Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Nicolas Sproge

    Nicolas Sproge11 jam yang lalu

    Tom came out to China Lake like a year ago. Was so awesome to have another celeb come by for movie shoots.

  2. Michael Mesolella

    Michael Mesolella11 jam yang lalu

    Only the closing F-14 was CGI. Tear.

  3. Wulbo

    Wulbo11 jam yang lalu

    First time in a long time I’m actually excited about a new movie! No comic book pish no Rock no Jason Statham!

  4. Michael Mesolella

    Michael Mesolella11 jam yang lalu

    Without the F-14, I just can't look at this the same way. The plane made the movie. The F-18 is a letdown. That said, im already in line.

  5. Alive and Well in Israel

    Alive and Well in Israel13 jam yang lalu

    Shameless cash grab on the bell tone and 9 piano key strokes. Slow them down all you want and put as much CGI in front of it as you want. 33 years... I've learned how to watch your movies for free. And I've taught others.

  6. Tuuma Ale

    Tuuma Ale15 jam yang lalu

    I don't have see Top Gun 1986 when I was little kid, soon 2020 summer he's back?

  7. 陳先生

    陳先生15 jam yang lalu


  8. xhirtam edgar

    xhirtam edgar15 jam yang lalu

    I will be disapointed if they dont use prototipe aircraft, considering the us navi have superaircrafts that can go to space and maybe other planets :P

  9. TTK 3.1416

    TTK 3.141616 jam yang lalu

    "Despite your best efforts, you refuse to die". Have watched this 50+ times and still my favorite line. Just thinking. What if Jennifer Connelly's character name is Patty Benjamin, the admirals daughter?

  10. Karl Ng

    Karl Ng18 jam yang lalu

    Why the nostalgia piano again so over done. Fire that trailer dude already

  11. Yeiten K Singh

    Yeiten K Singh18 jam yang lalu

    How many Noticed the legend, F-14 Tomcat, at the end..

  12. 760jjsole

    760jjsole18 jam yang lalu

    Wonder if they going to have them chase tic tac shaped U.F.O.s in any of the scenes.

  13. Tiger Gray

    Tiger Gray18 jam yang lalu

    My dream girl from the 80s is in this movie OMG.

  14. Dr. Samuel Hayden

    Dr. Samuel Hayden19 jam yang lalu

    Did you know... there are three kinds of aces?

  15. Nikolas Nehlep

    Nikolas Nehlep20 jam yang lalu

    Top Gun Maverick is the sequel no one asked for, but no one knew they needed.

  16. Greg Bellan

    Greg Bellan20 jam yang lalu

    People complained when The Force Awakens came out and was essentially a remake / reboot of Star Wars. Based on this trailer (another shirtless volleyball scene, a piano playing bar scene, the Top Gun Anthem by Harold Faltermer, the same motorcycle and jacket, etc.) it looks like Top Gun: Maverick is going to be nearly a shot for shot remake of the original. AND I COULDN'T CARE LESS - THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!

  17. Douglas Strother

    Douglas Strother20 jam yang lalu

    "Damn, the Top Gun: Maverick trailer looks great" ~ The Critical Drinker

  18. film 6

    film 621 jam yang lalu

    got dammit!! this is fucking awesome!!....highway to the danger zone baby!!

  19. paranormalfrank

    paranormalfrank21 jam yang lalu

    Have to have the woman pilot in the film, will Hollywood stop with this stufff.

  20. Deepak Srivastava

    Deepak Srivastava22 jam yang lalu

    In last sec we see a F14 ❤️.

  21. Razorblade267

    Razorblade26722 jam yang lalu

    Damn g force dont apply to tom cruise anymore

  22. IPRRD M

    IPRRD M22 jam yang lalu

    Ice Man better show the fuck up!

  23. Caligula

    Caligula23 jam yang lalu

    Cruise is somewhat silly now and then but he's the biggest movie star alive and although this one ofcourse is a cash grab, me and other >35 y/o's looking for 80's nostalgia, aviation porn and freedom&democracy are pumped for this. Have to wait for almost a year dammit Greets from The Netherlands

  24. Jason Dolan

    Jason DolanHari Yang lalu

    My all time fav movie, apart from Back to the Future. I was still at school when it came out. 14 years old. Tom Cruise is 10 years older than me.

  25. Jason Dolan

    Jason DolanHari Yang lalu

    Kelly McGillis? I know Val Kilmer and Tom Skerritt are in it in small parts.

