1. KenGlyph Anamation

    KenGlyph Anamation11 jam yang lalu

    PewDiePie needs to step it up he is playing the most hardcore game EVER ... MINECRAFT like comon you need the best setup

  2. Eyevy

    Eyevy13 jam yang lalu

    Half of these computers are not worth the money, $15,000 for one computer, no way is that single 1080 ti computer worth that much. Highly exaggerated prices for the first three computer setups, last two yeah can be round that price, He said ninjas cameras are 5,000 each yet showed the website for 2,999

  3. Dat_One_Boi_

    Dat_One_Boi_2 jam yang lalu

    I'm surprised these streamers don't buy gtx 2080

  4. Casa De Waff1e Playzzz

    Casa De Waff1e Playzzz14 jam yang lalu

    I’m eating popcorn right now

  5. Finlay Leedham

    Finlay Leedham17 jam yang lalu

    It’s funny because tefue is better then ninja

  6. H a T eDeadshot

    H a T eDeadshot21 jam yang lalu

    F is the best edit button

  7. faruk ramadani

    faruk ramadani23 jam yang lalu

    i think you need to watch again the unboxs therapy he bought really good console

  8. Toxics s

    Toxics sHari Yang lalu

    Lmao skeptics pc don’t cost more the 3,500

  9. Felistocops

    FelistocopsHari Yang lalu

    Time to fell poor again

  10. brin stepec dobernik

    brin stepec dobernikHari Yang lalu

    Imagine having 100 000 worst set up and beeing worst than ali-a. Holy crap.

  11. Tetra9999

    Tetra9999Hari Yang lalu

    I did a poo

  12. White Sparrow

    White SparrowHari Yang lalu

    9:19 Did i just hear "RTX VEGA 1080TI"? You know that vega is radeon by amd and rtx is by nvidia right????

  13. White Sparrow

    White SparrowHari Yang lalu

    its pronunced skeptic lol

  14. Samer Hasan

    Samer HasanHari Yang lalu

    Its funny who the worst one is the gaming chair...

  15. Colin’s Channel

    Colin’s ChannelHari Yang lalu


  16. MrGamer

    MrGamerHari Yang lalu

    I love this game, so much fun guy :)

  17. Hectic Hector

    Hectic HectorHari Yang lalu

    We should look at people below us and be thankful for whatever we have. Only then will God give us more.

  18. ThE uNdIsPuTeD kInGdOm

    ThE uNdIsPuTeD kInGdOm2 hari yang lalu


  19. Alexphoenix 24

    Alexphoenix 242 hari yang lalu

    Mine only cost about $5,000 setup

  20. EEAplayzs So cool lol

    EEAplayzs So cool lol2 hari yang lalu

    Why do people waste

  21. Sean Han, CDT

    Sean Han, CDT2 hari yang lalu

    lol dude said nxrt not nzxt lolll.

  22. Msrylie

    Msrylie2 hari yang lalu

    this is just sad knowing I just sit on my bed and play it on ps4.

  23. F7 Muffin

    F7 Muffin3 hari yang lalu

    I use a wooden chair and an hp windows 10 computer lol

  24. Itz BananaJJ

    Itz BananaJJ2 hari yang lalu

    F7 Muffin really same

  25. Deadpool

    Deadpool3 hari yang lalu

    In top two imagine if the chair was a toilet then he wouldn’t leave his chair

  26. Mahnsterbeast

    Mahnsterbeast3 hari yang lalu

    He has that giant setup but he is a default 😂

  27. Payton Glaser

    Payton Glaser3 hari yang lalu

    Sub to pulsive sweat

  28. ahmed maher

    ahmed maher3 hari yang lalu

    Dude im so black sick like IF agree

  29. fahim shakil

    fahim shakil3 hari yang lalu

    I Can afford all of them

  30. Ojas Sankhla

    Ojas Sankhla3 hari yang lalu

    U have not seen the gameing of ur avg customer

  31. Dylan Berger

    Dylan Berger3 hari yang lalu

    Bruh I don’t get how they afford this stuff just because they are Fortnite players and they have a twitch channel! Lol

  32. pubg mastee

    pubg mastee3 hari yang lalu

    Go sub plz

  33. 6K*S PAUSE

    6K*S PAUSE3 hari yang lalu

    number 2 thats way too much to enjoy

  34. dale aquino

    dale aquino3 hari yang lalu

    When he mentions scepter is young im like... High sky who?

  35. Nichealys

    Nichealys3 hari yang lalu

    “Both run a 17 770, except his gaming computer runs on gtx 1080, and the other on 1060.” Mkay my sir.

  36. diam 2112

    diam 21124 hari yang lalu

    Lol they’re out here spending so much money on these setups but it doesn’t even make them better at the game. Some kid playing in his basement could be just as good


    JAYDEN SINGHBABA4 hari yang lalu

    This is basically just people flexing there setups and make a person who has a ps4 look bad

  38. Dat Bacon Boy

    Dat Bacon Boy4 hari yang lalu

    I don't even have a setup. I don't even have a computer or chair

  39. Cody Gross

    Cody Gross4 hari yang lalu

    Do a video on your boat

  40. Alex Bou Hadir

    Alex Bou Hadir4 hari yang lalu


  41. Evan Cochran

    Evan Cochran4 hari yang lalu

    7:38 um I don't speak ur language

  42. SATHU XD

    SATHU XD4 hari yang lalu

    I really hate my life!!

  43. Alex Tran

    Alex Tran4 hari yang lalu

    Love how it’s a gaming channel and doesn’t know the brands😂😂

  44. Wolf Leader

    Wolf Leader4 hari yang lalu

    Sceptic: wannabe Ninja in 2018 Sceptic: wannabe Tfue in 2019 😅🤦‍♂️

  45. Piyush Rahi

    Piyush Rahi4 hari yang lalu

    It clearly says 12,782$ then why you are saying 15k $? stop sugar coating things and all these dumbass people don't know value of money on top of it they got stupid parents who wasted their hard earned money to spoil their kids and on top of it all these crap will be destroyed in 1 second if a tornado or earthquake came

  46. Wrxth

    Wrxth5 hari yang lalu

    gg's tfue's mic is worth more than my whole setup...

  47. White Co Bruh

    White Co Bruh5 hari yang lalu

    When ninjas setup is more than I make a year😥

  48. GatorNationInTX

    GatorNationInTX5 hari yang lalu

    Wow so expensive thumbnail shows a default in the screen

  49. Swatty

    Swatty5 hari yang lalu

    i hate when noobs plays on good setup

  50. Vanesa Flores

    Vanesa Flores5 hari yang lalu

    I lay down in my bed while playing fortnite and got about 500 wins

  51. Natethegamer 44

    Natethegamer 445 hari yang lalu


  52. Natethegamer 44

    Natethegamer 445 hari yang lalu


  53. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi5 hari yang lalu

    I Had a HyperX when I was 9 Get on my level