Top 5 Scary Places You Shouldn't Visit At Night


  1. Top 5 Scary Videos

    Top 5 Scary VideosBulan Yang lalu

    Need more scary places in your life? We don't blame you! Check out this vid next - Top 5 Most Terrifying Places In Literature

  2. Allen Babylon

    Allen BabylonBulan Yang lalu

    Look up the Fatal Frame game series. One of the most terrifying and underrated games I've ever played. On par with Silent Hill

  3. Gozer The Gozerian

    Gozer The GozerianHari Yang lalu

    NICE 👍

  4. Pierce Kadriel Vincent Garcia

    Pierce Kadriel Vincent Garcia17 hari yang lalu

    An abandoned hospital here in the Philippines, ghost hunters really prove that there are spirits lurking in that place

  5. Natalie Binge

    Natalie Binge25 hari yang lalu

    Yeah, I got to say I don't see that crazy waiver holding up in court tbh. It's probably used to scare people before they even go in.

  6. saiko yonebashi

    saiko yonebashiBulan Yang lalu

    2:57 a village where sesame street is real

  7. saiko yonebashi

    saiko yonebashiBulan Yang lalu

    2:57 a village where sesame street is real

  8. ACrazed Overwatch

    ACrazed OverwatchBulan Yang lalu

    Does anyone remember jacks last video because I don’t remember

  9. Opus Online

    Opus OnlineBulan Yang lalu

    Do a top 5 scary facts about the Catacombs please

  10. Stephanie Douglas A View From A-Broad

    Stephanie Douglas A View From A-BroadBulan Yang lalu

    I would have no problem staying in any of those places overnight with certain conditions. I would need a really comfy chair because I have arthritis, good lighting and a good book. I'd bring my own brand of protection with me. You just have to get me to these places and I'll spend a night in each of them.

  11. totsga smokes

    totsga smokesBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like number 3 should have been number 1...

  12. bridget huhn

    bridget huhnBulan Yang lalu

    I love ❤️ the night and would love to find a place where I can meet a true vampire

  13. guibox3

    guibox3Bulan Yang lalu

    The McKamey Manor doesn't really fit the mold here of this list in my opinion. How is a torture house you volunteer for to win money a place you 'don't want to visit at night'? And can you imagine what a freak and 'Hostel' type sadist you have to be to be the ones inflicting torture on these people?? I'm surprised some of the ghost hunting shows haven't gone to the German hospital. Sounds like they could get some good evidence.

  14. Filthy McNasty

    Filthy McNastyBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome places to visit. Even at night.

  15. Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes94Bulan Yang lalu

    Me: *Hello! Dungeon Master?! Yea, I want to cancel my subscription to insanity please!*

  16. permeus2nd

    permeus2ndBulan Yang lalu

    7:07 sounds like the average Friday night/ Saturday morning.

  17. 80Elminster

    80ElminsterBulan Yang lalu

    MK-ultra may be used?!? a secret abandoned goverment project may be used? that sounds very unlikely. Mk- ultra and mind control are not the same thing...

  18. Sparky 1998

    Sparky 1998Bulan Yang lalu

    Why is this Manor still open? Torture Is no joke.

  19. Warsmith One

    Warsmith OneBulan Yang lalu

    Ahh...nope. Captain Monotony strikes again and i cant win. Zzz...

  20. Kate Smith

    Kate SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Been to the Paris Catacombs. Yeah it's creepy.

  21. Joe Wallace

    Joe WallaceBulan Yang lalu

    My AP Psych class in High school took a trip to the Trans-Allegheny Asylum and it was very creepy even in the middle of the day

  22. Chantalle Fosbinder

    Chantalle FosbinderBulan Yang lalu

    Friendly tip: it's okay to put down your arms sometimes :)

  23. Immortal Immoral

    Immortal ImmoralBulan Yang lalu

    The MM experience is just ridiculous. It's just an excuse to torture people and be the pinnacle of edge lord business owners.

  24. Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes94Bulan Yang lalu

    Not to mention if someone snaps it's not going to be pleasant.

  25. jay double u

    jay double uBulan Yang lalu

    Man, I gotta try one of those extreme haunted houses! Sounds just like a regular Weekend for me!

