TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber optic standard


  1. swamy sriman

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    0:27 Total Internal Reflection: Am I a joke to u?

  2. Andrea Mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell2 hari yang lalu

    ut why hasn't HDMI been replaces with display port , thunderbolt by now HDMI sucks the cables are awful , fat,stiff, and hard to bend and the female connectors often break or are lose and have problems , i don't why they didn't move over to DP/TB3 when 4k 1st came out or at least start including it

  3. 0ThrowawayAccount0

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    7:55 don’t kink shame me, daddy

  4. Cerberus LetsPlay

    Cerberus LetsPlay2 hari yang lalu

    so simple and easy to use back in the day, it's a shame it can't carry a HD audio signal, we wouldn't need all this HDMI passthrough bollocks to receivers and then back to the TV's that we have to do now, I have a box full of these cables not being used now :(

  5. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    General Obi Wan Kenobi2 hari yang lalu

    My soundbar uses an optical cable rather than any other connection. Hmmm

  6. elektrinis

    elektrinis3 hari yang lalu

    Try sending wireless audio. Stereo is kinda usable with latest BT v5, but what about 5.1? I was really mam when I could not find a solution that works.

  7. Jorden Belanic

    Jorden Belanic3 hari yang lalu

    Copper is just as fast fiber optics.

  8. videodistro

    videodistro3 hari yang lalu

    We've used ADAT in the studios for years. Works great.

  9. zerocapacitance1

    zerocapacitance14 hari yang lalu

    Excellent!! I am very happy to hear from a knowledgeable AV journalist. Love it, keep it up...

  10. vaultboy 124

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    i wonder if hyper distilled purified water can be used like fiber optic cable it would fix internal cable breaking and distilled water if undistubered won't freeze at below water freeze temp. so by using either a rubber or pvc infused cloth mesh tube so you can bend the pipes and pressure and heat are the only issue.

  11. louwrentius

    louwrentius4 hari yang lalu

    Apple did put toslink in their Mac mini an Mac book laptops, through the headphones jack. New macs don’t have it anymore but you can buy cheap USB sound cards that do still support it.

  12. Vlad Alex

    Vlad Alex4 hari yang lalu

    you may think digital cables sound the same but have you ever tried a reasonably expensive Silver usb cable compared to a regular whatever cable ? I'm not trying to convince you of anything but you can try it for yourself.

  13. ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0

    ExPFC Wintergreen v2.05 hari yang lalu

    Modern electronics rely on internal optical-electrical isolation to reduce noise

  14. John Sim

    John Sim5 hari yang lalu

    There are some Toslink leads that are circular so don't key. One advantage with the Toslink is that you can externally delay the audio if you have lip-sync issues (full disclosure - I designed this). Problem with HDMI has always been compatibility. In theory you should only have one HDMI connector on your device (I think that was also in the license agreement with HDMI) but because of the problems with different video standards (eg 3D) and audio (surround vs stereo) some manufacturers started putting one HDMI for audio and another for video. What was happening was that some people were connecting via the A/V amplifier to their 3D TV. The amplifier didn't know about 3D so forced the source to switch off the 3D, but the TV didn't know about surround sound as it only has stereo speakers so switched off your surround. Your 3D full surround set up then because of HDMI defaulted to stereo audio and 2D picture! Having the Toslink to existing A/V amplifiers never ever suffered from this problem. I've told people when buying leads not to buy gold plated Toslink leads! And that a high quality HDMI lead will give the same picture as a standard HDMI lead. Having an optical connection also means that you have no circular connection between source and amplifier. This prevents ground loops from occurring. Ground loops are nasty and difficult to solve sometimes! Remember that the power supply in these devices, especially if they're linear ones, do an amazing job at filtering noise. Then you go and ruin it with connecting one noisy bit of equipment to another. The optical connection removes a lot of those problems.

  15. Andrew Lamb

    Andrew Lamb6 hari yang lalu

    Willing to bet the average consumer doesn't even use the Toslink port or even knows what it is. The cables are stupid expensive at most places too.

  16. Bull Zye

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    11:21 - Scared the ever-loving piss out of me. Not because of jumpscare, but because that's what comes out of my speakers right as I'm crashing to a BSOD.

