Top 5 Moments | 2018 Chinese Grand Prix


  1. Samreen Abid

    Samreen Abid10 bulan yang lalu

    dislikes from Vettel and co

  2. kakoitosvobodniinick

    kakoitosvobodniinickTahun Yang lalu

    Where is Alonso vs Magnussen???

  3. Stephen Melling

    Stephen MellingTahun Yang lalu

    Think the commentator needs to calm down a tad.

  4. WhichLens

    WhichLensTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen : « Suddenly, there was a red car in font of me, on my left : I don't understand this. » @ 1:00

  5. ant cstrl

    ant cstrlTahun Yang lalu

    Fuck drs fuck drs fuck halo fuck.halo.litl dickkk

  6. Papa_mia

    Papa_miaTahun Yang lalu

    Vettel sounds like he's really tired of Max's shit and has excepted the fact that it would end up to be a collision whenever Max boi tries to do something.

  7. Paolo Ciarpaglini

    Paolo CiarpagliniTahun Yang lalu

    10 second of penalty for Max.., i would while kill him !!. He had not only make damnages to Vettel car but overtake him ... umblivable. Max is fast but totally without brain .

  8. Cody Slab

    Cody SlabTahun Yang lalu

    *50 fps? that is the oddest frame rate ive ever seen lmao WHAT THE FUCK LOL WHERE IS 60*

  9. Voltex Graphics

    Voltex GraphicsTahun Yang lalu

    adoro formula 1

  10. cmacdhon

    cmacdhonTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen has no business racing with adults. He's a little boy who should be on a kart track learning to be a racer. Not smashing his way through Formula 1, like some damn NASCAR driver who passes by wrecking the car in front of him.

  11. Barış Karasakız

    Barış KarasakızTahun Yang lalu

    anytime someone writes RBR, i immediately read as Richard Burns Rally.

  12. Kukjing Takuk

    Kukjing TakukTahun Yang lalu

    Ricciardo’s move on Bottas is what ‘going for a gap’ is. Or otherwise some drivers always say after they crash and also some fanboys support their driver’s unheroic moves using the statement. P.S - Not throwing shade on Verstappen.

  13. louis chim

    louis chimTahun Yang lalu

    2:10 I'm surprised to see the McLaren driving so fast through the outside of Lance

  14. HojozVideos

    HojozVideosTahun Yang lalu

    Aarav already made one on race day.

  15. Oğuz Şahin

    Oğuz ŞahinTahun Yang lalu

    Last year videos of F1 official was better than now

  16. Dior Formula

    Dior FormulaTahun Yang lalu

    Riccardo cheating he used NOs x)

  17. Randy

    RandyTahun Yang lalu

    We all know the move from Max was stupid..But we don't know whats coming in the next races. And yes...Max needs to learn some stuff. But this is just how he is, changing his driving style will be boring

  18. Chris Falzo

    Chris FalzoTahun Yang lalu

    Dumb background music

  19. Max24

    Max24Tahun Yang lalu

    3:10 Valterri does not look amused

  20. Dimitrije Balanac

    Dimitrije BalanacTahun Yang lalu

    Am i the only one who thinks Ricciardo inspired this video???

  21. Márton Kovács-Micski

    Márton Kovács-MicskiTahun Yang lalu

    Alonso's first lap??? Thats way more cooler then Stroll's...

  22. James James

    James JamesTahun Yang lalu

    Gasly is a pokemon

  23. Felipe Oliveira

    Felipe OliveiraTahun Yang lalu

    Ricciardo is so happy guy, I'm glad for him and he must be seen as an example

  24. Beetlejuicedify

    BeetlejuicedifyTahun Yang lalu

  25. BudleyBailey

    BudleyBaileyTahun Yang lalu

    The Williams looks like a twitchy car compared to others. Theyve got some work to do.

  26. Raz

    RazTahun Yang lalu

    You sound like a Stroll fan then. Baku podium is one of the luckiest moments of the 2017 season. Massa was battling agaisnt Vettel, VETTEL. While Stroll just went up in places because of luck. (Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen, Ocon, Perez, Hulkenberg, Vettel, Massa) The car is twichy because of Stroll's bad driving. This was said by the experts of Cmore. Now you know that it's not the car.

  27. BudleyBailey

    BudleyBaileyTahun Yang lalu

    Raz massa was an experienced driver. Stroll isnt. With a podium in Baku last year aswell. I would say Hartley and leclerc have more work to do in F1 than Stroll does.