  26. Rob Law

    Rob LawHari Yang lalu

    “What a minute... are we still doing phrasing?” D-D-Dangah zone!!! -Sterling Archer ;)

  27. Bujang Ganteng

    Bujang GantengHari Yang lalu

    F-18s are just not as erotic and vulgar as Tomcats.

  28. Sonny Williams

    Sonny WilliamsHari Yang lalu


  29. Quick Expert Reviews

    Quick Expert ReviewsHari Yang lalu

    I never wanted Top Gun 2 to happen, but this...! This makes me feel content. Cannot wait. That F-14 as well.

  30. Flamethrower Productions

    Flamethrower ProductionsHari Yang lalu

    So far there are only two known parts with CGI: The Tomcat is actually an F-5, and 2/3 F-18's flying in that snowy canyon are Growlers that had the pods edited off.

  31. George Peppard

    George PeppardHari Yang lalu

    Man, I’m gonna go by me some new pants!!

  32. VietCong Army

    VietCong ArmyHari Yang lalu

    "The end is inevitable ?" No, Thanos is inevitable

  33. stephen schneider

    stephen schneiderHari Yang lalu

    I never go to the movies anymore....Well ok I will this one time.

  34. Chrominoid 04

    Chrominoid 04Hari Yang lalu

    1:09 *all rise for our national anthem*

  35. FlyBoy787900

    FlyBoy787900Hari Yang lalu

    Can’t wait to see my first crush jennifer connelly

  36. Do Viet

    Do VietHari Yang lalu

    I wonder if this movie going to affect the election and what Americans will feel about America afterward.

  37. Max Power

    Max PowerHari Yang lalu

    Shit I dropped my Juul! We have to go back.

  38. Tahir Ahmed

    Tahir AhmedHari Yang lalu

    Its one of life mysteries, sir ...Mavervick i love you....what a star who still shining like sun and what a movie coming again making us goose bumps with his super young sexy handsome look still Captain Tom Cruise .....born and dedicated actor and artist with Jennifer Connelly make us so heart broken and heart winner as they both will just cruise our hearts and souls....Waiting for its release......TOP GUN

  39. Rabia Gilani

    Rabia GilaniHari Yang lalu

    OH MY GOD. I'm so excited for Top Gun Season 2. I really enjoyed watching its season 1. I wish they release the movie in January of 2020.

  40. Justin Jacobs

    Justin JacobsHari Yang lalu

    Is this movie actually going to avoid sjw themes and really just focus on flying? Is this even a Hollywood movie? For the love of god this may be the best movie of the past decade if we are lucky

  41. matthew kelly

    matthew kellyHari Yang lalu

    who else thinks the funeral in the trailer is for iceman? I hope not....

  42. spr95que

    spr95queHari Yang lalu

    1:01 That Salute!

  43. William Gabriel

    William GabrielHari Yang lalu

    Q show de bola mano ae sim os bons filmes estão voltando...ñ guento mais filme de super herói!!!

  44. kevin lima

    kevin limaHari Yang lalu

    My Dad: You're gonna go blind if you keep watching videos on that thing Me: Maybe so sir, but not today.

  45. Gregory LC

    Gregory LCHari Yang lalu

    Better get a great video game

  46. Matthew Stewart

    Matthew StewartHari Yang lalu

    Who else can’t stop watching this trailer

  47. Sherwin Sumaya

    Sherwin SumayaHari Yang lalu

    I was 12 years young then... when this movie release in cinemas and he's back... wow!

  48. RPG GM

    RPG GMHari Yang lalu

    Chinese propaganda.

  49. derek

    derekHari Yang lalu

    I hear the F18 he uses in movie is powered by Scientology.

  50. Robert Mccutcheon

    Robert MccutcheonHari Yang lalu

    so is there going to be another homoerotic volley ball scene ?

  51. Robert Mccutcheon

    Robert MccutcheonHari Yang lalu

    Ok when i first saw that they were making a sequel i was thinking sounds stupid . But the moment i saw the shot of the f-18 with Tom cruise being launched by the catapult I knew i had to see this film.

  52. cjhyde78

    cjhyde78Hari Yang lalu

    Right when our Lord and Emperor Trump gets re-elected just like the first Top Gun a another great man President Ronald Reagan was in was in office the economy was good and our enemies feared us!!!😊

  53. RobNav PPG

    RobNav PPGHari Yang lalu

    I heard they’re remaking Iron Eagle as well 😎. I need to go to this movie riding my CBR.