  17. Carl Smith

    Carl Smith6 hari yang lalu

    I use it from my PC and this is exactly why I got one for like 10 cents off wish. Yeah took a little bit to get here but works just as well as any other one.

  18. Scott Miller

    Scott Miller7 hari yang lalu

    The one thing you missed is that for whatever reason, HDMI audio, especially with ARC, has _huge_ latency vs plugging an optical cable into your TV. I don't know what the technical reason is for this, but it's a major problem for anything latency sensitive like rhythm games or multi-room audio

  19. BH Prototyping

    BH Prototyping7 hari yang lalu

    Im listening to this video using this same method. i did it because i wanted Zero Noise introduced from my computer. because if i plug my headphones/speakers into my computer directly i get this quiet humming sound.

  20. Phillip Stucker

    Phillip Stucker7 hari yang lalu

    I get the impression you started writing this video around 2016?

  21. Frank Lee Madeere

    Frank Lee Madeere7 hari yang lalu

    I have had multiple coaxial spdif (RCA) fail and become flakey over time. I have never had an optical Toslink fail on me. Can't say why, could just be me.

  22. Marvin Ahrens

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    Just a bunch of tubes

  23. Finlay Mitchell

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    I think my parent’s TV has toslink

  24. Jeremy Peng

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    Macbook Pros before the redesign had mini toslink

  25. Michael Galle

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    Handy Dandy Movie Inputs 4Eva ! 😁

  26. Joshua Thompson

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    I know I had some issues occasionally with a dual-function audio port on an '07 MacBook Pro, almost certainly caused by a spilled drink. The speakers would cut out and the port would illuminate. Plugging and unplugging a pair of headphones would fix it, except when it wouldn't :)

  27. nochtczar

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    I've been a fool for years, assuming TOSLINK was better because of a red LED 🤷🏿‍♂️

  28. Brian Waterman

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    Holy shit, super informative! I was always under the impression that optical was hands down way better than coax. Lol. Damn it, fooled all these years.

  29. Oskar

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    That just sounds like copper wire with extra steps?

  30. Posidon Entertainment Company

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    Has anyone considered that TOSLINK might have been just a scheme to trick the I'll informed and to give them practically irrelevant garage? Just me? I'll show myself out...

  31. Pqrst Zxerty

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    The difference over Toslink over digital coax is Toslink does not support anything other than 2.0 as standard, where as digital coax can take anything. Reason is not the tech but Toslink is Toshiba spec design and the spec never got updated. Yes DD and DTS now is possible but really its still 2.0 with a compression codec at either end. Digital coax with DACs will always be better for pcm and raw for music cds. For cinema blurays or cable boxes to tv or soundbars it makes no difference to normal consumer. Toslink was only designed as a compact disc midi system link, ie only redbook cdda standard 2.0. With Dolby compression for 2.0 to surround, logic1 logic2, 2.1, 5.1 (7.x is pushing it). Also same for DTS, but its not the same as coax or hdmi arc as that real upto 7.2 bandwith. Sdif and Toslink to the tv movie consumer - its the samething. If you love music then use coax bnc or phono to DAC as it has more bandwidth for raw (no codec compression). HDMi ARC is taking over. (copyright reasons - DRM)

  32. Matt Cooper

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    lol "wait, I already mentioned MiniDisc" :D

  33. James Bailey

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    So we're just gonna ignore the "optically smooth jazz" at the end?

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    Yay! Illinoise! I live there. I hear that. No wonder you look like at least 1/3 of all the people I've met in state. Your shall henceforth be known as Tony from Bucktown.

  35. Sheepy The Wolf

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    *PAUSE*.. did you know there was a mini version of the toslink? it looked like a normal headphone jack and was even present on some laptops *UNPAUSE*.. oh..

  36. PluckDaBass

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    Thank you! This video was so educationally enlightening! Lol! Seriously, you cleared up some serious fog I’ve had on this subject for years! 🙌🏾👏🏾

  37. PT's Sleepy Corner

    PT's Sleepy Corner11 hari yang lalu

    My 2016 dac/headphone amp im using to listen to this video has toslink.