  28. Raz

    RazTahun Yang lalu

    bud ley No. Stroll is the reason. For example go look at Stroll's Q1 laps. Just look at them. Massa was fine on the other hand

  29. BudleyBailey

    BudleyBaileyTahun Yang lalu

    Raz so you admit that the 2018 car is twitchy. Despite not having the best drivers.

  30. Raz

    RazTahun Yang lalu

    bud ley Holy shit. The car (Only stroll) was even more twichy in 2017. The experts at Cmore literally called out on it almost every race (Ossi Oikarinen / Mika Salo)

  31. Megatron

    MegatronTahun Yang lalu

    what happened to the driver's meeting videos? they were the best

  32. Big Boss

    Big BossTahun Yang lalu

    Safety Car or at least the VSC should've been called there

  33. Rocky Calabrese

    Rocky CalabreseTahun Yang lalu

    Kimi's reaction to Daniel's comments is awesome.

  34. Tommy Nooranwar

    Tommy NooranwarTahun Yang lalu

    Max verstappen = Marc marquez

  35. むらたとしき

    むらたとしきTahun Yang lalu


  36. timmy yong

    timmy yongTahun Yang lalu

    I think I've seen enough of Shanghai clips for this week.

  37. Nx Doyle

    Nx DoyleTahun Yang lalu

    I think Kimi would prefer fourth to third, just so he didn't have to do the extra post-race interviews.

  38. Nx Doyle

    Nx DoyleTahun Yang lalu

    A win for the ages from Daniel.

  39. BRICKS

    BRICKSTahun Yang lalu

    Ricciardo is cool. Great race

  40. Nicolás

    NicolásTahun Yang lalu

    2:56 What is Bottas looking for?

  41. guiportooo

    guiportoooTahun Yang lalu

    F1 cars could have a horn next year

  42. AyTonio79

    AyTonio79Tahun Yang lalu

    Rampant Ricciardo 😏

  43. Edward Jones

    Edward JonesTahun Yang lalu

    Anthony Davidson: Oh no, Vettle just got Maxed ! lol

  44. Rainbow Indigo

    Rainbow IndigoTahun Yang lalu

    Just saying I like Rick but all those passes on people with crap rubber.. But people literally jizzing over it.. ha

  45. chuy27arts

    chuy27artsTahun Yang lalu

    The contrast with Ricc and the Finns is real

  46. CastleBravo

    CastleBravoTahun Yang lalu

    The look on Kimi and Valteri's face......

  47. Bobby Oblak

    Bobby OblakTahun Yang lalu

    Those two Fins, most excitable people on the planet.

  48. Dave Hutchins

    Dave HutchinsTahun Yang lalu

    F1 counts the amount of passing by drivers, need to quadruple the amount to make it better to watch..

  49. Tiarnán

    TiarnánTahun Yang lalu

    Why is nobody giving Alonso's triple overtake any credit?:(

  50. Zen-O Sama

    Zen-O SamaTahun Yang lalu

    Tiarnán don't you ever use Twitter 😌😌

  51. Eduardo Figueroa

    Eduardo FigueroaTahun Yang lalu

    I like when Finns dont give a damn for life

  52. Bosko Filipovic

    Bosko FilipovicTahun Yang lalu

    Felt like Ricciardo had 50hp more than any car on track

  53. Hirame Sensei

    Hirame SenseiTahun Yang lalu

    Madman Max makes mistakes, verily, Vettel vexated.

  54. 139str

    139strTahun Yang lalu

    Like drivers always say. The "fans" will only remember your crashes, but never your wins. Most "fans" here proof them right.

  55. The Legend 30

    The Legend 30Tahun Yang lalu

    139str And it's not only here, but at every race. They never remember the good drives or they'll say that it was a lucky win/podium/points but then they do a few mistakes and get slammed for it

  56. D. Wampianer

    D. WampianerTahun Yang lalu

    It's an amazing season so far.

  57. Nik V

    Nik VTahun Yang lalu

    0:54 Also respect for Bottas, very clean driver, he could have crashed into him..

  58. Timothy Venables

    Timothy VenablesTahun Yang lalu

    Who wrote max leaves 'vettel vexed' get out hahahaha

  59. Kevin Dulude-Maher

    Kevin Dulude-MaherTahun Yang lalu

    I'm very glad they included Stroll's start because it was wonderful. I hope Williams can get their car straight because I think Stroll could put up a good fight in the midfield with a better car.

  60. Raz

    RazTahun Yang lalu

    It just shows how bad Stroll is at controlling the car. With that driving, you're not going to get far


    HULK BRASILTahun Yang lalu

    Go Ricciardo

  62. Tommy C.H.

    Tommy C.H.Tahun Yang lalu

    Top3. A journey line designated by Robert Kubica.

