu

    I love toy story but I'm scared of this sequel

  32. Cornelius Tacitus

    Cornelius Tacitus2 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait till Toy Story 60. I've been a fan for 20 years and I still like feeling like a kid after all this time.

  33. Demi Barton

    Demi Barton2 jam yang lalu

    toy story 5: woody rescues _______

  34. Michael Jackson Fan # 1

    Michael Jackson Fan # 12 jam yang lalu

    Forky: I’m not a toy I was made for soup salad maybe chilli and then the trash FrEeDoMmMmMmMmMm!!! Me: W T H

  35. sammy man9000

    sammy man90002 jam yang lalu

    0:40 ooh love the beat

  36. Chase Witherspoon

    Chase Witherspoon2 jam yang lalu

    Tom Hanks and Tim made better performances

  37. Sammad Mcrae

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  38. tnbzgaming

    tnbzgaming2 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or does woody sound like tony stark 🧐

  39. Gladiator MP7

    Gladiator MP72 jam yang lalu

    So I guess we’re all going to ignore 1:13

  40. Sean Sorce

    Sean Sorce2 jam yang lalu

    One more month y'all

  41. fun4 kids

    fun4 kids2 jam yang lalu

    1:23 who is that they have Woody!

  42. Grim Creator

    Grim Creator2 jam yang lalu

    so like the part when the stuff plush got destroyed by the kat really got me. like do they die? are they actually alive but are in extreme amounts of pain? is he unconscious and when he gets put back together he gains consciousness again? i ... need ... answers

  43. Alcer The Demon

    Alcer The Demon2 jam yang lalu

    0:17 this scene just physically hurts

  44. Jojo Studios

    Jojo Studios2 jam yang lalu

    I mean I was thinking Forky was trying to be recycled, but that can't be it. It's impossible with a bunch of dolls trying to enslave you.

  45. Alcer The Demon

    Alcer The Demon2 jam yang lalu

    0:01 can relate

  46. ianjsyk

    ianjsyk2 jam yang lalu

    How's everyone doing? 🙂🙂

  47. 私は日本人じゃない

    私は日本人じゃない2 jam yang lalu

    Childhood is that you

  48. Lama

    Lama2 jam yang lalu

    The cinema is going to be filled with more adults than children

  49. Redwolves23

    Redwolves232 jam yang lalu

    How many official trailers are there going to be? 😂

  50. Crazy Ice

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  51. Cyberman Orion

    Cyberman Orion2 jam yang lalu

    Toy story 4: pixar loves horror movies and made it the same release date of childs play 2019




  53. Ulises Galaviz Nuñez

    Ulises Galaviz Nuñez2 jam yang lalu

    "The ole' Plush rush" I have a question, uhmm... well, actually, not just one, I have ALL the questions.

  54. Luana Yuzuru

    Luana Yuzuru2 jam yang lalu

    Mal posso esperar por esse filme

  55. Oscar Karais

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  56. Craze

    Craze2 jam yang lalu

    I don't trust the new guy....

  57. Taisen's Cool Stuff

    Taisen's Cool Stuff2 jam yang lalu

    Toy story has come such a long way with so much character development!

  58. Joseph Murphy

    Joseph Murphy2 jam yang lalu

    I’m gonna get some serious nostalgia during this. I’ll cry most likely if they play you’ve got a friend in me lol. If they don’t I’ll do the same.

  59. araña estelar 27383

    araña estelar 273832 jam yang lalu

    Spoiler Al final sale buss con el guante y dice yo soy buss lanyire Y goddy le da su gorro al cara d papa

  60. Luke Ballinger

    Luke Ballinger2 jam yang lalu

    0:20 He's made of rubber!?!

  61. Paul Broderick

    Paul Broderick2 jam yang lalu

    1:21 tell me that’s not Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps

  62. Toxic Food

    Toxic Food2 jam yang lalu

    Om going to cry at the end of the movie anyone else?

  63. Jose Romero

    Jose Romero2 jam yang lalu

    This doesn’t look as good as the other

  64. Enrique Diablito Flores lopez

    Enrique Diablito Flores lopez2 jam yang lalu

    Esta muy padreee 👍😎

  65. PersonMan

    PersonMan2 jam yang lalu

    Honey, it’s called a FOON

  66. OhAPotatoe _

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  67. Khaos Dragon

    Khaos Dragon2 jam yang lalu

    Whos here before 50 million

  68. Throwback Channel

    Throwback Channel2 jam yang lalu

    2:00 😂😂😂😂

  69. Joshua Lann

    Joshua Lann2 jam yang lalu

    Ok this looks way better than the first trailer. I'm not completely on board, but it can have some promise. Hopefull there won't be too much retread.