  38. Prana Cale

    Prana Cale11 hari yang lalu

    Hmmm almost all CD Players have TOSLINK, all TVs and nearly all Amplifier... I did found that kinda 5 years ago "why not to connect TV with amplifier" over TOSLINK... ordered a cable and worked perfectly... now I connect everything over TOSLINK... too bad i didnt know that 10-15 years earlier.. everything at home have TOSLINK inside since 20+ years... No fucking seller ever mentionet to me "hey use TOSLINK instead of coaxial cable" ... god damn why not???

  39. ForGodSakePlease

    ForGodSakePlease12 hari yang lalu

    As told by others, Mac laptops had mini Toslink, but also iMac starting with the G5 in 2004 (AFAIK). I think they removed it last year.

  40. kilgarragh

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    its as dark as the future of windows phone me: im sorry... hasnt windows phone already failed???

  41. rararawr619

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    My headphones, Bluedio Victory, have a mini toslink input. They even come with a cable for it. I notice no difference in quality, but its neat

  42. Coughdrop!

    Coughdrop!14 hari yang lalu

    Been using this with my Playstation 2 to not get interference from stanky RGB cables that give amazing picture but horrible sound.


    WILLIAM CORCORAN15 hari yang lalu

    Well, using a gold plated connector prevents skitter jitter. There is a long-standing issue with fast or neo-fast LED drivers that is very similar to electro-migration we used to see under a SEM with purse copper connectors. We used copper doping by avoiding purity of the metal by using an alloy. An analogous issue develops using LED drivers. The neoprene in the LED protective cover breaks down over time. The nature of a digital signal has state transitions that causes all kinds of havoc over time. Toshiba solved the skitter jitter issue by using gold plated connectors. The gold reacts with the neo and neo-fast LED to stop skitter jitter right in its tracks.

  44. thankyoujack

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    hmm 8-bit words doesn't sound right, since a word is 16 bit?

  45. Hashirama Senju

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    0:00 *laughs in german* as if

  46. Billy William

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    Why isn't fiber optic used inside high-end audio/video components like TVs, AV receivers, LD, BD, and other players?

  47. The People's Bayonet

    The People's Bayonet17 hari yang lalu

    sooooo TOSLINK was just a really long optocoupler?

  48. Jay At Flight

    Jay At Flight17 hari yang lalu

    TIL my macbook pro supports MiniTOSLink. My headphone jack glowed red and i guess thats what that means

  49. jamie marchant

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    1984? WOW! Did not realize it was that old!

  50. Maxwell

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    7:57 SO that a NO on using these cables as a BDSM flogger?

  51. siva992

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    So that's what HDMI means... : Handy Dandy Movie Input

  52. Angel De anda

    Angel De anda20 hari yang lalu

    now i finally know what that output is for. thanks!

  53. hardrivethrutown

    hardrivethrutown21 hari yang lalu

    My motherboard has a TOSLINK connector

  54. Rdd KEuns

    Rdd KEuns21 hari yang lalu

    So a CD is a physical digital device

  55. Arm Slides

    Arm Slides23 hari yang lalu

    RCA cables can introduce ground loops between equipment. TOSLINK cables do not as they essentially act as an electromagnetic air gap. The issue is not about interference of the signal inside the cable itself but that interference (RFI) can travel on the outside of the shield of the coaxial cable. This RFI is then introduced into the equipment and could potentially interfere with the signal after the DAC. Any noise on electrical wiring can be filtered with a simple AC line filter. This is standard practice for professional audio, scientific and communications installations.

  56. Franticpixel

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    I’m a heckin nerd. I geeked when you mentioned the MiniDisk. I loved that thing so much I had a player in my car in high school and a portable one as well 😂❤️

  57. Observant Owl

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    A high level fiber optic telecommunications signal and even a T1 digital carrier signal look similar to an analog signal on an o-scope. Its don't look like a square wave by no means.

  58. omzig18

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    I use firbe to connect my tv to my soundbar I dont know if it's really better but its much easier

  59. Jon Lyons

    Jon Lyons25 hari yang lalu

    I asked a patent examiner - there is a TOSLINK patent from the early 80s, as well as patents on various improvements on the tech since then. I know it's been a while since you made this video, but I can get you in touch with him if you are still curious.

  60. Per Mejdal Rasmussen

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    There are people who power their HiFi by batteries to avoid noise from the grid.