  26. MK8

    MK8Bulan Yang lalu


  27. sherolled 27

    sherolled 27Bulan Yang lalu

    Scariest place to visit at night, Lucy's basement, where she keeps all the dead clones of Jack. Don't worry though Keegan there's room for your clones. I hope you have started making clones, otherwise your stint on this channel might me short, just sayin'. Lucy ain't playing.

  28. francis the gamer

    francis the gamerBulan Yang lalu

    So who else conveniently watches scary stuff at nigh even though it's not intended just me?

  29. IAW Club

    IAW ClubBulan Yang lalu

    Keegan great job! This is much better.

  30. marebbpc

    marebbpcBulan Yang lalu

    hmm the scariest place at night would have to be wherever lucy is stalking her victims

  31. Michael Bryant

    Michael BryantBulan Yang lalu

    One time my PawPaw went into the woods at night to go pee pee and got really scare.

  32. Justin Graves

    Justin GravesBulan Yang lalu

    Night time is your favorite time of day? 🤣😂

  33. sherolled 27

    sherolled 27Bulan Yang lalu

    Anytime I get to sleep or nap is my favourite lol.

  34. Frank Wallace

    Frank WallaceBulan Yang lalu

    I've really tried to give these new hosts a chance but bottom line is Im just not liking it, sorry MA but you lost me!

  35. Stephan Shaw

    Stephan ShawBulan Yang lalu

    "Things are never as they seem" .... Like those damned statues that stand in houses!


    PREPFORITBulan Yang lalu

    THose Japenese dolls in that village will look Super scary after a couple of seasons of rot and mildew! a few will be forgotten...

  37. Dustin Heath

    Dustin HeathBulan Yang lalu

    McKamey Manor as it was is now defunct, the "mastermind" behind it is now basically a washed up lunatic who just brings you to his mobile home property and makes you perform physical feats until you're exhausted. Those who have once worked with him when MM was supposedly in its prime have now spoken out against him and agree that he was trying to take everything way too far and did not feel that it was a true haunt, but simply torture for profit inflicted upon those who have paid and signed for it. He's also apparently in some DEEP trouble with the Kentucky DA. There has been a few documentary style pieces put out about this matter.

  38. beezer1225

    beezer1225Bulan Yang lalu

    Russ McKamey was a Navy Seal. I have always respected military personnel but I do not respect this guy. He is sick and twisted. He is a wedding singer now. I think that is hilarious.

  39. in2green 78

    in2green 78Bulan Yang lalu

    Keegan is a total hottie! Bring on some more Keegan!

  40. Salem Saberhagen

    Salem SaberhagenBulan Yang lalu


  41. mental midget

    mental midgetBulan Yang lalu

    I just got back to civilization after 2 months of living in the woods. While out there I could hear whispering most nights and had something lift the handle of my tomahawk that was hanging on my waist a few times.

  42. beezer1225

    beezer1225Bulan Yang lalu

    Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

  43. sid smith

    sid smithBulan Yang lalu

    that's actually quite tame if you're in an asian woods, just never grill dried fish in an asian forest

  44. sherolled 27

    sherolled 27Bulan Yang lalu


  45. Paige LeMaster

    Paige LeMasterBulan Yang lalu

    Why even give MM the free press? Its not a haunted house. It's a scam for the owner to get paid for abusing people. Just my opinion, but the only people who would really enjoy this treatment are the likes of Albert Fish

  46. Armgears

    ArmgearsBulan Yang lalu

    I'd love to check these places out except that haunted house I'm way too revengeful and even after signing a waiver would likely set that place on fire

  47. beezer1225

    beezer1225Bulan Yang lalu

    It's not a haunted house. It is a torture house.

  48. Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes94Bulan Yang lalu

    Yea... same.

  49. Lady Tijuri

    Lady TijuriBulan Yang lalu

    tht haunted house (MM) hv lost their mind...I can't do it, cause I'll hv a weapon on me lol

  50. Nick Lipscomb

    Nick LipscombBulan Yang lalu

    Ok look, I love this channel and if this kid is gonna stay, bud you gotta emote. Feel passion for what you're saying and believe it. I was a pro wrestler for 10 years. You have to believe in what you're saying or you are gonna end up like how you are now. Mono tone.