  63. khasmir666

    khasmir666Tahun Yang lalu

    Kimi seemed to be somewhat enjoying that interview at the end, you can almost see a smile ;) Valteri on the other hand...

  64. The Legend 30

    The Legend 30Tahun Yang lalu

    khasmir666 I saw it 😂

  65. Doolittle

    DoolittleTahun Yang lalu

    Come on guys, be honest. If Verstappens moves would have worked out everyone would say what a brilliant and extraordinary driver he is. And how can you blame Bottas in Bahrain that he didn‘t try to overtake Vettel in the end and blame Verstappen to actually do something. That doesn‘t fit together, does it? Guys like Verstappen are the reason why we all love F1, it gets unpredictable and is way more fun to watch than just another boring Mercedes win as in the last years.

  66. TheNBKiller

    TheNBKillerTahun Yang lalu

    That 'move' will have never worked

  67. MGecko PMPL

    MGecko PMPLTahun Yang lalu

    Dolittle if Verstappen move would work out? Are you insane? How you wanted this move to work out when he we still breaking when Vettel was already halfway through the corner? It was never going to happen and nobody would blame Max if he would crash into Vettel while battling for position in the corner, everyone blame him because he went for the gap he could never make. That's a huge difference. Also Bottas tried to attack Vettel in Bahrain on last lap but just ran out of time, he also wasn't about to throw away 2nd place finish just to make reckless try of overtaking Vettel. Max had plenty of laps to the end, tyres better by mile and would easily overtake everyone so it was plain stupid not proper overtaking manoeuvre going wrong. And that was right after he threw away victory because he couldn't stay behind Lewis for 3 more corners. Again extremely stupid move to try around the outside of turn 7 on dirty track knowing you need racing line to make it into 8 with enough grip at that speed which he didn't had. And not only them two moves come one after another but also it comes week after Bahrain where he made double mistake costing him first bad starting position on the grid and second solid points finish, possibly 3rd place and that's coming two weeks after he spun and destroyed his tyres in Australia trying to hard to overtake Magnussen completely compromising his race. Every single time it was down to his enourmous ego, and hot head. So he has to learn and since Dutch TV, RBR and Jos choose to not criticize Max he will never learn. So yeah it is exciting to watch Max trying to overtake into every single corner but this kind of driving will make him finish behind Daniel for 3rd straight year. Also it is ok to be aggressive but you need to have some respect for other racers, he doesn't which accident with Hamilton is huge prove of. If you are real fan of Max you should realise whats good for him because he wont have a car to compete for WDC at least till 2020 and by then he will be 23 years old, not young talent anymore and if he wont secure a drive in one of top teams he will be always considered talent that didn't do what was capable of.

  68. LazyData

    LazyDataTahun Yang lalu

    3 ways to go about it here. 1. Not overtake, get 2nd (Bottas.) 2. Mess up the overtake, spin and lose places(Verstappen). And 3. Pull off the overtake, take the lead without incident(Ricciardo). Now which one of these 3 is getting the praise at the moment? Of course, yes playing it safe like Bottas did was the smart thing to do, But when do world champions ever not go for a race win. Hopefully, he proves that thought process wrong in the future.

  69. GG 6

    GG 6Tahun Yang lalu

    Redundant segments. Just give us post quali/race pressers

  70. Mamo

    MamoTahun Yang lalu

    Yawn. New soft tires versus old hard tires. It's not really that hard to figure out why he won. Results would been the same for any top team if they were on the new soft tires instead.

  71. Mamo

    MamoTahun Yang lalu

    +Zen The outcome was determined solely by the arbitrary nature of calling the Safety Car to the track at that time and where the cars were at the time of the Safety Car. If a car was already past the pit entrance they were not able to pit and get new soft tires. If a car, like Ricciardo, was still before the pit entrance they could get new soft tires. Those cars were essentially gifted a free stop as the Safety Car allowed them to catch up with the pack, as opposed to a virtual safety car that would have maintained the advantage that the leaders had already built up.

  72. Zen-O Sama

    Zen-O SamaTahun Yang lalu

    Mamo Then we have Bottas n Max? One couldn't clinch a victory over vettel and another bottled vettel's race. So its not yawn

  73. perfectw

    perfectwTahun Yang lalu

    You know you're good with words when you made Kimi laugh on the inside twice in one day.

  74. shorryu FZ

    shorryu FZTahun Yang lalu

    Dan the Man.