  54. EyeSpyTheSky

    EyeSpyTheSkyHari Yang lalu

    I've been ready to launch on cat one for this sequel since I was a boy.

  55. Tigrre Ampluch

    Tigrre AmpluchHari Yang lalu

    Is that an F-14 Tomcat at the end???

  56. adam smith

    adam smithHari Yang lalu

    Isn't he a little short to be a pilot?

  57. Apparently So

    Apparently SoHari Yang lalu

    Who needs a desk job when you can fly a F-18's.

  58. Tasbi Khan

    Tasbi KhanHari Yang lalu

    I swear if they don’t add ' take my breath away'

  59. Logan Campbell

    Logan CampbellHari Yang lalu

    White folks are losing they mind to this shit right now

  60. Spitfire Last

    Spitfire LastHari Yang lalu

    Naaaah brother. It's not that i'm jealous or something but he didn't fly that jet. The shot from the carrier catapulting that jet is a hornet f18. F18 are two seats jet and from the clip it looks like Tom was seating in the back seat which is the navigator seat. And plus the military ain't gonna allow that to happen. Because before you can fly a fighter jet, one must go through military officers training and the whole yards to become an aviator for fighter jets. The military is not gonna entrust a billion dollar fighter jet to somebody who ain't even an officer least of all a military personnel. He can ride it, sure, but he can't fly it.

  61. cspace1234nz

    cspace1234nz2 hari yang lalu

    This could well be the movie event of the decade, I mean hey, nearly 25 million views in a month ?

  62. Eriic Bilagody

    Eriic Bilagody2 hari yang lalu

    Need to "From Dusk til Dawn" this thing. All normal Top Gun movie for half the movie then....BAM... Aliens.

  63. snapjenk

    snapjenk2 hari yang lalu

    Hell yes the big dog f14 tomcat at the end

  64. Romano Armento

    Romano Armento2 hari yang lalu

    This trailer took a lot from Star Wars. Looks rad though

  65. Gisy 95

    Gisy 952 hari yang lalu

    It wouldnt been nice putting Val in the trailer... Well...

  66. padams24

    padams242 hari yang lalu

    Looking forward to this!

  67. Buca Boy

    Buca Boy2 hari yang lalu

    Why did they choose F 18s? Don't get me wrong, it is a good aircraft but there are better choices.

  68. prashanth.L gowdas

    prashanth.L gowdas2 hari yang lalu

    India 🇮🇳 waiting for this movie only Hollywood can show how real fighters fight... ...... ... Why so late 🏃..... Waiting see 👀 super hornet F18.... All whether fighter..... ❤❤❤❤❤❤L U 🇺🇸 America from India 🇮🇳

  69. Rehan Perera

    Rehan Perera2 hari yang lalu

    Maybe so! But not today! Wowww

  70. G V

    G V2 hari yang lalu

    I replaced 5 rewind buttons now.

  71. Shiv Meena

    Shiv Meena2 hari yang lalu

    If the take off @ 1:05 is done by Tom than hats off

  72. jsmalls911

    jsmalls9112 hari yang lalu

    "this does put a smile on my face"!!!!!!

  73. Shahryar Bhutto

    Shahryar Bhutto2 hari yang lalu

    “May be so sir...but not today “ just beautiful comeback Mr Cruise !!!

  74. Cheeseburger Eddie

    Cheeseburger Eddie2 hari yang lalu

    I'm getting a twitch over that bike not just the planes 😂😂😂🚲


    ANJUMANARA BIBI2 hari yang lalu

    You should be at least be a 2 star admiral by now but yet here you are captain..Why is that? Been way too busy making Mission Impossible films sir.. . *MyCashAtHome .Com*

  76. Soph n

    Soph n2 hari yang lalu

    You should at least be a 2 star admiral... yet here you are. Why I'd that? Maverick-*looks back on his IMF days*

  77. Ryan Courtright

    Ryan Courtright2 hari yang lalu

    Does the Air Force have stock with the prices directly correlated to the number of recruits they get? I want to buy some.

  78. JP JP

    JP JP2 hari yang lalu


  79. pedrorehm

    pedrorehm2 hari yang lalu

    *Genuine jealousy on Tom Cruise for riding a F-18 catapulted from a carrier*

  80. TheRestrictedgamer

    TheRestrictedgamer2 hari yang lalu

    Welp... that's one way to solve the pilot shortage.