  51. Lou Lou

    Lou LouBulan Yang lalu

    The dead will not hurt you. It’s the living you need to be afraid of.

  52. Amanda Schroeder

    Amanda SchroederBulan Yang lalu

    Well, you're not as horrible as that Abby chick!

  53. FaultyGear

    FaultyGearBulan Yang lalu

    There's this very interesting place in Poland You might remember it from a viral video that scared some people back in the 2015 but that's not what can make this sanatorium creepy. Back when Poland was under Nazi Germany control, this place was used in one of their sick programs of taking away Polish children, erasing their Polish identity and giving them to German families. It was also used in the Nazi Germany's Lebensborn program, which was all about that mythical "racial purity" . Zofiówka's history is therefore torn between two realities. First it was a place that aimed to help people with mental illnesses, especially among Jewish population. Then it was transformed into a tool of a hate machine that was the Nazi ideology.

  54. Louis Chapman

    Louis ChapmanBulan Yang lalu

    Where did you find this damp squib?

  55. Sienna Beck

    Sienna BeckBulan Yang lalu

    i think im inlove?

  56. Joseph selvelk

    Joseph selvelkBulan Yang lalu

    The guy who runs the mccamey thing literally was a torturer for the US army AND that waiver is not legally binding. You cannot sign away your ability to live. The owner just wants an excuse to torture people again.

  57. beezer1225

    beezer1225Bulan Yang lalu

    Russ McKamey was in the Navy. Still, he is a very sick man. It's not a haunted house. It's a torture house.

  58. Laura Anderson

    Laura AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    I wouldn't go to a cemetery during the day either

  59. Laura Anderson

    Laura AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    @Lou Lou I know but they still scare me. I only go when my parents are with me and we visit a family member's grave.

  60. Lou Lou

    Lou LouBulan Yang lalu

    Laura Anderson there is nothing to be afraid of in a cemetery day or night. The dead will not hurt you. It’s the living you need to watch.

  61. Zia Mystics

    Zia MysticsBulan Yang lalu

    One place that you guys need to include is Urraca Mesa on the Philmont Boy Scout ranch here in NM, over night camping on the mesa is prohibited and it is allegedly a portal to the 5th dimension, or what our Navajo brothers call hell

  62. Steven Colletti

    Steven CollettiBulan Yang lalu

    3:38 I think I've been there before. I had to balance my flame and ice spells on the oculus to get the elder scroll.

  63. TheGamingWard

    TheGamingWardBulan Yang lalu

    Keegan is the man! Glad to see you my brother

  64. Frances Bock

    Frances BockBulan Yang lalu

    Keegan, just wanted to give you a thumbs up. You have improved so much since your first video. Good job!

  65. 97 Street Records

    97 Street RecordsBulan Yang lalu

    you left out Michael Jackson's house

  66. Robert Rudolph

    Robert RudolphBulan Yang lalu

    Dude wearing that Flannel Shirt means filling some big shoes. Sam Winchester and Tow Coats Jack, wear it well "Bieber" wear it well.

  67. Samantha Jay

    Samantha JayBulan Yang lalu

    Wow, that Manor almost has as many side effects as my medication

  68. James Campbell

    James CampbellBulan Yang lalu

    Been to Trans-Allegheny at night and I never want to go there again.

  69. Talia Skinner

    Talia SkinnerBulan Yang lalu

    Nicely done Keegan. You're starting to relax and settle into the job. You got this, mate.

  70. Jim Wescoat

    Jim WescoatBulan Yang lalu

    said "nighttime" like hes trying to wiggle and sit between a young couple in a hot tub

  71. Fext71

    Fext71Bulan Yang lalu

    HaHaHa!!! I know right? He looks like a wannabe aryan Hitler

  72. Natasha McMann

    Natasha McMannBulan Yang lalu

    The Trans Allegheny Lunatic also hosts haunted houses every fall. Always wanted to visit there but never have yet.

  73. SneeZy_dank_

    SneeZy_dank_Bulan Yang lalu

    Keegan is chill