  70. Dante Corrado

    Dante Corrado2 jam yang lalu

    If this doesn’t pass Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time my life is a lie

  71. Dr. 1up

    Dr. 1up2 jam yang lalu

    Toy Story 4: a spork has an existential crisis

  72. Aku

    Aku2 jam yang lalu

    Wow Mabel found a job as a VA at Pixar. That's amazing!

  73. Jadynatx

    Jadynatx2 jam yang lalu

    There is about to be more crying in the theater than endgame 😭😭😭

  74. rooster5man

    rooster5man2 jam yang lalu

    Instead of Woody screaming "You are a toy!" like he did at Buzz, he calmly explained it to Forky.

  75. John Lawson

    John Lawson2 jam yang lalu

    Nope. Not on board with the plot. Forky is entirely replaceable and Bonnie would quickly get over the loss of the plastic fork with googly eyes stuck on. The premise carries no weight and they should have stopped at 3.

  76. crazitaco

    crazitaco2 jam yang lalu

    He's not replacable, because Bonnie created him as a coping mechanism during a time of emotional distress and social isolation, she actually sees him as her friend.

  77. Noah Donovan

    Noah Donovan2 jam yang lalu

    They have ELO's song Livin' Thing in this trailer!,!

  78. Have-an-OK

    Have-an-OK2 jam yang lalu

    I don’t trust that little spork

  79. VizaLRising REACT

    VizaLRising REACT2 jam yang lalu

    0:10 Mabel?

  80. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid2 jam yang lalu

    *sonic has joined the server*

  81. bee vic

    bee vic2 jam yang lalu

    if you’re over 12-or you don’t have kids-and you’re watching this you’re being dulled and dimmed. this is all mindless entertainment; low leveled, and ultimately a distraction playing on our preference for nostalgia. one piece isn’t bad, but this is in line with mindless entertainment and gratification-we have a propensity for instant gratification and simple activities. i didn’t even watch this.

  82. Zacarías Y T

    Zacarías Y T2 jam yang lalu


  83. ZB

    ZB2 jam yang lalu

    The way the internet makes everything fast i thought the movie already came out and when I seen this trailer i thought they already was making another one lol

  84. Ernie Z

    Ernie Z2 jam yang lalu

    They’re motivated to find a spork. WOW 😮

  85. Jeffrey Paez

    Jeffrey Paez2 jam yang lalu

    Wait ! .Is that Louis from Bobs burgers playing the triceratop toy ?!?

  86. J Nuy

    J Nuy2 jam yang lalu

    Seems adorable. *Mentally prepared for heartbreak*

  87. Cartier Chris

    Cartier Chris2 jam yang lalu

    Why does everyone hate nowadays?

  88. The Nonsensical Nerd

    The Nonsensical Nerd2 jam yang lalu

    Oh no...........Bo Peep is an action chick.......,why?

  89. Paulette I

    Paulette I2 jam yang lalu

    wait Bonnie is not in college yet?

  90. Dean Barnes

    Dean Barnes2 jam yang lalu

    Why do they call a fapoon a “spork”?

  91. taeils galaxy

    taeils galaxy2 jam yang lalu

    i don't trust that spoon thing

  92. Jacob Cabrera

    Jacob Cabrera2 jam yang lalu

    Why does Bonnie NEED forky exactly? Lol

  93. Yolanis and Carina

    Yolanis and Carina2 jam yang lalu

    This many people like buzz lightyear 👇

  94. TheStoryOfTheChosen

    TheStoryOfTheChosen2 jam yang lalu

    No matter what I gotta see it

  95. Phil Sim

    Phil Sim2 jam yang lalu

    So a PG Sausage Party

  96. Ryan theblaziken101

    Ryan theblaziken1012 jam yang lalu

    0:03 it’s better when u scream it instead of saying it

  97. Myra Beji

    Myra Beji2 jam yang lalu

    The movies about to be filled with millenials who grew up with Toy Story rather than actual children

  98. toastee_a

    toastee_a2 jam yang lalu

    3 days before my birthday this will be out *i know what im doing for my birthday*

  99. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez2 jam yang lalu

    Plush rush 😂😂😂

  100. Optimistic Gods

    Optimistic Gods2 jam yang lalu

    The plush toys crack me up lol Remember watching the first one over and over as a kid. Great memories 😏✌

  101. Road to 1k subscribers challenge

    Road to 1k subscribers challenge2 jam yang lalu

    Who has seen all Toy Story movies?